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This is a narrative walkthrough of Galaxy Angel .


The year is TCY 412, and a long age of peace is broken when mysterious and powerful fleets of starships suddenly orchestrate a coup d'état against the Transbaal Empire. The Transbaal homeworld is surrounded almost immediately, after which they begin an orbital bombardment of the capital. The orbiting space station (which seems to be the one used as the Moon Angel Troupe's base in the anime) is destroyed along with the Imperial palace, resulting in the death of King Gerald. The White Moon suffers significant damage, although it is later revealed that Lady Shatoyan was able to secure the White Moon in an impenetrable shield. Unable to defend Transbaal, the Elle Ciel along with the Moon Angel Troupe and their Emblem Frames escape in order to get help.

Tact chilling

Meanwhile, out in the remote Criom star system, a small three-ship garrison is on standby while trying to find out more information about the coup d'état. On the bridge of the cruiser, the Commanding Officer of the garrison, Tact Mayers, is relaxing in spite of being lectured by his executive officer, Lester Coolduras, for being too carefree in his attitude.

Chapter 1Edit

Enter the Angel Troupe (エンジェル隊登場?)

Tact's fleet is suddenly approached by unknown fighters, along with a fleet of automated ships from the coup, but why? The newcomers turn out to be the Emblem Frames Lucky Star, Kung-fu Fighter and Happy Trigger, piloted by Milfeulle Sakuraba, Ranpha Franboise and Forte Stollen respectively. Everyone is surprised at the Angels' arrival, and wonders what they are doing there. The Angels request Tact's assistance in repulsing the automated fleet pursuing them; Tact can immediately agree (which impresses the Angels), wait and see, or attempt to flee (which displeases them).

After defeating the automated fleet, the Angels lead Tact to the a nearby asteroid belt, where the Elle Ciel is hiding along with Mint Blancmanche's Trick Master and Vanilla H's Harvester. On board the Elle Ciel, Tact and Lester are greeted by their old academy instructor, Luft Weizen. Luft informs them that the coup forces, lead by the once-disgraced Eonia Transbaal, have control of the capital and are expanding their influence rapidly. Luft asks Tact to take command of the Elle Ciel and the Angel Troupe, and escort Prince Shiva, the last surviving member of the royal family, to safety at the Rhome system where the remaining loyalist forces are gathering. Tact can accept quickly (impressing Ranpha, Forte and Vanilla), or only yield after pressure from Luft (impressing Mint and Milfeulle).

Subsequently, the Elsior is attacked by an automated fleet commanded by Rezon Mayzon, a Transbaal general who defected to Eonia's coup. Fortunately, the Angel Troupe succeed in repelling the attack and taking out Rezon's flagship.

Chapter 2Edit

You are not in this fight alone. Trust the people around you and use their power, that is the mark of an excellent commander.

– Luft Weizen

The Balancing Scale of Strong Luck (強運の天秤?)

This chapter is devoted to Milfeulle.

Luft takes Tact and Lester to meet Prince Shiva. Shiva, unaware of the broken state of the Imperial forces, orders Tact to return to Transbaal immediately. Tact must choose between attempting to let Shiva down gently, or telling him the straight truth (both options have the same eventual outcome, but the latter enables the subsequent Shiva subroute).

Eonia speech

Luft then shows Tact, Lester and the Angels a recording of Eonia's ascension speech to the public, rationalizing his coup d'etat and his overthrow of the previous royal family. The player, as Tact, can choose either to immediately distrust this speech (this will impress Milfeulle, Ranpha, and Forte), to withhold judgement until more information is procured (this will lower Ranpha's opinion of Tact, but will impress Mint and Vanilla), or to find the speech impressive (this will impress no one and will lower Mint and Forte's opinion of Tact).

Afterwards, Luft and Lester begin planning the route to Rhome, leaving Tact to explore the ship. Here he sees a demonstration of Milfeulle's supernatural good luck firsthand as he witnesses her win a lottery prize in the Elle Ciel's convenience store. Milfeulle proceeds to give Tact a grand tour of the ship while introducing him to the other Angels.

Luft saluted

The Angel Troupe and the Elle Ciel's crew see Luft off with a salute.

Once the tour is over, Tact returns to the bridge. With Eonia's net closing around the Elle Ciel quickly, Luft takes the Criom system fleet as a decoy to lure Eonia's forces away, allowing the Elle Ciel to escape undetected.

After the Elle Ciel escapes, Tact eavesdrops on the Angels having a conversation about him as a commander, each Angel having different opinions about whether or not he will be a worthy one. More specifically, Milfeulle's reaction to Tact is the most positive among the Angels; she happily endorses Tact and thinks he will be a great commander. Ranpha's reaction is the most negative among the Angels; she openly dislikes Tact. Mint's reaction is exactly in the middle; she says she will not form either a good or a bad opinion about Tact until she has more information about him (meaning, until she has a chance to see how her commander will perform in his duties). Forte's reaction is more positive than Ranpha's, but still more negative than Milfeulle's, Vanilla's, or Mint's reactions; Forte is disappointed in Tact because she wanted an older commander with more experience. Vanilla's reaction is essentially neutral; she simply says she will obey Tact's orders.

After all five Angels have voiced their initial opinions about Tact (which of course are subject to change as the player tries to woo them as the game progresses), Milfeulle leaves the room and unexpectedly catches Tact eavesdropping, and the player as Tact can choose either to confess to eavesdropping or lie about it (if the player confesses to listening in, then Milfeulle will react with shock at first but will then love Tact all the more for his honesty; if the player lies, Milfeulle will find out anyway and her opinion of Tact will be lowered to boot).

Afterwards, Milfeulle expresses the wish to organize a picnic and asks Tact to invite everyone. The player as Tact must visit each Angel at least once to invite them (it is not necessary to visit Milfeulle since she is organizing the picnic but visiting her gives the player an opportunity to impress her); if the player invites all of them then all of them will have a higher opinion of Tact (and Milfeulle's opinion of Tact will rise significantly). If the player fails to invite even one Angel, Milfeulle's opinion of Tact will fall (and so will the one or more Angels the player failed to invite; however the Angels the player did invite will still be impressed). During the picnic, Milfeulle will offer to feed Tact some of her cooking.

Picnic rain

The picnic is cut short prematurely when it suddenly starts raining (actually the sprinkler system going off from barbecue smoke), upsetting Milfeulle almost to the point of tears. The Angels explain to Tact that this is a side effect of Milfuelle's luck, which is bad as well as good.

Shortly after, the Elle Ciel is pincered in a narrow pass by Rezon's fleet. Unfortunately, the Lucky Star experiences some unexpected problems and is initially unable to take off. The Angels must thus fight his fleet twice, the first time without Milfeulle and the second time with her in the fight. After Rezon's fleet is defeated both times, he retreats, and the chapter ends soon after.

Chapter 3Edit

That's my line! I'll fill you full of holes!

Ranpha Franboise

The Greatly Tumultuous Fortunetelling (占い大騒動?)

This chapter is devoted to Ranpha. She, during the protagonists' spare time, shows off her fortune-telling skills when Tact asks her to read someone's fortune (the player, as Tact, can choose to have Ranpha read his fortune, Milfeulle's fortune, Mint's fortune, or Forte's fortune).

As the Elle Ciel leaves Chrono Drive, it is ambushed by a pair of fighters, a missile hit damaging the launch bay and preventing most of the Angels from taking off. The fighters are piloted by two members of the Hell Hounds: Camus O. Laphroaig, a stalker romantically obsessed with Milfeulle even as he tries to kill her, and Guinness Stout, a loud and excitable bodybuilder who goes out of his way to attack Ranpha. Milfeulle and Ranpha dispatch Camus and Guinness, prompting the latter two to retreat.

Ranpha towel
Some time later, a robot probe made in the likeness of Tact infiltrates the Elle Ciel. It causes a great degree of trouble on the ship, including peeping on Ranpha in the shower, prompting her to scream and bring everyone running. Unfortunately, the robot has already left by this time, and Ranpha accuses the real Tact of perversion. In response, Tact devotes his efforts to catching the real criminal.

Two events lead to Tact's name being cleared. First, as he and Ranpha are visiting the park, a power failure causes all the lights to go out, startling Ranpha. When Tact comforts her during this short-lived crisis (unless the player makes a foolish choice when prompted to choose between two options), Ranpha begins to trust him more. Second, after Prince Shiva arrives at the park (the power failure having been repaired by this time so the lights are back on), the probe makes its presence known, causing Ranpha to realize that one is a fake. She attacks both versions of Tact to be sure of destroying the clone, and the fake Tact is destroyed. Tact is thus vindicated.

After one more battle, as well as another event involving fortune-telling, this chapter ends.

Side EventsEdit

If Tact encounters Ranpha before the events that lead to the discovery of the probe. he sees her looking for her lost lucky charm. If Tact offers to find the lucky charm, he will have to find the charm although Ranpha offers two possible areas: The Training Room and The Locker Room. If enter the Storage Room instead, Ranpha will ask why are you looking for her charm there, Tact answers that its not impossible that her charm isn't there and Ranpha will be impressed by his determination(unless the wrong choice is made by the player).

Ultimately, the charm is located in her Room. Ranpha is overjoyed to find it(and giving a big boost to her affection) Tact asks what's so important about the charm, Ranpha answers that it is given to her by her family after she was enlisted from the academy. She also reveals her history of taking care of her family and also her devotion and to them. Also, by helping her search for her charm, Ranpha completely trusts Tact as her commander and is convinced that Tact isn't the kind of person who pepped on her. Tact still insists on finding the doppelganger and Ranpha accompanies him to repay his efforts.

Chapter 4Edit

The Young Lady's Melancholy (お嬢様のユーウツ?)

This chapter is devoted to Mint. It begins with Tact, Milfeulle, and Mint in the dining room, where the Elle Ciel's supply shortages have affected the availability of food. After a brief choice by the player in relation to dessert, Ranpha comes in, and she and Milfeulle get into an argument that ends in Ranpha running away while an emotionally wounded Milfeulle remains in the cafeteria. The player can choose who to comfort, and successfully comforting either Milfeulle or Ranpha will impress Mint too. Mint takes Tact on a tour of the Elle Ciel to evaluate the ship's supply situation, which turns out to be dangerously low. The only way they can get supplies without the risk of tipping off Eonia's forces is through the Blancmanche corporation, owned by Mint's family.

Blancmanche sends out a group of merchant ships to resupply the Elle Ciel, but they are detected and come under attack by Eonia's forces. The player as Tact can choose to prioritize rescuing the merchants or defending the Elle Ciel (the former choice pleases Mint while the latter pleases Forte, but in both cases the other Angel will also be impressed if Tact manages to save all the ships.)

After the battle, a very grateful Blancmanche representative named Vincent is invited aboard the Elle Ciel to negotiate supplies. Vincent, intent on looking good in front of the Blancmanche heiress, persistently offers Tact a series of personal rewards as a bribe, which the player can accept or refuse. However, Tact refuses Vincent's subsequent offer of a special discount. This incident later leads to the development of more closeness between Tact and Mint, who expresses distaste for the yes-men from Blancmanche she used to find herself constantly surrounded with. Also, Mint receives a message from her father in her room at one point.

After this, the Hell Hounds attack for the second time, but this time the protagonists must fight all five of them (as opposed to just Camus and Guinness); this is the first appearance of Riserva Chianti, Red Eye, and Vermouth Matin. After they are defeated, Mint and Tact converse some more, and then the chapter ends.

Side eventsEdit

During the resupply, Blancmanche holds a sales event on the Elle Ciel. Forte takes Shiva out to the sale, whereupon he expresses interest in a chess set. Tact offers to buy the set for Shiva, but Forte reminds him that chess is a two-player game. Tact is presented with several options; offering to play with Shiva impresses Forte and allows continuation of the Shiva subroute. (From this point forward, Tact must spend at least one time block with Shiva every time there is an opportunity to do so in order to complete the Shiva subroute.)

Chapter 5Edit

A Moonlit Night's Consultation (月夜の相談?)

This chapter is devoted to Forte.

At long last, a message comes from the 3rd Regional Navy containing instructions for a rendezvous. Though there is some concern on whether the message is authentic, or an enemy trap, Tact in his usual brazen manner decides to follow the message's directions and deal with any potential ambush if and when it happens. This leads the Elle Ciel on a Chrono Drive towards the edge of an asteroid field, whereupon the ship would have to drive out for the remaining trek into it to reach the rendezvous point.

Unfortunately, instead of running into a welcoming party of allied ships, the Elle Ciel runs into a graveyard of destroyed allied ships, followed promptly by an ambushing party of enemy ships, commanded by Sherry Bristol. Tact refuses Sherry's demand of surrender, and the Angels repel the initial attack. However, after successfully beating back one enemy wave, Sherry sends another much larger wave. Tact then instructs the Elle Ciel to retreat via Chrono Drive to the message's backup rendezvous point.

Forte backtoback
The Angel Troupe demands an explanation from Tact as to why Eonia's forces where present at the asteroid belt rather than their allies and why they have suddenly retreated. Tact deflects their questions somewhat clumsily, but Forte catches on to him and calms the other Angels down. Tact and Forte spend some time separately trying to help restore the Angel Troupe's morale. Later past the Elle Ciel's lights out, Forte invites him to the pool where she attempts to get his mind off the current state of affairs. Afterwards, she has a slow talk with Tact explaining the meaning of trust within one's comrades. Only after this talk, and just before the Elle Ciel drives out, does Tact explain the true situation to the rest of the Angel Troupe.

As predicted, Eonia's forces are waiting in force for the Elle Ciel when they exit Chrono Drive. Quickly devising a battle plan, Tact instructs the Angel Troupe to guide the Elle Ciel straight through enemy lines. Unexpectedly, no sooner does he break through the line of battle does he run headlong into the 3rd Regional Navy, who are driving out in front of them to lend their assistance. Headed by none other than General Luft, they successfully beat back the Elle Ciel's pursuers. Luft later explains that Eonia's navy completely ignored his fleet once they discovered the Elle Ciel was not with them, which is the reason he reached the Rhome system ahead of them.

On board Eonia's flagship, while Sherry apologizes to Eonia for her failure to secure Shiva, a mysterious girl named Noa offers to create Eonia ships just as powerful as the Emblem Frames. Intrigued, Eonia gives her permission to follow along with her plan.

Side eventsEdit

Mint hamster

Mint wearing a hamster suit.

At the beginning of the chapter, before the player has the first opportunity to wander the Elle Ciel, Almo tells him that he may want to investigate rumors of a terrible, nocturnal creature on board the Elle Ciel that can only be described as the Mochi Rice Cake Monster. Later investigation can reveal a rather large box in Mint's room, which she quickly dismisses as unimportant while denying any knowledge of the dreaded Mochi Monster.

Later in the chapter while Tact is wandering the halls in the night, he happens upon the sounds of mysterious, squishy footsteps. Following them leads him back to a dark, unfamiliar part of the ship. Finally spotting a white shape in the distance he has the choice of running for dear life or confronting it face-to-face. Should the player decide to confront it, Tact will discover to his amazement and sheer horror the truth about the Mochi Monster. For the Mochi Monster is in fact... embarrassed Mint in a hamster tsugurumi outfit who explains that she's practicing to cheer up the battle-weary Tact by means of cute hamster tsugurumi. The player then gets the choice to get weirded out or to thank her.

Ranpha shoes

Ranpha holding a shoe.

Also at the start of the chapter, Tact follows a foul smell which he initially assumes is a chemical leak to the warehouse. There he finds Ranpha painting some of her old shoes, using some products picked up at the Blancmanche sale. She hopes to make a copy of the shoes in the final scene from a romance drama "Your Name is Cinderella," which she is a huge fan of. Ranpha asks Tact to be the fairytale hero to her heroine; Tact can agree (which pleases Ranpha), express laziness (which annoys her), or tell Ranpha she's better suited to be the hero than he is (which angers her, as she believes Tact is calling her unfeminine).

Chapter 6Edit

The Power of Healing (癒しの力?)

This chapter is devoted to Vanilla.

The Elle Ciel travels with Luft's fleet to a nearby planet, where the 3rd Regional Navy is gathering for an offensive on Eonia's nearby staging area. The Elle Ciel receives a communication from Luft; Vanilla will ask Tact a question about the communication. The player can either answer that Tact comprehended, or that it's best left up to another person. (The former choice will impress Vanilla; the latter choice will lower her opinion of him.)

Under the blossoms

After Tact explains some maneuvers to Shiva, Milfeulle calls everyone to the park, where a sakura tree is in full bloom. An impromptu party takes place, but not before Milfeulle and Ranpha have an argument. The player, as Tact, can either chastise Ranpha (which will lower Ranpha's opinion of him but will impress Milfeulle) or chastise Milfeulle (with the opposite effect).

In any case, the Angels elect to hold a party under the tree, with lots of crew members and officers invited. Later, after everyone else has left, Milfeulle invites Tact to possibly watch the sakura tree again with her sometime. The player can either agree (which will substantially impress Milfeulle) or decline modestly (which will lower Milfeulle's opinion of Tact).

After the party, everyone except Tact, Milfeulle, and Vanilla mysteriously becomes sick. Tact investigates the cause and is told by Dr. Kela in the sick bay that hay fever is responsible; only Vanilla's nanomachines are available now to cure it. Vanilla volunteers to treat the ship's crew, leaving Tact to patrol the ship. Afterwards, Forte will also invite Tact to her room to have a talk, giving Tact an opportunity to impress or offend her.

The next day, when Tact does not find Vanilla in the sick bay where she usually works, he finds her in the Whale Room instead. However, she suddenly collapses and has to be taken to the sick bay as a patient for once. Vanilla awakens in the sick bay as Tact visits her. Tact can either call her a favorite partner (which will substantially impress Vanilla) or tease her (which will substantially lower Vanilla's opinion of him).

Later, the Elle Ciel receives a communication from Admiral Sidmeyer about Eonia's troops. When said troops appear, Tact can either prioritize destroying the enemy (impressing Milfeulle and Ranpha) or defending the Elle Ciel (impressing Mint, Forte, and Vanilla) (this choice will also affect the mission gameplay.)


Vanilla and a rabbit.

The attack is a success and Eonia's fleet is routed; overjoyed at their victory, the military considers a holiday. Unbeknowst to them, however, their success was actually a ruse by Eonia to make them overconfident. Meanwhile, Tact recommends that Vanilla raise an animal, so Kuromie gives Vanilla a rabbit, whom Vanilla subsequently names "Ugiugi" (rough English translation being Bunbun).

Chapter 7Edit

The Last Dance (ラストダンス?)

We are Shiva Transbaal! Due to certain reasons, we are the only heir to the Empire. You know those reasons best of all.

– Shiva Transbaal

This chapter is where the game will diverge depending on the player's choices, but not right away.

At the beginning of the chapter, Tact and Vanilla have fun in the park. Tact convinces Vanilla to have fun with her new pet Ugiugi, and she proceeds to chase it in a game. During this scene, the player can either tell Vanilla that she's sure to raise her pet wonderfully (which will substantially impress Vanilla) or that she might not be suitable (which will substantially lower her opinion of him).


Into Fargo.

Tact and Shiva are requested to disembark from the Elle Ciel and enter Fargo, in orbit around Rhome. At the strategy meeting, Tact meets Sidmeyer and the loyalist admiralty, who turn out to be drunk with their recent victory and jockeying for royal favor from Shiva. They greatly confuse Tact by alternately commending and downplaying his achievements. Luft later informs Tact that he will be relieved of command of the Elle Ciel and the Angel Troupe in a few days, after a grand ball to which he and the Angels are invited. He further informs Tact that he can only bring one Angel as his partner to the ball, and instructs him to choose carefully.

In the Elle Ciel's hangar, Tact encounters a mysterious blonde girl (actually Noa) with purple eyes speaking to him. She asks him to give him the Emblem Frames; when he refuses, she pouts and tells him she can make better ones before running off. Tact tries to chase her, but she vanishes.

When Tact is back in his office, the three Angels out of five who like Tact the most will visit him one by one, offering to be his partner for the upcoming dance (the remaining two Angels will not visit and will therefore not be selectable as a dance partner later in the chapter). No matter which three Angels visit Tact to make an offer, they will always visit in ascending order of their Emblem Frame number (for instance, if Milfeulle is one of the three Angels who likes Tact the most, she'll always visit first no matter who the other two Angels are because her ship number is GA-001; if Vanilla is one of the three, she'll always visit last no matter who the other two Angels are because her ship number is GA-005).

To further assist Tact in asking one of them out on a date, Almo and Coco give him a bouquet of red roses as a romantic gift intended for whichever Angel Tact eventually decides to ask.

Then, you, the player, will have to make that ultimate decision that will decide Tact's romantic future for this game and the games to follow. That is because whichever Angel Tact asks out to the dance will eventually develop romantic feelings for him, and Tact will develop romantic feelings for her as well.

All five Angels' rooms will be available. If you visit one of the two Angels who didn't offer to be Tact's dance partner, Tact will only ask for some advice. If you visit one of the three Angels who did offer to be Tact's dance partner, and then remain constant in your decision when given the opportunity, Tact will knock on the door of the Angel in question and ask to be invited in so he can talk to her. The Angel will agree, and Tact will give the Angel his bouquet of red roses. Tact will finally ask the question, and the Angel will agree to be Tact's dance partner, although how they agree depends on the Angel. Milfeulle will be relieved because she was nervously waiting for Tact to ask her and wasn't sure if Tact really would, Ranpha will cover up her nervousness by saying she'll take pity on Tact by agreeing to go with him, Mint will happily exclaim she can't possibly refuse an invitation from Tact although she'll be slightly miffed when Tact too-honestly tells her Almo and Coco had to give him the flowers, Forte will be amused that Tact actually chose her but will then agree, and Vanilla will be embarrassed and shocked that Tact chose her but will happily oblige).

Common eventsEdit

Regardless of who Tact chooses, he finds the Angels at the ball, wearing their new dresses. Sidmeyer and the Transbaal admirals attempt to take advantage of the Angel's fame for their own prestige, but are flatly rebuffed. Tact plans to dance with his chosen partner, but winds up separated from her. He instead wanders the ball, looking for the other Angels (offering opportunities to earn their respect or ire).

Tact also encounters Prince Shiva, who takes advantage of the opportunity to dismiss the admirals attempting to butter him up. Shiva brings up Tact's pending transfer from the Angel Troupe, expressing a desire to use his authority to overrule the military, but Tact talks him out of it.

Eonia party crash
As the last dance begins, Tact is finally reunited with his chosen partner. They dance together, but the ball is cut short by an explosion. Tact and the Angels run out of the building to find Eonia with a retinue of armed guards. Eonia demands that Shiva be turned over to him, offering to spare the life of the one who does so, but Shiva appears himself and confronts Eonia. After a brief argument in which Eonia asks Shiva to come with him, Shiva shoots Eonia. However, the shot passes harmlessly through Eonia, who then disappears, revealing himself to have been a holographic projection.

Eonia's forces begin bombarding Fargo. With the military leadership paralyzed, Tact, Shiva, Shiva's attendant, and the Angels escape to the Elle Ciel. As they fight to cover the civilian ships escaping Fargo, the Angels are confronted by the Hell Hounds, now piloting the Dark Angels. After a brief battle, the Hell Hounds withdraw, and the Black Moon fires an immensely powerful energy beam that cracks Rhome open, destroying Fargo with a glancing blow in the process.

Milfeulle's routeEdit

Tact and Milfuelle shop for a dress, where Milfeulle picks up a petticoat made using Lost Technology that Milfeulle had previously found as a member of the Angel Troupe. Afterwards, they have coffee together. Tact can either say he enjoyed today (which will substantially impress Milfeulle) or that he just wants to see Milfeulle in her dress (which will lower Milfeulle's opinion of him).

Milfeulle dressfire

Just before the last dance, Milfeulle's dress catches fire due to the petticoat malfunctioning. If the player as Tact makes a wise choice, then Tact will shorten Milfeulle's dress himself, removing all the burnt parts while still keeping it a decent dress. This overjoys Milfeulle, and they then dance together, but the party is interrupted when Eonia attacks with his troops.

Ranpha's routeEdit

Ranpha shopping

Tact and Ranpha go shopping (humorously, Ranpha makes Tact carry the packages) when Ranpha sees a pair of shoes in the window that she really admires, and she begs Tact to buy them for her. A problem arises, however, when the saleswoman informs the couple that the shoes are only display copies, and are therefore not for sale. Tact will have three choices as to how to respond; he will ultimately obtain the shoes for Ranpha no matter what he chooses, but his choice affects Ranpha's opinion of him. If he chooses to indignantly ask the saleswoman how she couldn't sell such shoes to Ranpha, this will substantially impress Ranpha. If he chooses to call the saleswoman stingy, there will be no change. If he chooses to call the whole affair annoying, this will lower Ranpha's opinion of him.

At the dance, Ranpha and Tact get separated at first, and when Tact is unable to find Ranpha again, Forte informs him that Ranpha has left for the balcony. When Tact reaches the balcony, he discovers why: Ranpha's shoes are too small and are therefore hurting her. She was looking forward very much to a magical evening, but fears that everything is ruined now. Tact can respond by telling her the magic isn't gone yet (which will substantially impress Ranpha), by telling her that she'll get another opportunity someday (which will lower Ranpha's opinion of him), or talk about a dream, which will not result in any change.

Tact and Ranpha then dance all by themselves on the balcony, but the party is interrupted when Eonia attacks with his troops.

Mint's routeEdit

Mint fastfoodlunch

Tact and Mint shop for a dress, and Mint will ask Tact what kind of dress he thinks would be best for her. Tact can answer that it's a matter of personal taste, that there is no one single best dress for Mint, and this will substantially impress Mint. He can also answer that he likes smaller dresses, which will substantially lower Mint's opinion of Tact (because Mint will think Tact said that out of perversion). Tact can also answer that he likes glamorous dresses, which will lower Mint's opinion of Tact (but not as much as if Tact had answered he liked small dresses). Afterwards, they tour Fargo's fast food restaurants.

At the dance, Mint and Tact get separated at first, and when Tact finds Mint again, he discovers that Mint is rather clumsy today. When Mint asks Tact why he asked her to be his dance partner, he can either answer that it's because of his feelings (which will substantially impress Mint), or because she can use telepathy (which will lower her opinion of him), or because of her big ears (which will substantially lower her opinion of him). Regardless, Tact and Mint begin to dance together, and they do really well at first, but Mint unexpectedly trips and falls against Tact. This is heavily embarrassing to both of them, and they both apologize to each other while blushing (Mint notices first and teases Tact about him blushing, but after a second she realizes she too is blushing).

Then, the party is interrupted when Eonia attacks with his troops.

Forte's routeEdit

Tact and Forte shop for a dress, and then they go to a coffeehouse together where Forte shows Tact her watch. Tact can either recognize that the watch is important to Forte (which will substantially impress Forte), say that the watch can easily be broken (which will substantially lower Forte's opinion of him), or that humans need clocks (which won't change anything).

Forte ball guns
At the dance, Tact and Forte are separated at first, and when Tact finds Forte again, she requests his aid in stopping a number of suspected assassins. In the resulting confrontation, one of the assassins attacks Forte; Tact can attack him (impressing Forte), shout a warning to her, or shout at the guests to flee (angering Forte). In any case, just as they finish subduing the assassin, the last dance starts. Forte and Tact do not dance (and they are the only possible couple who do not dance at the Fargo party); instead, they sit at the same table and drink wine together, watching others dance, until the party is interrupted when Eonia attacks with his troops.

Vanilla's routeEdit

Tact and Vanilla shop for a dress, before going to the park together. Vanilla will ask Tact what he was thinking when he chose her to be his partner. Tact can answer that he specifically requested Vanilla (this will substantially impress Vanilla) or that he chose her by process of elimination (this will substantially lower Vanilla's opinion of him) or that he isn't sure (this will not change anything).

Vanilla ball

At the dance, Tact and Vanilla get separated at first, and when Tact finds Vanilla again, she's in a corner all alone. He can tell her to have more confidence in herself (which will substantially impress Vanilla), tell her that he really wants to dance (which will not change anything), or tell her that maybe they should abandon the dance (which will lower Vanilla's opinion of him). Then, upon learning that Vanilla does not know how to dance, he actually arranges her hands in the proper way (apparently he himself has experience in formal dancing, I assume he learned it in military school.), and they dance together until Eonia attacks with his troops.

Side eventsEdit

Shiva sad
If the player has successfully gotten onto the Shiva sub-route, there is an additional scene before Shiva leaves the Elle Ciel. Tact arrives at the royal room to say good-bye to Shiva, but is told by the maid that Shiva has gone to the Whale Room. It turns out Shiva, with Kuromie as interpreter, was having a conversation with the space whale about the first King of Transbaal, who seems to have had a very hard life compared to Shiva's relatively easy life now. This worries Shiva, since Shiva has grown up with Shatyarn all his life and thought he didn't need anybody else, but now he is royalty and must soon assume the throne without ever having received any training for it. What is he supposed to do? How is he supposed to behave?

Tact suggests that Shiva may be the biggest victim in all of this, since Shiva was suddenly forced to assume a great burden and thrown into a terrible situation...but Shiva shrugs off Tact's pity and accuses himself of whining. He then thanks Tact for listening anyway and reassures him that he (Shiva) will do the duty he was assigned by doing all he can, since Tact previously taught him that everything would work out that way. Tact tells Shiva he's very noble, and Shiva wonders what Tact is trying to get by praising him. Tact says Shiva's very admirable the way he's speaking, and expresses a desire to hug and hold him tight. Shiva calls Tact an idiot and asks what he thinks he's doing. Tact tells Shiva not to worry about his small body, he'll grow stronger. Shiva muses if only his body really would ever grow stronger, hinting at a "secret" revealed later in the game...

As they leave the Whale Room, Shiva suddenly asks Tact who Tact likes aboard the Elle Ciel, since men and women of the same age live aboard and it's natural for feelings to develop. Tact worms his way out of answering by asking Shiva who the latter likes, and Shiva replies that nobody of Imperial blood would behave so rashly, and Shiva is ten years old besides. But Tact says that Shiva being ten doesn't matter, love doesn't care about age. Shiva asks if Tact would love a ten-year-old girl. Tact says yes. Shiva asks if Tact would love royalty, and Tact says love doesn't care about status. Shiva finally asks what if the other person was someone Tact could rarely see, and was selfish and hard to please. Tact says if there are obstacles, love burns hotter! Then Shiva mumbles "if I wasn't a prince..." Before Tact can ask Shiva for clarification, the ship arrives at Fargo and Shiva must leave.

Chapter 8Edit

Dark Despair (黒い絶望?)

Common eventsEdit

As Rhome reels from the Black Moon's attack, Luft contacts the Elle Ciel. Upon discovering that Shiva is onboard, Luft orders the Elle Ciel to escape, but Shiva countermands his orders, refusing to abandon the people of Rhome. Tact sides with Shiva, explaining his plan: the Elle Ciel retreating alone would signal to Eonia that Shiva is onboard, while staying put might trick Eonia's forces into believing otherwise.

The Angel Troupe begin fighting through Eonia's line; however, Noa uses the Black Moon's power to disable the Emblem Frames, the Elle Ciel, and the Imperial fleet. Eonia's forces begin a massive attack, badly damaging the Elle Ciel. However, just as all seems lost, Tact gives the Angels a rousing speech, encouraging them not to give up even though things seem impossible. This suddenly activates the Emblem Frames' hidden ability: all five machines sprout glowing white wings and become perfectly functional again. The Angels charge at the Black Moon, significantly damaging it; however, before they can finish it off, the wings disappear and the Frames' power output drops, forcing them to retreat along with the Imperial fleet to the opposite side of Rhome.

While both sides regroup, Luft, now the senior surviving officer of the fleet, contacts Tact and requests that he remain as commander of the Angel Troupe. Tact then asks the Angels to get some rest; Lester does the same to him.

After the rest period, Creta, having studied the sudden powering up of the Elle Ciel and the Emblem Frames, briefs Tact and the Angel Troupe regarding the matter. Shiva and Creta reveal that there may be a powerful weapon for the Elsior hidden in the White Moon which may give it enough power to oppose the Black Moon; Tact orders the Elle Ciel to leave for the White Moon.

Milfeulle's routeEdit

Tact meets with Milfeulle in the park, but the air lock accidentally opens. Lester, over the intercom, advises both Milfeulle and Tact to leave the park before they're sucked out, but Tact decides to manually close the air lock despite Milfeulle's protests. Tact actually succeeds in closing it, and disaster is averted.

Milfeulle feels guilty and offers to make the whole thing up to Tact. You'll get three choices: the top choice has Tact tell Milfeulle that it was no trouble and he doesn't need a favor; this will substantially raise Milfeulle's opinion of him. The middle choice has Tact ask Milfeulle to go on a date with him so he'll forget about the accident, which will substantially lower Milfeulle's opinion of him. The bottom choice has Tact tell Milfeulle to never mind because this whole thing was a consequence of her "luck." This will lower Milfeulle's opinion of him.

Ranpha's routeEdit

Tact tries to meet with Ranpha but cannot find her. Tact meets with Milfeulle in the passage to inquire about Ranpha's circumstances, and Milfeulle will explain further. You'll get three choices: the top choice has Tact tell Milfeulle he understands (this will raise Milfeulle's opinion of him), the middle choice will not change Milfeulle's opinion of him at all, and the bottom choice will have Tact say he doesn't believe Milfeulle (this will lower Milfeulle's opinion of him).

It turns out that Ranpha is in Tact's room and she is writing a letter home to her family. Tact's reaction is determined by the following choices: the top choice will substantially raise Ranpha's opinion of him (and you'll get a CG of Ranpha to boot), the middle choice will lower Ranpha's opinion of him, and the bottom choice will substantially lower Ranpha's opinion of him.

Mint's routeEdit

Tact meets with Mint in the tea lounge, and after the ensuing conversation, you'll get three choices: the top choice has Tact answer that he's vigorous, which will substantially raise Mint's opinion of him. The middle choice has Tact answer that he's shy, which will lower Mint's opinion of him. The bottom choice has Tact answer that he's slovenly, which will substantially lower Mint's opinion of him.

Forte's routeEdit

Forte asks Tact to help her carry ammunition back to her room. They then have a conversation, and Forte asks Tact if he'd like to surrender to Eonia's forces. You'll get three choices: the top choice has Tact answer that that might be good, which will substantially lower Forte's opinion of him. The middle choice has Tact answer not to joke, he will never surrender! This will substantially raise Forte's opinion of him. The bottom choice has Tact answer that he will not show weakness, which will raise Forte's opinion of him.

Vanilla's routeEdit

Tact accompanies Vanilla to the sick bay, and then Vanilla comes into Tact's room. After the ensuing conversation, you'll get three choices: The top choice has Tact answer that he's vigorous (this will raise Vanilla's opinion of him), the middle choice has Tact answer that he's only received feelings (this will substantially lower Vanilla's opinion of him), and the bottom choice has Tact answer that Vanilla should speak honestly whenever she is troubled (this will substantially raise Vanilla's opinion of him).

Side eventsEdit

If the player is on Shiva's sub-route, then after the romantic scene between Tact and his chosen Angel, Tact will discover Shiva half-asleep in his room. Shiva, not really aware of himself, tells Tact about his dream, in which he crushed Eonia and defeated all the rebels. Tact eagerly wants to hear what happened next, and it turns out Shiva got married to Tact and gave command of the entire military structure to him, so Shiva could dance with Tact whenever he wanted, and then Tact would inherit the right of succession. This shocks Tact to no end, and finally he explains to Shiva that Shiva is half-asleep.

Shiva wakes up in shock and asks Tact if he heard all of that. Tact explains that he heard, and this is the first time he's ever received a confession from same-sex royalty! But Shiva shouldn't worry about it, Tact assumes Shiva was making a joke in his sleep. This makes Shiva sad, and Kuromie suddenly contacts Tact. It turns out the space whale has a message for Tact: "although it's unbelievable, I want you to listen to her feelings." The "her" in that sentence finally clues Tact that something is wrong, and when Kuromie mentions that the message was referring to the girl Tact was "just talking to," Tact finally realizes an important secret: Shiva is a girl!!

Shiva explains to Tact that she doesn't really know herself why her gender was kept secret, but she suspects the circumstances of her birth may have been undesirable. Only Shatyarn and the attendent know Shiva's secret; the Empire doesn't know, the Angels don't know, the crew doesn't know, etc. Shiva asks Tact to keep it a secret for now, but Tact has permission to call her "Princess Shiva" instead of "Prince Shiva" when they're in private.

Chapter 9Edit

Common eventsEdit

On Eonia's flagship, Noa explains to Eonia why the Emblem Frames grew white wings back in chapter 8. She explains it as a "limiter release" concept. Noa suggests that they intercept the Emblem Frames before they can reach the White Moon, and Sherry immediately volunteers for the task because she feels that she has only failed Eonia up to now. Eonia requests that Sherry not do anything rash; if she must face the protagonists by herself she should try to make sure to return to Eonia's side after she's defeated them. Sherry promises this, but Eonia is still worried...

Meanwhile, Luft and Tact are wondering where the Elsior can re-stock its supplies, and Luft gets an idea. They can stop at the Blancmanche corporation's planet and re-stock their supplies from there. Also, Luft tells Tact that several soldiers in military installations have seen a mysterious blonde girl that then seemed to vanish into thin air when confronted. Luft thinks that if this girl is a spy, that could create a problem later.

Tact contacts Darno Blancmanche, Mint's father, and Darno readily agrees to give the Elsior whatever supplies they need. After all, Darno reasons, if that "arrogant man" Eonia is allowed to continue his plans, Eonia will wreck the galaxy, and the Blancmanche corporation will fall with it if that happens. But Darno is curious, where is Mint Blancmanche, Darno's daughter? She seems to have been avoiding her father as of late.

Here, the player, as Tact, can either answer that Mint hasn't spoken to her father because she's feeling shy, or answer that Mint hasn't spoken to her father because she doesn't want to see him. It does not matter what the player answers here; it does not change anything. Incidentally, if the player as Tact answers that Mint was just feeling shy, Darno is skeptical about that because he seems convinced himself that Mint is avoiding him. If the player answers that Mint doesn't want to see her father, Darno will think Tact is unique for being so bluntly honest to him about saying that (it has been a long time since anyone has been so forthright with him), and Tact will tell Darno that maybe there are times in life where children don't always want to see their parents. Darno will ponder this.

Regardless, Darno tells Tact to please tell Mint to contact her father, and then Darno hangs up.

(After this event, the chapter will differ depending on whose storyline the player is playing, which is why the entire chapter has a different name depending on which route it is.)


Sherry's last moments

After resupplying, the Elle Ciel continues towards Transbaal. At the planet Freed, they are attacked by Sherry and the Hell Hounds. The Angel Troupe succeed in defeating Sherry, but she tries a last resort desperation tactic: thinking only of serving Eonia's goals, she flies her warship straight at the Elle Ciel and Emblem Frames in a suicide attack attempting to take them down with her. However, Sherry's ship has sustained so much damage that the ship explodes just before it can reach the Elle Ciel, and Sherry dies alone.

Eonia expresses regret that Sherry has died. When queried by Noa, he explains that Sherry has been with him since the very beginning of his exile, even before the coup d'etat, and they shared sorrows and joys together. Noa, unable to understand why this would upset Eonia, offers to build a machine that looks just like Sherry, but Eonia angrily dismisses the suggestion because no machine would ever really be Sherry. Noa does not understand Eonia's reasoning, since from her point of view humans are replacing each other all the time, and all the humans in Eonia's army (Sherry included) are just parts to drive a machine anyway. So Noa offers to cheer Eonia up by breaking the Emblem Frames, and makes a cryptic remark about how the White Moon will be "fun." Eonia is stupefied at Noa's bizarre behavior, as Noa ends chapter 9 with laughter...

Milfeulle's routeEdit

Luck's Guidepost (運の道標?)

Tact attempts to eat lunch with Milfeulle, but Milfeulle starts acting strangely, pretending not to hear him and running away whenever he comes near. Tact wonders if he did something to offend Milfeulle.

Lester explains to Tact that they're going to Chrono Drive to a place near the planet Freed, although the exit will be somewhat dangerous. After entering Chrono Drive, Tact asks Almo and Coco why they think Milfeulle might be avoiding him. Almo and Coco explain to Tact that he should ask Milfeulle that directly. Tact explains that it's somewhat difficult to ask someone directly if they're avoiding you, so Almo and Coco advise him to go see Ranpha, Milfeulle's friend.

When Tact asks Ranpha for advice, at first Ranpha wonders whether Tact did something perverted to Milfeulle (she does not actually say the word "perverted," but that is the implication). Tact hastily responds no of course not. So then Ranpha teasingly guesses that it's the opposite, the problem is that Tact didn't do anything. Ranpha is talking about romantic overtures between Tact and Milfeulle, but Tact does not understand, so Ranpha dismisses the point and reluctantly agrees to persuade Milfeulle to come and talk to Tact.

Tact waits in the tea lounge and sure enough, Milfeulle arrives, apologizing for not explaining the problem outright. It turns out that it's not because of anything Tact did, the problem is on Milfeulle's end. Milfeulle reminds Tact that he almost got sucked out the airlock the day before due to her luck, and Milfeulle is convinced that if they continue to see each other, eventually Milfeulle's luck will cause something really horrible to happen to Tact. Then, Milfeulle runs away.

Ranpha comes back and is confused that this talk between Tact and Milfeulle didn't solve anything. Tact explains what happened, and Ranpha admits that it's true that Milfeulle's luck causes a lot of problems for people. But how can Tact be so sure that it doesn't matter to him? Hasn't he ever been horribly inconvenienced because of Milfeulle's luck? Here, the player can either answer "never," meaning that Tact doesn't consider any of the bad luck to really be bad because he was spending that time with Milfeulle (which will impress Ranpha) or that it's a possibility (which will make Ranpha mad).

Either way, Ranpha asks Tact to get some sleep on it, and then talk about this with Milfeulle. Tact takes Ranpha's advice, but Milfeulle starts avoiding Tact again, so Tact ends up chasing her. Milfeulle tries to get Tact to stop chasing her, and at that moment, Almo announces over the ship's speakers that the Elsior is about to return to normal space and end Chrono Drive. But despite Lester's scolding over the ship's speakers, Tact refuses to return to the bridge until he's caught up with Milfeulle. Unfortunately that means that the ship returns to normal space while Tact and Milfeulle are still in D-Block, and at that moment, the ship is ambushed by Sherry's forces. Tact and Milfeulle end up trapped in rubble, trapped between two missiles, both of which misfired and therefore didn't detonate upon impact thanks to Milfeulle's luck.

Milfeulle from ashes

Milfeulle starts sobbing that this is all her fault, that as long as Tact hangs around with Milfeulle, Tact will feel nothing but misery because of Milfeulle's luck. Here, the player as Tact can either answer that the worst thing that could happen to Tact is never having met Milfeulle at all (which will greatly impress Milfeulle), or the player can answer that it can't be helped or that Tact's current position is kind of nice (both of which will lower Milfeulle's opinion of him). They are then rescued by a crewman and Creta, but Creta asks them if they'd prefer Creta to leave them alone (Creta thinks they were doing romantic things while trapped in the rubble). Milfeulle actually mumbles under her breath that maybe they should...but then she dismisses it and both she and Tact return to their posts.

After the battle, if the player is playing Milfeulle's route, Camus starts flirting with Milfeulle again, and Milfeulle begs Camus to stop and please leave, she doesn't want to see him ever. For once, Tact intervenes, shouting at Camus to get away from Milfeulle and stop bothering her. Camus accuses Tact of misleading Milfeulle into a nightmare, and promises to give Milfeulle a beautiful eternal sleep. The Hell Hounds leave.

Milfeulle is unable to even comprehend why someone would throw away their life for their important person, as Sherry did for Eonia. After all, Milfeulle reasons, if someone is important enough to you that you'd die for them, then conversely they wouldn't want you to die, and Milfeulle would never so callously hurt the feelings of her most important person. This, of course, prompts rest the Angels to start teasing Milfeulle, insisting that she tell them who her most important person is. Then they start teasing Tact about his (possible) romantic feelings for Milfeulle, and Tact laments that he'd almost rather hear Lester's scolding than this.

Ranpha's routeEdit

Words Across the Door (扉越しの言葉?)

Tact, after eating dinner, is resting in his room. Ranpha comes in and, since Tact has been so busy lately, reveals that she's cooked Tact five meals after Ranpha had Milfeulle teach her how to cook. Tact privately thinks Ranpha's timing is bad, since he's already full from the dinner he ate earlier, but he still allows Ranpha to feed him (specifically, Ranpha uses a fork to put a piece of food in Tact's mouth in a romantic gesture). However, Tact thinks the food is too spicy, and accidentally says so out loud. Ranpha is depressed, feeling that she's no good as a cook, and leaves in sadness despite Tact's hasty attempts to explain.

When the protagonists next enter Chrono Drive, Ranpha has another idea for something they could do as a couple. She gives Tact a diary, and proposes that every day, they should write a page for each other to read. Tact finds out that night that Ranpha has already written a page in the diary (although, amusingly, the entry reveals Ranpha had some trouble deciding what to write). Tact starts to write something in the diary, but falls asleep before he can get anywhere.

The next day, in the lounge, the other Angels start teasing Tact about his (possible) romantic relationship with Ranpha. Ranpha comes in and announces point-blank that she and Tact are in a relationship, and they're even exchanging diaries. However, when Tact reveals that he didn't write anything in the diary, Ranpha becomes saddened, believing she simply jumped to a mistaken conclusion about Tact's feelings for her, and then she becomes enraged, and while the other Angels attempt to explain to Ranpha that Tact has been very busy and is very exhausted (Vanilla even points out Tact's bloodshot eyes as proof of his considerable fatigue), Ranpha does not listen and runs off bitterly. The other Angels advise Tact to go after Ranpha and try to fix this - or maybe Ranpha really did make a mistake? Tact calls Lester and tells him that he isn't going to make it to the bridge because he needs to solve a problem. Lester correctly guesses that it's a problem with Ranpha and it's something only Tact can solve, so Lester agrees to be in charge of the bridge for now while Tact fixes things.

Tact eventually discovers that Ranpha has locked herself in her room. She does not respond either to knocks or to the intercom. The other Angels arrive and see Tact's absolute lack of progress in this department. Vanilla mentions a "space myth" in which a god locked himself away and was only brought out when people started singing and dancing cheerfully in front of the door. Tact is not currently in the mood to cheerfully make noise, however.

So the player is given a choice of which Angel to ask for a strategy to get Ranpha to come out. The player can either select Milfeulle, Mint, Forte, or Vanilla, or the player can have Tact decide to solve it all himself. None of the Angels' strategies will work, and after you try two strategies Tact will automatically decide to solve it all himself, just as if the player had picked the fifth option from the start. (However, each Angel you ask will have her opinion of Tact increased, so it is recommended the player make two choices before Tact tries by himself.)

  • Milfeulle rushes off for a moment and then come back with a delicious cake she was saving for everyone to eat tonight. She offers the cake to Ranpha and tells her to come out or she'll miss out, but Ranpha thinks Milfeulle is intentionally rubbing it in that that she's a better cook than Ranpha. When everyone is shocked that this is Ranpha's response, Tact explains that he didn't like the food Ranpha made for him yesterday.
  • Mint takes Tact down the hall and then "accidentally" drops a Space Tanuki bisque with eyebrows drawn on it, then loudly announces that she's found such a bisque but it's too bad she can't claim it for herself. (According to this game's mythology, eyebrows drawn on such a Super Tanuki bisque make it even luckier.) It actually works, Ranpha comes out to pick up the lucky bisque, but Tact is too hasty and rushes back too soon, and once Ranpha sees Tact, she hastily rushes back inside her room and re-locks herself in. Mint will inform Tact in exasperation that this happened because Tact didn't wait until Ranpha let her guard down.
  • Forte sends a communication to the bridge asking Almo to release the lock on Ranpha's door. But Tact immediately cuts the communication off, explaining that while that strategy would work, it's no good because Ranpha has to open the door herself. Forte will ask if that means Tact isn't going to go through the ventilation shaft or break down the door either. Tact says that's right, Ranpha has to agree to come out. Annoyed, Forte tells Tact that if that's how he feels, why did he even ask Forte for a strategy?
  • Vanilla starts dancing like the god behind the door myth that Vanilla herself brought up earlier. It has no effect, Ranpha doesn't come out.

Ranpha acrossthedoor
Finally, Tact will decide that it's up to him, since the problem was that he did not clarify his feelings for Ranpha earlier. So when the other Angels ask Tact what he plans to do, the player is given another choice. He can either respond to her diary, sincerely apologize, or pretend to be a salesman. The latter two will irritate Ranpha, but the first choice has Tact retrieving his diary, and then reminding Ranpha through the door that it's like she wrote in her diary entry, it's much harder to write about how you feel than to say it. So Tact simply decides to say how he feels: through the door, Tact makes a huge romantic speech about how much he loves Ranpha. This finally works, Ranpha comes out, forgives Tact for not writing in the diary, and enthusiastically declares that she loves Tact too. The crisis is solved, much to the joy of the other Angels. However, at this point, Eonia's army attacks the Elsior, making the other Angels annoyed that their enemies have interrupted such a romantic moment as they return to their posts.

After the battle, Guiness Stout declares that he'll defeat Ranpha next time for sure, but Ranpha says people who say things like that all the time are losers who will never win. Guiness Stout doesn't understand what Ranpha is talking about and thinks she's trying to confuse him with a math problem. He keeps insisting that he'll defeat Ranpha, because he's a hero who will overcome all trials and defeat his eternal rival. Ranpha is starting to get so annoyed at Guiness that she asks Tact if they can just shoot him down. Tact agrees that it would be nice if they did, and points out to Guiness that it's impossible for a rival to be "eternal" if that rival is defeated. Guiness still doesn't understand, and thinks that Tact is attacking his beliefs trying to confuse him. He declares Tact his enemy, but Tact points out that they were always enemies. The Hell Hounds leave.

Ranpha comes back and declares that she was in top form due to her and Tact's love. Tact says he's just glad Ranpha is safe. Then, Ranpha hugs Tact really hard, and Tact and Ranpha make repeated declarations of love towards each other. Tact agrees to continue exchanging diaries with Ranpha, and continue eating the lunches Ranpha makes, but Tact blanches when Ranpha jokingly suggests they should dress the same as well, and jokingly suggests maybe Tact should try on Ranpha's clothes.

Mint's routeEdit

Transmitted Feelings (伝わる気持ち?) Tact eats with the Angel Troupe, and then gives Mint her father's message asking her to contact him. Tact says Darno is worried about Mint, but Mint replies that she would be thankful if that were really the case. Unfortunately, according to Mint, Darno never listens to anything Mint says, always calling her childish. Also, now that they are near the Blancmanche home, Mint is worried that her father is going to "try something." Tact says Mint might be overthinking that, and if Mint does not at least make an attempt to contact her father, her father's attitude will never change, and anyway, doesn't Mint at least miss her father? Mint admits that's true, it isn't as though she hates her father...but why is Tact so concerned about Mint and her father anyway? Tact says it's because he's worried about Mint, which of course prompts the rest of the Angels to start teasing Tact and Mint about their (possible) romantic relationship.

Afterwards, Mint is called to talk with her family, and is then called to Engineering, but mysteriously, she never arrives at Engineering. No one on the entire ship can find her, and at first the Angels wonder if Mint may have run away back to her family, away from the war. But they discover Mint's tea cups still have liquid in them and are still warm, so Mint did not plan on disappearing. Then Tact remembers that Mint said her father was forceful, and Vanilla remembers seeing the Blancmanche family taking away Mint's hamster costume (which Vanilla at first had mistaken for a dumpling costume). The workers had said to Vanilla that they're throwing it away because Mint didn't like it, but Tact immediately figures out what really happened because Mint loved that costume, she would never throw it away. So what really happened is that Mint's own family has forcibly kidnapped her and they pulled it off by smuggling her out inside her costume. This ticks off Tact and the Angels, but then they wonder what to do. The player, as Tact, can either heroically answer that he's going to Mint's family to put a stop to this (which will impress the remaining Angels) or that there has to be some other way (which will make the remaining Angels annoyed at him).

Tact will end up taking a trip to the Blancmanche family home regardless, but before he leaves, Lester asks him what on earth he's doing; they all have to leave the planet in six hours! Tact says that may be true, but he can't just ignore Mint. Lester relents but tells Tact that he has to return by shuttle under six hours. Tact promises to do that.

Mint with darno
Meanwhile, Mint and her father, Darno Blancmanche, are having an argument in her mansion, because it turns out that the Blancmanche family drugged Mint in order to smuggle her back home. Mint is extremely angry about this. Darno's reasoning is that he does not want the successor to the Blancmanche family to be put in danger anymore. There is no need for Mint to overwork herself as she has been. Mint is convinced that Darno is just rationalizing an excuse, that he is really just being selfish. Darno is convinced that Mint is not thinking calmly, so he forbids her to leave the house. The Steward tries to get Darno's attention; Darno thinks the Steward is reacting to his punishment, so he tells the Steward to be quiet. Actually, the Steward was just trying to inform Darno that Tact has landed his shuttle outside in the garden. Mint is absolutely overjoyed that Tact has come for her, so Darno invites Tact inside so they can talk.

Tact tells Darno that he is aware that, as a father, Darno would want Mint to be safe at all times. But Tact needs Mint, his treasured companion and the treasured companion of the Angels, as well as Mint's Emblem Frame in order to help preserve the future of the Transbaal Empire. Darno thinks Tact just wants Mint for her abilities, so in order to cut off any possibility of Mint leaving, Darno attempts to bribe Tact. It turns out that the Blancmanche Corporation is attempting to mass-produce automated satellites that, while each unit being weak by itself, if used together would equal the power of an Emblem Frame. 12 units have already been produced, and Darno offers Tact the following choice: he can either take Mint back with him, or he can take the attack satellites and then use the satellites to help win the war against Eonia.

The player is presented with a very tricky choice here. The bottom choice has Tact answer that he'd like Darno's daughter, Mint. A first-time player would assume that this is the correct choice because it has Tact choosing Mint over the attack satellites; unfortunately this is not the correct choice because the way Tact phrases it, he's asking Mint to be his bride, which only serves to rile Darno up, and the fact that Tact only made Darno madder will irritate Mint. The middle choice, where Tact simply can't decide, has Tact come off as sounding pathetic and wishy-washy, which only seems to confirm Darno's assumption that Tact is not suitable for Mint, and this will irritate Mint. Although it might not look like it to the first-time player, the correct choice is the top choice, where Tact answers that he'll take both Mint and the attack satellites. At first Darno thinks Tact is joking; upon realizing that Tact is serious, he reiterates that he wants Tact to choose one or the other. But Tact points out that it is absolutely necessary to win this war, so he needs every weapon he can get. Additionally, he doesn't just want Mint for her abilities, as Darno had assumed, as a man he wants Mint by his side; he'd be lost without her. Mint asks if that's true, when Tact confirms that it is, Mint is ecstatic (and, obviously, this greatly raises her affection for Tact). The Steward also takes the opportunity to point out that Darno loves Mint more than Mint realizes; actually, Darno's room is decorated with lots of pictures of Mint, including her birthday and debutante parties (meanwhile Darno is frantically telling the Steward to not talk about this) and according to the Steward, Darno's most important picture is the one Mint drew when she was little with the label "My Father." Mint wonders why her father didn't tell her this before. Darno says it's because he's her father, there was no need for him to tell her. (The Steward's speech about this, which puts Darno in a somewhat better light than the impression he normally gives, only occurs if you pick the top choice, yet another reason to do so in addition to raising Mint's affection for Tact.)

Regardless of what choice you picked, however, Darno is stubborn and he still refuses to let Mint go with Tact at any cost. So Tact plays a trump card: he tells Darno that he's expected back at the Elsior with Mint in six hours, and if he and Mint aren't back by then, the Elsior has been ordered to fire on the house and destroy everyone and everything inside. Darno is shocked...and then he laughs, saying that Mint can go with Tact, he certainly doesn't want to be shot at just because Tact is slow. Mint is overjoyed, thanking her father very much (after all, Mint says, he's her father, and Tact is her important person, and she doesn't want to see either of them unhappy).

Aboard the shuttle going back to the Elsior, Mint thanks Tact profusely; he's the reason she can go back to the Angels and he's the reason that she's now bridged the gap between her and her father. Tact is modest about it, but Mint suddenly gives Tact a kiss on the cheek (the player does not actually see the kiss; only Tact rubbing his cheek in embarrassment and blushing after the fact).

Meanwhile, back at the Blancmanche mansion, the steward comments that Mint seems to have grown up, which Darno reluctantly acknowledges since this is the first time Mint has explained her thoughts so clearly to her father. Then, he has a headache, and explains that it's because he's thinking about how much the Blancmanche Corporation is going to lose from the coup d'etat, but the Steward thinks Darno is simply overprotective of Mint as usual. Then, Darno muses to himself about this man Mint has picked, Tact Mayers...

After the battle with Sherry and the Hell Hounds, Riserva tells Mint not to get arrogant. Mint says she'll take the lesson to heart, she has an example of an arrogant person in front of her as she speaks. Riserva doesn't understand, asking if Mint is referring to Tact. If so, Mint has Riserva's sympathies. Mint says it is not Tact, in fact Tact is one of the most amazing people to have in space. Tact is embarrassed at the compliment. Riserva still doesn't understand (Mint was actually referring to Riserva), so the Hell Hounds leave.

When the Angels get back to the Elsior, Tact and Mint have a conversation about how glad they are that everyone is safe and how nervous Mint was when Sherry's ship rushed at the Elsior. Tact thanks Mint for helping protect everyone, and Mint says thanks isn't necessary; allies help each other. That prompts Tact to remark that nothing would ever be so important that Tact would ever sacrifice any of the Angels; that would only bring sadness. Helping each other, on the other hand, brings joy. Mint thinks that is a naive ideal but also one worth pursuing. Then the rest of the Angels start teasing Tact and Mint about their (possible) romantic relationship, and upon Forte's suggestion, the Angels leave Tact and Mint to some "alone time."

Mint then explains again to Tact how grateful she is that he brought her back to the Elsior, but this time Mint elaborates: if she hadn't gotten back to the ship in time, she would have fallen behind Eonia's fleet. That would have left her trapped at home for the duration of the war, and the thought of that was unbearable for Mint. So when Tact came for her and Mint saw him, Mint was so happy to see him that she almost started crying. It wasn't until she was brought to her parents' home that she realizes how much she loves daily life aboard the Elsior and especially with Tact. Tact and Mint mutually promise that they'll be in each other's care.

Forte's routeEdit

Trust of One's Back (背中の信頼?)

Forte and Tact stop in the cafeteria for a short bite to eat. Forte makes Tact laugh by sharing a story about Milfeulle and Ranpha, and they both agree that it's good that they get to spend time together and talk like this, since they haven't really had a chance to rest since the the ball. Almo interrupts them by communicator to tell them that they're departing the Blancmanche planet now that they've finished resupplying.

Later, the protagonists figure that in order to continue on, they have to pass between two high-gravity areas. However, they run into a major problem: there is a powerful attack satellite in front of them, and when they attempt to turn back from it, Sherry, her fleet, and the Hell Hounds appear behind them. To buy time to think of a plan, Tact orders the ship to go into Chrono Drive for 30 minutes, knowing full well that the enemy fleet will still be waiting for them when they come out.

Tact calls all of the Angels into his room to discuss the plan. After Tact analyzed the size of Sherry's fleet, he concludes that the only way to escape this "pincer" trap is to reserve four Angels for attacking the fleet behind the Elle Ciel, and reserve one Angel for attacking the powerful satellite in front of the Elle Ciel. Mint asks why they couldn't just send two Angels to the satellite in front, since it'll be dangerous, but Tact regretfully explains that the enemy fleet behind them is too big; if they attack the fleet with less than four Angels they won't be able to adequately protect the Elle Ciel. Forte surprises everyone by volunteering to be the lone Angel attacking the satellite in front, against the objections of the other Angels.

  • Vanilla asks to accompany Forte, because she can repair the Happy Trigger if it takes fire. But Forte says that's no good, if they let up on the fleet behind them it'll be all over.
  • Milfeulle says she can go instead because of her good luck, but Forte says if Milfeulle's luck went the other way it would be all over.
  • Ranpha volunteers to go instead since she might be good at dodging the satellite's attacks, but Forte shoots down that idea too; Ranpha's ship has so little armor that she might get shot down in only two or three hits, and Ranpha doesn't have enough range anyway.
  • Mint volunteers to go instead since her ship can fire from a distance, but Forte says that the Happy Trigger has almost the same range as the Trick Master, and the Happy Trigger has thicker armor than the Trick Master, so no matter how you look at it, it has to be Forte.

Lester confirms that the computer gives the Happy Trigger the highest odds of completing this assignment successfully.

But after the meeting is over, Tact is extremely nervous. How can Forte be so calm about this, he wonders? Forte is risking her life, and Tact is worried about her because of it. Tact is too nervous to think right now, so he visits Forte while she's taking target practice in the shooting range. Tact explains his concerns to Forte, and Forte, of course, tells him not to worry, she's risking her neck but she'll be fine. Tact angrily tells Forte not to be so inconsiderate, because he cares a lot about Forte's well-being, so it's Forte's responsibility not to make people around her sad. Forte tells him not to let his personal feelings get in the way of the mission...but then admits that perhaps she's the one letting her personal feelings get in the way. Forte confesses that while it sounded like she had a sound argument earlier, to tell the truth Forte wasn't really thinking about the other Angels' strengths and weaknesses. Forte openly declares that she's fallen in love with Tact, and she wants to throw herself out there to protect him, to protect the man she loves from harm. This declaration shocks Tact.

Forte salute
Then, the player, as Tact, gets to make a choice: he can either say he'll bet on Forte's feelings, Forte's the only one he can ask, or he doesn't want Forte to go. Saying Forte's the only one he can ask or saying that he doesn't want Forte to go will irritate Forte, but if Tact says he'll bet on Forte's feelings, Forte's opinion of him will be greatly increased, and to top it off Tact will also confess that Forte is the woman he loves and he wants to protect her too.

In any case, ten minutes before Drive Out, everyone gathers in the bridge to hear the plan Tact's decided on. Tact tells them he's decided to stick to the original plan and send Forte to attack the satellite in front of them alone, while the rest of the Angels protect the Elsior from the rear by attacking the enemy fleet behind them. This upsets the other Angels, but Forte tells them not to worry, gives a sharp salute to everyone, and leaves to go on her solo mission. Ranpha, very upset, shouts at Tact because she thought he cared about Forte since they had a good time together at the ball, and now he's sending Forte on a mission that will kill her?! But Mint corrects Ranpha, explaining that the feelings between Tact and Forte aren't like that at all, they trust each other. Now the other Angels are slightly jealous of this relationship.

When they exit Drive Out, just as predicted, both the enemy fleet and the satellite are waiting for them. The player is then put into an "extra" battle that only appears on Forte's route, in a unique map. After the player wins this battle, the enemy fleet behind them proves persistent, so Tact and Lester decide to try to pass through the space between the earlier-mentioned high-gravity areas and then enter Chrono Drive once they're done. Unfortunately, the enemy brings out another fleet in front of the Elsior. Once again, they're in a "pincer" trap, and this time Forte alone will not be enough because it's too much to ask Forte to fight an entire fleet. So Tact asks Vanilla to assist Forte with the enemy in front; this time three Angels will have to suffice for Sherry and the Hell Hounds behind them.

No matter which route the player is playing, at this point the player must do battle with Sherry, her fleet, and the Hell Hounds, but unlike all of the other route's, on Forte's route you must do battle on a unique map, and you are required to defeat Sherry, the Hell Hounds, and the rest of the entire fleet to win, not just Sherry as you would have needed to do on all of the other Angels' routes.

After winning the battle, Red-Eye tells Forte that he has not yet snuffed out the flame of her life. Forte says Red-Eye is either a sore loser or he's trying to look cool, and either way, he needs to knock it off. Red-Eye says Forte talks too much, and Forte says if that's what Red-Eye says when a woman's got his throat, he must be a whiny little man, and he needs to cheer up, like Tact. Tact happily demonstrates the point by saying that Red-Eye needs to lighten up, no wonder he can't get any girls. Forte wonders how Tact could possibly connect the two. Red-Eye tells the protagonists to speak while they can, because he'll tear out their tongues. The Hell Hounds leave.

When the Angels return to the hangar, Forte comes back and says it was nothing at all, she can go another round, but at the same time it feels like a burden has been lifted off her shoulders, what a relief. Then Forte passes out, and has to be taken to the infirmary. Kela, the Elle Ciel's doctor, says Forte is fine, she was just under a lot of mental stress and fatigue and frankly Kela is amazed that Forte managed to last this long before passing out. She'll be fine with rest, but probably won't be waking up soon, so Kela asks Tact to get some rest as well, but Tact insists on staying at Forte's side. Kela agrees to that request and leaves.

Forte wakes up, and Tact apologizes to her for recklessly putting her in such a situation. Forte tells Tact not to be an idiot, it's because Tact is there with her that Forte can be reckless and do reckless things. Forte is confident that she can win as long as Tact is there, and as Forte expected, Tact led the battle to victory. Then, Forte manages to hear the Angels and Kela outside, eavesdropping at the door, certain that Forte and Tact are talking like lovers. Forte says regretfully that this isn't a discussion that they can continue here, but before Tact goes, Forte kisses Tact (although the player does not actually get to see the kiss; the player just gets to see Tact looking amazed and Forte looking seductive). Forte jokes that maybe when she and Tact have more time, Forte can do even more.

Vanilla's routeEdit

The Whereabouts of Life (生命の行方?)

Tact accidentally eats too much, getting a stomachache, so he goes to the infirmary to get better. He notices that Kela is there, but Vanilla isn't, and he wonders why. Kela explains that Vanilla is taking a walk with her beloved pet rabbit, Ugiugi. Kela then suggets that Tact take a walk in the park too since running around can help with digestion, but before Tact can take Kela up on her proposal, Vanilla sends a communication to the infirmary asking for assistance, because Ugiugi has suddenly gone limp. Vanilla has Tact and Kela come to her room, and Tact asks how long Ugiugi has lacked energy. Vanilla says since a few days ago (although the "limp" part has only happened just now); even when she tries to feed Ugiugi, Ugiugi won't eat much. Vanilla's tried to take care of it, but everything has been chaos since the ball and there hasn't been time. Tact says not to worry about it, it couldn't be helped.

Kela suggests that Vanilla use nanomachines to treat the rabbit, but when Vanilla tries it, the nanomachines don't work. Kela finds this strange, since nanomachines are usually effective on small animals. Vanilla repeatedly tries to use nanomachines on Ugiugi, convinced that there has to be some way to fix this. Meanwhile, Almo says over the intercom that Tact has to return to the bridge, since they're departing from the Blancmanche planet. Tact apologizes to Vanilla, but says this takes priority. Vanilla understands and insists that she'll figure something out. Kela says she's going to take Ugiugi to the infirmary to see if she can find out what's going on.

After the Elsior enters Chrono Drive, Tact says he's worried about Ugiugi and Vanilla and says he's going to check in on Vanilla. Vanilla is still attempting to treat Ugiugi when Tact arrives, and she reveals that she's been trying the nanomachine treatment this whole time, from Tact going to the bridge earlier to him checking up on her after Chrono Drive. Tact tells her that's enough, she can't treat Ugiugi if she's exhausted and she needs her rest. Vanilla insists that she can't let up on the treatment, she is capable of treating the rabbit, Tact shouldn't interrupt her, she's not going to fail like last time, it won't be like Sister Beryl. Tact is confused..."last time?"..."Sister Beryl?"...what on earth is Vanilla talking about? Vanilla doesn't remember saying those things, which helps Tact realize how exhausted she really is. Tact insists on asking who Sister Beryl is and what on earth that has to do with the current problem. Vanilla decides to talk about it.

It turns out that Sister Beryl was the nun who took Vanilla in when she had no family. Beryl raised Vanilla and taught her how to use nanomachines, and Vanilla thought those peaceful times would continue forever. But about five years ago (and since Vanilla is 13 during the game, the player can infer that she was 8 when this happened), Beryl suddenly grew weaker by the day and soon became unable to get out of bed. Vanilla tries using nanomachines to heal her but to no avail, and soon Beryl died. Vanilla later found out that she died from old age. Tact realizes that this is why the nanomachines didn't work on her... but Vanilla insists to Tact's shock that it was her fault Beryl died. If only Vanilla had noticed what was wrong with Beryl earlier, or if only Vanilla had enough strength, Vanilla is certain that she could have saved Beryl. Tact insists that this is nonsense, even Vanilla's nanomachines can't extend a person's natural life processes. Vanilla says no, it was because she was immature, she could have saved Beryl if she wasn't. So now Vanilla is going to make sure that never happens again; she'll save Ugiugi for sure.

The player, as Tact, gets a choice here. He can either say that he understands, that Vanilla needs to rest, or that Ugiugi will recover on his own. The latter two options will irritate Vanilla, but the first option will raise Vanilla's opinion of him. In any case, Tact ends up leaving so that Vanilla can continue the treatment.

The next day, Tact is relaxing in his room, hoping Vanilla didn't stay up all night trying to treat the rabbit. Since it's Vanilla, Tact can't be so sure she didn't. Then, he receives a communication from Kela asking him if he can come to the whale room; she's figured something out about the rabbit. Tact immediately hurries to the whale room, where both Kela and Kuromie are waiting for him. Tact insists that they tell him if they've found out a way to cure the rabbit so Vanilla won't have to drive herself to exhaustion anymore. Unfortunately, as Kuromie explains, what they've figured out wasn't a way to cure the rabbit, there is no way. The rabbit is of a species that has a very short lifespan; it is dying of old age and probably only has a day or two left to live.

Tact moans about this, since that means Ugiugi is just like Sister Beryl. Kuromie and Kela don't know who Sister Beryl is, so Tact repeats what Vanilla told him earlier, that Sister Beryl was Vanilla's foster mother who died of old age, but Vanilla thought it was because she was too inexperienced to heal her. Kuromie says that dying of old age is not Vanilla's fault, and Kela says that what really happened was that Vanilla as a child could not accept the death of someone close to her, so she blamed herself to balance things out, but this is too much... Kuromie apologizes; he had given the rabbit to Vanilla because he thought she and Tact already knew that the rabbit had a short lifespan. Tact says no, it's his fault because he was the one who encouraged Vanilla to take a pet rabbit in the first place. Tact resolves to tell Vanilla about the rabbit's short lifespan before it's too late.

As he's leaving, the ship gets attacked by Eonia's forces, and Lester insists that Tact come to the bridge. But Tact cannot think of anything else but Vanilla attempting to treat a rabbit that's too old anyway, so he tells Lester to wait a minute while he goes to look for Vanilla. He finds Vanilla outside her room attempting to treat the rabbit, and he tells Vanilla he needs to tell her something. The player has a choice: he can either tell Vanilla that Ugiugi is at the end of his life, or tell Vanilla she needs to go sortie so she can fight Eonia's forces. For once it does not matter what choice the player picks, it changes nothing. If the player tells Vanilla that Ugiugi is at the end of his life, Tact will explain that Ugiugi is not sick, he's old. Vanilla listens but still insists that she can heal the rabbit, then suddenly notices that she has to get to the bridge to fight, so she has Ugiugi turned over to Kela. If the player tells Vanilla she needs to go sortie, Tact does not explain about Ugiugi's age but Vanilla insists she'll win the fight for Ugiugi's sake, and Tact says the faster she wins, the faster she can come back and treat the rabbit, and Tact is the one who suggests that Kela treat the rabbit. In any case, Tact and Vanilla return to the bridge.

After the battle, Vermouth insists that the only reason Vanilla won is because Vermouth still isn't used to his frame. Vanilla calls Vermouth a sore loser. Vermouth tells Vanilla to shut up and says he won't forgive her even if Vanilla cries and apologizes. Vanilla tells Vermouth that he's the one who should shut up. Tact cheers Vanilla on. Vermouth gets mad and calls Vanilla a sullen woman and calls Tact a gay jerk, and says he won't forget this. The Hell Hounds leave.

Vanilla isn't in the hangar to greet Tact when they return. Milfeulle explains that Vanilla rushed off somewhere in a hurry after they came back, but none of the Angels know why. So Tact explains that Vanilla's pet rabbit is in trouble and is being treated in the infirmary. Since Vanilla is their friend, the rest of the Angels agree to accompany Tact to the infirmary. When they arrive, Kela asks them to keep their voices down, because Vanilla is trying to treat Ugiugi; it is still breathing but who knows for how long. Vanilla uses nanomachines on the rabbit over and over...until Tact suddenly notices that the rabbit has just died. When Tact informs Vanilla of this, Vanilla is shocked, and then she's silent...

Vanilla mourn

...and then she suddenly clings to Tact's chest and cries. Vanilla mourns the loss of Ugiugi. The other Angels are also upset, but in their case it's because they're upset that something like this had to happen to Vanilla. Forte suggests the rest of the Angels leave the infirmary and leave this to Tact. Vanilla asks why she even has this power over nanomachines. If she can't even save someone important...Sister Beryl...Ugiugi...was it all just a mistake? Tact reiterates that both Sister Beryl and Ugiugi died of old age and it isn't Vanilla's fault, but this time Tact goes a little further in his speech. He explains that everyone has a natural life span and everyone has to say good-bye someday, and that is why it is important to live life to the fullest every day, at least, that's what Tact thinks. That finally allows the lesson to sink in to Vanilla, who repeats Tact's words about living life to the fullest every day. Tact asks Vanilla if she's happy about the time she got to spend with Sister Beryl and Ugiugi. Vanilla says yes. So Tact says that in return, he's sure that Sister Beryl and Ugiugi are glad about the time they got to spend with Vanilla. Tact also says that people will always have to die someday, and the happier the times you spend with them, the sadder it will be when they have to pass away, so the fact that Vanilla is grieving so much over this only makes her happy memores more priceless. Vanilla finally understands, and promises that she will keep the happiness of the time she got to spend with her loved ones in her heart forever, and also the loneliness of being separated from them in her heart forever. But Vanilla isn't ready to set aside those feelings just yet, which Tact says is fine, Vanilla needs time to work these feelings through. (Vanilla is still crying a little bit over the loss of Ugiugi, but not as much as she was at first.) Vanilla also has a request; she'd like to stay like this a little longer (she means clinging to Tact's chest and being in Tact's arms). Tact agrees.

Eventually Tact and Vanilla leave to visit the rest of the Angels and Kela. Vanilla assures them she's fine, which they're relieved about. The Angels inform Vanilla that they were worried about Vanilla's well-being, and Milfeulle and Kela in particular helpfully point out that Ugiugui must be even now saying "thank you" to Vanilla, since Vanilla tried so hard to treat him. Forte even suggests that they hold a memorial for Ugiugi. Tact tells Vanilla that all this concern over her is because when you have friends, they share in your sadness and in your laughter. Vanilla says she's grateful to have these people around her.

Chapter 10Edit

The Final Decisive Battle (最後決戦?)

Power creates the future. Power achieves dreams. Power will be called justice by history.

– Eonia Transbaal

Common events (part 1)Edit

Lester notes that the Black Moon has been spewing out a lot more ships than usual, that thing is trouble. But, as Ranpha and Mint point out, the only thing they've seen here are the old cruisers and destroyers, the automated fleet doesn't seem to have any records of the Angel Wing. But, as Forte and Vanilla point out, they shouldn't let their guard down because the Black Moon and Eonia's main fleet will catch up to them before the end of a day or two.

Everyone reaches the White Moon, and expresses relief that the White Moon is okay and has not been obliterated long before they got there. Almo explains that after everyone escaped the White Moon, Shatyarn wrapped up the White Moon in a shield that nobody can touch. Tact realizes that this is the reason Eonia hasn't managed to capture the White Moon and Shatyarn before now. Lester wonders whether or not the White Moon has the same kind of armory as the Black Moon, which briefly causes consternation before Tact calms them down since that's what they're here to find out. In any case, they have to contact the White Moon since if it doesn't lower its shield, they can't get in. Unfortunately, it turns out the shield does not accept communications any more than it accepts Eonia's strikes; it's like trying to attack your reflection in the surface of water. Fortunately, Prince Shiva Transbaal reveals that Shatyarn taught Shiva how to release the seal before Shiva escaped. Eonia wasn't just after Shiva because Shiva is the last royal survivor, it was also because Shiva is the only one other than Shatyarn who knows how to release the seal. However, Shiva is not allowed to show anyone else how to release the seal, so Shiva has to retire to Shiva's room to do it.

If the player is on Shiva's sub-route, on the other hand, instead of retiring alone, Shiva asks Tact to come with "her" now that Tact has found out that Shiva is a girl. But Shiva isn't really bringing Tact to her room so he can see how she releases the seal, she wants to ask Tact a question. Back when Shiva first asked Tact if he liked anyone aboard the Elsior, Tact evaded the question. But Shiva's figured it out, the person Tact loves most is "insert chosen Angel's name here." Shiva just wants to know if Tact is certain of his feelings. Tact can either answer that that person is his most important, or that he's really just fighting for peace right now. Neither has any discernible effect on the outcome of the game, both will make Shiva ruefully remark that Tact is noble. Then Shiva asks Tact to leave, but Tact manages to wheedle the secret out of Shiva: it turns out that first of all, only a female can release the seal in a certain way. That's why Shiva couldn't do it in front of everyone; if she did they would know she's a girl. Second, not all women can release the seal, you have to have been trained in the ways of a Holy Mother by Shatyarn herself. Only women with certain qualifications can do it, and apparently Shiva has those qualifications.

Once the seal is released, Shatyarn greets the Angel Wing and expresses her relief that they're all safe and sound. The Elsior crew expresses relief in return that Shatyarn is safe. Shatyarn expresses special gratitute to Commander Tact Mayers upon first meeting him since he is the leader who has led the Elsior and the Angel Wing here through many battles. Lester notices that Tact's attitude has changed because Tact is much more polite and respectful towards Lady Shatyarn than he is towards any other figure of authority.

Our heroes dock at the White Moon and finally enter Shatyarn's chamber. Tact is nervous, because getting to meet the Holy Mother of the White Moon in person feels like a dream. Lady Shatyarn, Tact explains, is the one who controls the Empire's Lost Technology. Also, Shatyarn is a smart and beautiful woman. There's no way Tact can be calm right now. This prompts a sarcastic and jealous remark from Tact's chosen girlfriend (unless it's Vanilla, who resorts to passive-aggressive silence and a "not particularly" mad emotion upon being questioned about it instead). Shiva tries to tell them to calm down and be quiet, but Shatyarn finds this conversation lively and wonders if she's interrupting. This prompts Shiva and Shatyarn's reunion; Shiva looks like a kid being reunited with Shiva's mother, which Tact finds humorous since Shiva told Tact to calm down a second ago.

Shatyarn again offers her sincere gratitude for protecting Prince Shiva up until now. But the Angel Wing regrettably must inform Shatyarn that the fight against Eonia and his forces is not yet over. They actually came to ask Shatyarn about an important secret. From the data they found in the Elsior and Emblem Frames, they understand that there's a weapon for the Elsior here. They need that weapon to be able to beat the Black Moon. Does anything come to mind? That weapon appears to be in an arms factory in the central portion of the White Moon. Is that true? After a moment's hesitation, Shatyarn reluctantly agrees that they deserve to know the truth. Yes, in fact Shatyarn does know the secret of the Emblem Frames and where the weapon for the Elsior is being kept. And there is in fact a place like that in the White Moon.

Shatyarn brings everyone to the interior of the White Moon, where the Elle Ciel and the Emblem frames have been mysteriously transported, and tells them White Moon's history. After the Chrono Quake caused the collapse of civilization about 600 years ago, the White Moon appeared at Transbaal bringing the blessing of Lost Technology and restoring civilization. Shatyarn explains that the White Moon came from far outside the known space of the current empire, perhaps an immeasurable distance. It is unknown how it moved and why it began moving. When the people of Transbaal came to investigate the Lost technology, they found the production factory, which is where they first found the Elsior and Emblem Frames, which is also where Tact and the Angel Troupe are standing in the present.

The White Moon brought many blessings to the human race and caused the rebirth of lost technology, but now Tact asks why was that technology sleeping in the White Moon in the first place? Unfortunately nobody knows the answer to that, not even Shatyarn herself. But there are two certainties: One, this automated factory was closed by the very people who found it, because they made the decision to use Lost Technology to ensure peace and prosperity instead of war. They hoped that they day they would need this plant would never come...

The second certainty Shatyarn mentioned is that the White Moon and the Black Moon are a pair - there is no difference between them. Unfortunately Shatyarn doesn't know any more about the Black Moon's origin than she does about the White Moon's. But Shatyarn feels like the Black Moon is seeking the White Moon. Shatyarn feels it's the desire of deep love and deep hatred, reaching out through the's the same feelings that Eonia holds for the Empire...then Shatyarn finally reveals the reason why Eonia was exiled in the first place. It was because Eonia showed an abnormal interest in the Lost Technology of the White Moon. It is this Lost Technology he's after now, which is why he's leading the Black Moon in order to obtain the White Moon. Or perhaps this incident was going to occur anyway.

After our heroes reaffirm their commitment to stop Eonia and the White Moon, Shatyarn offers to draw out the power of the Emblem Frames to their original full potential, and to install the Chrono Break Cannon on the Elsior. Tact realizes the Chrono Break Cannon Shatyarn is talking about is the new weapon described in the data. But actually, Shatyarn is returning the Chrono Break Cannon to the Elsior not to power it up to but to restore it to the way that it was originally discovered. It was removed in the first place after installation because it was too powerful. Our heroes have seen with their own eyes (meaning the destruction of Rhome), after all, what a horrifying calamity can be caused if Lost Technology is in the wrong hands. The researchers thought this great power was unneeded, removed it, and then closed the plant. It's the same reason the limiters were installed on the Emblem Frames, so that their full power couldn't be used until it was really needed. Such power could not ensure a peaceful future. But Tact reminds Shatyarn that now, they need that power in order to regain peace. Shatyarn understands and tells Tact to please hold on to those feelings. So long as Tact does not forget that desire while he fights...the Lost Technology will answer his feelings. Shatyarn activates the automatic plant; the work will be completed tomorrow morning, so Tact and the Angels can get some rest to prepare themselves.

If the player is on Shiva's sub-route, Shiva will suddenly ask Shatyarn if she can ask Shatyarn a question with just Tact with her. What Shiva wants to ask, Tact has a right to know too. Shatyarn reluctantly agrees, finding a more suitable location. Shiva asks Shatyarn to tell her the truth about her birth. Shatyarn says first of all, the White Moon can only be operated by a Holy Mother, but it's the White Moon itself who chooses the person with the qualifications to be the Holy Mother. So the Holy Mother's body becomes living data authenticating the code to the White Moon's operating system. Shatyarn has those qualifications being the current Holy Mother, but so does Shiva. Shiva questions how Shiva could possibly have the qualifications, since she's never heard of Holy Mothers coming from royalty before. It turns out that Shiva inherited the qualifications from Shatyarn herself. Now another great secret is revealed, Shatyarn herself is Shiva's mother!!

11 years ago, Shatyarn and Emperor Girard fancied each other. Shatyarn spent a night with Gerald and become pregnant with Shiva. This makes Shiva upset at first since she thinks nobody wanted her to be born, which is why she never knew her mother and was kept from Emperor Gerard. Shatyarn insists that's not true - what actually happened was that when Shatyarn was pregnant with Shiva, everybody opposed the pregnancy, but Shatyarn insisted based on her own selfish desire on bringing Shiva into the world. Shatyarn wanted to tell Shiva that she was her mother every time they were alone, but never could, and it tore her up inside. Shiva and Shatyarn have a tearful reunion, now Shiva is glad to have been brought forth into the world, and Shiva always wanted a mother like Shatyarn, so how wonderful it is that Shatyarn really is her mother! After this event, Shiva visits Tact's room and makes Tact promise to fly to Shiva's side to lend her his power after the battle is over, since Shiva loves Tact. Shiva will be watching the battle with her mother Shatyarn, so Tact should make sure not to lose.

Next is a "free time segment." After the free time segment is over, Tact and his chosen girlfriend have a romantic scene together, the scene being completely different depending on which Angel it is. WARNING: Making the wrong decision here will cause the girlfriend to break up with Tact, decreasing her affection to such an extent that in the following battle with Eonia, she will be almost completely useless: she will do almost no damage and/or miss almost every attack, will almost never be able to dodge any attacks, and will be unable to build up her Special meter. The only reason a player might ever pick the latter choice is if they are actually trying to romance Karasuma Chitose in Moonlit Lovers, since the Chitose route begins from the "normal ending" that results if Tact does not finish the game with a romantic partner.

Milfeulle's routeEdit

Milfeulle truelove2

Tact wonders where Milfeulle is, but correctly guesses that she's in the park. The lighting has dimmed, so now the park is set on "night." Milfeulle couldn't sleep for some reason. Tact neither, he can't even close his eyes when he thinks about the final battle tomorrow. Everything comes down to tomorrow. Milfeulle asks if Tact thinks they can win. Tact thinks they'll definitely need some luck. But Tact isn't worried. He has Milfeulle with him. Milfeulle asks why that would cause Tact not to worry. Tact has a choice here: he can either respond "You're my goddess of luck" or "You're my reliable subordinate." The correct choice is "You're my goddess of luck." When Tact is with her, he's full of courage and feels nothing but warmth. With Milfeulle at his side, whatever happens, Tact thinks it'll turn out okay. Milfeulle is so happy that Tact said that. People have been jealous of Milfeulle's luck and it's caused so much trouble...but Tact is the first person to say anything like that! Tact says Milfeulle's always been a goddess of luck to him. Milfeulle suddenly embraces Tact and says tomorrow, she's going to do her absolute best for the man she loves...for Tact. Tact thanks Milfeulle since those words are all Tact needs to be able to win tomorrow. Milfeulle says they'll definitely win, please believe in Milfeulle. Tact says of course he'll win, the goddess of luck is telling him to. Milfeulle giggles and then says she's thankful for her luck; because of it, she was able to meet Tact. Tact is also really glad that he was able to meet Milfeulle. Milfeulle reminds Tact that he said the other day that two people can share their tears as well as their laughter. Mifeulle now thinks Tact is half right and half wrong.

Sadness can be shared and halved. But happiness becomes twice as much.

– Milfeulle Sakuraba

Tact says indeed, right now he's feeling very happy. Milfeulle requests that they stay like this (embracing) a little longer. Tact says of course, as long as Milfeulle wants. Milfeulle says thank you.

If Tact answers "You're my reliable subordinate," Milfeulle will react with sadness and leave.

Ranpha's routeEdit

Tact wonders where Ranpha is, but then correctly guesses that she'd be in the training room. Tact asks if Ranpha's still exercising this late at night. Ranpha says yes, for some reason, she's wide awake. Tact asks if Ranpha's really motivated for tomorrow's battle. Ranpha says she guesses so. Tact says well, right now Ranpha just seems invincible! Ranpha says she hopes so, and then sighs. After some hemming and hawwing, Ranpha explains that actually, if she doesn't move her body like this, she thinks she might start to get worried. This fight determines the fate of the Empire, right? Is Ranpha really going to be able to save so many people's futures? Tact says Ranpha doesn't seem like her usual self. Ranpha asks then what is she normally like? Tact says Ranpha's always so strong and cheerful. Ranpha says that's just one side of her. She's the same as an 18 year old girl that you'd find anywhere. There are some differences, like Ranpha can fly the Kung Fu Fighter. But even so...How'd an idiot like Ranpha get wrapped up in something as big as this? Honestly, Ranpha wishes she could just run away...what should she do? How is she supposed to live up to everybody in the Empire's expectations? Tact says "Everybody in the Empire" is too much for one person. Ranpha shouldn't think on a scale any larger than she needs to. She just has to think about the people she knows. For example, she loves her family, right? Ranpha says of course. Tact asks doesn't Ranpha want to protect her brothers who made her her charm? Ranpha says yeah. Obviously! Tact asks if Ranpha has friends on her home star who are important to her, right? Ranpha says yeah, very important. She wants them to be happy, and she wants to protect their futures. Tact says then he's sure Ranpha can protect those people and their happiness. Ranpha asks why, and Tact says that's how the galaxy is. It's made of small groups of irreplaceable people. If Ranpha feels strongly enough to protect the people important to her, then she can protect the entire galaxy. Ranpha says her chest relaxes a little bit when she thinks about it like that. She'll do her best. For the people important to her, and the most important person of all. Tact says that's the spirit! For peace in the empire, Ranpha should give it her best shot! Ranpha says that's no good. Didn't Tact hear her? Her most important person...she wants to fight specifically for Tact. She wants to fight for the sake of her and Tact's happiness. So Tact has to fight for her sake too. It's not fair if it's just Ranpha, Tact has to promise her! Tact has a choice: either "Yeah, I promise" or "...I can't." The correct answer is "Yeah, I promise." Tact will fight for Ranpha's sake, and he'll win for Ranpha. He swears on all of his courage and honor. Does Ranpha understand how Tact feels? Ranpha says she understands, and thanks Tact, she's glad. Ranpha suggests then they should seal it with a kiss. Tact is the most important person to her. So she wants to share their power with a kiss, please. If Tact gives her a kiss, she's absolutely sure she can win this fight, she knows it. The destiny of the Empire, and the destiny of Ranpha and Tact, hanging on a kiss. Tact finally says okay, he loves Ranpha. It fades to black as they kiss. After the kiss, Ranpha says she'll do her best for Tact. She'll definitely win. So they can be together during the fight and after, always. Tact says he wants to always be with Ranpha too, she'll never be alone again. If Tact answers "...I can't," Tact will explain that Ranpha is just one of his soldiers, so he has to fight for everyone's sake not just hers. Counter to expectations, Ranpha does not respond with anger or slapstick violence. If Tact shoots her down, Ranpha blames herself for being so silly and foolish as to think her commanding officer would ever think more of her than as another soldier, and then Ranpha leaves after thinking it's all her fault.

Mint's routeEdit

Tact wonders where Mint is since he'd like to see her before the final battle. He runs into Forte and asks her where Mint is. Forte confirms she did in fact see Mint earlier...haha, has Tact gotten lonely without being able to see her lately? Tact says no it's not like that. Forte says Tact's worries must be running wild without being able to see her. Tact tells Forte to knock it off already since he'd rather not remember all the trouble he went through the last time he tried to see her. Forte tells Tact not to look so miserable, since Mint needs Tact to keep it together too. Tact asks if he really looks that sad. Forte says Tact's the one who said it. Forte finally reveals that she's sure Mint went back to her room. Mint said she was going to write a letter to her father. Tact thanks Forte and is going to swing by, not meaning to get in Mint's way. After Mint invites Tact into her room, she makes them some tea. Tact's sorry for coming by so late, but Mint reassures him that she needed a change of pace. She's been writing a letter to her father, but it's not going well...she's already rewritten it many times. She's always been so formal that it's unexpectedly difficult. Tact says he thinks it's easier to share one's feelings face to face than in a letter. Mint says she thinks so too, however it's not that she can't write well, but that she can't seem to put her feelings in order. Tact asks if Mint is worried about tomorrow. Mint says no, for some reason she's not worried at all, since she's with Tact, everything will be okay. Tact has a choice here, he can either answer "Don't push yourself" or "I'm not so sure..." The correct response is "Don't push yourself." Tact says if Mint is uneasy, it's best to frankly say that. Tact can understand, even without telepathy, Mint's feelings reached him. Mint wonders honestly, how can someone like matter how Mint hides her heart, Tact sees right through her. At first, it was a little scary. Mint's never known anybody like Tact before. But now...right now is it okay if Mint sits with Tact? Tact agrees and Mint sits in his lap. Mint can't help thinking what if they don't come back after they take off tomorrow. Tact says it'll be okay, he'll protect Mint. Mint says yes, and she'll fight for Tact's sake so they can keep living together. Does Tact remember what he said in front of Mint's father? Tact doesn't just need Mint as a pilot of an Emblem Frame...of course Tact remembers, his feelings are still the same. Mint is very glad. Mint asks if Tact understands how she feels today. Tact says yes he does...the warmth of Mint's heart has reached his. The uneasiness from earlier has disappeared...and it's been replaced by a feeling of ease. Mint says yes, that's right, because Tact is with her. Mint rather likes being like this. Tact says he does too. Mint says if it's Tact, she feels like she can overcome anything. Like last time...Tact says yes, he's sure they can do it if Mint is with him. If Tact answers "I'm not so sure..." and fails to pick up the fact that Mint is sharing her feelings so Tact can cheer her up and give her confidence, Mint reacts with even more anger than Forte would in a bad chapter 10 choice, yelling at Tact about what a coward Tact is, all this time up until now Mint was worried too but she thought at least she'd be safe with Tact, oh how wrong she was! Oh don't worry, Mint will still fight tomorrow, but she'll do it for the Empire, not for Tact! Then Tact has to leave.

Forte's routeEdit

It turns out Forte is in the shooting range. Forte asks if Tact needs something, and Tact says no, he just wanted to see Forte. Forte asks if Tact's a little calmer now. If Tact came to see her now, then it means that he's worried about the fight tomorrow. Forte says Tact doesn't need to worry, since they'll win. Forte told Tact before, she trusts Tact. She believes in the Tact who has won every battle so far. As a commander, and as a man. Forte is proud that she is able to fight together with him. Tact thanks Forte. Forte adds, or maybe that's how all women think about the ones they love. Ahahaha! Tact tells Forte that he has something he needs to say...the player has a choice here. Tact can either choose "I'll protect your back" or "If we die, it'll be together." The correct response is to say you'll protect Forte's back. Forte said the other day that the woman in love wants to do the protecting herself. Until now, Tact's been putting Forte through a lot of trouble. Now it's his turn. He will support Forte, so Forte can fight at ease. Forte is astonished that Tact has become so reliable. And now Forte's worries are gone too. Tact is surprised that Forte was worried, and Forte asks incredulously if Tact really thought Forte wasn't thinking at all about what could happen tomorrow. Tact says no he didn't really think that; Forte seems a little rough at first glance, but she thinks about things more seriously than anybody else here. Forte complains that Tact didn't need to say "rough," but she does feel better after hearing Tact say that. She'll trust her back to him. And in return...Forte will be watching Tact's back too. No matter what, no matter when, she'll protect him. Tact says tomorrow we bring an end to this war, because when they do that, there will be no need to risk their lives for the people they love. They'll finally be able to relax and talk. Forte wonders if that's really okay, with someone like her...Tact says of course, is it that strange that two people in love want to be together? Forte thanks Tact, she's glad. Now should they continue from before, since before it was too noisy on the other side of the door? (Note: She's referring to their previous kiss attempt while she was in the medical bay.) The screen fades to black strongly implying they kiss now, and Forte says, "I love you, Tact." If Tact answers "If we die, it'll be together", Forte gives Tact an "I'm very disappointed"-style speech in which she berates Tact for not having listened to a word she's ever said, and Forte wonders how she ever fell for a guy like Tact. This will sharply drop Forte's affection to such an extent that in the following battle with Eonia, she will do almost no damage and/or miss almost every attack, will almost never be able to dodge any attacks, and will be unable to build up her Special meter.

Vanilla's routeEdit

Tact decides to go to the Whale Room so he can relax listening to the sound of the waves. Then Kuromie walks up wishing Tact good evening. Tact is sorry to disturb Kuromie, but Kuromie doesn't mind since Vanilla's also here right now. She's looking at the space rabbits from the administrator's room. Tact remembers Vanilla's beloved pet rabbit that died last chapter, but Kuromie guesses Tact's concern in advance and explains that this is how Vanilla's trying to find closure, little by little. Vanilla arrives saying good evening. Kuromie explains that he and Tact were just talking about Vanilla, which surprises Vanilla. Tact says Vanilla seems like she's feeling better, and Vanilla credits that to Tact. Kuromie says he's going back to his office, what about Tact and Vanilla? Tact elects to walk around here a little longer, and Vanilla says she'd like to stay here a little longer. Kuromie says to take it easy and leaves. Tact thinks he can learn from Kuromie being as relaxed as ever the night before the big battle against Eonia. But Vanilla thinks Tact is okay right now. Tact says if Vanilla says so, it must be true. Vanilla asks Tact what's going to happen tomorrow. Tact thinks it'll be a serious fight but he's not going to make anyone regret believing in him. He'll try hard so Vanilla won't be busy with repairs. But Vanilla says she doesn't mind if she's busy, she'll do what she can to help Tact. Tact thanks Vanilla since they'll definitely win if they have everyone together tomorrow. But Vanilla wonders what Tact is going to do after the battle is over. Tact actually hadn't thought about it, so he guesses he'll just go wherever the military assigns him next. What about Vanilla, what did she want to do after the great battle is over? Vanilla explains she wants to live with the animals, which Tact thinks will be a fun life. Yes, Vanilla says, that would make her happy. And...possibly...after this...Vanilla wants to be with Tact. Does Tact remember what he said to her the other day? Live to your fullest until you have to part with those you care for, it's important to enjoy the time you have with them. So Vanilla thinks she will regret having to leave Tact. She wants to live to her fullest at Tact's side. She wants to make lots of memories with Tact. Then Vanilla asks Tact to forgive her since she's bothering Tact. The player has a choice: If Tact answers he wants to be with Vanilla too, this will give a major affection boost to Vanilla and they will finish the game as romantic partners (however, since Vanilla is not experienced in matters of love, they will not technically call each other boyfriend and girlfriend until Moonlit Lovers, which will be a major plot point in that game). As Vanilla expresses her immense happiness that Tact wants to be with her, the player earns a CG as Vanilla explains that she's felt alone somehow ever since Sister Beryl died, so she unconsciously tried to avoid other people as much as she could. Until now, she didn't think there was any harm in it. However, after she met Tact, she knew she was wrong. When she met Tact, and when she was with Tact, the same feelings that she had when she was living with Sister Beryl came back. Why does her chest feel so warm when she's with Tact? Tact says his chest feels warm too. Whenever he's with her, he feels happy. He wants to be with Vanilla too, even though he doesn't know what's going to happen next. No, that's wrong, Tact will win tomorrow's fight for the sake of his and Vanilla's future together. Then, Tact and Vanilla need to retire back to their rooms to get some rest. If Tact answers that he doesn't think they can do this, Vanilla is extremely disappointed but expresses this by going very quiet and then leaving.

Common events (part 2)Edit


The Elsior with the Chrono Break Cannon attached.

After Tact and his chosen Angel's romantic scene, the next day Coco warns everyone that Eonia's fleet is approaching and will be within combat range in ten minutes, so Tact warns everyone to get into alpha formation. Then, Tact muses about the Chrono Break Cannon having been installed and making the Elsior almost seem like a completely different ship. They've got so much power now! But Lester warns Tact not to let this power go to his head to the extent that he starts using it at as a toy, or he'd be no different from Eonia. Tact agrees to keep that in mind. Creta explains that it's taking longer to adjust than she thought, the output is lacking and the Chrono Break Cannon isn't charged enough to fire yet. This severely annoys Lester, who angrily asks how much longer it'll take, it would be annoying if they went to all this trouble to install the weapon and then couldn't use it. Creta says all the engineers are working on it, please give them a little more time. Tact understands but tells Creta to speed it up as much as she can. Lester wonders why the weapon is problematic; is it rusty after sitting around for 400 years? Tact tells Lester not to complain since even if they end up not being able to use the Chrono Break Cannon at all, they still have the Angel Wing. Then Lester wonders if the Chrono Break Cannon might be affected by the user like the Emblem Frames are. Could the reason it's not charging be because Tact's spirits aren't high enough (since Tact commands the Elsior and therefore is technically the "user" of the Chrono Break Cannon attached to said Elsior)? Tact doesn't think that's the case, and in any case what does Lester expect him to do about it? Lester retorts that maybe Tact should get himself fired up for starters; is it okay if the Chrono Break Cannon can't fire?! But then Eonia's fleet finally arrives so Tact and Lester have to stop "joking" and give orders.

Eonia flagship

Eonia's flagship

Before the battle actually begins but after Tact has told all the Angel Wing to take off, the Elsior receives a communication from the enemy flagship. Eonia asks if Tact and the Angel Wing will continue to resist. Tact says yes, that's the plan, until Eonia and the Black Moon are defeated! Eonia tells Tact that if the latter really thinks he can win, he probably doesn't understand the power the former wields here. Tact says no, it's Eonia who doesn't understand, the Elsior and Emblem Frames have been strengthened by the White Moon. They have no plans to lose. Eonia expresses angry surprise, not at Tact's declaration of impending victory but at Tact's statement that the White Moon is powering up the Angel Wing. Eonia curses Shatyarn, she rejected Eonia five years ago but she's willing to give Lost Technology to these people?! Shatyarn then joins the communication and explains that she did not "give" it to the Angel Wing, the Angel Wing was "chosen" by the Emblem Frames, the jewels of "Lost Technology." And Commander Mayers is the man who the Angel Wing entrusted with their wings. Of course Shatyarn will trust those people that the White Moon itself has accepted.

Eonia says "all of you understand nothing. There is a more effective way to use Lost Technology," and explains his motivations. He always wondered why the amazing power of the Lost Technology isn't used outside the Empire. Since Transbaal established its borders, its rulers have always sought to maintain those borders and never to expand them. That irritated Eonia, since if the Empire expanded, they could regain more prosperity and more wealth. With the White Moon's Lost Technology, they could do whatever they wanted. The past few centuries, in Eonia's opinion, have been a waste! Five years ago Eonia tried to make everyone understand that, for which he was exiled to the frontier. However, ironically, it was while Eonia was drifting the stars that he discovered the Black Moon. The Black Moon was proof that there was in fact Lost Technology sleeping outside the Transbaal Empire... just like Eonia thought. With the technology of the two Moons, the Empire could search for even more technology and expand even further, even revive the same old civilization that used to rule the galaxy before the Chrono Quake. That, according to Eonia, is the power of Lost Technology!

So that is your goal, Eonia. Indeed, it is an admirable one. But do not force your selfish desire on to other people!

– Tact Mayers to Eonia Transbaal

Tact condemns Eonia for forcing his desires on to other people and acheiving his goals with violence. Eonia defends the ideal of the glorious paradise the Transbaal Empire could be reborn as, to which Shiva compares to a ruined paradise filled with corpses. Shiva further accuses Eonia of merely using his dream as an excuse to take revenge for his past.

You don't care about the happiness of the people in the Empire. That means you have no right to call yourself their king!

– Shiva Transbaal to Eonia Transbaal

Tact agrees and says they will never hand the future of the empire to someone like Eonia. Eonia says their answer is "good enough", and concludes his speech with a stirring boast before the battle begins.

My name is Eonia! I will show my power before Transbaal's history and carve my name into eternity!

– Eonia Transbaal

Tact and the Angel Troupe win the initial engagement, forcing Eonia's flagship and the Hell Hounds to retreat. With ten minutes of charging time left on the Chrono Break Cannon, the Elle Ciel rushes forward.

Meanwhile, Guinness Stout curses and wonders why they can't win. Riserva Chianti thinks it's because of the wings; the Emblem Frames can exceed their limit because of the wings (which in Riserva's opinion is cheating). Red-Eye muses they can't win like this. Vermouth Matin angrily asks how Red-Eye can be so calm while they're getting trounced. Camus Lamphroaig says in any case they need to withdraw, because Noa may be able to reinforce the Hell Hounds' Emblem Frames. But then they get shot at; Camus wonders how, and Riserva says it's because enemy reinforcements have appeared right behind them. Tact wonders what that attack was and where it came from. Coco explains that according to her radar signal, it's the allied fleet! Then they receive a communication from the allied fleet, from Commodore Luft to be precise. Luft says he's sorry to have kept Tact waiting. Tact happily says Luft picked a convenient time to show up. Luft laughs and says let an old man take the glory sometimes. Now Luft will help our heroes corner the enemy!

Hellhounds retreat
Meanwhile, Eonia says this isn't good and tells Noa that they need to regroup so Noa needs to bring the Hell Hounds back to the Black Moon...why isn't Noa answering?! Didn't Noa hear him? What's going on?! Noa says she heard Eonia, but wait a minute, her and Eonia's revenge begins now. Camus tells the Black Moon to respond and please let the Hell Hounds in. Guinness wonders why the Black Moon isn't answering; have they been abandoned?! Riserva exclaims they need support, they're about to be shot down! Red-Eye says this is where they die...Vermouth denies no way, he really doesn't want to die! Noa asks if they really don't want to die. Vermouth says obviously they don't, so Noa should hurry up and do something! Noa asks if they want to beat the Angel Wing. Riserva says yes, because this isn't the place for someone like her to meet her end! Noa asks if they want the power for that. Guinness says of course, give them the power to beat the Angel Wing! Noa asks no matter the cost? Red-Eye says he won't question how they'll bring the Angel Wing ruin as long as they do it. Noa says yes, that's what she wanted to hear. That despair and devotion is what a human is. Camus asks "What...?" Suddenly, Noa's eyes turn from purple to red and her voices changes completely; instead of sounding like a little girl for her next line and all future lines for this particular game in the trilogy, she sounds like an electronically altered deep male voice. Noa says as the Hell Hounds desire, she'll give them power. Her greatest masterpiece will now be born! Camus asks what Noa means, and that voice...who IS she?! Noa says the Hell Hounds are simply parts; she does not need to tell them where they belong. Then Noa asks the Hell Hounds to dance a dance of death on black wings for her. The next event is an FMV animated sequence, the Black Moon's core glows and Noa's face fills up the Hell Hounds' display windows. Then, yellow strings come out of the control panels and stab each Hell Hound in his/her neck, brainwashing them so they start talking about how powerful they feel and how good that power feels. This also causes the Hell Hounds' Emblem Frames to grow wings of their own to match the Angels' Emblem Frames. But while this gives the Hell Hounds a power-up, their Emblem Frames are now giving off a weird feeling, they're kind of scary. The Angels' Emblem Frames are telling them that while there are still life signs in the Emblem Frames so the Hell Hounds aren't dead, they might as well be dead since their souls have been lost to them. According to Forte, the Hell Hounds have given themselves to their machines; no, that's wrong, it's more like they've been swallowed by them. Mint can't believe this is the power of Lost Technology, but Vanilla says it's possible if this is the essence of the Black Moon's Lost Technology specifically. Tact concludes the human pilots are used like tools.

In the next section, the Hell Hounds reverse course and are coming right at them, but much faster than before! Lester thinks their improved performance isn't good since they were almost equal before. But there's nothing they can do but shoot down the enemy fighters and punish Eonia and the Black Moon's unforgivable sin (our heroes did not see the mechanism by which the brainwashing took place so do not realize at this particular point that Eonia did not order this to happen). Then, a player battle with the Hell Hounds begins because now they need to shoot down the Hell Hounds in order to get to Eonia's flagship.

After the Hell Hounds have finally been killed for good, the energy charge for the Chrono Break Cannon is finally 100% complete, and nothing is in their way. In an FMV animated sequence, Tact orders the Chrono Break Cannon to wipe out Eonia's flagship. In Eonia's last moments before he is completely disintegrated, he asks Noa why? Wasn't Eonia going to be their guiding hand? With Eonia's own hands, he was going to revive the old empire's prosperity and give the people a utopia. But why did this happen to him...then he dies for good. The Angel Wing thinks, a fitting end for a villain, desperately looking for something he lost, the tragedy of a man committed to his distorted ideals...but now this tragedy is over. Eonia and his flagship are gone, and the automated ships have stopped moving. The threat is gone. There's enough congratulations to go around, they've saved the empire! Maybe they'll throw a victory party on the White Moon! But just as the player thinks they've reached the end of the game, Noa cuts into their communications with evil laughter. Noa must express her admiration for humanity, it has mastered the Frames' HALO system and destroyed her greatest masterpieces. The White Moon and humanity seem to have advanced more than Noa anticipated. But...thanks to that, Noa was able to evolve as well. Tact suddenly realizes this was the same girl he saw the other day in the hangar. Her name is Noa, right...? Noa doesn't directly answer yes or no. Instead she says that humanity is truly interesting, with her ability she built her "interface" and was allowed anywhere. The "interface" was that fake doll that looked like a human, named "Noa" just for the sake of convenience. However, if Eonia hadn't been naive enough to fall for it, Noa would not have been able to find the White Moon. She must thank Eonia for that. Eonia was quite a useful man. He believed whatever Noa told him and worked hard. So who the blazes is Noa then, Tact wonders? Noa is "the Black Moon." The Black Moon has its own will. The Black Moon has not forgotten the White Moon, for the two moons are twins. Now the Black Moon will fulfill the purpose that they were both made for! The Black Moon will become one with the White Moon and evolve even further! Cue more evil laughter from Noa/Black Moon. Thus finally ends Chapter 10.

Chapter 11Edit

Angels of Light (光の天使?)


The final chapter begins with the Black Moon's energy suddenly spiking. Then, the Black Moon changes shape and pulls the White Moon out of orbit, creating a strong reaction drawing the moons to each other. Tact contacts Lady Shatyarn and Prince Shiva to ask if they're all right. They are, but Shiva says the White Moon's systems have gone out of control and the White Moon itself is transforming strangely. Shatyarn explains the problem: the Black Moon is "summoning" the White Moon, it wants to try and unite the two. But what is actually happening is the Black Moon is swallowing the White Moon. Perhaps the moons were designed to be this way when they were built, but in any case, the White Moon is obeying the orders of the Black Moon, as if the White Moon's own will has awoken. Tact wonders why the two of them would combining. Shatyarn thinks the moons are trying to unify their data, production, and weapons into a single existence. If that happens, a dreadful automated machine that can only use power to destroy will be born. Tact realizes that means if they don't stop the moons, everything will be lost! But Shatyarn cannot stop the Black Moon's interference from where she is on the White Moon, the Black Moon's power is too strong. That's why Commander Mayers and the Angel Wing must stop them from uniting. They have to use the Chrono Break Cannon to destroy the Black Moon's core, a red crystal in its center that must be targeted. But then the White Moon loses its communication center, blocking off all further conversation with Shatyarn and Shiva until something is done to stop the Black Moon. Tact tells Commodore Luft to take his fleet and use it to damage the Black Moon's engines. That should slow it down enough so Tact's group can use the Chrono Break Cannon safely. But first the Elsior must "get into position." That means in the next and final player battle, the only way to win the battle is for the Elsior to reach the target area, so the Angel Wing must concentrate on destroying the enemy attack satellites in the Elsior's path or those satellites in a position to attack the Elsior.

After the true final player battle is over, the Chrono Break Cannon's recharged to 98%, so they'll shoot the core as soon as it finishes. Meanwhile, Noa wonders why the children of the White Moon oppose her. She only wanted to become one with the White Moon. Why is the White Moon not accepting her? The White Moon and Black Moon are twins. Has the White Moon changed in the time they were apart, or did the Black Moon make a mistake in its evolution? No, the Black Moon cannot be mistaken. It is correct. Absolutely correct! The White Moon is the mistaken one! It should unite with the Black Moon and correct its evolution! And if the White Moon refuses, then it will die! The Black Moon then starts attacking so the Angel Wing can't get close to it now. Tact wonders can't they evade it and then get close? Almo says it's taking everything they have just to avoid a direct hit! Then even worse news follows; according to Coco, the Black Moon is manufacturing new attack satellites to attack them with! The Elsior suffers a direct hit to the D-Block on the port side, and the electrical systems are beginning to overload. This causes their energy output to fall, and on top of that five more attack satellites are coming at them. All five attack satellites hit their mark.

Then, a slight variation of what happens next occurs depending on which Angel is Tact's chosen romantic partner, though it is always a variation of Tact's girlfriend overcoming the odds to rescue the Elsior and more importantly rescue Tact (if the player is travelling along the "normal ending" path without a girlfriend by making a bad choice in chapter 10, the Elsior will manage to resolve the situation without a specific Angel's assistance).

  • Milfeulle: In this variation, the other Angels besides Milfeulle and Forte are also taken out of commission, not just the Elsior. Ranpha's engine is wrecked, Mint's balancer has broken down, and Vanilla is going to have to spend time repairing those two ships. Then an enemy sneaks up on Forte from behind and fires a shot that disables the Happy Trigger's flying ability. Milfeulle insists that everyone else withdraw since she can protect the Elsior. Tact asks Milfeulle not to be a hero, but Milfeulle insists that she can do it, didn't Tact say that? If they give up, it's all over. So Milfeulle's not going to give up! Another attack on the Elsior damages a vital power system, not only turning out the lights but causing all the otther systems to fail. That makes the Elsior a sitting duck. In an animated FMV sequence, Milfeulle pleads her Lucky Star to let her be a goddess of luck. Using the Lucky Star, she uses up her entire life's worth of accumulated luck to recharge the Elsior's systems. This also instantly charges the Chrono Break Cannon. The Chrono Break Cannon is finally ready to fire, and once it's in range, the weapon fires on the Black Moon's red crystal core, which slowly but surely disintegrates the Black Moon.
  • Ranpha: In an animated FMV sequence, the Elsior is billowing smoke and flames, making Ranpha think Tact has died. Ranpha sniffles and then, in an angry rage, tells the enemy fleet that she'll never forgive them, and then wipes out the entire enemy fleet by herself. But after that she's near tears, saying you're kidding, it can't be true...then Tact manages to contact Ranpha, to which Ranpha is overjoyed at Tact being alive. Now the Chrono Break Cannon can get close to the Black Moon's core since Ranpha destroyed all enemies in their way. The Chrono Break Cannon is finally ready to fire, and once it's in range, the weapon fires on the Black Moon's red crystal core, which slowly but surely disintegrates the Black Moon.
  • Mint: A Block also takes fire in this variation, and the Elsior loses its communication centers. Now Angel Wing can't hear any of Tact's orders! In an animated FMV sequence, Mint repeatedly tries to contact the Elsior, but then decides it's okay because if it's Tact, she surely knows what orders he would give to her. Mint starts using her Flier Dance on the attack satellites. Then B Block starts taking heavy fire, but Tact thinks everything will be okay, because if it's Mint, she'll definitely know what to do. The enemy satellites are all destroyed. Afterwards, Mint keeps shooting down enemies so the Chrono Break Cannon can get in range. The Chrono Break Cannon is finally ready to fire, and once it's in range, the weapon fires on the Black Moon's red crystal core, which slowly but surely disintegrates the Black Moon.
  • Forte: Forte curses the enemy fleet asking what they think they're doing. In an animated FMV sequence, Forte angrily shouts "nobody lays a hand on that man!" and uses Strike Burst to wipe out all of the enemy satellites. Forte asks Tact what did he expect, Forte told him she'd protect him, right? Afterwards, Forte continues to destroy enemies so the Elsior can get close enough to the Black Moon to fire the cannon at the core. The Chrono Break Cannon is finally ready to fire, and once it's in range, the weapon fires on the Black Moon's red crystal core, which slowly but surely disintegrates the Black Moon.
  • Vanilla: The attack by the new satellites sets the Elsior on fire. In an animated FMV sequence, Vanilla becomes so desperate at Tact's situation that she pushes her Harvester to its limits, managing to use nanomachines to heal something as big as the Elsior for the first time in the trilogy. Vanilla promises to maintain the Elsior's structure, and Tact calls her amazing, which Vanilla modestly demurs. The Elsior can finally go right to the Black Moon's core. It does suffer one more hit in the E-Block, but Vanilla's nanomachines heal it easily. The Chrono Break Cannon is finally ready to fire, and once it's in range, the weapon fires on the Black Moon's red crystal core, which slowly but surely disintegrates the Black Moon.
Elsior end
Everyone celebrates the Black Moon finally being gone. There's a communication from the White Moon, Shatyarn congratulates Tact Mayers on defeating the White Moon, and now the Transbaal Empire and countless future lives have been saved. Thank you very much, Commander Mayers. Tact modestly demurs, but Shiva insists that Tact did well and can now be called a "Hero of the Empire." (Take note; this title will come up again in the second and third games of the trilogy). Shiva expresses her own gratitude, and Tact thanks the Angel Wing and White Moon for doing their best so they could destroy the Black Moon. Then Tact thanks his chosen girlfriend specifically for her role in the victory. So, let's go back to the White Moon.

Takuto being honored by Emperor Shiva

In the next section, the scene first begins with Tact receiving honors and awards from Commodore Luft and Prince Shiva for Tact's heroic deeds. But Tact receives the praise meekly so he can get this over with and go party. Shiva was thinking the same, but Luft scolds Shiva for indulging in idle chatter in the middle of an important ceremony. It turns out that Shiva has been crowned "Grand Emperor Shiva," and Luft has now been titled "Prime Minister Luft" (though it makes Luft's skin crawl to hear Tact call him that). Shiva does not like to be addressed formally either. But Tact points out that Luft isn't a commodore anymore and Shiva isn't a prince, so what should he call them? Anyway, when is the Imperial Palace going to be rebuilt? Actually, Shiva responds, Shiva isn't going to have the Imperial Palace rebuilt at all. Shiva will be moving into this temporary housing where the ceremony is taking place. Shiva's reasoning is that if one struggles to regain what has been lost, what path does one take...? Shiva has seen what path that is with Shiva's own eyes. It was the path Eonia took. Instead, Shiva will find a new place to walk forward from. Tact thinks that is a splendid idea and is sure Shiva can do it. Lester interrupts to complain could they please get on with the ceremony, his back is getting stiff. The party is fine, but Tact shouldn't forget his job. It turns out Tact is now the commander of the newly formed frontier research team, they'll be looking for remnants of Eonia's fleet outside the Empire's borders...that's the official stance, but they'll really be looking for any other Lost Technology like the Black Moon.

(Note: The last part is invalid if the player is playing either Milfeulle's route or the "normal" route. That's because in Milfeulle's route, Tact retires from the military completely instead of being appointed leader of the research team, at least until the events of Moonlit Lovers eventually make it necessary for him to return, and in the "normal" route without a girlfriend, Tact and Lester both have to rejoin the allied fleets instead of remaining in command of the Elsior, at least until the events of Moonlit Lovers eventually make it necessary for them to return)

Tact's pretty excited about it since he gets to fulfill his childhood dream of travelling wherever he wants among the sea of stars. Shiva comments that it's almost like Shiva will be pursuing the same thing as Eonia, but Tact points out that while Shiva's goal is now the same as Eonia's, Shiva is completely different. Eonia clung to the past, and tried to use a distorted form of Lost Technology. But Shiva is looking to the future, so unlike Eonia, under Shiva the Empire will be in good hands as long as Shiva's eyes are on the future instead of the past like Eonia's were.

Also, Lester Coolderas' fate is slightly different depending on which route the player is playing. In Milfeulle's route, Lester is appointed Tact's replacement since Tact is retiring from the military; in Ranpha's, Mint's, and Vanilla's routes, Lester remains Tact's adjutant and his role does not change even slightly from before; in Forte's route, Lester leaves for another branch of the military and Forte is appointed Lester's replacement given Forte's strategic mind and penchant for spot-on advice (which for Forte is a promotion since Vice-Commander is a higher rank than First Lieutenant); in the "normal" route, Lester remains Tact's adjutant but he's the adjutant of their old allied ship instead of the Elsior.

If the player is on Shiva's sub-route, the ceremony scene is much different. Commodore Luft has been promoted to First President of the Transbaal Republic...because Shiva has suddenly decided that she won't succeed the throne. That's because she took full responsibility for the Empire getting involved in a royal feud. Luft thinks his new position is troublesome but also enjoyable. He's the one, in this version of the scene instead of Shiva, who assigns Tact his new responsibility of commanding the frontier exploration for Lost Technology and remnants of Eonia's forces. Meanwhile, Shiva and Shatyarn have a conversation. Shiva promises that for the sake of all the civilians, and her father, and the soldiers who were killed in battle, Shiva will become stronger so she can protect her new home and meet Tact again as a grown-up. Tact, thank you... (Note: Shiva is Empress in Moonlit Lovers and Eternal Lovers, and Tact never "flies to Shiva's side" so this ending is non-canon.)

After the ceremony, Tact and the Angel Wing have to say their goodbyes, since without the threat of Eonia the Angels have other duties to attend to on the White Moon, while Tact is travelling elsewhere in the galaxy. The Angels take turns thanking Tact for everything he did for them, and Tact thanks them all in return. With one exception: Tact's chosen girlfriend is staying with him. If it's Milfeulle, she's retiring from the military just as Tact is, just to be with Tact. If it's Ranpha, Mint, or Vanilla, the chosen Angel elects to stay on the Elsior to be with Tact in mostly the same position she was before. If it's Forte, she has to stay on the Elsior out of duty since she's been promoted to Tact's adjutant, not that Forte is complaining since she loves Tact, so it's very convenient.

In the next and last section of the entire game, Tact and his chosen Angel have a romantic scene. To explain each in detail:

  • Milfeulle: Milfeulle has retired from the military, and we see her just miss the bus. She wonders when the next one is coming. In three hours, it turns out, so Milfeulle's got no luck...oh yeah, she's not affected by good or bad luck anymore. She wonders what Tact's doing right now. Well, she'll just have to wait for the next bus. Tact appears and says, "Excuse me, beautiful lady. Want to get a drink?" He says hey Milfie, it's been a while. Milfeulle wonders why Tact is here. Tact says he was discharged from the navy. Also, does Milfeulle remember that picnic she promised Tact a long time ago? Yes, Milfeulle remembers. Tact asks if that promise is still good, since right now Tact's trying to find a peaceful life somewhere, a peaceful place where he can live and have a picnic with someone every how about it? Will Milfeulle have a picnic with him? Milfeulle joyfully shouts "Yes! Of course. I'll go with you!" Tact is glad and thanks Milfeulle. Then let's go to a picnic just for the two of them. Milfeulle says yes, she'll follow Tact anywhere!
  • Ranpha: Tact muses that he's going to travel the stars, and with Ranpha with him to boot! Time for their new journey, so how about a change of scenery? Lester comments on the scenery...which has been decorated in flowers and curtains and ribbons, causing Lester to wonder is this even really the Elsior's bridge?! It turns out Ranpha decorates the bridge before they left, Ranpha thinks her decoration is amazing. Lester disagrees, why is the bridge covered in "frills and ribbons and all these girly things?" Ranpha asks isn't it obvious? From now on the Elsior is going to be her and Tact's new home. So shouldn't it feel like that after all? It's supposed to be a love nest for two. For now, Ranpha thinks this might be a little too dull, maybe she shouldn't have held back so much after all. Tact says no, not at all, he likes it. Ranpha says if her darling says so, then it's okay. What a relief, now Ranpha can start redecorating all the rooms! Then they'll have to change the Elsior's name to "Sweet♥Battleship Lovesior!" Lester asks incredulously "Sweet Battleship?" But Ranpha actually insists on the Sweet♥ part instead of just "Sweet." Ranpha asks if Tact likes it, and Tact says of course, hand in hand, they'll journey across the galactic sea. Lester can't stand the lovey-dovey stuff so he, Coco, and Almo leave. When Ranpha and Tact are alone, Ranpha says to Tact that she really loves him. And she knows Tact really loves her too because he told her so. Tact says will Ranpha come with him? Ranpha says of course, if she can be with Tact, she'll follow him even to the edge of the galaxy. At Tact's side while she's awake. In her dreams while she's asleep. Ranpha will love Tact no matter when it is.
  • Mint: In this variation Tact isn't actually aware at first that Mint's decided to stay with him. The Elsior is ready to take off into Chrono Drive under the assumption that it's just Tact, Lester, and crew. They'll be away from Transbaal for a long time because of the frontier research. Then a ship is approaching the Elsior from behind! It turns out not to be an enemy, it's the Emblem Frame "Trick Master!" Mint didn't decide to go back to the White Moon after all! Lester asks if Tact knew about this, and Tact says no, not at all, but somehow he thought Mint would be coming. She really came...somehow this got complicated all of a sudden. The Trick Master falls into formation with the Elsior. Coco asks if she should open a communication with Mint. Tact says there's no need, please let the Trick Master enter. Tact says Mint and he don't need to say anything to each other...isn't that right, Mint? But then the Elsior does receive a communication from the Trick Master. Mint says even if that's the case, there are times when it's nice to hear "those words." Right, Tact? Tact asks if Mint just heard that. Mint says no, but she knew what Tact was thinking. Tact laughs and says Mint never changes. Mint says Tact neither. Mint would like to hear "those words." Does Tact mind saying them? Tact says he understands. Tact says he wants to walk with Mint, side by side. "I love you, Mint." Mint says yes, she'll always be with Tact. Because she loves Tact too.
  • Forte: Almo and Coco complain that Tact is late, and his new subcommander is waiting. Tact says okay, let's leave...Miss Subcommander. After the Elsior takes off, Tact says it's kind of exciting that they're finally leaving for the frontier. Forte laughs, prompting Tact to ask what she's laughing about. Forte says no, she was just thinking. The first time she met Tact, she never would have imagined something like this. Tact says him neither, it feels like a dream to have Forte as his adjutant. Forte says it's not a dream. She'll always be with Tact. Forever, if Tact would like. Then Tact's response is settled, please be with him, Forte, from here on and for the rest of Tact's life. Forte says thank you Tact, she'll keep Tact company through the journey of life. Tact says that won't be a boring journey, and Forte says of course because they're together, she's counting on Tact.
  • Vanilla: It turns out Vanilla's gone to the park and is playing on the hill with multiple rabbits and birds. Tact expresses surprise that she's playing with so many animals. Vanilla explains that she brought them from the whale room to have a walk. Tact notices these are all pretty rare animals. Vanilla explains these are space round plovers, space minks, and space rabbits. Tact compliments Vanilla on knowing all of them. They're all staying around Vanilla too, so Tact is sure they all must like Vanilla. Vanilla says she likes all these little ones, they're all so energetic...she briefly complains that one of them is tickling her by mistake. Tact notices Vanilla has started laughing recently. Vanilla asks really? She hasn't noticed that. Tact says the battle's over so they can finally live at ease. Vanilla says that may be true, but Vanilla was able to change because she was with Tact. With Tact, and the Elsior, and surrounded by animals...this journey will be full of happy memories. Tact complains hasn't the journey just begun? Vanilla says she guesses so, and then giggles. Tact reminds her that this could be dangerous, he might have to put Vanilla through more trouble if that happens...but Tact promises. He will protect her. So that her smile never disappears, Tact will always stay with her and always protect her. Vanilla thanks Tact very much, she's so happy. Vanilla requests that Tact please always stay with her. From now on and forever...

If the player is playing the "normal" ending (meaning no girlfriend), Tact and Lester end up returning to their previous command in the allied fleet. Tact briefly expresses his regret that it turned out like this, but Lester says that's Tact's own fault for not being courageous enough to see things through.

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