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The First Aider is a light blue Emblem Frame piloted by Nano-Nano Pudding. The First Aider's Hyper Weapon is the Needle Flechette which is an offensive ability that launches numerous giant needles which penetrate enemy ships. It also has a second hyper weapon, Repair Wave, similar to Vanilla's Harvester.


Being the combat medic for the NEUE Emblem Frame, the First Aider has a high defensive stat throughout the three games. ZR had the First Aider with high offensive but in the sequels, the offensive stat is lowered while it's speed and defenses were more pronounced. The First Aider maintains the role the Harvester leaves as the medic.

In all games, the Needle Flechette will attack all targets in a limited area with its nanomachine pillars before detonating.


  • The First Aider is the only Emblem Frame with multiple Hyper Weapons.
    • One of them is a returning Repair Wave, previously seen on pilot Nano's adoptive mother Vanilla's Harvester Emblem Frame.