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The 'Elsior' (エルシオール Erushioru), alternatively the Elle-Ciel, is the ceremonial ship housed by the White Moon and primarily used for celebratory functions. The coup d'etat orchestrated by Eonia Transbaal forced it into military service, serving as the carrier ship for the Emblem Frames of the Moon Angel Troupe.

Originally commanded by General Luft Weizen of the Transbaal Empire's military forces, it became more well-known for its actions under the command of Tact Mayers.


The Elsior is an exceedingly long battleship that contains numerous facilities within its armor that would normally not be found in regular warships. On the exterior, it sports multiple outward spires while the most visible portion of the interior comes from its underside where the Hangar is located.


With the White Moon's arrival to the dying Transbaal Empire, Moon Goddess Shatoyan administered the Lost Technologies' spread across the empire. The Elsior and the Emblem Frames was the station's first line of defense along with a contingent of Transbaal's fleets. The Elsior was previously used multiple times for numerous royal ceremonies and holidays and acted as a symbolic vessel than an actual weapon. However, the Elsior was forced into military action when Eonia returned from the outer rims of the empire with his black fleet. Then commanded by Luft Weizen, Shatoyan decreed an order for the Elsior and its commander to escape Transbaal and escort Prince Shiva, the last surviving member of the royal family, to the empire's outer territories. Luft handed down the privilege of command to his two former students Tact Mayers and Lester Coolduras to lead the ship and the Angel Wing to the Rhome System to rejoin with the loyalists remnants. Originally, Tact and Lester were to be reassigned once they reached Rhome, but the war's escalation kept the two together with the ship to return to the White Moon to retrieve the Chrono Break Cannon. After Eonia's Coup and the Black Moon's destruction, the Elsior took part in two more significant events against the Val-Fasq Invasion.

Following the events of the Galaxy Angel trilogy, the Elsior was succeeded by the Luxiole. A successor model of the Elsior that was designed by Noa with full intentions of making a battleship with higher specifications and improved armaments. The Elsior itself has since returned to its traditional role as a ship of peace, though it was once again called to action during the events of Galaxy Angel II. Whereas Tact and Coco were transferred to the Luxiole, the Elsior was handed down to Lester and Almo.

In Galaxy Angel II Eigō Kaiki no Toki, the Elsior is destroyed to save the Val-Fasq's home planet from being sucked into a black hole.


Because it is completely constructed using the same Lost Technology as the Emblem Frames, the Elsior is far more powerful than other ships used by the Transbaal Empire. This is made all the more impressive by the fact that it was not designed to be a warship.

The Elsior uses powerful Chrono String Engines for propulsion, and is capable of entering Chrono Space and accessing a state known as Chrono Drive. While this is not unusual since other vessels of the Transbaal military are capable of the same feat, the Elsior is able to both enter and exit Chrono Space much faster than most other ships. Like the Emblem Frames, the Elsior is equipped with shields unlike other Imperial ships. However, while the Emblem Frames have both shields and maneuverability to help them survive battles, due to the Elsior's size and subsequent loss of mobility, its best chances to survive a battle is not to get involved at all. While tougher than all but the most powerful of Transbaal Imperial warships, the Elsior can quickly find itself surrounded by faster destroyers or cruisers.

In terms of armaments, the Elsior is actually quite well-armed. Mounted on either side of the bridge section are four long range rail guns. It is also equipped with long range missiles that launch from bays on the upper section of the ship. The launchers were actually used for fireworks, but can be quickly converted to launch rockets or missiles instead. In addition, there are numerous mid-range lasers located on the upper sections of the ship for use in close combat. Finally, when truly desperate it can be equipped with the powerful Chrono Break Cannon, which is arguably one of the most destructive weapon in the series.


The Elsior is designed primarily as a ship of peace and is equipped with many comforts that one would not find on a military ship. These comforts would allow the Elsior to keep guests relaxed during visits or during negotiations. There is also a good possibility that it was used by the Imperial family as their personal spaceship, based on the fact that a large part of the living deck is used for Shiva's quarters.

Interior Blocks.jpgThe Elsior is made up of four blocks. During the visual novel portions of each chapter of the game, Tact can explore each block to improve his relationships with the Angel Troupe members, boosting their abilities in battle and increasing the likelihood of a good ending for the player's chosen Angel. The Angels are easily found, with icons of their faces appearing on the in-game map inside the rooms they occupy in (except in an Angel's own chapter in the first game, in which she accompanies Tact everywhere).


Block A (Administration)[]

  • Bridge: The essential administrative room of the Elsior where Tact is supposed to spend most of his time in but the job is usually left to Lester. During battle, Tact takes full command during.
  • Commander's Room: Tact's Personal Room where he rests and deals with the necessary paperwork.
  • Meeting Room: Relatively Unused as the Bridge is where the Angel Wing are notified of their objectives.
  • Galaxy Park: A good chunk of the Block A is taken up by the enormous park in the back. It is utilized by many of the crewmembers to relax and where the Angel Wing have their infamous picnics whenever the opportunity presents itself. It also holds a hot springs and produce garden.

Regular Occupants of Block A

Block B (Service)[]

  • Mess Hall: The large dining room of all the Elsior's crew with rows upon rows of tables. It is technically run by Ume Miyazawa and it is assumed that she is helped by other crewmembers in preparing daily food. Milfie is usually found helping around.
  • Convenience Store: The 24-hour operated store that has all daily needs and necessities sold. It is run by Ecco Frite and he is frequently helped by other crewmembers in restocking the store. Mint and Milfie frequent the place to shop for sweets.
  • Tea Lounge: The relaxation area for most of the crew supplied with beverages and snacks. If the Angel Wing are off duty, they are usually found together here conversing on a variety of subjects.
  • Elevator Hall: A large, lobby-like room that connects Block B to the rest of the ship. In front of the elevators are small benches and a couple of vending machines making it a popular rest area for a number of the regular crew.

Block C (Living Quarters)[]

  • Milfeulle's Room: A highly decorative room with a fully functioning kitchen with sink, stove, and refrigerator for Milfie's use. It has multiple cabinets, a large bed, and a single table. She also apparently has a T.V inside the room as well.
  • Ranpha's Room: A Chinese-oriented style room with wall scrolls, hexagonal "windows" and a yin-yang carpet. It features a bed with overhead drapes, a small table for conversations, and a cabinet where Ranpha keeps most of her belongings.
  • Mint's Room: A lightly decorated room with a capsule like bed and see-through table with multiple chairs. Near her bed are presumably dispensers for sweets and her usually closed off closet houses Mint's enormous collection of animal costumes.
  • Forte's Room: A moderately decorated room adorned with paintings and Forte's prized gun collection. Instead of a bed, there is a sectioned couch with an accompanying table. In the back there is a long stand that keeps most of her everyday supplies.
  • Vanilla's Room: A nearly undecorated room with a simple bed, nightstand, a single seat and a holographic display in the back.
  • Chitose's Room: A Japanese-oriented room complete with wooden floors, tatami mats, sliding doors, and a small yard where Chitose practices her archery. It has no noticeable furniture other than a potted plant and tea sets.
  • Guest Room: A small, unmodified room that houses guests.
  • Shiva's Quarters: An enormous hall that is used for Shiva's personal use during her stay aboard the Elsior.
  • Crew Barracks: A number of unused rooms presumably used by the regular crew.

Block D (Work)[]

  • Gym: A room filled with exercise equipment that is free for all crewmembers to utilize. Ranpha is most frequently found here practicing her martial arts.
  • Locker Rooms: A side room that is used in conjunction for the Gym for crewmembers to change out of their appropriate clothes. Two separate rooms exist for male and female crewmembers.
  • Whale Room: A rather sizable room that houses a large beach that is inhabited by an enormous Space Whale, a creature that apparently possess immense telepathic capabilities. By the shore, a small facility that houses a multitude of flora and fauna is maintained by Kuromie Quark, the self described "partner" to the Space Whale who can transliterate the Space Whale's thoughts for regular people to understand. For Tact, Kuromie can communicate with the Space Whale to show how each Angel is feeling and gauge their moods. Vanilla normally stops by here to watch the animals.
  • Storage Room: A large room used to store supplies that hold all sorts of equipment and items. Inventory used by the Convenience Store, Mess Hall, and other facilities are stored here. Lost Technology that were discovered are also stored in the numerous containers.
  • Infirmary: The medical facility run by Dr. Cera who is, on most occasions, assisted by Vanilla. Any and all injuries are treated here and the more serious injuries are treated by Cera herself while lighter wounds are made trivial thanks to Vanilla's proficiency in nanomachine treatment. Also a notable location to drink coffee.
  • Hangar: The enormous Hangar where the 6 Emblem Frames are held and can apparently also fit in a few more shuttles and other transport vehicles. It contains multiple cranes and equipment to issue repairs and maintain the Emblem Frames and the Elsior if need be. The engineering team is led by Creta.
  • Engine Room: Facility that houses the critical Chrono String Engine that keeps the Elsior afloat. It is rarely visited.
  • Shooting Range: Forte's most frequently visited room and personal addition to the depths of Block D. It contains one long shooting gallery where Forte practices with her prized collection of classic, gunpowder firearms.
  • Simulation Room: A room that contains multiple simulation pods that allow the Angel Wing to practice flying their Emblem Frames during off times. It is most frequently used by Chitose who trains hard to reach the combat prowess of her seniors.
  • Unused Rooms (x3): Non-visitable rooms that are presumed to be rooms for the engineering team.


  • When it was first introduced and for much of the Elle-Ciel's existence, it was spelt Elsior even in the Perfect Attack Guide as well as the in-game romanization. However, in the boxed edition of Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers (2005), a special sticker was included that rebooted the name into Elle-Ciel. Since then, this has been the name used in official merchandise, including the English translation of the manga.
  • The change from Elsior to Elle-Ciel has caused some confusion among some fans, as Elle-Ciel would have been written "エルシエ-ル" (E-Lu-Shi-E-Lu).
  • The name Elsior comes from the French words "Elle" ,means "She" and "Ciel" means "Sky".
  • Most of the crew are actually researchers from the White Moon; for this reason, over 80% of the crew is female.