Croix Blort (クロワ・ブロート Kurowa Burōto?) is the Chief of the Engineering Team on the Luxiole.

Appearance Edit

Croix is an elderly, stout man whose grey hair start at the sides of his head and matches with his beard. Being the Head of Engineering, Croix wears a special, uni-color black uniform compared to the other engineers.

Personality Edit

Croix is assumed to be the single oldest member of the Luxiole's crew, given that he is already considered a grand-father in his family as well as his general appearance. Croix is a talented and wise individual whose skills do not go unnoticed from both the Rune Angel Wing and the engineering team. Croix is often helped by Kazuya himself in maintaining the specialized Braveheart and is rarely ever see not working. Nearly all of Croix's interactions are contrasted to Coronet, the young (and only) female Hangar engineer whose hastier attitude in work clashes with his years of experience, leading to much of their duo-rivalry comedy.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

While Croix does not personally share his backstory, it is shown in Eigou Kaiki no Toki that he was married a long time ago and that his wife looks extremely intimidating, judging from Rico and Kazuya's reaction to his wedding day picture. Croix also mentions that he has a granddaughter.

Service on the Luxiole Edit

As with most of the Luxiole's crew, Croix is introduced in Zettai Ryoiki no Tobira in Kazuya's tour around the ship. He is the leader of the large team of engineers that maintain the Luxiole's Hangar and more importantly, maintain the Emblem Frames. Even though the engineering team is heard through their pumped up chants, only Croix and Coronet (and Steline in the Engine Room) are shown. Croix also acts as the general handyman of machinery around the ship.

Anise has made it very clear to both Coronet and Croix that no one should ever perform a full maintenance on the Relic Raider other than the person who originally calibrated it for her. Throughout the series, Anise refuses to have the Relic Raider go under maintenance until Eigou Kaiki no Toki where the engines stop working completely. Her foster-parent Kelvin Crepe is brought aboard from Azeat to assist Croix in repairing it. Once repairs are done, Kelvin shares information on the Relic Raider's engines and Croix learns how to fix it on his own.

Like with the majority of the Luxiole's crew, Croix's last name is learned by the beginning of Eigou Kaiki no Toki.


  • Croix's first name likely comes from the pastry croissant and last name from the German word for bread.
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