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The Central Globe is the lone facility within ABSOLUTE. It is a large, sphere-like construct that is similar in shape to the White Moon and serves as an administrative center to control to Chrono Gates. The Central Globe itself is not directly explored but it is at least shown to have a Hangar and a few offices. In its deepest layer is the Master Core room that is directly linked to the Chrono Gates and serves as the room for a Gate Keeper to control the Gates. The Central Globe is mysteriously powered through an indefinite, self-sustaining power source.

Along with the Central Globe, the defensive satellite known as the Shadow Moon was previously present to act as its only means of defense but was destroyed by the Dual Chrono Break Cannon during the conflict against Verel when the latter used it in his final battle against the Luxiole and the Angel Wing. Following the fight against Verel, the Central Globe was used to be the headquarters for the UPW where Tact Mayers issued orders from.

It was eventually found to have been created by Will, and in EK, during the last two chapters, the Central Globe is taken over by Will and is used as a catalyst to bring about a Big Crunch to reduce all of creation into nothing. It is eventually destroyed by the Rune Angel Wing before it could detonate.