GA Angel Soldier A - Dual Angels is a doujin scroll shooter similar to Element Ensemble (Comiket 69, 2005), with a combination of sync and destroy bonus. It is the second doujin game from Zwei Trial (now known as Kobito Studio) based on the Galaxy Angel manga/anime series. There are two playable characters: Milfeulle Sakuraba and Mint Blancmanche. GA Angel Soldier A - Dual Angels was released at Sunshine Creation 24, on June 20, 2004.


The game has one mode: a Score Attack Mode, similar to the shoot'em up game Super Star Soldier. There are three playable levels; the aim is to get as high a score as possible for each level - the player cannot actually die or otherwise fail the level.

The key feature is the Tension Gauge, which acts as a score multiplier. The Tension Gauge increases as blocks or enemies are destroyed, and when the player is not firing. However, being hit by an enemy will reset the Tension Gauge.