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The Eagle Gazer is a blue NEUE Emblem Frame piloted by Lily C. Sherbet. The Eagle Gazer was designed as a sniper, similar to Chitose Karasuma's Sharp Shooter . Its Hyper Weapon is the Extreme Lancer which launches four giant lances from its main guns. The attack is for sniping and the attack continues on penetrating many ships on its path.


As expected of a sniper, the Eagle Gazer has the largest range from which it can fire its weapons. In ZR, it's main draws where its range and offensive power. In the sequels, every stat except the Attack stat has been increased, making it a versatile support ship that can let loose a constant stream of attacks with its good control. While Lily is seen as Forte's counterpart, the Eagle Gazer is most similar to Chitose's Sharp Shooter.

In ZR, the Extreme Lancer would ensure a one hit KO to its targets. In the sequels, the Extreme Lancer's projectiles will be redirected toward the nearest enemy if the enemy was destroyed with previous shots.