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The Cross Caliber is the orange Emblem Frame piloted by Apricot Sakuraba. The Cross Caliber's functions are very similar to Rico's sister Milfeulle Sakuraba's Lucky Star. It is small and light, giving it good agility. The Cross Caliber's Hyper Weapon is the Hyper Blaster, which is similar to the Lucky Star's Hyper Cannon.


Cross Caliber is the most balanced of the NEUE Emblem Frames and has above average stats in all fields. Decent offensive capabilities while fair range and movement. The Cross Caliber's stats remain mostly the same throughout three games. Once romanced, all stats receive an enormous boost, with speed and fuel consumption being near maxed out. Much like Rico's sister, the Cross Caliber is essentially the successor to the Lucky Star. In ZR, the Hyper Blaster would ensure a one-kit KO to its targets. In the 2 next sequels, the Hyper Blaster will deal continous damage to the first target in the line of fire and nearby enemies. If the target is destroyed, the beam will pierce through and damage the enemies behind it.