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'ABSOLUTE' (アブソリュート Absoryūto) is the central dimensional hub to which all universes are linked. It is a vast, dark space that contained innumerable amounts of Chrono Gates and at the center of their formation was a single construct known as the Central Globe. Within the Central Globe was the Master Core room that allowed an individual, with the right specifications, to control the gates outside. These individuals were known as Gate Keepers and were understandably crucial in allowing dimensional travel. Inter-dimensional travel was only possible through the usage of Chrono Gates to enter ABSOLUTE and then out the respective Chrono Gate to the desired universe. There was no other known way to do this until the discovery of the Infinite Corridor.

Preceding the Chrono Quakes, ABSOLUTE was inhabited by an advanced race that are known as the "administrator", a race which Verel belonged to. They maintained the Central Globe alongside another race known as the Val-Fasq. Due to their nature, the Val-Fasq attempted to take over the station after developing their own technology but were defeated by the administrant race's Shadow Moon that protected them and the Central Globe from the Val-Fasq's newly developed interface that allowed them to control machines. The Val-Fasq were forced out of ABSOLUTE where they settled in the EDEN universe. Shortly after, the Val-Fasq engineered the very first Chrono Quake as revenge and its effect crippled both their own universe as well as the every other parallel universe. ABSOLUTE was shortly abandoned by the administrant race after the Chrono Quake's effects proved powerful enough to force them out.

With the Val-Fasq's defeat in EDEN, Noa discovered EDEN's Chrono Gate near Juno and investigated the device with the Elsior's crew. The Chrono Gate activated and allowed the ship and its crew to enter ABSOLUTE and the Central Globe. Upon further investigation, Milfeulle Sakuraba was revealed to have the specifications necessary to operate the Chrono Gates and she was made the sole Gate Keeper. EDEN launched several survey missions through the many Chrono Gates and it was discovered that entire universes were long-dead due to the effects of the previous Chrono Quakes. On the 56th Chrono Gate expedition however, the EDEN universe discovered the first other surviving universe of NEUE.

After the events of MK, several more Gate Keepers and civilized universes (such as PHOS, RUIN, ALTE, and SKIA) were discovered.