Unit #7 (7番機 nanabanki?) (or known as GA-007) was the seventh and final EDEN Emblem Frame. It was introduced in the final chapters of GAML and it is explained that this unit was found at the same time as the Sharp Shooter, but never given a real name at all. It is unique in that it allowed for two pilots.

Galaxy Angel Moonlit LoversEdit


Field Canceller

In order to destroy Nefuria's O-Gaub, the flagship of her fleet, Unit 07 was equipped with a Field Canceller developed by Noa and the Chrono Break Cannon. Because a lot of power would be needed to power both effectively, the most able pilot from among the Moon Angel Troupe was chosen to pilot it, and Tact requested that he would go on the ship to support the pilot.

Galaxy Angel Eternal LoversEdit

See also GA-007 (Enemy).

In GAEL, Wein infiltrated the White Moon and stole Unit 07 as he was unable to fully hijack the White Moon. He manipulated Lushati to power it to 100% output to fire the Chrono Break Cannon. After his defection, Wein returned to Juno with an irreparable Unit 07.