Di Gi Charat (デ・ジ・キャラット De Ji Kyaratto?) aka Kuroki (クロキ容疑者?) or God (神様?) is the princess of her planet, Di Gi Charat, and also the mascot of BROCCOLI's character goods stores GAMERS.


She was a suspect that was tracked down and captured by the Rune Angel Troupe, primarily through the efforts of Lily C. Sherbet and Anise Azeat. Though Lily and Anise were at first unsuccessful in capturing her, they were eventually able to trick her into an ambush set up by the Rune Angel Troupe in a warehouse. Here, cornered, she attempted to resist by using her "Laser eye beam" (目からビーム?) and "Kick attack" (足でキック?) attacks, but she was only able to attack Mimolette before she was subdued. (GA Rune: "Truce! Adult's Alcohol-Rune") At a later point, she became the god of a local shrine, and granted Anise's wish to become rich to the best of her ability, though Anise, on the verge of attaining her goal, was unable to do so, and she not only did not become rich, but instead went further into debt. (GA Rune: "Luxury! Celebrity's Way Travel-Rune")


  • Di Gi Charat is the mascot of BROCCOLI's character goods stores GAMERS and the titular protagonist of the anime Di Gi Charat, and in her first incarnation, often used the "Laser eye beam" attack.
  • Di Gi Charat's true name is Chocola and her nickname is Dejiko.