Galaxy Angel is the primary bishoujo comedy franchise the star the titular "Galaxy Angel" team known as the Moon Angel Wing. It features its 5 (later 6) members and their antics across space while their occupation differ from each medium. It was succeeded by Galaxy Angel II.


The primary medium of Galaxy Angel where the elements of romance and overarching plot make it the most "serious" of the series. The protagonist Tact Mayers is put in charge of the Elsior and its Moon Angel Wing to safely escort the last surviving member of the royal family from the grasp of the usurper Eonia. However, more threats loom across the horizon.

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The secondary medium of the series where it similarly features Tact and the Angel Wing but takes a different tone and style to the games. It is more comedy oriented and has Milfeulle Sakuraba as its canon "winner".

Other Publications Edit

  • Chitose Ga Iku!:
  • Chitose Ga Iku! 2
  • Chitose Meshimase
  • Galaxy Angel Kyokubeni Koushinkyoku


While it was supposed to be an adaptation of the visual novel, the game's delay in production led to the creation of the slapstick comedy adaptation of the series. The main plot is non-existent in favor of an episodic style and is arguably the most popular medium of the franchise.




  • Galaxy Angel is often abbreviated to "Gyagure" (ギャグレ?) by Japanese fans, due to the logo repeatedly being broken down or otherwise altered to "Gyagure" during the opening animation for Galaxy Angel X.
  • "Gyagu" (ギャグ?) means gag. And "re" (?) means imperative form. So, "Gyagure" (ギャグレ?) ≒"Show an interesting joke".