Azeat is one of the primary planets in the NEUE universe and is primarily a desert planet. Most of the planet is covered in harsh sandstorms and scattered pockets of settlements exist on its surface. It was the headquarters of the distinguished group of treasure hunters that named themselves after the planet. These treasure hunters scoured their planet for valuables of the planet's long gone civilization and searched around other planets to get what they could. They were led by the married duo of Garam and Masara who were the parents of Anise.

With no actual government or civilization that formally united it, the treasure hunter group was the only "authority" that was functioning on the planet. It was not technically part of the alliance formed by the other planets but attempts to ally with the treasure hunter group was previously tried by the young Soldum during a visit of goodwill. During this visit, the treasure hunters discovered the Relic Raider but it was not until much later when Anise found out she was able to pilot it.

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