Angel Troupe (エンジェル隊 enjeru tai?) was a term that referred to the paramilitary unit of both the Moon Angel Troupe and their successors in the Rune Angel Troupe. Originally referring to the Moon Angel Wing who operated in EDEN, the title was passed down to the Rune Angel Wing after the former's members disbanded to pursue their careers. These two groups would become the pivotal fighting force that influenced their respective universes through their deeds.

The Moon Angel Wing initially consisted of the first five members of Milfeulle Sakuraba, Ranpha Franboise, Mint Blancmanche, Forte Stollen and Vanilla H who fought against Eonia's coup. Following the civil war and in the early stages of the Val-Fasq War, the 6th and final member Karasuma Chitose joined the team.

After the war against the Val-Fasq and the discovery of parallel dimensions of ABSOLUTE and NEUE, the Moon Angel Wing were disbanded and succeeded by the Rune Angel Wing accompanied by a new battleship and members. The first three members to join were Apricot Sakuraba from Transbaal, Lily C. Sherbet from Seldar, and Nano-Nano Pudding from Pico. Their fourth member to join would be Kahlua/Tequila Marjoram from Magiic. In the breakout of Verel's insurrection, the Angel Wing's first male member, Kazuya Shiranami joined as the team's fifth member. In the same time-frame, the "treasure hunter" who first appeared as an enemy, Anise Azeat, temporarily joined the team to pay off her debt to Mint but eventually chose to permanently enlist. After Verel's insurrection and in the conflict against The Three Marquis, the second male member Roselle Mateus was assigned to the team. Finally, Princess Natsume Izayoi temporarily assisted the team against The Three Marquis before officially enlisting before the initial stages of the Will invasion.