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'''Galaxy Angel II Eigō Kaiki no Toki''' (ギャラクシーエンジェルII 永劫回帰の刻 Gyarakushī Enjeru II Eigō Kaiki no Toki ) is the third Galaxy Angel II game and the final entry of the series. It is set 3 months after the events of the previous game, Mugen Kairō no Kagi. The combined Angel Wing join Tact on Juno in celebrating the 5 year anniversary since the liberation of the EDEN civilization from the Val-Fasq. The celebration comes to a quick end as the Will suddenly appear in the Val Vaross System near the Val-Fasq homeworld of Val-Rundal and the Rune Angel Wing are quickly scrambled into action as the final war against Will begins.

The name of the game was first announced at Rune Angel Troupe: The 4th Concert. The subtitle of the game was previously known as "Eigō Kaiki no Koku", but both the radio programs and the game itself confirmed the change to "Eigō Kaiki no Toki".

The title translates to Galaxy Angel II: Eternal Recurrence of Time.


See Gameplay Guide for general controls. See Mission Guide for the list of missions.


Before Chapter 1 begins, Kazuya enters the Bridge where he finds Tapio and the Bridge hands busy at work. Coco explains that the ship has sensed a large energy signature being detected near them. An explosion is felt around the ship and one of the operators receives damage reports from the Third Floor. Kazuya runs off immediately as the third floor are the Living quarters. Kazuya’s partner selection will occur here and Kazuya will run to the chosen Angel’s room. He however finds the room in complete ruin with all distinguishing features blown away and his partner nowhere in sight.

Chapter 1: Sign (兆候)[]

The grave of Bianca Mateus

Kazuya and his chosen Angel walk through a cemetery and she soon calls out to him as she finds the marker they were looking for. Kazuya walks to her and reads the inscription on the tombstone as Bianca Mateus. The two put down a bouquet of flowers and begin speaking to Bianca of her brother's valiant sacrifice that saved them 3 months ago. The two express their gratitude and pull out Roselle's pendant that somehow ended up on the hull of the chosen Angel’s Emblem Frame after their battle with Parfait. The two note that they didn't expect it to be recovered as the Holy Blood’s Chrono String Engine detonation disintegrated everything around it. The chosen Angel requests that they keep the locket for safekeeping and puts it around Kazuya’s neck and the latter wonders if Roselle would be angry if he took such an item but his partner assures him that Roselle would have been happy. Kazuya goes over the events that have gone by in the three months: The Arms Alliance entered a truce with the Seldar Alliance by the orders of Soldum and the Angel Wing and the Luxiole have remained mostly the same, aside from that everyone’s memories with him come up from time to time. Kazuya’s watch signals for the two to leave and the duo get on their shuttle and set course for Juno.

The Rune Angel Wing wait around a lobby until Kazuya and his partner enter the guest room where they note that some events of the celebration have been delayed due to the duo’s unexpected detour and everyone enters another room to regroup with their seniors. Forte and Milfie have trouble putting on their old uniforms and Milfie complains about why they have to wear their previous attire. Mint explains that they have no choice as the 5th anniversary of the truce between the EDEN civilization and Val-Fasq require them to appear in their old clothes to relive and honor the occasion. Kazuya and the team enter and marvel at their senior’s appearances. Milfie, Chitose, and Forte are frightened by the prospect of weight gain while Vanilla, Mint, and Ranpha note no problems in fitting back into theirs and Anise takes the chance to tease Mint of her unchanged height. Natsume asks about the Moon Angel Wing and they decide to formally introduce themselves to her as they didn't have the chance to do so before. Natsume temporarily mistakes Forte to be Vanilla with Forte’s image fitting the motherly type more than Vanilla does. Natsume also remembers meeting Chitose before and vice-versa on Magiic after the fight against Verel. Natsume orders for Kazuya to introduce her to the Moon Angel Wing and Kazuya does so while also explaining how Natsume’s title of Princess does not apply to her anymore.

Natsume in her Angel Wing uniform.

The two explain the circumstances of her secession from the Arms Alliance and the Moon Angel Wing are surprised to see how much faith and maturity Natsume shows towards her people and their decision. Tact and co. enter the room and everyone notes their old uniforms as well. The Rune Angel Wing particularly note Coco’s old uniform and she embarrassingly changes the topic to inform them that she won’t be returning to the Luxiole for a few days and requests that Kazuya organize the wallscrolls in the Commander’s room and bring them back when he gets the chance as Tact mentions that he wanted to spruce up his boring office in the Central Globe. Coco reminds Tact of another matter and he orders everyone to listen and walks over to Natsume. Tact clears his voice and announces Natsume's crucial assistance in the fight against the Three Marquis and formally grants Natsume the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in the UPW and hands over her personalized uniform. Natsume decides to change into them immediately and signals Lily and the latter requests for everyone to exit the room. Outside, the crew are curious as to why the males weren't the ones to be asked to leave and Lily notes Natsume's native tradition does not allow anyone to see her bare body. The conversation quickly changes to the girls planning a hot springs trip and soon enough, Natsume steps out of the room in her uniform where everybody admires her nicely matched outfit.

With the Elsior docked near the main plaza, Almo welcomes the enormous crowd and gives the opening words to Tact with thunderous applause cheering for the Hero of the Empire. Tact recounts Juno’s liberation from the Val-Fasq and how their efforts have paved the future through the founding the ABSOLUTE, the UPW, and the alliances created between universes. Tact stresses that as the times have changed, the Val-Fasq themselves have changed as well and hopes for the unity between the people of EDEN and the Val-Fasq to last forever. With the proceedings ending and fireworks launched, Anise and Nano race to the banquet area only to be stopped by Tapio, who informs them that they are not general attendees and they are not allowed to eat the food just yet. He directs them to help the Elsior prepare for its celebratory cruise and Rune Angel Wing head to work. Tapio starts to leave as well after addressing Kazuya until a child comes up to Tapio, calling him an old-man. The boy asks Tapio if he is in the military and asks if the Val-Fasq are bad people and Kazuya, knowing Tapio’s blunt nature, begins to feel concerned. Tapio surprisingly replies calmly to the child and answers that the Val-Fasq are indeed evil and tells the child how the Val-Fasq sought to rule the galaxy and triggered the Chrono Quake Bomb to subdue the very planet they are standing on. The boy then asks how the Val-Fasq look like and if they are scary to be around to which Tapio asks if he looks scary to him and reveals that he is a Val-Fasq and the boy laughs at how they look the same and asks if he is a bad person. Unfazed, Tapio responds that most of them were and still some remain as hostile but the boy’s mother comes to retrieve him before running off when she learns that Tapio is a Val-Fasq. Kazuya asks Tapio if he is offended at all by the comments but Tapio explains that he had expected something of this nature to happen eventually. Anise shouts at the two from far away and angrily yells at them to help with preparations, particularly Tapio, as he was the one who told her to do so in the first place. Tapio and Kazuya then head to assist.


Natsume bites out her way out of captivity.

With the Elsior ready to take off, Almo thanks everyone for attending the ceremony and concludes the day's events. Kazuya stretches with the brunt of the work finished and Natsume complains and states she wishes to return to her room. The two notice an odd individual near the crowd and Kazuya decides to investigate before Lily calls him over to help with putting away the tables and chairs so Natsume decides that she will investigate for him. Natsume discovers the suspicious individual drop a nail and sees something akin to a bomb during his panic. She concludes that he’s someone who wants to disrupt the ceremony and throws the nail to Kazuya who arrives to see what was happening. Natsume is grabbed by the perpetrator and he demands the nail back to finish his device. Natsume escapes from him after biting his arm and reveals she took the rest of the ammunition the perpetrator had after discerning the weapon was a traditional firearm, which explains how it was undetected. She taunts him to shoot and he eventually does so and Natsume deflects the lone bullet with a strange barrier emitted from the mark on her forehead. Natsume shakes some sense into the shocked Kazuya before Lily apprehends the individual.

Back on the Luxiole, Tapio is given the report of what happened and states that nothing can be done at the moment as Coco is not present. Natsume is handed an enormous manual for future reference to match her duties of a lieutenant but more importantly, Anise brings up what Natsume had used to stop the bullet. Lily is curious and states that she had seen it first hand when she first met with Natsume and Kahlua wishes to know if the technique is magic-based. Natsume is unsure of what exactly to categorize her ability and Kahlua wishes to see it in effect and Natsume asks for Anise to throw something at her. After a small debacle on what to throw, Anise throws a brooch at Natsume who promptly deflects it. Kahlua senses no mana being used and describes the barrier as something akin to the abilities used by fairies and spirits. Rico asks if other people in the Arms Alliance are able to use it and Natsume states that only females of her household are able to invoke it. Lily notices how Natsume has begun calling everyone by their first names and Natsume sees that it is only fit that she does so now that she’s officially a part of the unit. With the issues settled, Tapio ends the meeting and Kazuya requests permission to retrieve Tact’s wallscroll. Tapio opens the Commander’s Room for Kazuya to pick out 1 out of 6 wallscrolls that determine who Tact ended up with.

Later on, Kazuya runs into the crew in the Piroti laughing about something and they explain that Ranpha gave them a horoscope program that estimated love compatibility and the crew were entertained when they entered Rico and Tequila’s names and got a 200% result. Kazuya tries his name with his chosen Angel and gets the result of 500%, embarrassing the two while the rest change the subject. The team is curious to know what other names to add and Kazuya starts with the bridge and adds Coco and Tapio and asks if anyone know the names of the 3 bridge hands. No one seems to know and Rico shares their names but even she admits to having no idea of their full names. Kazuya is eventually chosen to go around the ship to gather names for their device.

On the bridge, Kazuya sees Tapio receiving a message from Almo and Kazuya hears the last name Blueberry and adds in Almo's name. Kazuya then requests if he could learn the names of the Operators and Tapio allows him to if they themselves agree. The two current Operators share their names as Hibiki Takuma and Shuri Melanzana and Kazuya asks of the other operator currently on the Elsior and they tell him of his name Naoru Ougyouji. Kazuya asks if he frequents the security team and the operators laugh as they reveal that Naoru has a twin brother in the security department named Majiru.

Kazuya heads to the cafeteria where he questions himself why he bothered coming as he already knows Lunti’s last name of Fiadone. Lunti himself seems strangely cheerful and he states that Milfie complimented his cooking and how she told him she’ll visit him again to help cook and Kazuya leaves him to his joy and exits. In the café, Kazuya notices Melba’s change in uniform and she becomes happy at how Kazuya has finally noticed something about her outfit. Kazuya questions what he missed last time and she reminds him that he didn’t notice her outfit change 3 months ago. Kazuya states that he does not remember anything but praises her current choice in clothes. Melba doesn’t buy the attempt to change the topic and Kazuya apologizes but still nonetheless states that what she’s wearing is cute and Melba begins to frolic in joy.  She starts slapping Kazuya’s back and asks what Kazuya came by for and he simply notes that he’s here to know her full name. Melba shares her last name as Brownie and Kazuya adds it to the program and leaves. Kazuya enters the Convenience Store and is routinely welcomed by the store owner. Kazuya stops himself from asking his name when he notices a name tag on his shirt and wonders how he has failed to notice after all these months. Kazuya enters the name Luco Frite and excuses himself. Next, Kazuya enters the new theater room and wonders if there’s anything to watch before Anise calls him to quicken his pace.

On the bottom floor, Kazuya visits the Hangar and finds Coronet and Croix working on the Relic Raider. He approaches the duo and asks if anything is wrong and they explain that they are trying to find the source of the abnormal noise the engine has been making. They ask what Kazuya is here for and he asks for their full names and Croix says his last name is Blort and he tries to remember Coronet’s last name and mistakes it as “Choucreme”. Coronet angrily corrects him that her last name is Choucroute and the two run off in their usual bout. Kazuya enters the Infirmary next where he learns of Mordent’s last name as Bagel and leaves without any trouble. Kazuya soon approaches the Engine Room and begins to predict the usual routine Steline berates him with but steels himself and enters the room. Kazuya’s predicted words match Steline’s actual shouting and he leaves without getting her name and decides to give up on finding out for now. Kazuya prepares to leave but hears noises coming from the Simulation Room. Seeing as though the Angel Wing are upstairs, he enters to see who is inside and sees one of the pods being used with the category of Shuttle selected and then hears a crash. A girl steps out and she asks who he is and he introduces himself. The girl is happy to hear that they’re of the same rank of 2nd lieutenant but apologizes for her attitude when she realizes that Kazuya mentioned that he was the captain of the Angel Wing. She introduces herself as Brenda Glucini, the new shuttle pilot who recently transferred from EDEN. Kazuya calms her down and notes that the Luxiole functions as a leisurely atmosphere and she notes that she has heard of the Tact's style of command while Kazuya corrects her of the similarly functioning atmosphere Coco allows. Kazuya leaves and returns to the Piroti to share everyone’s names.

The crew revel in laughter as the first name to be tested was Lunti and he scored a 0% with all females on board. The team eventually run out of things for the program to simulate and they decide that they had spent enough time with it. The crew then disbands to do their own activities. 


Kazuya lands his first hit on Lily.

Kazuya wakes up earlier than usual and still finds himself unsuitably tired. He meets Rico outside in the Piroti and she suggests to visit the training room and ask Lily for a morning workout and Kazuya decides to do so. Kazuya watches Lily train outside the room before she invites him in to ask what he needs. Kazuya requests for sparring practice against her and Lily agrees to coach him. Kazuya and Lily’s sparring tire each other out and Kazuya begins to feel extremely light-headed and Lily asks if he’s alright. Kazuya feels as if everything is slowed around him and is unable to hear Lily checking on his condition. Kazuya sees an opening in Lily’s defenses and strikes her once on the head. Lily is completely surprised by the hit and of Kazuya’s recovery but she validates his first hit against her. Kazuya's celebration comes to an end when a message alerts the duo and he leaves first while Lily thinks over what just happened with Kazuya’s blank state.

The Rune Angel Wing meet inside the Bridge for the tele-meeting with Coco but instead, a transmission from Tact comes in. Tapio asks if anything is the matter and Tact states that they do not have much time to explain and announces that the Will have entered EDEN. Tapio asks for their location and Tact asks for Tapio to remain calm and reveals that the Will have appeared in the Val-Vaross System, the Val-Fasq's native sector. Noa suddenly appears from the back of the Bridge and orders the operator to set a course for the Val-Vaross System immediately. The Bridgehand requests for orders but Tapio is visibly stunned to answer immediately but soon breaks out of his trance and orders for an immediate course to the Val-Vaross system. Tact asks Noa to calm down as the UPW will have to authorize their activity and Tapio states that he doesn't see a problem as Noa is ranked as a representative. However, Noa informs him that she has relinquished the role and that became the Head of the Science and Research department. Tact explains that Noa had shifted her goals to studying the Infinite Corridor and the Will over being a diplomat, seeing as how she's better in handling technology than people. Tapio asks who will take her place and Noa states that it isn't her concern anymore and Tact responds that Admiral Luft will most likely take over. Finishing off, Tact orders for the Luxiole to move ahead of them to intercept the Will’s advance ahead of them and promises to contact them later. 

Noa orders everyone to meet in the Tea Lounge while Tapio suggests the Briefing Room before being chewed out and he orders for everyone to assemble in the Tea Lounge. Once there, Tapio asks of Val-Rundal’s status and Noa decides to explain everything in terms that everyone can understand. While she has studied the Infinite Corridor for the past 3 months, she has made slow progress in being able to know the nature of it. However, she was able to predict the next time it would appear and reminds everyone that the Infinite Corridor appeared in NEUE twice while only appearing in EDEN once. Noa was able to predict the next appearance of the Infinite Corridor in EDEN while comparing the previous times it has opened and the proximity of the Luxiole and Elsior during those times. With the Elsior circling Juno and the Luxiole farther away, Val-Vaross was chosen as the Will’s target. Tapio’s explanations of the demilitarization of the Val-Fasq might have been another reason for the Will’s choice in attacking Val-Rundal. The Bridge contacts Tapio and informs him that they have finished optimizing a course and Noa tells everyone to prepare to face their worst enemy yet.


The Infinite Corridor unleashes the Will fleet.

The Luxiole arrives near Val-Rundal's vicinity and the crew are immediately met by the sight of the Infinite Corridor’s rift with enemy ships spewing forth and the crew is scrambled to action. Tapio quickly briefs the team through the Braveheart and the Rune Angel Wing are deployed to combat. With the enemy ships repulsed, Noa informs them that energy readings are still being detected from the Infinite Corridor and Tapio places the team on standby. Radars soon pick up definite signatures and Tapio warns the Rune Angel Wing of the 2 nd wave of enemies arriving with more ships than before. A transmission is detected and Noa orders for it to be displayed on a screen. Tapio and Noa mistake the individual on-screen as Parfait and the figure corrects them and identifies himself as Sorbet, another envoy of the Will. He expresses surprise at now Noa was able to predict their attack and congratulates her for her intuition. Tapio requests permission to speak to Sorbet from Noa and asks why the Will chose this system to invade first. Sorbet states that this is yet another demonstration of their power and moves on to ask Noa in return. Sorbet politely asks for Noa to cease her interference and Noa gives the obvious response and refuses to do so. Sorbet sees no choice in the matter and sends out an energy pulse to deactivate the Luxiole and the Emblem Frames. Noa however, enters a few codes to restore the main power immediately and explains that she has at least figured out how to cancel the energy that crippled them months before and notes that she has updated the Emblem Frames to counteract these effects as well. Sorbet is amused and then readies his fleet’s and Noa orders for the Rune Angel Wing to deploy against the fleet, even in the face of overwhelming numbers. Kazuya prepares the team for the fight ahead but the Luxiole’s bridge detects another signature coming toward them.

The front lines of the massive fleet are completely decimated in front of the Rune Angel Wing and Kazuya notices the repaired status of his Emblem Frame as well as the others. Nano recognizes the light as nanomachines and the Moon Angel Wing descend in their Emblem Frames from above the battlefield. Forte greets them while Milfie happily announces that they haven’t come alone and the Elsior enters the scene with Lester ordering for Coco to scan enemy vessels while ordering Almo to open connections with the Luxiole. Tact relays command to Kazuya and the unified Angel Wing assail the Will fleet. The Angel Wing are able to destroy the remaining fleets and its reinforcements and Sorbet admits his defeat here and sees how curious the technology the Angel Wing possess. Before departing, he warns Noa to not underestimate their technology and invites them to have a "taste" and mentions that in the case his forces were defeated here, he had something to congratulate their victory with. The Infinite Corridor closes and Noa orders for a full scan of the area in hopes of finding this "gift" Sorbet has left them with. Expecting the worst, Kazuya and Forte are ordered to keep the Angel Wing on standby for anything suspicious. The Luxiole and Elsior head toward Val-Rundal's area and they are horrified to find that the second planet of Val-Vaross' system has vanished. Tapio informs them that the second planet was the system's largest but was thankfully uninhabited. The scans finally finish only to find a singularity point forming near Val Rundal and the operators confirm a blackhole will form momentarily. Noa heads to her console to think of a way to counteract it while Tapio goes over logistics and confirms this is the gift Sorbet has left them as the blackhole is heading in a collision course with Val-Rundal. Kazuya suggests that they evacuate the planet but is told that it would take too long and Noa finishes going over her calculations and hesitantly reveals that the only force capable of counteracting the blackhole's formation will be the detonation of a large amount of Chrono Strings. Noa leaves the decision up to Tact and Coco to decide between the Elsior or Luxiole along with its respective Emblem Frames. Tact immediately states there is nothing to discuss and orders for Forte and the team to dock immediately. Kazuya shouts in protest but Tact declares that they are ready and willing to to sacrifice the Elsior. Kazuya claims that it should be the Luxiole and their Emblem Frames to be sacrificed as they have not even been able to invoke the Angel Feathers yet, only for Forte to yell back that they should learn how to do so. Tact notes of the Luxiole's superior technical specifications that would help them in the long run and the Moon Angel Wing calms Kazuya down as they believe that the Elsior and their Emblem Frames have done enough and remind him that they're not even a proper unit anymore. Having worked past their prime, they explain that they are willing to let go of the past and let the new generation succeed them. Tact contacts Tapio to prepare to receive the Elsior's crew and for Noa to board to prepare for its detonation. Tact addresses the Elsior's crew and states that he had never thought its full crew would completely reunite again and expresses sadness but sees only destiny at work as the Elsior has been given one final mission. Tact decrees his last act of command and orders for everyone to transfer to the Luxiole. 

Soon after, Noa finishes the preparations the Elsior's engines to detonate while giving control to Tapio in directing it toward the blackhole. With the blackhole's energy eating away the Elsior's shields, Noa declares that it is time and requests for Tact to enter the administrative password for the remote self-destruction sequence. Noa decides to give the final honors to Tact and his chosen Angel steps up to push the button with him to destroy the Elsior. Tact says his goodbyes and his chosen Angel bids farewell to her Emblem Frame as the Elsior's Engine Room deploys its Chrono Cylinders and the lights begin to vibrate. A bright flash envelopes the vessel and the resulting explosion is able to cancel the blackhole's singularity with the energy signatures disappearing. The Elsior's crew watch their vessel crumble before them and Tapio begins to shed tears, seeing the symbols of EDEN sacrificed for his people's sake. Noa relays the mantle of command back to Coco and she relieves the Rune Angel Wing.

Chapter 2: Origin (原点)[]

Tapio hands over a datapad to Coco with all the information of what occurred during her absence and the meeting begins. Rico asks the status of the blackhole and Coco assures everyone that the singularity was completely negated and all potential harm was averted. The team is still worried of the destruction of the Elsior and their mentors' Emblem Frames but Kazuya is the one who stands up to explain that they had no choice, with Tact telling him previously that this was the best course of action. Kazuya declares that instead of continuing to worry about this, they should prepare themselves for what's to come. Coco concludes the meeting with the official announcement that they will be heading back to Transbaal in the meantime Val-Rundal's safety. The crew head out but Kazuya is called back in the Briefing Room where Coco shares classified information that only Tapio, Noa, Tact, Lester, and herself know about where the next point where the Infinite Corridor will open. Kazuya is shocked to hear and is even more shocked when he learns that their destination of Transbaal will be the next predicted area of interest. Kazuya panics and asks why they're not heading there at top speed and Noa calms him down, stating that they have a while before the Infinite Corridor opens and she'll be using the Luxiole as a mini-lab to conduct further research. Coco also explains that the Rune Angel Wing's mental health would be insufficient to repel another threat this early. Coco lets Kazuya leave, letting him know that it will be his responsibility to get everyone in top shape before their inevitable conflict.

Kazuya is once again given another extended Free Roam where each location will have interaction between the members of the Elsior's crew and the Luxiole's crew. If Kazuya returns to the Bridge, he'll find Coco in her old uniform again where Almo explains that Tact wanted to continue acting as Commander again for the time being and had the Elsior's Bridge team take over during Tapio and the Bridge hands' shifts. Kazuya leaves, only to hear Tact give a few orders out before announcing he will go rest with Lester starting to yell. In the Briefing Room, Kazuya finds Milfie and Rico, with the latter teaching Milfie how to work the console while discussing their favorite genre of books. In the Piroti, Kazuya will meet with Kuromie who first mistakes his presence as Mint but apologizes. Kuromie introduces himself and notes that he heard of Kazuya before on the news of the First Male of member of the Angel Wing. Kazuya is embarrassed to hear he made the news but he remembers hearing of Kuromie's duties as an animal caretaker and becomes silent after remembering the Elsior's destruction. Kuromie assures him that all the animals, including the space whale, were able to be saved and notes Kazuya's kind intentions. Kuromie questions why he thought it was Mint that entered and Kazuya retreats, remembering that the Telepathic Fur has similar properties to Mint's ears.

On the lower floors, Kazuya visits the Training Room to find Lily and Forte pro-wrestling. Forte charges at Lily but the latter is able to get a hold of her mentor and pulls a suplex on her while asking Kazuya to count down. Lily earns victory over Forte and explains that the two haven't trained together in quite some time and Forte decides to use the shower room with Lily following her. In the Convenience Store, Kazuya runs into the Store owner from the Elsior where he learns that the two storekeepers are actually brothers and finds out of Lucco's brothers name, Ecco. In the Park, Kazuya finds Nano playing with Vanilla now that the two have finally found some time together. In the Theater Room, Kazuya finds Chitose and Natsume about to watch some horror movies and he steps out, knowing his weakness towards horror. In the Recreation Room, Kazuya finds Anise and Mint gambling with mahjong with Anise having an enormous sum of money on the line. Anise requests that Kazuya help her cheat but whatever Kazuya does, he'll be unable to help Anise win against Mint's shrewdness. In the Cafeteria, Kazuya meets the lunch-lady from the Elsior who is helping out Lunti. She introduces herself as Miyazawa Ume and she seems to be getting along with Lunti very well. Kazuya enters her name into the "What If" program from earlier and pretends to have not seen the positive results.

On the last floor, Kazuya finds a tired Tequila in her lab with Ranpha asking for yet another horoscope/fortune telling. Tequila describes that she has already performed these on all the topics involving romance and begs her to stop. Tequila asks Kazuya to help but if Kazuya does attempt to do so, Ranpha will kick him outside where Kazuya loses consciousness. He wakes up later to find a note saying that Nano treated him while he was knocked out. In the Infirmary, Kazuya meets Cera chatting with Mordent and she introduces herself and offers him some coffee but Kazuya says he's only visiting and excuses himself. In the Hangar, Kazuya meets Creta discussing the Braveheart with Croix and Coronet. Creta takes instant interest in Kazuya's girlish features and his looks "that need protecting". If Kazuya revisits some locations, he'll find Rico watching Milfie win yet another prize in the convenience store raffle while Nano and Vanilla consume an inordinate amount of snacks to try and win a prize. In the Cafeteria, he finds Ranpha and Anise compete in an eating contest consisting of increasingly spicy food while Forte and Natsume watch while chatting about guns and eating oden. In the Infirmary, Kazuya finds Chitose and Lily drinking coffee along with Kahlua and Mint.

Kazuya finishes his rounds and hears the intercom announce their proximity to Transbaal and the Elsior's crew being called down for a meeting. Kazuya himself is called down by Croix to assist in making the daily adjustments to the Braveheart. Once Kazuya finishes assisting Croix, they overhear Anise yelling at Coronet for messing around with the Relic Raider again. While Croix states they have repaired what they can, the engine of the Relic Raider continues to make strange noises. Kazuya exits the Hangar and decides to relax in the Tea Lounge where he finds Rico. Before he can greet her, Lunti rushes into the room and calls Rico's name and approaches her. Lunti begs to know why Milfie hasn't stopped by the Cafeteria after she promised she would and Rico tries to calm him down. Melba says that they she just here in the Tea Lounge before and Lunti gets more upset. Rico calms him down by saying that they left for a meeting and that she will finish the meeting soon and come visit him. Lunti finally regains his composure but accidentally touches Rico's shoulder and he is thrown across the room. Kazuya however stood in his flight path and the two are immediately knocked out.


Rico and Mordent panicking over Kazuya's condition.

Kazuya witnesses a glimpse of the Luxiole exiting Chrono Drive with the bridge hands at work. Kazuya sees Coco and Noa talk about activating a "field" and Kazuya tries to call out to them but he gets no response. Kazuya then finds his own body on one of the beds of the Infirmary with Mordent and Rico next to him, the former being distressed at the lack of brain activity. Kazuya thinks he's dead but after another flash, he finds himself awake on the bed. Mordent is relieved while Rico cries as she thought she had killed him. Mordent explains that he was stressed out during the ordeal, seeing as though Kazuya's brain activity were flat-lining. A while later, Rico calms down from crying while the rest of the Angel Wing enter to see if Kazuya is alright. He calms them down and Mordent explains what happened after Melba's account of the story, after describing the force of Rico's throws as that of a missile. Kazuya notes an irregularity as he experienced some other things before he awoke in the Infirmary. Mordent asks him what he means and Kazuya notes that he was on the Bridge and then after, the Infirmary where he saw Rico and Modent. The crew are skeptical and consider it a dream but Kazuya asserts that he is telling the truth and Kahlua thinks that Kazuya's mind was separated from his body during that time. Kazuya proves this by repeating what Mordent said right before his awakening and Mordent is astounded to hear what he spoke of during Kazuya's unconsciousness. Mordent is completely confused at the situation and while the crew teases him about his fears but Rico suddenly announces that she wants to be cured as she never wants this to happen again.

In the Tea Lounge, Mordent and the Rune Angel Wing gather to hear the full story of what Rico believes to be the root of her problems with her reflex, a story that Mordent knew a small bit about when he first met her. Rico remembers that she was around 5-years old when it occurred and apologizes since her memory is understandably fuzzy at some parts. She remembers the summer in Transbaal where she wanted to go see a famous idol perform at a stage hall located in a Blancmanche owned tower. The halls were crowded with people and a fire broke out with people beginning to panic. Everyone began running towards exits and Rico was separated from her mother during the chaos. With this event being an idol concert, the primary patrons were males and the young Rico and the crew piece together that the ratio of male to female in that building with the fire spreading caused her fear. Rico however states that it was the event after that was the one that caused her to develop her fears. She continues and describes when the fire increased in intensity, the masses were crowded into a small room and Rico was stuck inside the room with an overwhelmingly large amount of males. The sprinklers were still going off and everyone was still panicking and Rico was constantly pushed, brushed aside, and had rough physical contact with the people there. Rico remembers hearing the fire went on for around 6 hours but she does not remember the rest. With her story over, Kazuya apologizes for making her remember an event like that but she feels comfortable with telling her friends. Anise then remembers that they're heading towards Transbaal right now and proposes that they visit that tower.

Kazuya gains permission from Noa, Tapio, and Coco for the team to make planetfall on Transbaal to sort out Rico's problem in hopes that she will be cured and be in better condition for the fight ahead. After an eventful shuttle ride, the crew enter the large auditorium room where Rico's fear originated. The crew finds a console to find the exact room Rico was locked in and Lily accesses the security console that leads them to the room that states the room had fit 200 people inside during the fire, Kahlua pointing out that she surmises around 50 people would fill the room up. Rico is hesitant to enter and Kazuya assures her that she does not need to push herself. Rico enters anyway but states that she doesn't particularly feel anything. The crew are both relieved but disappointed and question what they should do to confront Rico's fears. Natsume then suggests that they should try and recreate the event and enter the room and push each other around. Rico agrees to the idea and everyone enters the room and Kahlua asks Kazuya to enter as well. Kazuya is reluctant to engage in an activity where he'll be making constant contact with everyone but Lily drags him inside and everyone starts pressing against each other. Eventually, everyone tires out and Rico still feels nothing while Kazuya has passed out with a bloody nose and a smile. Natsume decides to amp up their procedures and orders Lily to open communications with the Luxiole.


Kazuya, now with rolled up papers in his nose, makes role-call and all named, male members from both the Elsior and Luxiole enter the auditorium. Kazuya instructs everyone to pick out numbers that will match their positions in their exercise. Lester pulls out a position closest to Rico which causes Lunti and Tact to get extremely jealous. The men, excluding Kazuya, are led inside the room where they take their positions around Rico. The rest of the Rune Angel Wing pump them up and exit the room and Tact and Lunti begin the group movement. Kazuya and the others note the silence but immediately hears Rico scream with the floor rumbling beneath their feet. Kazuya opens the door to check and stands in shock for a moment before yelling for Nano's assistance. Nano describes what she witnessed in the room as hellish and gets to treating everyone. Kuromie apparently avoided the entire ordeal, the Twins become nostalgic of their academy training, while the rest of the males groan in pain. Natsume asks Rico how she felt and Rico cries that nothing has changed from before. Anise however decides to keep at it with their attempts and demands a handkerchief from the Elsior's storekeeper and asks Kahlua to light it on fire. Anise throws her knife with the burning handkerchief to the ceiling where it lands near a sprinkler and water starts pouring down. Mordent gets extremely motivated now that they added yet another detail in recreating Rico's traumatic experience and is convinced that they can achieve a greater effect if they continue their ordeal. The crew and Rico enter the small room and Mordent asks Kahlua to heat up the room to which she does, Lily to break the air conditioning, and Anise kicks the light-switches. Now with more or less all of the factors recreated, all that's left is human contact for Rico to resist. The males rush toward Rico and she blacks out where she relives her memories of when she was finally was reunited with her mother after the accident. Rico then realizes that it was not her mother that accompanied her to the idol concert but Milfie and wakes up to her sister's voice. 

Rico questions why Milfie is here and apparently the Moon Angel Wing visited the tower after Tact informed Mint of the damages caused to the auditorium. Rico sees if Milfie really was the one and the latter remembers that she took her to the concert but found it strange that Rico kept calling her mom after they were reunited. Milfie then reminds Rico that this was the day when they bought her hairpins and Rico finally remembers the aftermaths of the incident. She remembers that she was crying after seeing that she lost the hairpins she borrowed from Milfie and thought she would be mad at her. Milfie tried to calm her down and bought her a new pair in the department store in the lower floor of the tower. Rico seems to finally understand what happened afterwards and Milfie also remembers this was the time she started becoming more dependent on her instead of their mother, citing that Rico was very clingy to her mother before these events. Rico becomes overjoyed that her most traumatic memory was immediately succeeded by memories of Milfie and tearfully hugs her. While Milfie tries to calm Rico down, Kazuya overhears Mint yelling at Anise and Lily in the other room. Mordent steps out of the room and is surprised to see Rico laughing and smiling and sees that something has gone right.


Kazuya and Rico enter the Briefing Room and inform Coco that the respective male crew members have returned as well. Rico thanks everybody for helping her but Noa asks if anything has actually improved in Rico's condition. Kazuya then calls Tact to touch Rico's shoulder and Tact is thrown to the wall and Noa sees that nothing has changed but Kazuya then hands Rico an apple and she easily splits it in half. Noa realizes that Rico has managed to regulate her inhuman strength with relation to Rico's innate "balance detection" ability that allows her to do this. The crew is overjoyed to see that luck as guided them to Transbaal to help Rico's condition and Tapio is surprised to hear that Kazuya has not yet shared the true reason that they have came here. The latter states that he waited for the meeting to announce the news and reveals to his team that the Infinite Corridor will soon open here and Noa confirms that they have around 49 hours left and the team seems prepared to deal with the oncoming threat. Tact also happily informs of the presence of allies in the form of the immense Transbaal fleet. Noa adds on to the good news and has a surprise for them as well and leads everyone outside and orders for the bridge hands to zoom in on a location. Noa reveals the restored Black Moon that she has been working on since the beginning of the conflict with the Val-Fasq and also reveals the implementation of the Shadow Moon's ability of hiding itself from radar detection. Noa decides to deactivate the stealth fields and as soon as she does so, Kazuya falls unconscious. Kazuya finds himself again, conscious, but out of his body and peers down below to see himself surrounded by his worried squadmates. He tries calling out to them but only Anise looks up with no other response. Tact asks Noa to do something and she traces her immediate steps back and reactivates the stealth field and Kazuya is returned to to his body. The crew is surprised and Tapio notes that something similar came up in the reports and Lily confirms that she remembers something similar happening a few days ago during training, describing that Kazuya had "two presences". Noa asks Lily to put her experience with this phenomena in a report and Noa asks Coco to oversee the rest as they need to worry of the Infinite Corridor that will soon approach them takes precedence.

The Transbaal Fleet prepare for battle.

Two days later, the Rune Angel Wing have a glance at the enormous Transbaal fleet mobilizing in front of them. In the Luxiole's bridge, Coco is worried that she will not be up to par as Tact's leadership but he entrusts her command of the fleets and Coco asks Noa for instructions as to where they should concentrate their forces. Noa is unsure herself but energy signatures confirm the Infinite Corridor opening and while Sorbet enters the screen through transmission call, Noa immediately cuts their conversation short and orders the attack. The main power suddenly goes out but the Luxiole itself immediately recovers while the other allied ships slowly recover their energy. Tapio briefs the Angel Wing and they are deployed against the Will. With the help of the Transbaal fleet joining them soon after, the Rune Angel Wing repel the Will fleets and Noa expects another wave of enemies but is surprised to see the Infinite Corridor respond with no signatures. A transmission is picked up and Sorbet congratulates them on their victory but even he states that their triumph was expected. Sorbet's tone sounds much more snide than before and he tells them to take their time before cutting the communications. Tact and Noa ponder over this while Coco's input makes them panic. The two order for Coco to retrieve the Emblem Frames and plot a course to the Chrono Gate as they realize that the next opening of the Infinite Corridor will be in NEUE.

Chapter 3: Family (眷属)[]

The Bridge hand notify Tapio of the end of Chrono Drive and he orders for an optimized route back to the Chrono Gate. Inside the Briefing Room, Tact explains why they think NEUE is the next target and shares a small lesson with the Rune Angel Wing. Kazuya identifies the current civilized universes EDEN, NEUE, PHOS, RUIN, ALTE, and SKIA while Rico notes of how NEUE and EDEN are the only ones with capable forces combating against the Will. Lily understands that EDEN is the indisputably the most advanced and Anise theorizes that with EDEN repelling the Will forces, the Will still hold massive power compared to the other universes. Natsume and Kahlua conclude that by when Sorbet meant to "take their time", it signified the Will's intent on attacking the other weaker universes instead of wasting their time fighting EDEN. The Luxiole is to be sent to NEUE while Tact will advise the EDEN forces from ABSOLUTE. Tact and the Moon Angel Wing will be shuttled to the Central Globe where he will issue commands while the members of the Moon Angel Wing sans Milfeulle have already been reinstated as Majors of their respective defense fleets. Noa states she will be accompanying the Luxiole to aid them in their active duties for now. The Bridge hands contact Tapio once again to notify that they will be entering Chrono Drive once more. With the Luxiole being the faster ship, Tact decides that they should share some words of encouragement to their successors and the Angel Wing speak to their counterparts, Lester to Tapio, Almo to Coco, and finally Tact to Kazuya, Tact declares his order for Kazuya to protect his native of NEUE to which the latter accepts with confidence. Tact jokes on how much Kazuya has changed in the near-year he has been inducted as his old self would have answered more sheepishly.

The Luxiole enters ABSOLUTE and the shuttle heads toward the Central Globe. Noa orders to contact the Master Core in a while to open the NEUE Gate and to contact Seldar soon after. Kazuya heads to his room to catch a nap but is shortly called to the Infirmary where his presence is requested. Kazuya heads down to find Noa who says that she needed to inspect something about him before asking Coco to enter the Gate and confirm their position in NEUE. Afterwards, Noa stares at Kazuya and sees nothing of irregularity on him. She asks Mordent to run a scan on Kazuya's body and he finds no issues pointing out anything either. During this impromptu check up, Coco contacts Noa to note that "Phel" is on his way by shuttle to the Luxiole. Noa panics at the words and tells Coco to reject the pick-up but Coco had no choice to accept. Kazuya asks who Phel is and is told that he is the Gatekeeper for PHOS. Kazuya notes the visible grimace Noa has on before he is called down to the Briefing Room.

A shuttle lands on the Luxiole and the team is introduced to Phel Orchietette, a child of dark complexion holding a tribal-looking staff and dressed in robes. Coco welcomes him aboard and instructs Rico and Kazuya to guide him during the duration of his visit. Kazuya is dumbfounded as to why Noa would fear Phel and they start a tour through the ship. At the end of the tour, Kazuya is informed that Nano was given the keycard for Phel's room and the two head to the Piroti and Nano hands the keycard and she asks if Phel is anyway similar to Milfie. Phel takes out a few coins and throws them and they land on all the same sides, mirroring Milfie's extreme luck. Kazuya mentions the name Verel and Phel seems informed of him while Nano states that is something from a while back before PHOS was explored. Phel states that had studied some of the recent events but Noa contacts Kazuya and confirms familiar signatures forming in Pico and orders the Angel Wing to meet in the Briefing Room. Kazuya and Nano say their goodbyes to Phel as they rush to the floor above.


Noa informs the team that her calculations has had an error and that will unfortunately reach Pico after the Infinite Corridor opens and she tells everyone to be prepared to enter combat immediately after Chrono Drive ends. The meeting is dismissed and the crew head toward the Hangar. As Noa predicted, the enemy fleet are already present near Pico and the Angel Wing are deployed. Tapio informs Kazuya of the indiscriminate defense satellites that have activated to answer the threat and orders for their disposal as well. The crew return to the Bridge to find Coco already in contact with the representative of Pico on the main screen. The conversation ends and Tapio takes everyone to the briefing room to explain their situation. Pico itself was completely unharmed, only its communications were cut and no manner of violence was brought to the planet. However, the only other "valuable" asset Pico had was the abandoned facility on its moon and Tapio states that while they achieved victory against the Will fleet, they had already left with what they came for, the nanomachine organisms. Anise gets angry at how Tapio and the rest have not embarked to investigate the lab but he silences her as he empathized with Nano at how he has seen his homeworld under attack and calmly orders for Kazuya to lead them inside the facility once Noa is able to shut down the security systems.


Nano is silent in the shuttle ride to Femto but mentions that she has no memories with the other Nanomachine organisms but still feels uncomfortable about their abduction. Since Nano has no memories of the time before she met Vanilla, she does not "know" any of her compatriots. Kazuya takes the time to try and comfort her in saying that even if she had never talked or played with them, it still held no bearing in affirming Nano's concern and familial feelings for them. The crew arrive inside the facility and with the security measures off, they gain full access to the deeper parts of the lab. Lily and Natsume note that they haven't been here while the rest of the crew note that they have been here multiple times. Nano and Anise spot the door leading to the lab and Nano rushes on without them. The crew catch up and witness the entire room empty of the tubes that contained Nano's "sisters". Kahlua enters the room last, gasping for air but only passes out after witnessing the empty room. Nano heals her and goes over to check the console on what exactly happened. Kahlua notices an open port in each of the empty tubes and asks Kazuya if he has any idea to what they might do and he replies that he has no idea. Nano calls everyone over and informs them that she does not know what the Will intended to do with the nanomachines but she has somehow gained full access to the facility's systems. Anise presumes that the Will had hacked into the systems and the tampered data further validated Nano's native access to its systems and gave her full control. Nano shows everyone a layout of the facility and after she presses a button, more rooms light up. Nano has known about a particular door at the northern corner of the lab for quite some time and sees that at least one nanomachine organism was not taken away. 

The crew discover an unharmed nanomachine organism.

The crew head for the door and Nano manually opens the lock and the crew are indeed met with the lone nanomachine organism that was not taken. The crew sees that it is in form of an infant and Anise is suspicious as to why the Will didn't take it. Nano tries to access the nearby console but is unable to gain access, even with her native origin. Seeing as though the Pico inhabitants are currently unavailable for them to inquire and Vanilla being in ABSOLUTE, the crew turn to the only other technology expert in their vicinity. The angry Noa complains why she was dragged here and Anise is tasked into goading her into accessing the console. Noa agrees and Anise is dragged out by Kazuya from the room before she says anything to change Noa's mind. Even Noa has difficulty in accessing the console and is surprised to see its original components and language that is "native to her". Either way, Noa surmises it was the console that had all the information regarding the other nanomachine lifeforms in the facility. Nano wishes for Noa to fully access its records but Noa states that it will take some time for her to access all of its vital information and proposes that they take the entire console and the nanomachine infant itself to the Luxiole for further, undisturbed research.


Kazuya becomes tired as she was assigned guard duty of the Infirmary's front door to not let anyone disturb Noa installing the tube-chamber the nanomachine lifeform was stored in into the Infirmary. Kazuya goes inside and sees Nano eyeing the organism carefully and sees how it has been alone for its entire existence. Nano has named the organism "Cookie" after feeling bad at how everyone referred to it as "that thing" or "that" and Mordent enters the room noting of how Noa is nearly done gaining access to the console. A short while later, Kazuya and Nano hear an announcement from Noa asking them to gather in the Piroti. 

Natsume enters the Piroti last and Kazuya announces that they have arrived but Noa is fast asleep on the Piroti's tables. Anise is livid at how Noa has called them down while she was about to reach a highscore in a game only to fall asleep in front of them. Anise yells to wake her up and Noa wakes up, only to respond with sleeptalk. Anise laughs at how Noa responded but Kazuya calms her down and apologizes for their interruption but nonetheless asks for what she called them down for. Noa places a holograph projector on the table and an image of Vanilla appears from it. Vanilla greets everyone and Noa explains that it was thanks to Vanilla that she was able to finally crack the console. Because of the immense amount of information, Noa decides to explain the nanomachines themselves while Vanilla will cover the topics regarding Nano. Nano is given the honors of asking the first question and she asks of her "friends" and why the Will has taken them. Noa and Vanilla decide to start with basics and explain the nanomachine organisms that were designated the name "Pudding" units and that the labs purpose was to engineer nanomachine life forms. While Vanilla gave Nano's name to her personally, the last name was given to her according to her previous knowledge of the project's data from the other console. Noa then moves on to explain why Will had taken them away and asks Kahlua to demonstrate her explanations and asks for her to use a spell against Nano. Nano immediately falls under Kahlua's sleeping spell and then Noa asks Lily to cut Nano with her sword. Lily is obviously reluctant and Nano states that she would die but Noa asks if Nano honestly thinks she would perish if she was cut, to which she denies soon after. Noa then links Will's motives with "power" and establishes the balance between the planets of Magic, Seldar, and Pico. Magic is effective against nanomacines but weak to the sword, the sword is strong against magic but weak against nanomachines, and finally the nanomachines that are resistant to the sword but are weak against magic. The Will seeked to disturb this balance as how the Chrono Quake deactivated technology many eons ago to shut down the facility. The Will have reversed engineered this and have awakened the lifeforms. Noa is certain that they have been awoken but to serve what purpose, she is not absolutely sure. Noa then explains that the other organisms have been tampered with and their bodies have directed themselves to function as pure machine. Noa compares Nano to them, as Nano can take form of a human body and have access to use nanomachines to heal others while these organisms are only able to function as nanomachines with no concrete form. Nano is devastated to hear this and asks if she's unique among them but Vanilla reassures her saying that her composition is exactly the same as the rest but with one of her functions being altered after her encounter with Vanilla.

With Nano's questions answered, Anise asks what Cookie is and Noa is given a brief explanation that they have given the nanomachine infant a name and explains what she can. Cookie is a model of the nanomachine lifeforms with the unique ability of absorbing DNA. Because of this, Cookie does not have a consciousness as it has yet to make contact with something to absorb DNA from and is pretty much an empty shell which explains why the Will found no use for it. Noa warns everyone not to make direct contact with Cookie as she explains that its entire body will change in accordance to the DNA it has made contact with. While Nano and her other copies have internal parameters that emulate human behavior and intelligence, Cookie has nothing of the sort and is akin to a sponge that will soak up anything near it. Kahlua and Kazuya then ask of the openings on the test tube chambers and Vanilla explains that those were used for communication. Kahlua also questions Nano's headset and Vanilla is unable to confirm what exactly the device does but she only knows that the headset is similar to receptor in a large network among the organisms. No one else appears to have questions and Noa and Vanilla decide to conclude what they have learned on a brighter note.

Vanilla and Noa then discuss the reason for Nano's awakening and explains that all the nanomachine lifeforms can lightly absorb DNA to differentiate themselves. When an inactive nanomachine organism makes contact with a DNA, they are awakened but only to certain people of similar genes. The independent console determines this and Kazuya notes Vanilla's relationship with Nano point towards her being one of the people with a compatible DNA but Kazuya wonders how that may be since Vanilla and Nano's meeting was after the Chrono Quake and in different universes. The crew then piece together that this means that somehow, EDEN and NEUE had once previously made contact before the Chrono Quake and that Vanilla's genes matched Nano which led to her awakening that confirms the two as legitimate family. Noa corrects that their DNA are 97% similar but nonetheless make Nano and Vanilla genealogically linked. Nano begins to cry but it is Lily who begins to shed tears and runs out of the room. Much later, Lily calms down and Noa has once again fallen asleep. Vanilla understands that Noa hasn't slept for 50 hours in an attempt to crack the console and crew decide to leave her to rest. Phel comes into the room and apologizes but sees Noa and screams her name. Noa awakens and is shocked to see Phel as he pushes himself to her, calling her "Noa-sama". Noa tries to get Phel off of her and slaps him in the face multiple times but Phel only asks for her to hit him harder. 

Chapter 4: Discord (確執)[]

Noa and Mordent test the former's hypothesis on Kazuya.

Kazuya enters the Cafeteria where he finds Lunti busy at work and the latter states that he can't really serve him anything but Kazuya informs him that the Tea Lounge was full and he just wanted to relax. Lunti decides to give himself a break and orders a coffee blend for himself and an expresso for Kazuya from Melba as they chat in the booths. Kazuya lets out a heavy yawn and Lunti asks if he's been getting enough sleep. Kazuya states that he hasn't changed his schedule at all but feels like he's never fully rested after sleeping. While Kazuya states that he's studied coffee before, Lunti chides him at how expresso won't wake him up as much as a blend would and offers to trade. In exchange, Lunti asks why they're returning to Seldar after they just disembarked from Pico and Kazuya explains Seldar's relative location to every other planet makes it easy for them to intercept any threats. The intercoms announce their arrival and Lunti decides to resume his work while he leaves Kazuya to pay their bill. Kazuya decides to check on the crew before he heads to sleep. Kazuya is then awoken by Noa who gets angry at his unresponsiveness and demands him to get down to the Infirmary. Kazuya enters the Infirmary out of breath and Noa and Mordent ask him if he's feeling anything out of the ordinary. Kazuya responds that he is fine and Noa asks him to lie down on one of the Infirmary's bed as she wishes to make use of the time she has to study Kazuya's mysterious out of body experiences. She contacts Coco to open communications with Shatoyarn and she activates the White Moon's shields and Kazuya is once again dragged out of his body and witnesses Noa and Mordent around him. Noa asks if Kazuya can hear her and Kazuya jokes that while he hear her, there's no way for her to hear him. Noa is angry at how the "monkey" was able perceive him while she cannot and signals Shatoyarn to disengage and Kazuya is flung back into his body. Mordent once again notes the same conditions of his brain waves returning to normal after being at zero. Noa explains Kazuya has a strange reaction to the energy pulses emitted by the White Moon and Black Moon's new Stealth Fields and she finalizes her doubts after seeing Kazuya pass out after manual activation of the White Moon's power. While Noa has no idea why Kazuya reacts like this, she's at least satisfied knowing in how this phenomena occurs. Kazuya is then called by Coco to inspect something in the Hangar as the Relic Raider's has stopped functioning and its loudmouth pilot has gone berserk. 

Anise begins to lose her cool against Coco's challenge.

Kazuya leaves and Noa follows to see the spectacle for herself. Inside the elevator Noa is curious to know more of the Emblem Frames and remembers hearing that the Relic Raider has not undergone full maintenance since its pilot's induction into the Luxiole's ranks. The two exit the elevator and enter the Hangar where they find the understandably angry Anise shouting at the engineers. Kazuya tries to calm her down but Anise refuses to exit her Emblem Frame for anyone to inspect. Kazuya invokes his authority as her superior but she tells him off, only to have Coco comedown herself and order her as commander of the entire ship for Anise to exit her Emblem Frame. Coco notes that she has been lenient of Anise's personal ownership of the Relic Raider and has allowed it to skip maintenance but Coco warns her that she has something in mind for her if Anise does not listen. Anise accepts her challenge and Coco orders Croix to "deploy" the Relic Raider. Coco and Anise engage in a game of chicken as the Relic Raider slowly approaches its deployment range from the Hangar's side gate and Anise finally gives in and Coco orders for the hatches to be sealed again. 

Anise exits her Emblem Frame and allows the engineers to look into what is wrong. Anise assists in the endeavor and the team checks the internal engine, only to find something that they cannot comprehend. Noa notes that the engine's workings have been remodeled, rather, customized compared to the engines of the other Emblem Frames. Coco asks if Anise knows the person who worked on her Emblem Frame previously and she is reluctant to reveal it. Anise reveals that she knows a way of contacting the original engineer but says she has no idea of his communication status in long-range terms but knows that he is available on Azeat. Coco then asks Noa of her opinion if they would make the right choice in departing and Noa understands that they must restore an Emblem Frame to full strength before they respond to another threat. Coco then orders the Bridge to chart a course to Azeat.


Kazuya follows Anise into the Park where she yells at him to stop following her. Kazuya reminds Anise how she looked out for Nano back when she collapsed and convinced Tact to change their destination to Pico to restore her. This time, Kazuya wants to do the same and hear Anise out in her problems. Anise begrudgingly complies and the two sit down to talk near the fountain and she tells Kazuya the name of the engineer who maintained the Relic Raider, Kelvin Crepe. Anise explains that he's probably the only one on Azeat who still knows how to tinker with the Relic Raider's engines and how he is her surrogate father. Kazuya hears discomfort in Anise's voice and asks her if she doesn't want to meet him again to which she can't really express why she feels this way but she thinks it has to do with how she was kicked out of her home when she was 8. Apparently, Kelvin made her leave their home and for the past 8 years, Anise survived alone and taught herself how to keep herself out of harm's way. Anise is proud of her accomplishments alone but is conflicted at how she's supposed to meet Kelvin again: She is not sure whether to thank him for essentially molding her into who she is now or angry at him for kicking her out. Suddenly, the two hear Rico's voice and then the rest of the team show up, much to Anise's anger at how everyone eavesdropped on her story. Rico informs everyone that they have reached Azeat proper and a shuttle is ready for them to disembark. Anise yells that she will go alone but Kazuya convinces her that she doesn't need to do everything alone anymore. Anise is then pushed out of the room while Rico informs Kazuya that Coco sent them to help him convince her.

The crew makes planetfall on Azeat and they immediately experience its environment of harsh desert storms. Kazuya thinks to himself how Anise was able to survive 8 years alone and the crew see a large dome farther away. Kazuya asks if they're almost there and Anise yells at them to be quiet and stop their complaining since they were the ones who insisted on coming with her. They all eventually reach the dome and Anise opens the gates while complaining how no one has fixed it after all these years. Nano notices the dome filled with garbage but Anise corrects that they are scrap material. Anise calls out for Kelvin and a familiar face shows up to greet them. Kazuya fails to recognize the man at first but recognizes the burly man as Grog Metabuha who he first met in the Asteroid base during their fight against the Three Marquis. Grog remembers as well while Anise notes how much muscle he has lost and how much fatter he has gotten. Grog confirms Kelvin is available and notes how lonely he seemed before he is knocked down by a short old man. The crew meet Kelvin Crepe who responds neutrally to everyone's presence with the exception of Nano and Natsume. Kelvin promptly asks what Anise wants and she explains that the Relic Raider's engines have stopped functioning and he surprisingly agrees to look into it without further questions. 

The crew enter the Hangar and Coco greets their guests but Kelvin skips the formalities and asks where he can begin examining the Relic Raider. Coco calls for Croix and asks how long does Kelvin estimate the repairs will take and he guesses around two to three days and Coco prepares to arrange their room while Croix and Kelvin get to work. Coco then greets Grog and states that she always wanted to thank him personally for helping them win against the Three Marquis. While Kelvin seems to have a softspot for young girls, Grog seems rather weak to Coco's appreciation. Coco asks Grog to help what he can and she leaves Kazuya and Rico to guide him. Grog admits that he doesn't know too much of the Emblem Frames' maintenance and Kazuya suggests relaxing and the two head to the Park where Lunti has a food cart set up. Grog is treated to oden and sake and starts getting drunk and offers Kazuya some sake as well. Lunti leaves to get more supplies and Grog asks how long Anise had been with them, Kazuya guesses around 8 months and Grog continues asking of Anise and how she has been. Kazuya speaks positively of Anise, and how she has slowly but surely integrated into the team mindset and Grog almost lets out some tears, hearing of how Anise has began to trust others. Lunti returns with a rare bottle of liquor as well as the keycard for Grog's room and Lunti wishes to drink as well but Kazuya reminds him that he only has a little to go before he is of legal age. Kazuya however stops Lunti from opening the bottle as he sees Grog passed out. Kazuya decides to help Grog to his room but has trouble supporting both their weights. During this, Lunti finds a picture that falls out of Grog's pocket and Kazuya asks him to put it in his pocket. Kazuya then begins his long walk with Grog on his shoulder to the guest room.

A photo with the infant Anise surrounded by family and friends.

Kelvin zones out during Croix's status report on the Relic Raider and he remembers the days when Anise was younger. He is snapped back to reality and Croix suggests that they take a break to which he agrees. Kazuya finally reaches Grog's room on his own and drops him off on the sofa. Kazuya then decides to look at the photo Lunti found and identifies Grog and Kelvin and identifies the child Kelvin is holding is Anise. Grog then wakes up and confirms that the picture shows Anise when she was only a year old. He explains to Kazuya of the two people around her as Garam and Masara, her mother and father. Kazuya asks who the other man is and Grog identifies him as Stanley, one of their friends who would show up and then mysteriously leave on random intervals. Kazuya notes Kelvin's happy expression and Grog recounts how Kelvin loved Anise but became more strict with her as she grew up. Grog mentions the already obvious fact of Kelvin's grandfatherly delight for children and he reveals that both Garam and Masara passed away. Garam's last words to Kelvin was that he raise Anise to become strong but most importantly make many cherished friends. Kazuya remembers hearing of how Kelvin was her surrogate father and had already suspected the deaths of her parents. Grog remembers the day Kelvin forced Anise to leave with the Relic Raider and expresses sorrow in Kelvin's decision and how Anise must have felt meeting him again. Kazuya explains that Anise had told him earlier that she felt both gratitude and anger for Kelvin's actions and Grog understands the sentiment. Grog apologizes for taking up Kazuya's time and he retires to bed and Kazuya leaves the room with a solemn expression on his face after learning Anise's history.  


A few days pass and the Relic Raider's engines are functioning again thanks to Kelvin's work. The crew thank the duo and they enter the shuttle to return home. Coco leaves to prepare their departure for Seldar and Croix expresses immense respect to Kelvin's skills. Now thanks to him, Croix is able to maintain the Relic Raider on his own. On the shuttle, Kelvin breaks the long silence and asks Grog how Anise was doing. Grog mentions that Anise had not left her room for the duration of their stay and he cannot say exactly how she was. Kelvin then asks of the others and Grog gets sidetracked by talking about Coco and gets thrashed by Kelvin as he demands to know how Anise is doing among her friends. Grog explains what Kazuya told him of Anise's positive integration and Kelvin is pleased with the answer. The shuttle begins experiencing rumbling and Brenda advises the two to put on their seat-belts as enemies have appeared in front of them. She contacts the Luxiole and Coco orders for the immediate deployment of the Angel Wing. Anise demands to know of the shuttle's condition and Tapio orders for her to calm down and explains that communications have been damaged and he briefs the Angel Wing that their main priority will be escorting the shuttle back to the Luxiole through the asteroid field. 

With the enemies destroyed and the shuttle landed, Anise runs to Kelvin and Grog to see if they're alright. Grog assures her that he is fine and Kelvin denies any injury. Grog however mentions that Kelvin's seatbelt didn't work properly and Kelvin was lightly damaged from the rocking. Grog gets knocked out for saying unnecessary things and Kelvin states that they will go see Coco. Kelvin mouths off Anise before the duo leave the room. In their short walk to the Bridge, Grog notes of Anise's prowess in combat and Kelvin stays silent but confesses that he cannot disagree. The two enter the Bridge and Kelvin asks to excuse their interruption and hands Coco a letter where Noa notices a familiar seal on it.


Noa explains why and how the Will fleet appeared before the shuttle and presents the team with a destroyed transmitter they had found that inhibited their radar capabilities. Kazuya asks if the Infinite Corridor opened near Azeat and Noa explains that the enemies appeared through Chrono Drive. This suggests that more Will forces have entered NEUE and the Luxiole will have to respond even quicker in future fights. Rico asks why they aren't in the Briefing Room for this discussion and Noa states that there is another matter they'll need to attend to. Noa leaves for her work and allows Coco to lead everyone into the Briefing Room. Inside, they meet Grog and Kelvin and Coco states that they will joining them. As per Kelvin's instructions, Coco had contacted Seldar on a specific channel and the holograph projector that Kelvin brings out has King Soldum appear out of it. Everyone is surprised except Kelvin, who greets the king like old friends. Soldum responds in kind, stating that he hasn't seen the duo in 15 years. Kelvin mentions that he has contacted him to "fulfill a promise" and tells Anise to stand up and stay silent. Kelvin then reintroduces Anise to Soldum as the daughter of Garam and Masara and Anise and Soldum look each other in silence and he expresses that he would like to apologize. Anise has no idea what's going on but remembers the two fairies mentioned Garam's name during their first meeting. Lily is unable to contain herself with Anise's informal tone against Soldum but he silences her and orders for her to stand down. Soldum turns to Grog and asks the latter if he does not recognize him and Grog has no idea but soon remembers when Soldum puts on a familiar eyepatch and identifies him as Stanley. Anise takes the photo from Grog and mentions she's heard the name Stanley before and asks what Soldum was up to masquerading on Azeat. Soldum explains. that out curiosity, he temporally left his royalty behind to search for a legendary treasure he had heard of, a device that channeled the inner strength of its user. Soldum met and heard from Garam of the discovery of such a device on Azeat. 

Garam and Masara prioritize Soldum and Anise's life.

The scene shifts to the young Soldum with Garam deep inside a cave where Garam shows the dig site of the Relic Raider. Soldum gets close to inspect it further as they are joined by Masara, carrying the infant Anise. Anise begins to cry and the two wonder why she's crying as they had just ate. Suddenly, they feel the ground shake and the two call over Soldum and hands Anise to him. Garam explains that the escape elevator can only transport one person at a time and explains Masara will be next after Soldum while he will go last. Soldum takes the elevator up to the top with Anise in hand but the rumbling ceases with a large noise. The scene returns to the Briefing Room and Soldum explains that the tunnel collapsed leaving Garam and Masara to die inside the cave. Soldum apologizes to Anise once again but she doesn't seem that sad about this revelation and states that their timing was just bad. Soldum still cannot forgive himself and Anise asks how Garam and he came to meet to which Kelvin decides to answer. He explains that Anise was born as the last surviving daughter of Azeat's only functioning community of Treasure Hunters, and that Soldum was in contact with Garam to work the beginnings of an alliance that his father did not forge yet. Soldum apologizes once again and Anise accepts and tells him not to worry about it. Soldum has one more thing to give to Anise but Kelvin tries to intercede but collapses and falls unconscious. Nano calls to the Infirmary as the crew transport Kelvin downstairs.

A few minutes later, Mordent explains to Anise that Kelvin is perfectly fine and the symptom was his untreated wounds he experienced on the shuttle. He has already regained consciousness and Anise pushes Mordent out of the Infirmary to have a confrontational conversation with her foster parent before they part ways again. Anise yells at Kelvin to open his eyes as she fully knows of his recovery and hits his head. Kelvin wakes up and Anise asks him if he's feeling fine to which he responds that he is but sudden movement brings him pain . Anise and Kelvin banter and she asks what exactly Kelvin had to interrupt the conversation for. Kelvin mentions that it had to do with Garam's dying wish to see if Anise had become the person he wanted her to be and she mentions she never heard of this and asks what her father wanted.

Anise cries on Kelvin's lap.

Kelvin asks her to come closer and grabs her head and intently looks at her eyes. He starts noting her face and how it speaks much about her, her eyes speak of her experiences of living every day alone and all of the emotions she has felt. But what matters most is that she has survived and forged her own path of life. Kelvin reveals to her that Garam had wished for Anise to become an individual with a strong heart, but most importantly, for her to find a plce she "belonged to" with many trusted friends around her. Kelvin asks if the Luxiole is that place to her. Anise is surprised by Kelvin's sincerity and hesitantly responds that she thinks so. Kelvin contently accepts her answer and apologizes for treating her the way he did and asks if she could forgive him. Anise gets angry at how everyone seems to be apologizing to her and tells him to stop, saying that the King apologizing to her was enough for one day. Kelvin complies and decides that instead of apologizing, he'll praise her and states that she has done well to come this far and that he is very proud of her and her parents would be as well. Anise pushes him away and begs him to stop praising her and starts crying since he had never praised her before. She cries at how he dares to apologize to her now and she breaks into tears. Anise tearfully calls Kelvin "grandfather" and Kevlin starts crying with her, thinking at how she can still call him that after all these years.

Anise stops crying after a while and the rest of the Rune Angel Wing arrive and she runs away after kicking Kazuya in the face when he notices her eyes being red. Kelvin then asks Kazuya if they're currently planning on going to Seldar and entrusts an artifact that Soldum had left on Azeat before he departed. Kazuya identifies the artifact as a blade handle and Lily inspects it and sees that it resembles one of Seldar's legendary relics, the Crimson Blade.

Chapter 5: Teacher and Pupil (師弟)[]

Noa replays a broadcast that was sent to Magiic from Sorbet, detailing how the Will have found them worthy of becoming their vessels to spread their culture and technology. Sorbet forsees that "all will become one" and speaks of how all will rejoice when that time comes. Kazuya and the team recognize the same offer that Parfait had made them and Sorbet doesn't seem keen on giving up their search for God and Goddess candidates. This message was sent an hour ago and Noa has forwarded it to the UPW Headquarters but knows that they cannot completely intervene even though they know how much a threat the Will are. Noa then informs them that no explicit signals have been detected for the Infinite Corridor and that they are currently moving towards Seldar. Coco then concludes the meeting by notifying them that the Emblem Frames will go under maintenence in the White Moon and Anise agrees for the Relic Raider to be included. 

Kazuya finishes making his rounds in the ship and decides to help in the Hangar. He runs into Natsume who activates her barrier in panic and he is flinged to the wall. Natsume apologizes and says she has to go answer an emergency call for her in the Bridge. Kazuya finds a dropped card key and reads its ID and sees that its Steline's keycard. Kazuya finally learns of her full name as Maria Steline and goes to return it. The alarms blare and Kazuya heads to the Bridge where he meets with the rest of the team and enter the Bridge together to find Natsume in conversation with someone on the main screen. Natsume calls him Hamon Zerbec and the two seem to be in disagreement on something. Apparently, Hamon wishes to enter the White Moon and Natsume's exiled status as a former princess has no authority in stopping him. Natsume knows that if someone from the Arms Alliance would step in the White Moon, the peace treaties would be violated and some political mishap would follow. Hamon doesn't seem to care and ignores Natsume's warnings and cuts the channel. Tapio leads the crew into the Briefing Room and Natsume explains that the fat child she was arguing with was Hamon Zerbec, the vice admiral of the remnants of Cudgel's fleet. Hamon only got the position after the power vaccuum left by Calvado's elimination. Tapio briefs the team of Hamon's automated fleet and they are deployed for combat. Hamon's vessel is hidden among the small contingent but will eventually be found after enough damage is done to it.

The Angel Wing return to the Bridge with Hamon's defeat but he abandons his flagship and has entered a pod to make for the White Moon. Natsume gives up on trying to stop him and realizes that Hamon seems to have made his choice in entering the White Moon with its shields up. Hamon knows what the shields will do to him but seems intent on doing so anyway as a mysterious will comforts him in his decision. He makes it clear that with this transmission being recorded, it can be laid out as evidence to support his complete consent and intention in acting on his own volition. Before communications are cut, Hamon shares that Calvados described Natsume as some selfish heiress but he states that she doesn't seem to fit that image now that they've met. Natsume exchanges her praise as well, stating that Hamon shows a bit more smarts than others from Cudgel. The pod enters the shields but instead of disintegrating the pod, the shields deactivate and Kazuya falls unconscious once again as the crew scramble to know what exactly happened. Tapio confirms that Hamon survived the impact and Noa contacts Shatoyarn to ask why the shields have opened. Shatoyarn however responds that the systems acted on their own and accepted the pod. Noa is confused as to what entirely happened but she hears Kazuya's voice behind her and backs away. The apparition of Kazuya then asks with certain glee if everyone can finally see him. Everyone screams in horror while Kahlua doesn't seem too fazed with Kazuya's spirit being able to interact with them. Kazuya returns to his body shortly after the White Moon's shields are reactivated and Rico throws him across the Bridge in panic as the team regain their composure.


In the Briefing Room, Coco explains that Noa as returned from the White Moon after sharing information and also mentions Hamon was found safe but stuck in a state of deep sleep. Noa is distressed to the amount of unexplainable occurences happening in the middle of the conflict against the Will but returns focus on the matter at hand, the artifact Kelvin had given them to deliver to Seldar. The artifact seems to have something to do with a phrase Noa discovered involving "The ones that are asleep is the God and the Goddess". Kazuya is curious of the phrase as it directly involves the keywords both Parfait and Sorbet has been mentioning. Noa explains that similar artifacts have been discovered on EDEN and RUIN and notes that it will take some time to piece things together. Noa decides to retire to bed, as she has overworked herself and issues for Kazuya and the team to personally investigate the deal with the artifact and its original source, the Crimson Blade on Seldar. Noa runs into Phel on the Bridge and Coco reaffirms that order and the crew makes for Seldar.

The crew reach Seldar and enter a sanctuary that have been given permission to enter thanks to Lily's previous connections. They enter through the large courtyard where they see a pedestal and a blade protuding from it. Lily explains that this is the legendary sword that no one has been able to take ownership of and Anise attempts to pull it out. Lily allows Anise to do so and as expected, the sword doesn't budge to Anise's attempts. Lily states that those that are "qualified" may use the blade and mentions the "People of Red-Eye" are the only ones who can. Anise is unable to accept the fact she cannot do anything with the blade and decides to find someone who can pull it out. She throws the artifact to Kazuya for him and the rest of the crew to return to the King while she attempts to find the someone with red eyes. Kazuya notices Lily has been rather distracted and asks her what kind of people the "Red-Eye" were. Before Lily can answer, the crew meet up with Kelsie and Santa Rosa and Soldum shortly arrives in the room. He greets the Angel Wing and Kazuya returns the artifact. Soldum feels nostalgic and grimaces at the news of how this and the Crimson Blade are somehow connected to the Will. Lily mentions that they cannot let the Will have it to which Soldum agrees and orders for Lily to retrieve someone who may keep the blade safe. Before the crew leaves, Soldum warns them to becareful as suspsicious movements have been sighted around the palace. The crew then hear a loud noise outside and find Anise in a scuffle against one of the knights. Lily orders for the knight to stand down and refers to her Menorca. They are soon joined by another knight named Deriana, and she asks for everyone to excuse her friend for assaulting Anise for getting too close to the Crimson Blade. Lily introduces the two as her subordinates during her time as the captain of the knights. Deriana invites them to relax with them but Lily turns them down as they've been assigned work from Soldum and the two parties separate.


The team enter a shuttle bound for a small village where the Red-Eye tribe live outside of the royal capital. Kazuya sees that Lily is once again lost in thought over something but Anise is the one to bring this up where she has noticed Lily's distracted composure since the meeting with Noa. Anise however sincerely asks what is bothering her and asks for an explanation of what's going on. Lily relents, and thanks her friends for their concern and sheds light on the Red-Eye tribe and much like what they are called, were a tribe of people who had frightening red eyes. Around 300 years ago, the Red-Eye tribe waged war against the Seldar Empire in an attempt to rule the planet for themselves. Kahlua remembers learning about this in her school days and Lily explains that while their skills in close-combat were outstanding, they lost against the royal army and are still persecuted for their actions to this day. The village they are headed toward now acts somewhat like a refugee site for the descendants of the Red Eye Tribe. Lily notes that the Red-Eye Tribe's descendants fully know what horrendous acts their ancestors have done and resigned themselves to a quiet life in seclusion. Anise asks why the Crimson Blade can only be used by them and Lily explains that the blade is a sacred treasure of their kind and that after their defeat in the war, the Seldar knights confiscated it so that they may never rebel again. Kazuya pieces together the information and realizes that the person they are finding must be a descendant of the Red Eye tribe if they are the one to protect the sword. Lily confirms this and informs that this person is actually her teacher in swordplay and calls her the most skilled person on the planet. The crew asks if she has surpassed her teacher but even Lily is humbled by her teacher's skill and denies the claim.

The crew's predicted look of Lily's teacher.

Kazuya then asks of what Menorca and Deliana's cases were as he felt some anxiety between Lily and the two. Lily explains that 10 months ago, before Lily reunited with the Angel Wing during the events of ZR, Lily was to decide a successor to become the captain of the knights. Menorca and Deliana were potential candidates but their skills were berated by Lily's judgment and she decided that that her replacement will be decided by someone else. The rest of the crew member Forte leaving for Seldar to become captain of the Royal Guard when Kazuya first arrived on the Luxiole and see how situation played out in the long run. Anise sees that the tense atmosphere between Lily and her ex-subordinates originated from Lily's disappointment in their aptitudes. The shuttle lands and Lily goes alone to a small house on a hillside to bring her master over while the crew waited outside near the shuttle. Anise asks what everyone thinks what kind of person Lily's teacher is and they all surmise that it would probably be someone intimidating. Anise ask Nano if she could use her transformation ability for them to guess what kind of person Lily's teacher could be. Kazuya tries to calm Anise down but Nano agrees to it as long as she only transforms her face. Nano then blanks her facial features and hair and the crew offer suggestions. They ask for narrowed eyes, average noise, a grimace, and a set of hair with a mustache and goatee. The crew laughs at their creation until Lily shows up again and asks what they're doing. Anise quickly turns Nano's face and demands her to transform back. Lily returns with her master not behind her and instead finds her hiding behind a tree and she brings her over to her. Lily introduces her as Aila and the latter trips and falls down. Lily helps her get back up and only Kahlua responds to her greeting as the rest of team are a loss of words. Aila gets embarrassed and tries to run away but only manages to trip again as Lily helps her up.

Back on the Shuttle, Aila becomes worried with everyone staring at her. She asks Nano what is bothering her and Nano compliments her bright red eyes. Aila seems more relaxed and Nano asks if she is strong and has a blade with her but Aila explains that she doesn't carry one with her. Anise is slightly bothered by the entire ordeal and asks if Aila would like some snacks, to which she accepts. Anise throws her a candy bar and it hits Aila's head and the team stare at Anise for what she's doing. Anise demands to know if Lily is telling the truth that this clumsy and slow person is her master. Lily does not deny it and affirms that this is the master that trained her and is stronger than her. Anise throws another candybar at her and Aila once again does not catch it. Anise is still in disbelief and compares her to Kahlua for her slow reactions. Kahlua gets slightly offended but she sits back down when she fails to catch a candybar thrown at her. Aila doesn't seem to mind too much and is more worried if she is really allowed to enter royal grounds and meet the King. Liyl seems to have informed her of the situation regarding the Will and the King's formal orders for her to be given such responsibility. 

Lily fights against her former subordinates.

The crew reach the sanctuary by night time and approach the Crimson Blade's pedestal before an arrow flies toward them. Anise and Aila get grazed and Nano moves to cure them. The team is met by a squadron of heavily armored knights who identify themselves as "purists" that are against those related to the Red-Eye tribe and demand them to hand over Aila. Lily refuses and the barrage of arrows are stopped by Natsume's barrier. Tequila steps up to eliminate most of the knights. A single powerful spell blows away the threat with the ones knowing the anti-magic technique knocked out when Rico throws a heavy statue at them. Two knights remain standing and Lily takes two of them in a fight. After a while, Lily recognizes their patterns and call them out and Menorca and Deliana take off their heavy armor. Apparently the duo had purposefully been concealing their prowess in order to stay within the ranks of the purist congregation. While they don't care too much for the Red-Eye Tribe, their main goal was to confront Lily. Lily sees no other choice in the matter and decides to come at them seriously and places her hands on the handle of the Crimson Blade and effortlessly draws it out. Lily combats her two former subordinates and subdues them soon after.

Lily reveals her hereditary red-eye.

The team returns to the throne room and Lily apologizes for her actions in pulling out the blade but Soldum does seem too worried and forgives her. He then addresses Aila and thanks her for coming and also apologizes for giving such a burden to her. Aila graciously accepts her duty but Anise calls out Lily that the reason they are here was not for Aila to gain the king's praise. Lily then asks Soldum's permission and then apologizes for fooling everyone for the longest time. Lily holds up her bangs that cover her left eye and takes off the contacts that hide her red-eye. Lily reveals her half-blood lineage and reintroduces Aila as Aila Caramel, her mother. Anise gets more peturbed by the idea and demands proof that Aila's skills are as amazing as Lily claims and Lily asks for Soldum's permission again for her mother to hold a blade in her hands. He allows it and Lily gives her blade to her mother to which Anise immediately senses an overwhelming aura where she is unable to stand. Anise falls unconscious as Lily thinks that this showcasing is enough. With that out of the way, Lily feels concerned over what her father would think with her mother in the capital and Soldum assures that the Red-Eye Tribe will be well taken care of. Kazuya then gets a call from Coco to return to the Luxiole as soon as possible. The crew prepare to leave as their work on Seldar is finished and say their goodbyes to Soldum and Aila.

Back on the Bridge, the crew return to find Shatoyarn and Noa on the main screen. They inform them at the White Moon as started moving and the two administrators cannot seem to be able to stop it. Noa states that she'll be transferring to the White Moon to continue her research and Kazuya sincerely thanks her for helping them every step of the way since the fight against Will began. Noa also shares the full "poem" of lines from before and replays it for the crew to hear. Noa picks up parts of the poem and links them to previous events. The "God" and "Goddess" lines from before, the gate to ABSOLUTE according to NEUE's prophecy, and the shining moon that symbolizes the Central Globe. The White Moon finishes its scans and Noa and Shatoyarn retire. The crew then ponder at how everything has been piecing together into something big. As to what picture all these add up to, nobody is sure.

Chapter 6: Doubt (疑惑)[]

Doctor Portoran under the mysterious symptom that mirrors Hamon.

In the Briefing Room, Coco relays the Luxiole's next objective from Noa who assigns them to inspect a case with Doctor Portoran, an individual on Magiic who has lost consciousness in a similar fashion to Hamon. Coco explains that Hamon has fallen asleep while Portoran has fallen under a coma. The Angel Wing are to be deployed down to the hospital where Portoran is staying at and Coco ends the meeting. Kahlua mentions that she has been overworking herself in her studies and Kazuya asks her to get some rest before their assignment begins. 

Kazuya makes his rounds on the Luxiole and Tapio contacts him to make for the shuttle as they have exited Chrono Drive near Magiic. Kazuya contacts the team to congregate in the Hangar and they board the shuttle. Inside, Coco explains that they will be in orbit on Magiic and will be waiting for them to finish their investigation. The team reach the hospital and their questions annoy the rather busy doctor who leads them to Portoran's room and tells them to keep themselves quiet. Anise keeps asking if she should kick the rude staff member while Rico calms her down. Inside, Kahlua's headaches act up and she feels as if Tequila knows Portoran from before and calls for Mimo. Before Mimo can bring out some alcoholic sweets to induce a transformation, Nano notices a picture on the bedstand and recognizes Kahlua. The crew gather around to see it and recognize the blonde child as Kahlua and Portoran playing in their youth. Nano is confident in stating that the green-haired girl in the picture is Portoran but somehow cannot confirm if the blonde child is Kahlua. Kahlua herself asks to see it and definitely sees herself in the picture but is confused as she states the girl resemblers Tequila more. To clarify, she has no recollection of the person inside the photo and explains that Tequila shouldn't either as she appeared when Kahlua was a bit older than seen in the picture. Mimolette wonders why his name is on Dr. Porotoran's wristband and Anise reads out the full name as: Mimolette Portoran. Suddenly, the crew sees Kahlua unleashing a spell on the unconscious Portoran.


The crew stare at Kahlua for what she just did but she doesn't seem to have the slightest idea what just happened. The crew asks if she doesn't remember using a spell on Portoran a few seconds ago and Kahlua thinks it must have been Tequila because she remembers no such thing. Mimolette finds this strange as she hasn't given her any alcohol yet, and Caraway enters the room and sees that Kahlua has returned and asks if she could speak with Tequila. Kahlua takes the alcohol but states that she cannot feel Tequila anymore. Mimo begins to panic but Caraway calms him down and asks if the crew would recount everything that happened before she entered the room. Kazuya goes over the situation and Caraway asks if anyone remembers the spell Kahlua used on Portoran. Nano seems to have remembered the entire thing and after hearing the spell's incantation, Caraway seems to understand and states that Tequla's personality has went inside Portoran. The team is surprised to hear this but Anise asks Caraway how she knew Kahlua would be here before she entered the room and further asks what she meant when Caraway told Kahlua if "she had returned to herself" as she entered the room. Anise questions Caraway's full knowledge on the nature of Kahua and Tequila's shared existence and asks if she'd explain it further. Caraway panics and explains that she must channel Tequila immediately and asks everyone to leave. Anise demands to know some answers but gets hits on the head and she begins to walk out of the room against her will. Caraway then loudly requests if the rest of the team could leave the room and everyone runs off. 

Outside, Anise returns from the other end of the hallway and is told that everyone else was made to leave as well. Anise decides to confront Caraway on this and enters the room, only to run out crying immediately after. Kahlua looks at the nameplate on the room and reads Mimolette Portoran and Kazuya asks her if she is "that" Mimolette. Mimo hears this and everyone asks what he means as Kazuya remembers Tequila telling him to never speak of this to anyone else but Kahlua seems okay with Kazuya knowing her background and with sharing it with the others, especially now that she has conquered her fear of own abilities. Kahlua retells her story of her trauma and the circumstances regarding Tequila's creation to everyone as a result of wanting to separate her strong and weak mentalities. Kahlua states that while this person is named Mimolette, her friend's last name was Limburg instead of Portoran and she does not recognize the Mimolette in the room's face either. The doctor from before yells that they're in the way if they're just stand in the hallway and Anise asks if what he's holding is the patient catalog and she whisks it away from him and throws it at Nano. Nano catches it but returns it to the doctor after he raises his voice and are told to leave, to which Anise leads everyone out. Kazuya complains at how Anise has gotten them kicked out as Tequila still needs assistance but Anise goads him into trying to get back into the hospital room with Caraway still inside. Anise goes on to conclude that with Caraway present, the questions they have about Tequila's circumstance is up to them to find out for themselves. Anise reveals that Nano has memorized the information on the catalog and Nano begins to recite the information out but Kazuya expresses his opposition in reading into one's private information but Anise argues that they have no way of finding out what's going on if they don't do this, especially with the hospital room closed off to them and the Luxiole undergoing maintenance. Kazuya is still not for the plan and asks if the others agree with him but the rest of the squad members say that they wish to hear the information, stating at how girls tend to be like hearing stuff like this. Kazuya invokes his authority as squad leader to forbid them from reading private information but Lily calms him down, stating that they were half-joking and gains his approval after she asks Anise what specific information she wanted from the documents. Anise reveals that she only wanted to know if Portoran was married in case she changed her last name from her maiden name and Nano tries to remember if the catalog mentioned anything, to which Kazuya finally relents but still feels left out of the group's inquisitive undertaking. Nano confirms that the papers don't mention anything of her married status but reveals where Portoran lives and the team decides to follow Kahlua who knows the way there. 

The crew arrive in front of an enormous mansion where they are met by a maid who recognizes Kahlua. Kahlua doesn't remember her but the maid states that she remembers Kahlua coming over daily when she was younger but the maid dismises her after mentioning that Mimolette wasn't home and she wouldn't have wanted to see Kahlua anyway. Kahlua isn't too shaken about the statement but still can't make sense of things as she has no recollection of the maid. The fact remains that the maid recognized Kahlua personally while Kahlua has no memory of meeting Portoran. Anise proposes they find the Limburg residence but Kahlua states that she has no memory of that either somehow. Rico then suggests that they start off by going to Kahlua's home and she leads the way. The crew arrive in front of a decent-sized home and Mimolette is joyful to finally see his master's house and he is asked if he's never been to Kahlua's home. Mimo explains that he became Kahlua's familiar under Caraway's tutoring and had never been able to visit Kahlua's home properly. Anise asks if Kahlua if her memories have been jogged upon seeing her home but Kahlua says she still can't remember. For now, the team decides to ask Kahlua's parents and rings the door bell only for the doctor from before to come out and angrily ask what they're doing here. Lily draws a blade to question why he's in Kahlua's house but Kahlua quickly remembers her parents have moved off-world a while back and the crew quickly retreats. The team stop running down the road and Anise gets angry at Kahlua for forgetting her own home and Kahlua, out of breath, explains that her parents moved out once Kahlua started living under Caraway. Kazuya decides to stop the act here and suggests that they return to the hospital but Rico spots the maid from before, who mentioned she had errands to make, walking toward another house and they decide to tail her. They arrive at another home but she sees that this is not the place they're looking for either. Lily suggests that they go to the place Kahlua saved Mimolette during her traumatic accident and Kahlua tries to remember it, only to find nothing in her memory, instead she only feels fear for trying to even recall the memory. Kahlua concludes that her memory must have been tampered with as memories close to her have stopped making sense to her and decides to figure out things for herself and rings the door bell. The maid from before walks out and Kahlua looks into her eyes to incur a hypnosis spell. Kazuya tries to stop her but Lily holds him from doing so, explaining that this is not for their own goose-chase anymore but Kahlua's own intent to know what truly happened to her memories. Kahlua asks the maid if she knows where Mimolette was saved from and the hypnotized maid leads the way as the crew follows.

The maid takes them to an empty shed and Kahlua asks if this is the place. The maid responds that is the place where Mimolette and Kahlua were in the time of the accident. The crew note out the building's worn out state and the hypnotized maid explains that after the fire had damaged the shed, the Limburg family renovated it but it has gone underused since then. Kahlula however still struggles to confirm if this was truly the place and performs a check on the area using her abilities and sees remnants of an immensly powerful spell was and concludes that this place is the right place, despite her memories telling her otherwise. Kahlua is distraught as her memories of the location of the accident and Mimolette's home are completely different than the ones they have discovered thus far. The team ask what the image in Kahlua's head thinks Mimolette looks like and ask if she can do anything to share that mental image with them. Nano volunteers to use her transformation ability to mimic Mimolette's face and Kahlua tries to transmit her mental image for Nano to use but Nano is unable to get anything from her. Anise suggests that Kahlua then simply describe Mimolette to Nano for transform to but even then she is unable to put into words her thoughts. Kazuya finally seems onboard with solving this mystery and Anise asks if Nano remembers anything else in the doctor's papers. Nano isn't able to find anything worth noting but remembers something else that may help them: the picture on the bedstand showed both Kahlua and Mimolette wearing the same uniform. Kahlua does not remember what academy she attended but then turns her head towards the still hypnotized maid.

Kahlua's previous teachers end up recognizing her and they tell her how proud they feel at how she has become such a distinguished mage. They lead the team to the computer room and allow them to use them freely as classes have ended for the day. Natsume still addresses the uncomfortable Kahlua who herself does not remember her instructors. Kazuya sits down to access the school's console and asks what they should investigate first. Kazuya checks both Kahlua and Mimolette's enrollment history and sees that they were in the same class and enrolled in the same year. Kazuya then searches up any personal history records and they find a graduation photo involving the two. The photo features the same picture Mimolette had in the hospital room and Kahlua seems satisfied with the results of their investigation, as her memories have been contradictory to the rest of the presented facts. Kahlua thanks everyone for letting pursue this inquiry and requests that they all return to the hospital room as she has a plan.


The entire team charges inside the room and begin asking Caraway if Tequila can be reunited with Kahlua. Anise begins asking how Tequila is doing, where Caraway answers that Tequila's soul is still tucked away but is still salvagable. Kazuya follows-up, asking if the two can be reunited, to which Caraway says that it's possible to return her soul to her body. Natsume demands that if it's already possible then Caraway should perform the reunion right away. Caraway however cannot rush things lest she compromises the entire process. Nano asks if Tequila will disappear if she messes up and Caraway states that it is certainly possible. Rico asks if they can be separated again later. While answering that there might be other problems, Lily finally asks, with the rest of the team, what Kahlua's problem right now must be. During the barrage of questions, Caraway mentions "Kahlua's will" when admitting that Kahlua and Tequila cannot be be properly reunited at this moment. Kahlua enters the room and states that Caraway has kept something from her of her duality with Tequila and asks Caraway to tell the truth. Even after knowing her for 20 years, Kahlua is particularly suspicious as to Caraway's question during the earlier encounter in the hospital when she asked her if she was Kahlua, despite being quite visibly Kahlua. Caraway tries to get around this by noting her age and how she might forget a few things Kahlua doesn't let this point go and keeps prodding her instructor. Kahlua declares that she is not Kahlua at all, not with all the fractured memories failing to line-up with her actual experiences. Kahlua admits that she and her team has investigated her old home, Mimolette's home, the shed, and her old school to verify her suspicions and concludes that she currently has no correct memories of the time before Tequila came into existence. Kahlua always thought that Tequila was the merging of her stronger personality traits but comes to realize that it is the reverse, Tequila is weaker. Kahlua asks if Caraway had tampered with her memory and Caraway confesses that she is responsible for these happenings and is pleaded to explain her actions.

Kahlua asks Caraway to "seperate" her weaker self.

Caraway explains that years ago before she became a Grandmaster, she undertook a secretive reasearch involving the nature of mana. Caraway was met with a child with an immense, natural pool of mana and she took her under her wing after she expressed the desire to train in magic. Caraway asked Kahlua's parents to take her to Magiic to properly train her. During these days of training, Kahlua met Mimolette and the rest is known to Kahlua's memories. Kahlua is asked to recite her memory of what continued and she chronicles her life of learning magic, scaring Mimolette away, and continuing in her studies with Tequila being brought out after Kahlua asked for herself to be separated. Caraway explains that she only lied to her about one thing and decides to merge Tequila with Kahlua again with Tequila's memory available to Kahlua. The blinding flash illuminates the room and the crew sees Kahlua, only that she resembles a blonde Tequila. This "Kahlua" finally sees why Tequila was so concerned over her and she transmits her memories to everyone in the room where they see the young Kahlua asking Caraway in "separating" her weak self. Caraway warns her of the inhibition of certain memories but Kahlua doesn't seem to care and pleads to have her weak side removed. The crew return to reality where Caraway and "Kahlua" explain that Kahlua's weakness and memories were given to Tequila, technically making her the true "personality" of the original Kahlua whereas the Kahlua they know now had been separated from those memories. Finally knowing of her past and the burden that has held her back for so long, another blinding flash erupts in the room with Kahlua returns to herself. She explains that she is different from before as now her memories are now one and the same with Tequila and she can freely switch between the two personalities at will


With Mimolette Portoran's condition not changing, Kazuya decides that they've finished their work and Kahlua remembers that Tequila experienced something when she was inside Mimolette's body. Tequila is brought out and complains why she has to explain everything when they still have to get used to their shared memory. Tequila explains anyway that she felt the presence of the Will inside Mimolette's memories and how it is connected by "the root of all-living beings" and that Mimolette fell in to a coma in trying to investigate this. The crew share a bad feeling and fear that the Will are beings of extremely powerful origin and ponders what they're truly up against. Kazuya is contacted by Coco and request that they return to the ship as Kazuya reports that they have finished their work. Kahlua and Tequila both bid farewell to their teacher and leaves with the team.

Back on the Luxiole, the team reports to Noa about Tequila's findings and is skeptical to believe that a trace of Will exists in her, and practically everybody they know. Before Noa can say more, the transmissions are cut off and another signal breaches the Luxiole and Sorbet appears on screen. Sorbet seems to fully realize what the team has learned and asks how they feel in being connected to the Will. Sorbet doesn't let the team answer the question and Coco's inquisitive approach leads him to disconnect the transmission and Noa returns on screen to ask what happened. Enemies are spotted driving out and Tapio puts the Luxiole on alert and the Bridge hands alert that only 10% of Magiic's fleets are ready to deploy. Noa and Tapio remember that in the fight against Dieta, with her magic inhibiting the entirety of the fleet, but if they are able to reverse its effects, it would be used to power the rest of the fleet immediately. Tequila then proposes that they employ Dieta's strategy where a small number of ships can act as a catalyst to invoke the large, area of effect spell they need to rapid-charge Magiic's fleet. Tapio briefs the team of their mission to protect the allied Magiic ships to set up the seal by guiding them to 6 locations. Tequila fires up the team and everyone begins to shout in preparation for their battle. Kazuya himself is fired up and leads the Angel Wing in their mad sprint to the Hangar and Tapio himself becomes extremely fired up and begins to shout too whereupon Coco overhears the yelling from the Bridge.  

Back on the Bridge, Phel walks into the Bridge's transmission with Noa and she orders for him to return to ABSOLUTE when the Luxiole reaches Seldar again. Phel doesn't seem to really care to know why he's being moved to to ABSOLUTE and runs into the Rune Angel Wing as they return to the Bridge. Coco asks why Phel is being moved and Noa mentions Milfie returning to EDEN.    

Chapter 7: Hometown (故郷)[]

Rico asks Noa what she means and Noa replays a message Milfie left her from the Master Core with her saying she'll be going to EDEN for a bit. Noa explains this is why she is ordering for Phel to return to ABSOLUTE as they are in need of a Gatekeeper with Milfie's absence and Noa wishes to research a bit more without distractions. Coco orders for their return to Seldar and Noa informs them that the Blancmanche Department Ship is close by and orders for a quick resupply there before coming back to Seldar. Kazuya feels the rumbling that signals the beginning of resupply and decides to go around the ship. Once he's done, the ship rumbles again and he figures that resupply has ended and decides to visit the Bridge. Coco informs him that they're ready to head back to Seldar but a transmission from the White Moon has Noa notifying their swift return as signatures near Arms Alliance space has been spotted. Coco asks the Bridge hands to rechart a course and asks Noa when the estimated time for the Infinite Corridor's opening. Noa states around 41 hours, give or take 3 but Coco is informed that the shortest time they can reach Arms Alliance space is around 5 days. While they may not make it in time, Coco charts for a quick stop at the White Moon to shuttle Phel back to the White Moon while they head for Arms Alliance space as soon as they can.


The mass produced carrier model, Ripsior.

The Luxiole exits Chrono Drive near Seldar, next to the White Moon and a familiar vessel is found beside it. The Bridge hands run a scan and identifies it as a UPW-affiliated ship called the "Ripsior" along with the Dual Chrono Break Cannon floating beside it. Coco explains to Kazuya that the Ripsior was made with the Holy Blood in mind and acts as a replacement for the Elsior. The Bridge receives a transmission and they are surprised to find Mint on the other end onboard the Ripsior. She explains that she will return Phel to ABSOLUTE and explains that the Ripsiors and available fleets are being commanded by the reinstated Moon Angel Wing members. Apparently, Noa is unavailable and Kazuya surmises that she's running away from Phel. Mint teases Kazuya after reading his thoughts and Kazuya is surprised Mint can read his mind from this distance. Mint clarifies that Kazuya is the one basically carrying an antenna for her to receive signals from. Kazuya deduces that it's because of his telepath fur and cries to block out his thoughts. Mint teases him for a while about being able to read him just by his facial reactions and says goodbye afterwards once she finishes relaying Noa's orders. Coco teases Kazuya of what Mint meant about him having an antenna and Kazuya sheepishly tries to laugh it off and switches subjects back to the Ripsior and being unaware of his commission. Kazuya calls the team down to the Hangar to say goodbye to Phel. Phel says goodbye to the team and wishes them luck for their inevitable fight ahead and Phel boards he shuttle. Coco orders for the ship to enter Chrono Drive as soon as they finish installing the Dual Chrono Break Cannons. As the team leaves the Hangar, two familiar voices are heard speaking to themselves.

Later on, Kazuya finds himself hungry and decides to stop by the Cafeteria, only to find Melba outside with a grim expression. Apparently, the entire Tea Lounge's sugar supply has disappeared and she was in despair given how they had just finished resupplying and she won't be able to requisition more of it for a while. Kazuya suggests asking Lunti lend her some but apparently he was not able to. Kazuya then suggests he could lend he some and she remembers that his hobby is baking and asks if she could borrow any to which he agrees. Kazuya then overhears the convenience store owner reporting to the security officer that two products of honey have vanished as well, the first act of theft on the ship. The security officer prepares to strengthen security on the seecond floor as Lucco states the issues. Kazuya enters the Cafeteria and Lunti approaches him and asks what's wrong with Natsume and Lunti cites that she came in to eat alone and hasn't ordered a desert, something she never does. Kazuya thanks Lunti for keeping up with everybody's attitudes before he secretly explains that her home planet will be under attack. Lunti understands the sentiment and asks Kazuya that he has acquired a rare brand of sugar and asks him to help make a special desert for her later. Lunti goes to prepare Kazuya's lunch while the latter goes to check on Natsume's condition. Natsume feigns her positive outlook and confesses that she is worried about her people and family but believes that it is best to keep hope to which Kazuya agrees. The two then hear Lunti scream and they head inside the kitchen to see what's going on. Lunti shows Kazuya an empty of bottle of syrup where even he recognizes the immensely rare brand. Lunti begins crying at how it has emptied before he even got the chance to use it. Natsume tries to calm him down but he seems more sad that he and Kazuya couldn't make anything for her. Lunti tries to hug Natsume for comfort but gets knocked out when her barrier activates. Nano is called down and Kazuya decides to inform the rest of the team about this.

Kazuya calls everyone down to the Tea Lounge and recounts the situation and they go over who could possibly steal all the sugar and sweets and not get caught. Lily seems to have already figured out who this perpetrator is and understands that it is not a person and is not alone. She yells for Kelsie and Santa Rosa to show themselves and the two fairies burst out of the cupboards near Melba and present themselves. The scene shifts to the Briefing Room where Lily unloads a barrage of anger at the fairies for leaving Seldar and consuming all supplies of sugar onboard. Kazuya and Coco calm her down from channeling her stricter self from her days as knight captain. The two fairies explain that they can not justify their reasons for coming aboard and eating all the sugar and Coco asks Tapio on what they should do. Tapio makes a joke that they should do what Lily proposed and Coco is more concerned that Tapio made a joke in the first place. The crew are disturbed at the thought of their stern subcommander entering the world of comedy and Nano even notes that she saw him practicing how to laugh. and Coco changes the subject and sees no choice but in letting the two fairies stay as they cannot spend any time returning to Seldar. The Bridge alerts that they will be exiting Chrono Drive and the crew remain on the Bridge to see Arms Alliance space and Coco warns them that the enemy have already entered the area before them  

Natsume's homeworld, Hatchet.

The Luxiole drives out and the crew feasts their eyes on the nebula and auroras that are native to the Arms Alliance areas and Natsume explains that these phenomenas contain energy that shield the ships around them being detected from radar. Tapio orders for communication channels to be opened and directs the Luxiole to approach the three planets. The crew arrive at Hatchet first and scans show life signs and Natsume confirms that the population hasn't changed from the numbers she's given. Coco orders for the another set of scans and asks Kazuya and the team to make planetfall to check if anything has happened as there are no transmission responses on any side. On the shuttle, Natsume asks Kazuya if they can change their drop location closer to Natsume's home in the capital and he agrees to start their investigate there. The crew exit the shuttle to find the inhabitants of Hatchet frozen solid and Nano is unable to determine if they are alive. Rico runs a scan through a portable console and she confirms that they're still alive but are unconscious to the point of being asleep. Kazuya relays the data to Coco and asks them to compare the data's signatures to Cudgel and Pike to see if the cases are similar. Coco has already forwarded the data to Noa and the crew decide to investigate further and Natsume shrieks at how something is in her clothes but it turns out to be the two fairies again. Lily gets mad but the two fairies say they can help discern more about what has happened to the planet's inhabitants. Santa Rosa fails in her attempt to find more information by using magic and Coco chimes in to inform them that Kazuya's prediction was true and that all the inhabitants of Pike and Cudgel are in the same situation as Hatchet is in. 

Natsume reunites with Yuzu after the Will's attack on Hatchet.

Natsume then leads everyone to investigate further inside the imperial palace and the crew is stopped by both Lily and Anise who caught sight of a shadow moving behind one of the pillars. Anise tells Lily to move in after she throws her knife and the two charge toward the shadow, only to find a familiar looking pink barrier repel the knife and sword. Natsume recognizes her younger sister Yuzu and immediately runs to her. The crew are relieved to see that Natsume's sibling is safe and Lily runs into a wall whilst tears inhibit her vision. Natsume then addresses her younger sister of their parents and Yuzu explains that they have been affected like the rest of the people. Natsume is relieved and reassures her that everyone is in a state similar to sleep and that they are alive. Natsume straightens Yuzu up and reminds her that she is the princess now and asks if she remembers anything. Yuzu calms herself down and explains that the planet was met with someone who appeared like a child who unleashed something from its fingertips. Yuzu was able to run away in time to safe herself from freezing yet she was the only person who was "overlooked". Natsume asks what this child looked like and Yuzu points toward Nano and says the child resembled her with some device on her ear, which is why she ran away when she saw the crew approach because seeing Nano thought she returned to take her away too. The crew then remember the Will's abduction of the other nanomachine organisms and see that the Will has put them to use on the Arms Alliance. Coco contacts Kazuya and he explains that they've met with Natsume's younger sister. Coco is surprised but informs them Noa will require a direct sample of what has happened to the citizens and asks them to bring a frozen person for testing. Anise and Kazuya attempt to dislodge a frozen vassal, only to find it extremely rooted to the ground. Seeing as though carrying it back to the shuttle might pose a problem on its own, Nano suggests that they bring the frozen soldier near the shuttle and utilize Rico's strength. The team leaves the palace and Natsume asks Yuzu to follow as they cannot currently save their parents by just standing. 


Rico carries the frozen soldier back into the Infirmary where Nano estimates Rico just hauled 60kg with extreme ease. Noa chimes in through the holograph emitter and explains that, like the team's prediction, the substance that has frozen everyone are nanomachine related "nanopolymers" from the abducted Pudding units from Femto. This status has put the inhabitants of the three planets in a "cold sleep". Noa doesn't have the slightest clue why the Will would do this but explains that the process can be reversed with use of nanomachines and Mordent brings out some spare nanomachines to "heal" the freezing. The "ice" melts and the soldier falls to the ground where he is brought onto the bed and is examined while immediately being treated by Nano. Mordent states that the reverse nanomachine process will prove dangerous if they're not careful in treating them and Noa is at a loss of how to proceed. Natsume loses her temper at how they do not have any large-scale means of saving her people and Noa raises her voice about having no options right now but the two calm down, and Natsume goes as far as saying that if they currently cannot act to save her peopel, then it would be wise to return to Seldar, as focusing on her native planet would be unfair to the rest of the planets since the nanopolymers would at least keep her people safe. Noa promises to get something to them as fast as she can but the two fairies however demand them not to return and state they can help, but pass out after stowing away inside Yuzu's clothes. The fairies wake up after cooling off and Noa, Yuzu, and Natsume demand to know if they have a way of curing the three-way-global freeze. The two admit that they don't have a completely concrete way of restoring everyone but surmises that if a large amount of fairies were to amass, they could use their abilities to cure the citizens at a large scale. Santa Rosa had attempted to do so before, which made her faint, but explains she'll need more "people" in order to do so. Rico asks where they may find more fairies and Kazuya and Tequila state that they have heard stories of the planet of fairies, Sprite, in old legends, and Anise follows-up sayign she remembers Kelvin telling her stories about it. Noa seems to have figured something out and surmises that Sprite is near the Arms Alliance and the reason that Kelsie and Santa Rosa stowed away in the first place was to check on their planet's safety after hearing that the Arms Alliance was to be attacked by Will. The fairy duo attempt to run away but Lily takes out her sword just to keep them in check. The fairies confess their true reasons for staying aboard and Noa convinces them otherwise to lead them to Sprite. While they are forbidden to reveal its location, they have no choice but to comply.

The legendary planet of Sprite.

The two fairies guide the Bridgehands in navigating through the thick nebula and Shuri is visibly nervous as she has control over piloting the Luxiole. The other bridge hands notify that all signals, even their shields have been deactivated and Natsume explains that this cloud in particular cuts off everything except the vital functions of the ship which explains why the Arms Alliance never bothered in exploring this deep into the cloud. Anise ponders at how Shuri's anxiety would be considerably lessened if the fairies just formed a mental link with her instead of giving arbitrary directions. The cloud finally disperse and the crew see the home planet of the fairies, Sprite. The crew report that all functions minus communications have been restored and scans show enemy signatures and Tapio leads the Angel Wing into the Briefing Room. Thanks to the cloud, they were able to avoid detection and because of Sprite's natural, global barrier the Will fleet are unable to attack it. With the enemy fleet distracted, the Angel Wing will be able to strike first from the flank. 

The team returns from their victory and it seems that the planet-wide barrier is obstructing communications. Scans then show that the barrier gives off signatures that are similar to Natsume and Yuzu's abilities. The fairies once again attempt to retreat but Lily catches them and demands an explanation. In the Briefing Room, the two fairies showcase their usage of the barrier but asks that Natsume and Yuzu ask how their family got the ability from her superior, Harcourt. Coco is worried about that issue as well and asks how they can communicate with her. The fairies then ask them to provide them with a shuttle and have Natsume and Yuzu help them envelope the shuttle in the barrier to be able to dispel it. Kazuya pilots the shuttle in front of the barrier and leaves the two fairies and the sisters to do their work. Kelsie and Santa Rosa puts the siblings under the same ceremony that allowed Kazuya and his chosen angel to open the way to ABSOLUTE 9 months ago to invoke the powerful emotions necessary to envelope the shuttle in their barrier. The four are able to construct the barrier and asks Kazuya to continue through the planet's barrier. Kazuya does so and a signal is received from the Luxiole as Coco happily announces that communications have been made with Sprite.


The First Aider releases its nanomachines.

The leader of the fairies, Harcourt, shares an old legend of the war between the Seldar Knights and the Magiic mages where the former sought the help of the fairies which may explain the relationship between the Seldar royalty and the fairies, as well as the origin of the barrier-ability that was gifted to an ancient warrior Karin Izayoi who found the Arms Alliance. Natsume asks if this tale was from before the Chrono Quake and Harcourt confirms it and also states that she witnessed this "legend" for herself. Natsume and Yuzu remember a similar legend and recount their ancestor, Karin Izayoi who had a connection to the old legend. It seems as though the Izayoi family, branch of the Seldar royalty, the fairies, and the Seldar Royalty are all connected through this legend. Either way, Harcourt has seemed to have already agreed to enlist the other fairies and herself to heal the Arms Alliance, in repayment of Karin's help all those centuries ago. The Luxiole heads back toward Hatchet with numerous amounts of Sprite vessels. Mordent then explains the plan and explains that the First Aider will be utilized to disperse the nano-polymers while the Sprite vessels will be responsible for maintaining the civilians and their health. Nano and Kazuya leave to prep the First Aider while the fairies begin to synchronize. The fairies find it difficult to link with the minds of the many people on Hatchet and Tequila compares it to how Mimolette back on Magiic remained asleep. The fairies ask Natsume and Yuzu to help in communicating with the minds of their people and Natsume gives Yuzu the responsibility but her words alone are unable to break through. Yuzu doesn't seem to have the confidence to address her people for driving her sister into exile and Natsume decides to wake her people up and Harcourt links her to speak to her citizens. Instead of Yuzu's speech, Natsume begins to shout and taunt to the citizens below. Natsume's loosely worded wake-up call seems to have worked and with the people's mentalities in check, the First Aider disperses the nano-polymers to reverse the freezing effects. Yuzu then pleads Natsume to explain her actions to the whole of Hatchet to clear her name while the fairies still have the mental link active but Natsume decides not to. Seeing that her time has passed and she hopes for Yuzu to become stronger to eventually fully lead their people.

Chapter 8: A Fierce Battle (激闘)[]

The Luxiole was able to heal the populace of Hatchet, Cudgel, and the First Aider moves on to restore the inhabitants of Pike next. With the scans reading the newly restored planets, the Sprite "fleet" begins to return home. Kazuya and Nano return from their operation and Coco orders for the Luxiole to escort the Sprite fleet back. Kazuya then has an extended downtime where he can essentially visit all areas of the Luxiole in this Free roam segment. Kazuya can check in all the girls who will be in their usual locations while he can also visit the Luxiole's major crew members. Once Kazuya finishes his rounds, Coco receives a transmission from Noa who visibly shows her tiredness and asks that Coco gather the Angel Wing. In the Briefing Room, Noa explains that Phel has returned to his native universe of PHOS and a recording mentions the "Green Moon". Much like Hamon who has fallen asleep inside the White Moon, Phel has mysteriously fallen asleep as well. Noa also notes that Milfie who had returned to EDEN a few days before has fallen asleep inside the Black Moon. Anise asks what Hamon has to do with this and it is revealed that he is NEUE's gatekeeper. The crew realizes that something is going on within each dimension's Moons and its native Gatekeepers. Lily asks of the status of the other universes and Noa answers that they all come up as unresponsive. Natsume asks that the state of sleep the Gatekeepers have fallen into match the state her people were just under and questions the Will's involvement. Noa presumes the worst but no concrete information has been found between the two as this news just reached her as well. She reassures Rico that Milfie's condition is being checked constantly and orders for the crew to return as soon as possible. Noa then cuts the transmission with nothing else to report. 


The Luxiole escorts the Sprite fleet.

The Sprite Fleet and the Luxiole finally reach Sprite again but the Bridge hands then notice a transmission with Sorbet's signature. Sorbet shows up on screen and seems to be annoyed at the restoration of the Arms Alliance inhabitants. He also states that he has made interesting discoveries of the nanomachine organisms. Sorbet then declares the Luxiole, similar to Parfait before him, as irregulars and the Bridge signals the opening of the Infinite Corridor with ships already emerging. Coco orders for alert and deploys the Angel Wing. Tapio briefs them of their first priority in guiding the Sprite fleet to safety while the elimination of enemies coming second. 


The first enemy wave is defeated and the Sprite fleet are safely escorted into the heavy cloud that will keep them safe until the battle's end. Coco asks for more readings from the Infinite Corridor and receives that something is coming but it has not yet revealed itself. Tapio thinks that Sorbet is holding back the bulk of his forces for one final assault but their questions halt as Sorbet appears on screen. Sorbet appears even more annoyed at their survival but begins to calm down as he plans on dealing with them himself. The Bridge hands notify that an enormous energy reading is being detected and from the Infinite Corridor emerges a familiar vessel. The Luxiole bear witness to a ship that mirrors the Astral Parfait and Sorbet expresses annoyance that it took him a lot of energy to tear open a hole big enough for the ship to enter real-space. The main cannon of Astral Sorbet begins to glow and Coco immediately orders for the Angel Wing to move out of the way. Tapio swerves the Luxiole just in time to avoid any major damage and Coco orders for the energy to be diverted to shields but the cannon from before seems to have left the Luxiole without any defenses other than its armor. Coco is contacted by Kazuya and she orders for the Angel Wing to quickly return as they're not in the Infinite Corridor and they have a means to escape. Tapio swings the Luxiole around to flee from the enormous warship with the Angel Wing following. Sorbet taunts them from the main screen and Coco orders to cut the communications. Tapio returns control of the Luxiole to the Bridge hands and suggest that they retreat into Chrono Drive. Coco however announces her intent to finish things off as Sorbet will most likely do something with the people of the Arms Alliance if they were to flee. Coco decides to have the Luxiole retreat into the heavy cloud that permeates the area where all signals and outward functions of the ship will be dispelled. Coco intends to begin charging the Chrono Break Cannon while inside the cloud. Coco contacts the Angel Wing to follow the Luxiole and regroup with them on the other side of the cloud. 

The Luxiole and Angel Wing fly through the cloud and the projectiles from the Astral Sorbet are dispersed inside. Coco orders for immediate repairs on the Emblem Frames when they regroup and notifies Steline that they will be firing the Dual Chrono Break Cannons as soon as they leave the cloud. Tapio intercedes and reminds Coco that the cannons could only break through the shields of the Astral Parfait and Coco states that should try at least once before they begin to hatch another plan. The Luxiole exits the cloud and Tapio swings the Luxiole 180 degrees and Coco orders for the Angel Wing's retrieval. The cannons finish charging as the Emblem Frames are taken back inside the Hangar. As soon as the Astral Sorbet emerges, the Luxiole unleashes the Dual Chrono Break cannons but the shields are able to shrug off the attack. Sorbet retaliates but its guns miss as Tapio separates the Luxiole and Chrono Break Cannons into 4 and regroups the components back inside the cloud. Coco orders for the information on the shield's reaction against the cannons to her console and sees that Tapio was correct in his prediction that Sorbet's vessel has improved specs compared to the Astral Parfait. Coco orders for the cannons to be charged again and Tapio states that even if they remove the limitors, the shields will most likely deflect them. However, further scans show something that Tapio and Coco realize that they can use to their advantage.


Sorbet makes his way through the cloud and is met upon by a empty space. From another congregation of clouds, a barrage of missiles is fired but the Astral Sorbet shrugs them off and fires his own set of armaments. The missiles seem to have hit something as explosions are seen from inside the cloud and Sorbet taunts the Luxiole of his victory. Tapio however responds back in turn and the bottom half of the Luxiole emerges from the cloud with one of the Chrono Break Cannons attached to it. Sorbet then turns his head and sees that the top half of the Luxiole is on the other side of the area with its own Chrono Break Cannon. Tapio and Coco simultaneously fires the separated Chrono Break cannons and hits Sorbet's shields from two different angles. Not only does it break through its shields, it pierces through where Sorbet is interfaced with the Astral Sorbet. Tapio exclaims in the plan's success which scares one of the Bridge hands and she asks him how exactly they pierced the shield. Tapio explains that the shield's strongest point was at the center and the previous Chrono Break Cannon was aimed at its toughest location, where the shield generator was located. With the guns separated and hitting from different angles, they were able to compromise the weaker parts of the vessel's shields. 

Sorbet comes in through the communications and his voice gives away his anger at how dare such "animals" defy them. From the wreckage of the Astral Sorbet, Sorbet's ship appears with its main guns still active. The smaller gun emplacements then dettach from the larger vessel and begin to follow the Divine Sorbet. With the enemy reduced in size, Coco deploys the Angel Wing to deliver the final blow. The Divine Sorbet is defeated and Sorbet enters communication and congratulates them in their victory. But before Sorbet falls, the Bridge hands alert that its main gun is glowing again. Coco orders to move out of the way but it turns out that Sorbet is aiming for Tapio's half of the Luxiole. The main gun propels the exploding Divine Sorbet in Tapio's direction and he is forced to bring out even more control over the Luxiole to move out of the way but the explosion that envelopes both the bottom half of the Luxiole and the Divine Sorbet has Coco screaming for Tapio's safety.

Chapter 9[]

The shuttles finish evacuating the personnel assigned to the bottom half of the damaged Luxiole and Kazuya enters the Bridge to hand Coco his report on the previous fight. Kazuya asks of Tapio's condition and Coco happily informs him that Tapio is recovering in the Infirmary and thanks to his efforts, the ship was able to maneuver in a way that the least amount of people were hurt. The two look down at the rampart remains of the Luxiole's other half and Coco sees no choice but to abandon it. Noa chimes in through the transmissions and tells them to take their time in returning as the Luxiole is visibly halved and because Sorbet has finally been defeated. Coco informs that a new bottom half will be sent to their location and Kazuya is surprised to hear that EDEN has a stock of these and Coco explains that the more complicated areas such as the living quarters, weapons, and logistics remain mostly on the top half so the bottom half will be easily replaced. The addition of the cloud they had just utilized to route Sorbet also provides them with cover should they need it. Coco asks Kazuya to relay orders that the Angel Wing will be given downtime for the time being and Kazuya heads down to the Piroti.

Downstairs, Kazuya is treated to the sight of his team members in different attires and Anise explains that she recognized the pattern of operation that the team always get downtime after defeating an enemy and figured it was already vacation time for them. Apparently the fairies got everyone new clothes and everyone was wearing them to celebrate. Anise is outfitted with some scarves and hunting gear, Nano and Tequila/Kahlua in a dress, Natsume in a fitted dress with twintails, Rico with a skirt, and Lily in a jacket with her hair dyed. They ask for Kazuya to change his clothes as well and he returns to his room to change. The crew then quickly hide behind some walls as they find Tapio walking through the area and Kazuya chooses the bad time to show off his new attire. After a lengthy scolding from their healed subcommander, Kazuya is called down to the Infirmary where Noa has requested Mordent to monitor Kazuya's health as she still seems intent on figuring out why his brainwaves fall flat when the White Moon's technology is involved. Kazuya's chosen Angel will offer to go with him and the duo quickly change back to their uniforms and heads downstairs. 

Kazuya listens to Natsume's solo during his examination.

The duo run into Croix who exits the Infirmary and Kazuya asks Mordent what Croix was doing. Mordent explains that Cookie's tank has been slightly damaged because of the Luxiole's hefty movements from their previous fight thanks to Tapio and that he just wanted to make sure it was stable. Mordent asks Kazuya to lie down on the bed to run the scans. In Natsume's route, she will offer to play her instrument as the two wait for the scans to finish. Other routes will have the respective heroine help pass the time with him. Once the scans are over, everyone hears a cracking noise and Kazuya goes to see Cookie's condition. The tank glass containing Cookie shatters and Kazuya is pushed away from his partner. In Tequila and Lily's case he will be pushed out of the way while Cookie absorbs his partner's respective DNA and a bright flash covers the room and knocks Kazuya's partner unconscious. In Rico, Anise, and Natsume's case, they'll both avoid making contact with Cookie. Rico throws Mordent at Kazuya, Anise kicks Kazuya away, and Natsume slams her barrier against Kazuya. Nano's case is special where it is Kazuya who pushes Nano out of the way his right arm makes contact with Cookie.


Apricot: Marriage (結婚)[]

Milfie asleep in the Black Moon

Nano heals Kazuya and Mordent from their injuries while Croix finishes repairing Cookie's tank. Croix drops a photo and Kazuya picks it up to see Croix's wedding day photo. Rico comments how young Croix looks while Kazuya notes how strong his wife looks in comparison. Nano reenters the Infirmary and asks Mordent for extra nanomachines. Mordent goes to the cabinet to prepare and Nano asks what Rico and Kazuya are talking about and Mordent answers that they're talking about a wedding. Rico and Kazuya walk through the Piroti thinking of how they should spend their break and he suggests a picnic with everybody and Rico states that she wants to spend her break with him alone. Rico gets a call from the Bridge where a message from Tact is waiting for her and Rico accesses the nearest console. Tact is on the other side and he greets the two and explains that he wants to talk about Milfie. Tact figured that having Rico see her sister's face will calm her down and turns the camera to the sleeping Milfie. Tact and Cera assure that Milfie will be kept safe and he mentions that Milfie left a message for Rico in form of a few phrases. Rico recognizes these from the movie the two watched when they were together goes to explain what thye mean. Tequila steps out of the elevator and overhears the words "match-maker" between Tact and Rico. Rico coughs from how loudly she responded to Tact after seeing her sister's health and she joins Kazuya to go get drinks. Tequila thinks over what she's heard between Tact and Rico of the words "match-maker" and "leave it to him" but denies anything significant. With the Tea Lounge machines malfunctioning, the duo enter the convenience store. Kazuya looks for some drinks while Rico looks through a fashion catalogue. Lily enters the store and asks for the "usual" and the clerk hands her a carton of milk. As Lily chugs down the milk, she overhears Rico and Kazuya talk about a "white dress" and a "tailor service". Rico and Kazuya greet Lily and soon exits the the store after buying their drinks. Lily asks the clerk what he thinks is the connection between a "service" and a "white dress". The clerk guesses a "wedding dress" and Lily chokes on her drink and starts coughing. She pays for her drink and exits the convenience store and stops overthinking of the implications. 

The duo enter the Park where they see Anise running laps and they sit down to relax. Rico and Kazuya drink their refreshments and Rico notes the strange products that the store sometimes stocks. Rico and Kazuya share drinks and Anise chimes in to ask what they're talking about. Kazuya refuses to answer and Rico follows him out of the park. In the shower room, Anise ponders the word she overheard in Rico and Kazuya's conversation that started with "pro-". Anise naturally decides to fill the blanks herself and comes up with the word "proponse". Melba walks in the shower and after reminding Anise what her name was, Anise asks what the word "proponse" means. Melba has no clue and doubts that's even a word. Melba asks for the word's context and Anise responds that it has nothing to do with herself and Melba thinks of the word "propose". Anise doesn't seem to know what that word means and Melba explains to her that proposing means to ask someone to marry them. Anise finally figures out the word she overheard and steps out of the shower. Melba hears Anise fall and Anise shouts at the thought of "propose" being used between Kazuya and Rico. Kazuya and Rico walk through the hall and muse that they still haven't decided what to for their vacation. Coco calls the two of them to inform them that they have been given permission from Harcourt that they will be allowed to enter Sprite for some relaxation. Kazuya and Rico then try to find Kelsie and Santa Rosa and head down to the Tea Lounge where Melba brings them to Santa Rosa. Apparently, Kelsie is watching a movie with Natsume and Santa Rosa already seems aware of the two's access to Sprite. Kazuya asks what kind of place Sprite is and Santa Rosa apparently left Sprite to serve for the Seldar family early in her life and doesn't have too many recommendations. Rico then asks if there's anything beautiful they could see together and Santa Rosa suggests the "Fairy Ring", a special ceremony done by the fairies. Outside, Natsume finishes watching a movie and exits the Theater room alone as Kelsie wishes to see if there any post-credit scenes. Natsume overhears Kazuya and Rico talking about wanting to see the Fairy Ring and Natsume wonders if fairies have rings in the first place. The disappointed Kelsie exits the theater and Natsume asks if fairies have rings. Kelsie than show off hers and explains their multitudes of significance and compares them to wedding rings to commemorate marriage. Natsume is surprised to hear it and can't believe that Rico and Kazuya are that close, but denies that could be the case.

Kazuya and Rico stare out into Sprite's ocean

Harcourt welcomes Kazuya and Rico to Sprite but regrets to inform them that the preparations need to be made for the Fairy Ring and advises them to take their time and explore the planet to their liking until the ceremony is ready. The two fairies lead Kazuya and Rico to the planet's ocean and the fairies are called back to prepare for the ceremony as well. Kazuya and Rico walk by the beach and calm themselves to the sound of waves. Rico then wonders what the Will are truly after and ponders over the fact that Parfait had identified Kazuya as a candidate to become one of them. Kazuya begins to brood but Rico gets him out of his serious line of thought and the two relax by the beach some more until the two fairies call them over and announce they're ready to perform the Fairy Ring. Blue flames light up an open area and a multitude of fairies appear and dance around the fire with Kelsie and Santa Rosa in the middle. Rico and Kazuya gaze in awe and the two rest their heads on each other as the fairies dance through the night.


Rico feels sad about leaving Sprite and hopes that she and Kazuya can return once the entire ordeal is over. Kazuya and Rico are notified from Brenda that Coco has ordered for their quick return and they go to the Briefing Room soon after. Noa informs them that the automated course of the new half of the Luxiole will be reaching them but the current trajectory is unsatisfactory for proper replacement as it will collide with Pike. Noa asks for suggestions and decides to take Anise's plan in simply blowing up the old ruins of the Luxiole and swing by to regroup with the new bottom half. Later, Steline informs the Bridge that the charges have been set and that control will be given to Tapio to detonate the Chrono Strings. The bottom half explodes but the debris still remains and Kazuya and Rico volunteer to destroy them. Coco jokingly notes their behavior akin to newly weds and deploys the two to clean up the debris. Rico and Kazuya look at a gift catalogue as they enter the Hangar and they quickly scramble in to their Emblem Frames and Rico ends up giving Coronet the catalogue when she gave her the launch sequence codes. Coronet looks through the catalogue to find something regarding a "gift" but passes it off. Rico and Kazuya successfully destroy the remaining debris and return to the Luxiole.

Kazuya and Rico witness a sign congratulating their marriage.

Inside the Tea Lounge, the rest of the crew are silent and Nano questions why everyone are keeping to themselves. They realize that is has been 9 months since Kazuya and Rico have started dating and Natsume mentions that the two have acted more closer than usual. They wonder if they've taken things to the next "step" and Natsume questions what the next step even is. The team become curious but dismiss anything completely serious going on in Rico and Kazuya's relationship but Nano thinks that they've reached the level of marriage. Nano laughs at how she heard the duo speaking about a marriage and Natsume says she heard them talking about a ring. Anise reveals that she heard something about a proposal and Lily adds that she heard about a wedding dress. Tequila can't believe what she's hearing as she overheard something involving matchmaking. The crew then turn their heads to see Coronet listening. Later that day, Rico and Kazuya finally finish docking and they're immediately met with Coronet and Croix who can't believe that Kazuya and Rico haven't told them the news yet but congratulate them for getting married. Kazuya and Rico quickly dismisses the misunderstanding and exit the Hangar, only to be approached by the jubilant Mordent. Mordent congratulates the duo but they correct his thoughts and Steline approaches them to congratulate them as well and they deny their "marriage". Kazuya asks where Steline heard this rumor and she mentions that she "saw" it in front of the convenience store. Rico and Kazuya head upstairs to see and find an enormous sign announcing and congratulating Rico and Kazuya's marriage. 

The duo burst into the convenience store and Kazuya demands that the clerk to take down the plaque and corrects the misunderstanding that he and Rico are not married. Kazuya asks to know where the rumour started and apparently, Melba told the clerk. Kazuya heads toward the Tea Lounge with Rico but the latter is slightly annoyed at Kazuya's vehemence toward the idea of them being married.  Inside the Tea Lounge, Kazuya denies that he and Rico are married and asks where Melba heard this from and she responds that the Angel Wing told her. Kazuya calls down the rest of the team to meet in the Piroti and Rico gets annoyed at how Kazuya is getting angry at this situation. The two take the elevator and Kazuya's utter disbelief at the rumor makes Rico think to herself that Kazuya has no intention of marrying her in the future. The team immediately congratulate the duo on their marriage as they exit the elevator and Kazuya raises his voice and asks Anise if she started the rumour. Kazuya moves on to Tequila but the team take a collective fault in the rumors spread. The entire floor shakes and they hear something fast approaching them and Kazuya seems to know who it is and Lunti tackles Kazuya and starts shaking his collar. Kazuya breaks free from Lunti's grip and yells that he and Rico are not married. Lunti and Kazuya go back and forth in this matter until Rico finally lets loose and calls him an idiot and punches him across the room. Kazuya is knocked out and Rico runs off crying into her room.


Kazuya approaches the door to Rico's room and recounts that Tequila explained why Rico would understandably be that angry with him for denying any possibility of marriage in the long run. Kazuya rings the bell on Rico's door and a completely different voice answers and Kazuya is highly intimidated. Rico says that she doesn't want to see him right now and says goodbye, referring to him as "Shiranami-san". Kazuya returns defeated and the team console him that this will take time to heal and tells him to buck up. Kazuya is called to the Bridge and the team assures him that they'll try their best to sort things out with Rico in his absence.

Lily: Sprite (妖精)[]

Noa is contacted by the team after Kazuya explains what occurred in the Infirmary and she is unable to come up with an exact answer as to what may happen. Mordent bursts into the Briefing Room after he heard they were contacting her and presents them with the "new" Lily. Kazuya is hit with something but it turns out Lily has decreased in size and has sprouted wings. Mordent explains that the real Lily's body has lost its vital signs while Cookie has transformed into the Lily they see now. Kazuya asks Noa if she comprehends what's going on and Noa sees that Lily has taken form of a fairy. Lily mentions that she accidentally hit Santa Rosa beforehand and that the dust from her wings must have been absorbed as well. Noa doesn't seem to know a way to reverse these effects and says that she will consult Vanilla while Coco makes plans to contact Harcourt on this matter. The meeting is adjourned and Kazuya suggests that Kahlua try to restore Lily's condition with magic and everyone heads down to the Infirmary. Kazuya notes Lily's discomfort since she showed herself and she admits that she feels strange without a blade. 

Downstairs, Kahlua is unable to transfer Lily's soul back to her regular body and the team decides to consult the two fairies in the park. Kahlua explains that she attempted to "transport" Lily's soul and the fairies see why that would be ineffective since the fairies have a natural "barrier" around their souls as well. They assure that Harcourt will know something in reverting Lily back and Lily's makeshift begins to unravel. Kazuya looks away and pleads for Lily to find something to wear and Lily gets irked at Kazuya's embarrassment and states that as a couple, they shouldn't be embarrassed with these sort of matters anymore. Lily takes off her clothes and Kazuya runs out while Rico decides to examine the fairies clothes to make something for her. In the Piroti, Lily presents herself with the clothes Rico made her and everyone marvels at her figure. Kazuya stops Anise from messing around with Lily and everyone leaves for their business leaving Kazuya and Lily alone. Kazuya takes this time to tell Lily that his time as finally come to prove himself to her. Lily is confused and Kazuya explains that there is no doubt that Lily is stronger and more capable than he is and as a man, that concerned him. Lily says that it is obvious since she was raised as a knight and Kazuya replies that he wants to savor this time to be the stronger person and protect her.

Lily and Kazuya on Sprite

Soon, the two are called by Coco and reports that Harcourt wishes to see Lily's condition for herself and has invited the two of them to Sprite. A quick shuttle ride leads the duo and the fairies to Harcourt who is surprised to see Lily in such a manner. Harcourt sees the barrier around Lily's soul and explains that while they cannot restore her form at the moment, the barrier can be broken through means of knowing the fairy's secret. This shouldn't matter since Lily won't be a fairy for too long and Harcourt excuses herself to study up on the material and tells Kazuya and Lily to relax until she figures out exactly how to perform the procedure. Lily, Kazuya, and the fairies visit a field of flowers they saw on their way to Harcourt and marvel at its sights. Their attention shifted when Kelsie and Santa Rosa offer them the flower's nectar and Lily and Kazuya find its taste amazingly sweet. Kazuya asks if he can take some with him back to the Luxiole and the fairies contact Harcourt but she only allows for a cup's worth. While the fairies get to work, Lily and Kazuya relax by the hill. The two contemplate on what the Will are planning and Kazuya quickly dives into deep thought which Lily pulls him out of. Later, the crew are called back to Harcourt who apologizes that she still needs to study up on the procedure for a few more days. Kazuya asks Lily where she wants to go and she confesses that she wants to go back to the ship since she'd rather experience viewing the planet's sites in her regular body. 


Kazuya and Lily return to the Luxiole and Natsume teases the two of their extended alone time. Inside Lily's room, Lily goes over how much this situation irritates her since she used to hold pride and responsibility in her regular state. Being so powerless feels extremely foreign to her but she is at least comforted that Kazuya is the one seeing her like this. Lily gives Kazuya a quick kiss before saying that she wants to a take a shower but has no idea how to proceed given that her body is so small. Kazuya gets an idea and returns with a pot with some milk inside. After a mishap with Kazuya still being unprepared to face Lily naked and Lily almost falling asleep inside the bath, Harcourt arrives a few days later to restore her. Both Kalhua and Harcourt are able to return Lily to her body while Cookie reverts itself to its infant form. With Lily restored, Coco orders for the team to meet in the Briefing Room. Noa explains that the replacement half of the Luxiole will be on its way but its automated trajectory will lead to trouble unless the damaged half is dealt with. Kazuya and Lily volunteer to assist Steline in dismantling the derelict half and joins her in the shuttle. 

Inside the abandoned Engine Room, Steline cries over how she is unable to save her precious engines and constantly interrupts Kazuya's attempts to call Coco to inform her that there is nothing to salvage from the ship. Lily restrains Steline and the trio move back to the shuttle. Kazuya gets his clothes stuck and he begins to bounce around the zero gravity tunnel. Lily catches him but the trio then hear a noise and hears the air flowing out. Steline identifies an air leak and yell at the duo to hurry themselves up. With the shuttle hatch closing and the air leaking out behind them, Kazuya pushes Lily toward the hatch while he drifts in the opposite direction. Lily enters the shuttle and Steline attempts to reopen the hatch. Lily tells Steline to move out of the way as she intends on cutting the hatch down but Lily finds that she doesn't have her sword with her. Steline and Lily force open the doors to find Kazuya unconscious on the other side. 


Kazuya awakens in the Infirmary where Steline is on the next bed that explains to him that the Luxiole's old half has been detonated and that Lily is fine, in physical terms at least. Kazuya approaches Lily's room and tries to talk things out but Lily is completely distraught at how she didn't carry her sword with her for the assignment. Her lack of awareness immensely hurt her mentality as a knight and declares she wishes to be alone for a while and Kazuya isn't able to get any more out of her. The rest of the team seems to have overheard the conversation and correct Kazuya that the main reason Lily is shocked is not because of her failing as a knight but she saw Kazuya hurt in front of her and failed to protect him. Kazuya wonders what he could do but the team sees that this is something that will only heal in time. Kazuya is then called to the Bridge by Coco and the team bids him to leave as they will look after Lily for him

Nano-nano: Gene (遺伝)[]

Vanilla is contacted in the Briefing Room and she explains that Cookie has come into contact with Kazuya's right arm. Because of the events from ZR, Kazuya's right arm had imprints of his own DNA as well as Nano's own nanomachines that were used to restore it. Kazuya asks what this means and a small child enters the Briefing room. Kazuya and Nano realize that the child is Cookie and Mordent follows and apologizes for letting Cookie leave the Infirmary. Mordent laughs at how Cookie naturally knew where to find her Mother and Father and Kazuya is shocked to realize that by absorbing both Nano and his DNA, Cookie has become their "daughter" and what's more, she was rapidly developing as she was only an infant a couple minutes ago in the infirmary and seems to have already aged up a year or two now. As Vanilla thinks at how she has become a grandmother at 17 already, Nano rejoices at how she has become a mother. The rest of the crew confirm their suspicions and sees that Cookie has inherited Kazuya's eyes while having Nano's hair color. 

Kazuya become a father

Kazuya watches Nano and Cookie eat through an enormous pile of fried rice and sees that the news has spread around the ship of their "daughter". Melba stops by the Cafeteria to see Cookie and Lunti comes out of the kitchen to bring more food for the mother and daughter to eat. Croix and Coronet burst into the cafeteria to see for themselves. The two get stuck in the door but finally break through at the cost of their portable consoles. The two race off again after seeing Cookie and Kazuya picks up the two broken consoles, only to have Cookie signaling him to give them to her. Light emanates from Cookie's finger and the crew see that the consoles have been completely fixed. Nano recalls what Noa explained of how Nano was different to the other nanomachine organisms as she was "organic" while the others were more machine, and seeing Cookie's nanomachines repair inorganic constructs seem to confirm Noa's words. Kazuya thinks to himself over the information regarding the nanomachines until Nano and Cookie enter the park. Cookie is shown wearing a dress to which Nano credits Croix for having previously ordered clothes for his grandchildren. Kazuya, Nano, and Cookie sit down near the fountain to have lunch. Nano and Cookie sate their voracious appetite and Nano notices some mayonnoise on Cookie's cheek and cleans up for her. Kazuya ignores the food to still ponder over the fact that he is now a father and after seeing Nano clean Cookie, he calls her "motherly". Nano then tells Cookie to meet her father and Kazuya is unsure of how to act. Kazuya picks up Cookie and she looks back him with a beaming smile and Kazuya feels something inside of him flutter and thinks to himself that he must be feeling the love between father and child.

Later, Coco informs Kazuya that he, along with Nano and Cookie, have been granted access to Sprite to refresh themselves during their vacation. The trio are joined by the two fairies and enroute to Sprite, Cookie and Nano notice something white outside the shuttle window and the fairies explain that they must have seen the field of flowers. Kazuya requests that they change course and the "family" are treated to the sight of an enormous meadow of shining flowers. Cookie runs off to frolic and Nano chases after, only to fall on her face and have Cookie jumping up and down on. Kazuya watches and as the two fairies retreat back into the shuttle, Kazuya asks them if it would be alright if he would pick some of the flowers.

Nano chases Cookie around the field and starts tickling her after she catches up to her. Cookie ends up hitting Nano pretty hard and she continues off only to come back to Nano to see if she's alright. Kazuya calls for both of them to come back to him and they ask what he needs. Kazuya asks both of them to close their eyes and he places a garland of flowers on both their heads. Cookie runs off to play some more and Kazuya decides to follow her this time but Nano stops him and says that she will be fine on her own in the meadow. Kazuya finds Nano staring intently at him and she asks that if he made this for them. Kazuya realizes something different about Nano and starts seeing as more "womanly" than before. Nano calls out Kazuya's name before Cookie jumps on her again. Kazuya helps Nano regain her footing and while Kazuya plays with Cookie, Nano remains silent and he asks what's bothering her. Nano brings up the Will and their intentions and Kazuya begins to over-think of their plans and actions. Nano apologizes for bringing up such a topic and the two decide to drop the subject. With Kazuya and Nano having overcome tougher situations in the past, the duo assure each other that they can overcome anything. Cookie comes in between the two and Kazuya promises that their love for eachother will protect their loved ones.

Cookie falls asleep in the shuttle ride back to the Luxiole and they are informed that a meeting will occur soon. Inside the Briefing Room, Noa explains the current trajectory of the automated replacement parts for the Luxiole is on an unsatisfactory route to rejoin with the Luxiole. Noa ends up taking Anise's plan on destroying the old debris in order to make way for the new ship parts. Cookie yells something and Noa seems to understand her words and sees that Cookie wants to "repair" the functions in the Engine Room. While Kazuya and Nano are against bringing Cookie with them to the derelict half of the Luxiole, Noa sees it as the best possible choice. Kazuya, Nano, Cookie, and Steline board a shuttle to enter the other half of the Luxiole and Steline plans out an optimal route for them as most of their possible entrances have suffered through air leaks. The team are able to find an suitable entrance and Cookie is able to lead them through the zero gravity environment.

The crew make it to the Engine Room and Cookie is able to restore power and functionality. However, the rest of the ship still remains broken and the sudden movement is unable to lead them back to their shuttle while the rest of the ship begins to fall apart. Steline explains that if they stay onboard for too long, the artificial gravity would end up killing them. The team is forced to take an alternate route to escape and board the shuttle. With some power restored to the old half, Tapio moves the old Luxiole out the way but a stray piece of debris hits the shuttle. Steline is knocked unconscious and Cookie repairs the window and wall. Kazuya and Nano attempt to work out the damaged shuttle from falling to a nearby star while Cookie sits silently and the back and disengages the safety belt. Cookie presses the button that opens the door to the damaged half the shuttle in which Kazuya and Nano realize a moment too late that Cookie intends the fix the shuttle. Cookie welds the door shut and approaches the hole by the shuttle's wall. She floats out of the shuttle to repair the wall and heads ontop of the shuttle to restore its functions. As Cookie continues to nurse the shuttle back to full functionality, her tail begins to disappear and Cookie looks at her own hand shrinking before she whispers "Bye bye" and the shuttle is able to avoid the star as light emanates from the shuttle's trail.


Kazuya finds "Cookie" reverted back to its infant form inside the Infirmary again and Mordent asks how he's feeling. Kazuya had light injuries but notes noting too serious came to him. Mordent asks of Nano's condition and Kazuya mentions that she hasn't left her room since the accident. Kazuya leaves and leaves it to Mordent to monitor Cookie's condition once more. Kazuya enters the Piroti to find the rest of team waiting for him and asks if they could do anything to help him. Kazuya politely turns down their offer as he can't think of anything that would cheer him out of this slump. Coco contacts Kazuya for his presence on the Bridge and Lily offers that since she technically outranks him, she would go in his stead and the rest of the crew offer to go with her. Lily suggests that he should leave the work to them while he rests. Kazuya thanks everyone for their concern but decides that as their leader, he should pull himself out of this attitude  to their sake and says that he'll answer to Coco's order. 

Kahlua/Tequila: Separation (分離)[]

Kahlua explains what happened to Noa in the Briefing Room and notes at how Tequila has "left" the shared body. Kazuya asks of what might this mean and he is immediately answered with Tequila bursting through the door. Noa sees that in Tequila's case, because she was called down with Kazuya in the costume mishap, she had not had her regular gloves on and had made direct contact with Cookie, thus having the latter take Tequila's DNA and granting Tequila her own separate body. The crew stare in awe at the separated Kahlua and Tequila and both Noa and Tequila confirm that it truly is Tequila that they're seeing. Since Cookie is "an empty slate" Tequila has been fully transferred to the nanomachine cluster. Noa currently has no idea how to return the two together and cuts communications to contact Vanilla and Coco gives Tequila the status of a provisional member and asks Rico to handle the process of authorizing Tequila her own room and card key. Coco then leaves to consult Harcourt and dismisses the meeting. 

Kahlua and Tequila seem to carry their separation and meeting in stride while Kazuya stares intently at the situation in front of him. Tequila asks him to stop glaring at them and happily reminds him that he now has two girlfriends who both love him, a "man's dream". Kazuya is enlightened by this fact and starts repeating what Tequila said while Kahlua leads her other self to their room to properly dress her. Kazuya enters the room and sees the fully uniformed duo of Kahlua and Tequila and the latter starts teasing him while Kahlua stays silent. The two both explain that their separation is interfering with both of their magic skills and hopes that it won't hinder them as much. The trio then head to the Tea Lounge and Melba is instantly confused when she greets both Tequila and Kahlua. Kazuya simply requests that Melba accept the situation without thinking too much and Melba heeds his words. Tequila and Kazuya argue over ordering similar food to share while Kahlua spaces out again. Tequila shows jealousy seeing Kazuya and Kahlua share their sweets with eachother and the light scramble to eat each other's food is interrupted by Coco calling the trio up to her room. 

Coco announces that the trio has been allowed access to Sprite and explains that this excursion should also double as some relxation time for the trio and hopes that they can sort things out and enjoy themselves. Harcourt has not contacted back on solving their issue but expects a solution by the time they return. The trio are joined by Kelsie and Santa Rosa and the 5 make their way down to Sprite by shuttle. Kahlua spots a white field of flowers and Kazuya asks if they could see it. The fairies see no problem but Coco contacts Kazuya and informs that Harcourt wishes to see separated Kahlua and Tequila. The 5 make their way to the fairies' home and meet Harcourt who then examines Tequila. She asks if she can quickly link herself to Tequila and because the current Tequila is composed of nanomachines, Harcourt is able to "possess" Tequila's body. She finds that transferring Tequila on over to another body again would be simple but since Kahlua and Tequila both share a single body, she states that she'll need more time to study up on the subject. Tequila regains control of her body and Harcourt suggests that they find something to do while she studies. Tequila suggests that they visit the field of flowers Kahlua saw on the shuttle but the latter apparently saw something else and asks if Sprite has an ocean. The fairies confirm that they do and Kahlua wishes to see it and expresses and immense amount of excitement to see the ocean again. She had already packed swimsuits for such an event and, to both Tequila and Kazuya's surprise, runs off to the shore. 

Kahlua shows an unseen amount of love for the ocean and quickly drags Kazuya to play in the waters. Tequila admits that she never knew of Kahlua's passion for the sea and then spots some steam on the other side of the beach. The fairies explain that those are hot springs and Tequila makes a mad dash plunge herself in the warm water. The two fairies join her and bring out some alcohol to relax themselves and Tequila quickly finds herself drunk. Kazuya and Kahlua continue to play in the water and become enraptured at the water as it begins to glow around them. Kazuya makes a quick compliment at how the shining sea reminds him of Kahlua and the moment is interrupted with the drunk Tequila demanding Kazuya to join her. Kazuya sees no choice but to join her but Kahlua grabs him and he asks what's bothering her. Kahlua remains silent while she has her arms around him but quickly lets go after returning to her senses. With Tequila's constant yelling, Kahlua tells Kazuya to go to her while Kahlua ponders on this strange feeling her chest. Kazuya arrives in the hot springs and finds Tequila asking for the fairies for more alcohol and Tequila turns to Kazuya and urges him to drink with her. Tequila then realizes that Kazuya came alone and gets mad at how he left Kahlua alone and Kazuya leaves to bring Kahlua with him. Tequila passes out after drinking too much and Kahlua and Kazuya relax by the water. Kazuya notes at how they never got the chance to relax like this for a while. Kahlua brings up the Will and Kazuya begins to overthink the subject and is brought out of the foreboding discussion by Tequila, who complains that they shouldn't be talking about stuff like this on vacation. Kazuya drops the subject and the trio continue to relax together.


Tequila suffers from a light hangover on the shuttle and the trio are told by the pilot to fasten their seatbelts as Coco has requested their swift return for a meeting with Noa. Moments later in the Briefing Room, Noa informs the team that the new replacement part for the Luxiole is arriving soon but it's automated path leads to a troublesome issue of how the Luxiole will meet with it. Noa ends up taking Anise's plan to scuttle the old Luxiole's wreckage to clear a path for them. Later, Steline finishes prepping the Chrono Strings and asks if Coco can reconsider the detonation and Coco orders for all calls from Steline to be disabled until the old Luxiole's destruction. Tapio engages the detonation sequence and the old Luxiole is blown up but the scans show the ship was damaged but still standing. Kazuya and Kahlua volunteer to destroy the rampart Luxiole but Kazua leads the groggy Tequila to her room first. Anise notices Kahlua standing still in silence and notes at how the air is crackling around her. Anise lays a hand on Kahlua's shoulder and pops up in the air and starts twitching from the contact. The crew ask what happened and Kahlua sees that she was unconsciously channeling some magic and apologizes. Later, Kazuya and Kahlua board the merged Spell Caster are are successful in destroying the remains of the old Luxiole and prepare to head back. Coco contacts Kazuya at how Harcourt is ready to return Tequila to Kahlua and jokes that Kazuya would be a bit more sad to hear the news at him losing a chance to have two girlfriends. Kazuya laughs in response but Kahlua becomes silent and the Spell Caster's engines come to a halt and Kazuya brings Kahlua back to her senses and the two resume the flight to the Hangar. Tequila comes to greet Kahlua and goes off on trying to remember Harcourt's name while fearing that she doesn't want to end up like Anise. Kahlua is unresponsive and regains her awareness soon afterwards. Kazuya arrives and seeing that since he just had a few moments alone with Kahlua, Tequila asks him to spend some time with her and the two walk out with Kahlua still standing silently in the Hangar. Coronet shows up, commenting on how Kazuya has become such a playboy and she begins to notice the air crackling around Kahlua. Light begins to emanate from Kahlua and Coronet hides behind a pillar to avoid the blasts of lightning around Kahlua. Kahlua then breaks out of her trance and sees that something is seriously wrong with her and notes that she's feeling something in her chest that she can't quite grasp. Coronet returns to her and says Kahlua looked extremely scary with her magic running wild. Coronet however pinpoints Kahlua's emotion akin to jealousy. Later on, Kahlua has Kazuya and Tequila enter her room and apologizes. The two are taken by surprise why Kahlua would need to apologize and she admits to have become jealous of Kazuya and Tequila. Her heart had realized that when Coco informed them that Harcourt would be merging the two back together, she would never be truly "alone" with Kazuya since she now fully shares memories with Tequila and wished for them to stay separate. While she was extremely happy to see Tequila with her own eyes, she began to feel extremely jealous of the two being so lively together and wanted to keep Kazuya to herself and only herself. Kahlua begins to cry at how ashamed she is to even begin to have such feelings against Tequila. Tequila is not mad at all though and calms her down while Kazuya is informed that Harcourt has boarded he Luxiole to return the duo back to one. Tequila assures Kahlua that she'll be able to think clearly once they return and the trio make for the Infirmary. Harcourt and the two fairies are able to easily transfer Tequila's mentality back to Kahlua and "Tequila's" body returns to Cookie's form. 

Tequila asks Kazuya to understand Kahlua's feelings

Kahlua awakens and confirms that Tequila has returned but runs out of the room in tears. Kazuya understands what's wrong and heads up to Kahlua's room but finds Tequila answering the door and letting him inside. Tequila "explains" by letting Kahlua speak for herself at how she's been feeling jealousy since their vacation and has been crying over how much of a terrible person she sees herself as. Kahlua turns back into Tequila and Kazuya asks if there's anything he could do and Tequila sees that this is Kahlua's problem that only she can relieve herself of. Kazuya asks how Tequila is holding up and she admits that since the two are more connected than ever since Magiic, she's trying all she can to hold back Kahlua's tears. Kazuya prepares to leave and Tequila embraces him from behind and tells him that as a man, he should keep his head up. She assures him that she herself is fine and hopes that Kazuya understands that Kahlua is so troubled for his sake. Kazuya says that he understands and he exits the room to find the rest of the team waiting for him. Kazuya simply states that Kahlua should be the one to sort this problem out and asks the team to leave her alone for a while. Kazuya shoots down Anise's suggestion in cheering Kahlua up and she gets angry with him but Kazuya gets a call from Coco to come to the Bridge and he quickly departs.

Anise: Violent Fluctuations (乱調)[]

Nano heals Kazuya after Anise's kick and the two exit the Infirmary after Croix finishes repairs on Cookie's tank. Anise begins to groan as she wants to go hunting for treasure and she hasn't had the opportunity to since she joined the Angel Wing. Anise sees an unbelievable opportunity in front of her though with Sprite, a planet that a human hasn't set foot on for at least 600 years. Anise barges in the Bridge and interrupts a conversation between Harcourt and Coco. Tapio gets angry but Harcourt recognizes Anise and former seems to be familiar with the situation involving her birth and her parents. Anise asks Harcourt if Sprite has any valuables she could discover and Harcourt teases her that the planet would satisfy her urge to explore. Anise begs Coco to let her make planetfall to indulge herself and Coco is able to make an agreement for 2-3 people to go down on Sprite. Understandably, Kazuya tags along.

The duo enter a cave, following the fairies' suggestions and Anise employs her natural skill in navigating through the cave while Kazuya hastily tries to keep up with her. The two run into numerous forks in the road but Anise is able to discern where they are going and the two are able to continue through without getting lost. The two then see a light source and run for the end of the cave and they find themselves on top of a hill overlooking the scenery below. The two decide to have a short break and relax by the cave's opening as they look out into the vast distance. Anise brings up the Will and what they could be planning next and Kazuya starts to overthink the matter. Anise brings him out of his state and the two return inside the cave to finish their search. Anise pulls out a device that records their movements in the cave and it reveals that the cave goes in a large circular pattern and the duo are close to the end. The radar device points toward a section of the cave's wall and Anise kicks a crevice and they are able to enter through the hole Anise makes. They arrive at the inside of the circle and find a garden with an enormous tree in the center. Kazuya is awed at the sight while Anise is angry at how there was no real "treasure" to be found. Anise kicks the tree in frustration and one its fruit hits her on the head. Kazuya explains the rarity of the fruit but Anise is uninterested and takes a bite and starts spitting the seeds at him. She prepares to leave but becomes silent and soon passes out.


The feminine Anise

Back on the Luxiole's Infirmary, Mordent consults Kahlua who explains that the fruit has brought upon a curse on Anise. Kahlua explains in detail that the curse will reverse the afflicted person's gender disposition. In summary, the tomboyish Anise will become girly and the crew joke that Kazuya would have remained the same since he's substantially more feminine than masculine. Anise wakes up and the crew check her health. While everything seem normal, Anise starts screaming when she realizes how little clothes she is wearing. A while later, the team report to Tapio and Coco of Anise's condition to which they find hard to believe. Rico then enters the Briefing Room and explains that the clothes the team had offered Anise didn't appeal to her and that Anise had decided to borrow some clothes from the Tea Lounge. Rico asks Anise to enter the room and the "new" Anise presents herself, much to the surprise of her peers. Coco then immediately leaves the room after entrusting Kazuya to deal with the situation and Tapio does the same, following the "Mayer's" procedure. Anise's new personality becomes extremely clingy with Kazuya, unnerving him greatly. The rest of the crew feel the same, seeing Anise's lovey-dovey wordplay and mannerisms start making them sick and concerned at how Kazuya is at the center of Anise's attention. Anise calls Kazuya "Darling" and she asks him to respond with "Honey" and the rest of the team quickly disperses.

Anise becomes hungry and Kazuya takes her to the Cafeteria to sate her hunger and as Lunti brings the food, he drags Kazuya into the kitchen. Lunti demands to know who Kazuya is with when the latter should have a girlfriend. Kazuya corrects Lunti that the cheery girl in the maid uniform is actually Anise and he is baffled at the change of character. Kauzya explains that she was cursed and begs Lunti to save him from her. Later on, Anise and Kazuya head toward the Theater room to watch a movie with Kazuya sounding completely exhausted in putting up with her. The team is called down to the Briefing Room by Coco to have the team listen to Noa about the situation regarding the replacement parts for the Luxole. It's automated coordinates are not aligned with the Luxiole's course and the old vessel will need to be dealt with to clear a path. The team offers suggestions and Noa ends up taking Anise's suggestion of blowing up the old remnants. Steline prepares the old half of the Luxiole to be detonated and gives control to Tapio to activate the explosion. Tapio detonates the Chrono Strings but the Bridge hands report that the ship still remains 40% intact. Anise volunteers to destroy the rest of the debris and Coco allows Kazuya and Anise to deal with the issue. Anise runs off ahead to the Hangar and Kazuya consults Lily to "help" him.

Anise and Kazuya fly off on the merged Relic Raider but Anise's current mindset is unable to pilot properly and the H.A.L.O System quickly shuts down. Kazuya then asks for her to transfer control to him and he swings around the Relic Raider to the Luxiole and apologizes to Anise. Kazuya then contacts Lily who appears from the Hangar in a spacesuit and she unleashes a modified version of the anti-magic blade to break off Anise's curse. A blinding light envelopes the Relic Raider and Anise is silent when vision is restored to the two pilots. Kazuya checks if Anise is okay and she silently demands that he return the controls to her. After a brief silence where Kazuya gives Anise control of the Relic Riader, Anise lets out an infuriated scream and completely annihilates the debris of the Luxiole. The Bridge hands report that not trace of the damaged half remains and the Relic Raider returns to the Hangar. Anise is visibly irritated at her previous behavior and cringes as she hears the voice of her teammates approaching her. Kazuya's voice is the one that makes Anise jump back in panic. Kazuya approaches Anise and she begins to remember all the embarrassing, romantic phrases she said to him. Anise grabs Kazuya and winds up a punch that sends him flying across the Hangar with the rest of the team expecting no less from her. Anise asks if they saw her in such a sorry state and Lily quickly tries to convince Anise that they didn't see anything. Kahlua switches out to Tequila who laughingly states that she was transformed the whole time and does not remember anything. Nano however drops the ball and states that they didn't see Anise call Kazuya "Darling" and Anise runs away crying. With Kazuya groaning in pain,Tequila ponders at how this scene seems very familiar.


Kazuya tries to enter Anise's room but his attempts in reaching out to her is met in silence. He returns defeated the Piroti where he finds the rest of team waiting for him. They find it an understandable response from Anise since she remembers everything that happened in her "cursed" state. Kazuya is called to the Bridge and he gets angry at how he is unable to fix the problem with Anise right away and Nano tells him to calm down as Anise will move on from this event like she usually does. Lily thinks around 2-3 days will suffice and the team joke that she will probably move on in a few minutes. The reassured Kazuya leaves Anise to the team and he heads up to the Bridge.

Natsume: Master and Servant (主従)[]

Natsume is entertained at Kazuya's expense.

Nano heals Kazuya's injuries from before and Croix finishes repairing Cookie's tank. The two head to the cafeteria and Kazuya goes to order for himself and Natsume. Natsume finds Anise scarfing down food on the other table and Natsume recognizes the smell of curry. She says that she always sees it on the menu but never had a chance to try it and regrets not asking Kazuya to get her curry. Anise offers her a spoonful and Kazuya runs into to stop Natsume from eating. Kazuya warns Natsume of Anise's painfull acquired taste for spicy curry and Natsume decides to test it out and pops the spoon into Kazuya's mouth. Kazuya runs into the kitchen to get water while Natsume and Anise laugh at his expense. After their meal, Kazuya and Natsume decide to watch a movie and he leaves to buy something sweet for his aching mouth while Natsume picks out a movie. Nano reveals herself when Kazuya leaves the room and wishes she had someone get her things whenever she wanted. After the movie, Natsume and Kazuya decide to excerise all the sweets they ate during the movie and enter the Training Room. They find Lily sparring against Mimolette of all things and a stray hit deflects a sword above Natsume's head. Kazuya moves in to take the hit and gets knocked out. Mimo and Lily apologizes while Natsume says she would have been able to deflect it but Lily praises Kazuya that because Natsume was caught off guard, the barrier wouldn't have activated in time. Lily makes a mistake in trying to resuscitate Kazuya and calls for Nano who heals him again.

Kazuya follows Natsume in the park to relax himself after his rather brutal afternoon routine. Natsume soon finds their relaxation time boring and asks Kazuya to entertain her. Kahlua shows up and Natsume invites her to see Kazuya attempt to entertain them. Kazuya performs a small comedy routine but fails to incite any laughter until he falls into the fountain behind him. Kazuya is treated by Kahlua this time and he exits the park with Natsume. Kazuya tries to explain that his routine was from a famous comedian and Natsume decides to do some research and goes to the Briefing Room to enlighten herself. Natsume doesn't seem to understand the nature of comedy. Rico walks in to find the two reading articles until they duo are called up to Coco's office.

Kazuya and Natsume try to relax in the wake previous events.

Coco was able to arrange the Angel Wing to be allowed to set foot on Sprite for their short vacation. Coco has prioritized Kazuya and Natsume first and the accept the privilege in being one of the few humans to ever set foot on the planet. In the shuttle, Natsume asks if there are places that they shouldn't go to and the fairies tell them that they can choose to go anymore to relax themselves. Natsume then asks if there's anything connected to her ancestors on the planet and the fairies direct the shuttle in front of a dark cave. Natsume walks in and Kazuya follows. The two eventually reach the other side where they find a garden overlooked by a large tree at the center. The two lie down on the grass and stare at the sky. Kazuya relaxes himself but Natsume then asks what the Will are after. Natsume questions that with Roselle again, Kazuya is the only person they know of with becoming a candidate for the Will's plans. Relaxation time becomes brooding time and Natsume calms Kazuya down and urges him to relax in the time that they have. The two hear a thud and Kazuya finds a fruit by the base of the tree. Natsume asks if it's safe to eat and Kazuya gets the hint and decides to taste it himself first before safely giving it to her. Kazuya stays silent after taking a bite and falls unconscious soon after.


Lily "heals" Kazuya

In the Infirmary, Mordent consuls Kahlua who informs everyone of the fruit's "cursed" effects. Upon further examination, Kahlua discerns that the particular effects of this fruit reverses the attitude between genders. Natsume doesn't seem to worried since Kazuya was more feminine than masculine until the situation called for it. The other 5 then remember the incident with "Catherine" and Kahlua is forced to put Mordent asleep as to make sure no one knew Kazuya was caught cross-dressing. Mordent has his short term memory tampered with and the crew are at least glad that Natsume wasn't the one who tasted the fruit. Kazuya begins to wake up and the effects are made apparent when he starts to talk. Lily takes it on herself to knock Kazuya back into his senses and sends him flying to the wall. Kazuya returns to his regular self and he is informed of what happened in the Tea Lounge. Kelsie and Santa Rosa ask Kazuya and Natsume if they want to head back to Sprite but the duo turn down the offer. After conversing about their short trip, Natsume yawns and decides to rest soon and gives Kazuya her keycard and he promptly leaves. The crew ask why Kazuya left with her key and Natsume explains that Kazuya has been making her bed. The crew continues and asks how long this has been going on for and Natsume estimates around 3 months. The crew joke at how Kazuya is pretty much Natsume's servant and Anise admits that Kazuya and Natsume don't seem like a couple at all and compares their relationship to herself and Nano. Natsume is angry at how everyone seems to agree at this. Based on previous events, the crew compare Kazuya being a food taster, errand boy, entertainer, bodyguard, and an informant to Natsume instead of a lover. Rico does point out that Kazuya does this due to his inherent generosity but even she cannot deny that Anise is spot on with her claim.

Natsume employs Lily's romantic strategy.

Much later, Lily finishes her daily workout in the training room and a despondent Natsume sneaks up behind her, echoing Lily's name. Lily freaks out at how she wasn't able to sense Natsume enter the room and the latter explains her sadness at how nobody sees her and Kazuya as a couple. Lily calms her down and assures that Anise was the only one who was "serious" in her judgment at how she saw the duo. Natsume however wishes to openly express her relationship with Kazuya and asks for her help. Lily states that she's not experienced in this subject and refers to Rico or Tequila about advice and Natsume begins to lurch toward Lily again. Natsume states that Lily was the person who was with her the most since her time on the Luxiole (whether Natsume liked it or not) and reminds Lily how she disobeyed Soldum's orders to make sure Kazuya and Natsume weren't apprehended. Natsume then says that Lily is "the only one" she can turn to and Lily fires up from Natsume's faith in her and vows to help Natsume in her plight. Some time later, Kazuya is invited to Natsume's room where she finds her bow to him and apologizing for what he went through for her. Kazuya is speechless at Natsume's tone and then he is called "master".

Natsume serves Kazuya tea in the Cafeteria and he tells her that she doesn't need to go this far but Natsume seems intent on keeping this act. Kazuya asks what in the world Lily has told Natsume to do and the rest of the crew continue to tease the couple. Their time is cut short when Coco calls everyone down to the Briefing Room where Noa explains the rendezvous point for the Luxiole to meet with its new bottom half. Noa notes that the automated course that it was given gets in the way with the the planet Pike and Anise proposes that they scuttle the ship. The Bridge hands alert that they have around an hour and Noa decides to take Anise's plan. Natsume and Kazuya volunteer to join Steline in arming the detonation sequence. After a quick shuttle ride, the trio enter the derelict Luxiole and Steline attempts to find anything to salvage from her engines. Steline complains at why she and Kazuya have to step out of the shuttle room for Natsume and Kazuya explains her rule for undressing. Steline loses herself in sadness at how she won't be able to save anything from the engines and Kazuya notifies Coco that they'll have to detonate it with nothing to save.

On the way back to the shuttle, Natsume's clothes get stuck and Steline tells them to hurry as the detonation sequence will shortly begin. Kazuya goes back to get Natsume out and the two rip off the piece of cloth inhibiting her. Natsume uses her barrier to save Kazuya from hitting the wall and Steline breaks them out of their moment as they'll need to hurry. The trio then hears a noise from the back and Steline yells at them to hurry as the air has begun to leak. Natsume pushes Kazuya inside the shuttle first while Natsume pushes herself back to the shuttle. A gust from the opening on the floor makes Natsume unable to reach Kazuya's hand but Kazuya is able to pull her back into the shuttle as the doors close. They quickly move out to put back on their suits but Natsume's clothes are stuck on the shuttle's doors. Kazuya and Steline both attempt to get Natsume out but with only 3 minutes left, Steline tells Natsume to take her clothes off. Kazuya knows that Natsume has to traditional rules of letting other people see her without clothes but sees that it would take more than 3 minutes for her to undress and put on a spacesuit. Kazuya apologizes and rips Natsume's clothes and puts his jacket on her as he quickly dons his spacesuit to make for the shuttle.


Tapio detonates the bottom half of the Luxiole and Lily leads Anise, Tequila, and Nano in removing the debris. Rico stays behind to console Kazuya that what happened to Natsume is not his fault. Natsume has shut herself in her room since the incident and Rico states that she will talk to her in Kazuya's stead. After a few minutes, Rico exits from Natsume's room and shares that Natsume understands Kazuya's actions and how they had little time to act. She doesn't blame Kazuya but simply states that she wasn't ready for the amount of shock she would have. The rest of the team return from their assignment and Kazuya apologizes in making them do his work. Everyone calms him down and that he shouldn't feel so bad about his actions since it ended up saving Natsume anyway. The crew's banter begins to lighten Kazuya and Coco calls for his presence on the Bridge. Kazuya leaves the team and entrusts Natsume to them as he makes for the Bridge. 

(Route divergence ends here)

In all routes, Kazuya's partner will confine herself to her room. As Kazuya heads for the Bridge, light begins to shine in the exterior of the Luxiole's top half as a familiar looking individual extends his hand.

Kazuya enters the Bridge and sees Tapio frantically ordering the Bridge hands to scan their immediate area. Kazuya asks Coco if anything has happened and Coco notes that for a brief moment, the scans showed traces of the Infinite Corridor and Coco hopes that there was a mistake. The ship then feels an explosion and Tapio demands to know what that was and he is responded by a Bridge hand that an explosion has occurred in the living quarters. Kazuya dashes for the elevator and heads to the Piroti to enter his chosen Angel's room, only to find it in complete ruins.

Chapter 10: Depending Generation (依代)[]

As the new bottom half of the Luxiole unites with the top half after the incident and Kazuya sits in his room and recounts Coco's report on the short but significant energy readings that had been near the Luxiole. Coco regrettably notes that Kazuya's chosen Angel has not been found but urges him to keep his spirits up as if he went haywire, so would the rest of his team. Kazuya broods over this until he is contacted by Noa to come to the Hangar. Noa tells Kazuya to keep his spirits up as well and reveals that she takes responsibility ince she was the one who designed the Luxiole, including its radar and sensor capabilities, meaning that if Kazuya's Angel somehow didn't survive, they would have certainly known. However, Noa also suggests Kazuya to be prepared since instead of mounting an attack on the entire Angel Wing, they targeted the one Kazuya was in a relationship with. Noa sees that there's something to this and hopes that Kazuya sees her reasoning as well. Noa then reveals the reason why she called Kazuya down and asks the engineers to lift the hatch doors.

Somewhere, Kazuya's chosen Angel will find herself trapped inside a tube and an angelic figure drifts out from her. The figure urges the chosen Angel to give in and become a "goddess" and the individual resembling Roselle enters. The chosen Angel will attempt to talk Roselle out from obeying Will but she soon realizes that he isn't Roselle at all. Roselle however half-way agrees with the statement as he retains his memories and recognizes the chosen Angel. She will ask him if he remembers the rest of the Angel Wing and "Roselle" agrees. She then asks him if he remembers Bianca and Roselle's expression visibly sours. The chosen Angel will continue to use Bianca to trigger something from Roselle and the latter tells her to be silent and fills her chamber with liquid and she soon becomes unconscious. Roselle will explain to his companion that his "vessel" has a weakness for his little sister in his heart.

Kazuya enters the Briefing Room and Noa asks if adjustments went well and Kazuya notes no problems. Kazuya sits down and the rest of his team asks him if he's alright. Kazuya reassures everyone that he allows Noa to begin the meeting. Noa informs everyone of their current status that they will be returning to Seldar as planned and reveals that the Will have appeared, only this time in PHOS. The contacted planets have ended up the same way the people of the Arms Alliance have. Kazuya asks if they can do anything but Noa states that since the denizens of PHOS are not in any immediate danger, they are not sure of how to proceed aside from protecting the planets with the UPW fleet, with Chitose currently in charge. Kazuya asks of what happened to Phel and Noa informs everyone that the Green Moon has deactivated its shields, much similar to the other Moons. Noa then reveals the rest of the "Moons" that the other universes have and notes that the ex-members of the Moon Angel Wing have been individually deployed in the mass produced Ripsiors to investigate. Ranpha to RUIN, Forte to ALTE, and Vanilla to SKIA. Kazuya asks if those Moons have their respective universe's Gatekeepers asleep inside them and Noa presumes so. The situation becomes something Noa cannot put a solid conclusion to with so many similar occurences happening at once. The Bridge contacts Coco and Noa explains that they will be running some checks on the compatibility of the new bottom half before they enter Chrono Drive again. 


The Will fleet emerges

The Luxiole drives out and as Coco is about to conclude the meeting, the ship goes on alert and Tapio requests Coco's presence on the Bridge. Coco and the rest of the crew enter the Bridge and Tapio reports that the radar detects the Infinite Corridor with its troops already emerging. Coco deploys the Angel Wing and orders Tapio to brief the team and orders for the destruction of all enemy ships. The Bridge detects an odd signature contacting them and identifies it as "human" but the signature forces itself through the communications and reveals itself. Roselle appears on the screen and entirety of the crew is stunned to see him alive. Noa snaps everyone out of their surprise and reminds them that the person in front of them is an enemy. The team agrees and denies that the figure in front of them is Roselle. "Roselle" laughs and admits, he is only assuming his physical form and reveals his true name as Herea, a god. The crew recall Parfait's words on Kazuya and Roselle's candidacy and sees that Kazuya has been given up on while "Roselle" has become part of Will. Herea than showcases the individual who will become his goddess and shows Kazuya's chosen Angel trapped inside the Will headquarters. Coco and Noa identify the place from the background as the Master Core room in ABSOLUTE. Kazuya becomes livid and Roselle states that they have not done anything to her except put her sleep. Herea explains that Kazuya's chosen Angel cannot be turned into a goddess as she still as hope within her that she will saved. Herea has come to them personally to make sure that hope is removed and plans on finishing Kazuya and the Luxiole here. Similarly, Herea taunts that even Roselle is "alive" and the only reason he is being used by him is that his despair of his sister's death made for an easy procedure. Both Kazuya and Coco reject the idea of giving in to Herea's enormous fleet and Kazuya showcases the gift Noa had brought with her, the modified Holy Blood with merging capabilities with the Braveheart.

Herea's fleets are decimated and Coco asks what else he has for them. Herea laughs and simply opens the Infinite Corridor to bring more fleets to his side. Coco seems to have something up her sleeves as well and ships begin to Chrono Drive near the Luxiole. Kazuya identifies them as the Seldar fleet and communications are received where Soldum himself is seated on one of the ships. Declaring the entirety of Will as an enemy to all of existence, Soldum announces his planet and all of NEUE's support against the Will alongside the UPW. Herea lets loose a wave to disable the Seldar fleet but he is answered by the fleet's collective firepower. Herea redirects the attacks with a visibly drained expression and Noa boasts that Seldar and Magiic's fleets have been reinforced with her technology and soon enough, the Arms Alliance fleets will be armed with these at well. Herea sees that this world is "no good" and fades away. With Herea gone, Coco orders for the enemy fleet's destruction with the combined forces of Seldar's fleet and the Angel Wing.

The Will forces are destroyed and while Soldum and Coco are conversing, the Bridge hands pick up an emergency signal from Tact. The signal is picked up and Tact shows up onscreen and orders them to return to ABSOLUTE immediately. The signal is quickly lost and all attempts to reconnect are ineffective. Noa orders for the crew to return and make route for the Chrono Gate and Coco excuses themselves from the area. Soldum understands and states that the combined fleets of NEUE will protect themselves and urges the Luxiole to return to ABSOLUTE.


The dismantled Central Globe

The Luxiole drives out near Seldar and finds the White Moon immediately in front of them. Tapio maneuvers the ship out fhe way and Noa sees that the White Moon is still moving on its own. Either way, the Luxiole heads through the Chrono Gate and enters ABSOLUTE. The crew find the Central Globe dismantled and scans pick up another signature entering ABSOLUTE. Kazuya looks toward the right and sees a cruiser exiting from the Chrono gate and Kazuya identifies it as an EDEN cruiser. A transmission comes through and Tact is on the other end. Tact explains that the Central Globe was taken over by the Will and they had to evacuate. Tact mentions seeing someone and the team notify him of Herea, the being that is using Roselle's form. Tact understands and reveals that Herea directly appeared inside the Master Core and warned himself and Lester to leave. Tact has no idea what is going on and Noa brings up the scans the Luxiole just finished. Six Chrono Gates corresponding to the major universes of EDEN, NEUE, PHOS, ALTE, SKIA, and RUIN have formed around the Master Core. Tact sees that the Gates themselves are moving as well and Noa asks what he means and Tact mentions that the Black Moon is moving itself toward the Gate on the other side. 

Noa orders the Bridge hands to send out communications to the Moon Angel Wing present in the parallel universes but the transmission is blocked and Herea shows up on screen. He greets everyone and Noa demands to know what he did to the Master Core, to which he replies that it she stole his words as he wishes to know what they did to the Master Core, as it previous belonged to the Will. Herea simply states that they have taken back what was previously theirs and confirm Noa and Tact's previous thoughts on how the Central Globe functioned indefinitely before they found it. Noa demands to know what Herea is planing and he presents to them a switch on a nearby console and mentions that if he presses it, everything will be reversed. Herea demands that Kazuya come alone inside the Master Core and if they don't comply, he will press the button. Herea cuts the communication and Tact asks Noa what he meant. Noa explains that Herea plans on inducing a Big Crunch, the opposite of the Big Bang, an event that would reduce all creation back to nothing. Kazuya agrees to go to which Coco tries to protest but Kazuya demands Tact for orders.


Kazuya takes off on the merged Holy Blood and recalls his conversation with his superiors just moments ago. Coco asks Kazuya where the rest of the Angel Wing are and Kazuya decided to order them to their respective rooms, as they would only agree in not allowing him to go alone. Noa makes Kazuya promise to return with the Holy Blood intact and hand him a gun, in the most probable case he needs to protect himself. While it would be useless against their particular enemies, Noa hands it to him anyway. Coco asks if Kazuya is alright with his decision and his determination makes her note how much he has changed since she first met him as the timid, new recruit. Kazuya gets embarrassed and Tapio begins to laugh, surprising everybody. Tapio excuses himself, as he thought this would be the moment everybody would laugh together. Joking aside, Tapio addresses Kazuya that since he is the leader of the Angel Wing, he is an angel as well. Kazuya sees that while that may be applied to him, the image doesn't fit too well in his head. Tapio dryly notes that is exactly what he means and Kazuya wonders what Tapio is trying to say. Tapio smiles, and states that if a single miracle were to happen here, he would expect it to come from Kazuya to unmistakably be the certain angel. 

Kazuya continues his flight and Noa contacts him of the Inifnite Corridor that appeared in front of him and Kazuya enters. His communications with the Luxiole is cut off and Kazuya finds himself in the Master Core. Kazuya docks the Holy Blood and sees his chosen Angel trapped inside a liquid filled tank. Kazuya tries to wake her up and prepares his gun but Herea stops him from shooting the tank and states his intention to kill Kazuya in front of his loved one. Herea introduces Kazuya to his goddess companion, Serena, who has yet to take a material form and intends to possess Kazuya's chosen Angel. Herea and Serena explain that the Big Bang and the Big Crunch have occurred multiple times and they simply wish to renew it again. The "Orb" that they are guided by is similar in connecting the inner workings of all beings and Herea was unable to interfere with it in EDEN thanks to Noa while his exploits in NEUE were stopped by the Luxiole and the fairies. Serena becomes tired of explaining all of this to someone who they're going to end up killing anyway and Herea forms a small pillar of light in his hands and throws it Kazuya. After multiple hits, Kazuya still remains standing and shoots the gun, only to see that it has no affect on the duo. Herea turns his head toward his chosen Angel and throws one at the tank. Kazuya intercepts but the projectile pierces through his hand. Herea begins to fling Kazuya around using the projectile stuck to his hand and makes him collide with the consoles around them. Kazuya's chosen Angel can do nothing but watch and when she closes her eyes, Herea slams Kazuya to the glass tank, inadvertantly breaking the glass and letting her free. The chosen Angel is lifted up the Serena and Herea and the latter hoists the battered Kazuya before them, with two projectiles stuck on both hands lifting him afloat. The chosen Angel will give in and demand that they stop, and agrees to become a goddess. However, seeing as though she will never truly become a vessel with Kazuya alive, Herea throws one last projectile straight through Kazuya's chest.

Chapter 11: Eternal Recurrence (永劫回帰)[]

With lifeless eyes, Kazuya's chosen Angel stares in utter horror at Kazuya's lifeless body. She approaches him, only to find the pistol Noa had given him. As Herea and Serena rejoice in her despair, they find themselves being aimed at. Kazuya's chosen Angel will fire at the two beings but the projectiles are unable to connect. Herea is able to shrug them off while Serena's state is ephemeral and does not exist in the physical plane. The chosen Angel will then point the gun at herself and the sound of gunfire echoes throughtout the room. However, the projectile is stopped impact with Herea's abilit. He walks up and knocks the Angel out but then hears something break. A chain breaks off from Kazuya and drops to the floor and Herea turns his head to see what it is. Herea sees a pendant and he begins to hear the voice of Bianca calling out to him. Herea begins to groan in pain and begs for the voices to stop. As Bianca's voice amplifies in his body, Herea calls out Bianca's name and suddenly something comes back to him. Herea begins to repeating the name Roselle and the chosen Angel asks if Roselle has returned to his senses. Herea will attempt to quell Roselle's memories but the chosen Angel approaches him with the pendant and he starts shouting to make the voices go away. When the Angel opens the pendant to reveal the hologram image of Bianca, a bright flash covers the room and the Angel is knocked out. 

Herea floats out from Roselle's body and sees no choice in the matter and fades out with Serena. Roselle with his body back tries to stop them but he is unable to get a hold of them. Outside, the Master Core glows white and a hardened shell is formed around it. The Master Core room enters an alert status and Roselle quickly brings the unconscious Angel to the Braveheart's pilot seat. Roselle takes one last glance at Kazuya and asks him for forgiveness as he had no control of himself during his enslavement by the Will. He explains that the Master Core will begin to accumulate energy for the Big Crunch and at most, he has saved Kazuya's loved one. He promises that he will not give up and will continue to fight against the Will before entering the pilot seat of the Holy Blood. Roselle activates the Photon Diver sequence and punctures through the Master Core's outer wall, but at the cost of the Holy Blood taking extreme damage. The Luxiole picks up the Holy Blood's signal and attempts to open communications but to no avail. Scans show the Emblem Frame's malfunctioning engines but notes two life signals of one female and male and Coco orders to retrieve them. Elsewhere, Herea and Serena express annoyance at how things have turned out but the latter suggests that they use magic to temper the Master Core until it reaches critical mass. With that said, several ships emerge near the Master Core and form a familiar looking sigil that begins to surround the entirety of the Master Core.


Coco informs the astounded Tact that Kazuya has died within the Master Core and Tacts demands to know where she has heard this. Coco explains that the Angel that Kazuya wnet to rescue had reported this to her and Tact asks how the other members are doing. Coco states that if Noa and Tapio weren't with her, the situation would have been a lot more chaotic than it is now. Coco concludes her report, saying that she assigned the team to rest their bodies for the inevitable conflict ahead of them. Tact commends Coco's decision and apologizes for having her go through such circumstances. Around the ship, the Rune Angel Wing members are shown attempting to cope with the loss of their treasured friend. Rico is shown inside the Storage Room making tallies on the supplies but soon breaks down on her knees. Lily is seen in her room polishing her blade multiple times and seconds later, the blade reflects tears running down her face. Nano cries near the park's fountain, gripping the ground and her tears forming constant ripples on the surface of the water. Tequila in a heat of frustration sets her lab on fire, only to have Kahlua take over her place and calm the fire down by freezing it. Anise turns on the punching bag game inside the Recreation Room and lightly taps the bag on the first two attempts. Anise stays completely still for the third attempt as the game's announcer starts counting down. Anise lets out a heavy cry before kicking the punching bag out of its place. In the theater room, Natsume watches a comedy but begins to cry when she tries to laugh.

Kazuya's chosen Angel will receive a different scene where she is shown alone inside her room and is seen after the events of the other team's scenes as Coco calls them down to the Briefing Room. Tapio, Noa, Coco, and Tact lead the meeting and notice that the chosen Angel has not shown up for the meeting. Understanding how she must be feeling, Tact requests that Noa start the Briefing. Noa informs everyone of the magic barrier that has been erected around the already hardened shell of the Master Core. Noa explains that it is similar to the spell the Three Marquis combined flagships had protecting it. Coco asks if it could be similarly undone by Lily's anti-magic technique but Noa denies the idea as she consulted Caraway who stated that not even the whole of Seldar's knights who know fhe of the anti-magic technique could dispel it. Noa then reports even more unfortunate circumstances as the entire area is covered with the dispersed nanomachine organisms that can immediately repair the damages done to the catalyst ships. Noa then brings up the temperature scans from the Central Globe and sees that the temperature increases exponentially as the scans approach the center. Noa sees no choice in accepting that the Will do plan on incurring the Big Crunch and sees that the prophetic words from old legend ring true. The "moon of light" being the Central Globe and the "Eternal Recurrence" being the Big Crunch. Noa informs the team that the EDEN military have already arrived and the combined fleets of NEUE are ready to fight as well.

To lead the Rune Angel Wing, Noa reintroduces everyone to their new Provisional Commander, the revived Roselle Mateus. Noa sees that this is without a doubt the same Roselle Mateus from before and because of his short time with the Wil, has the most experience to lead them, even though she sees little hope in the matter. Kazuyas chosen Angel enters the Briefing Room after agreeing with Noa's statement that she sees little hope as well. Roselle tries to say something to the chosen Angel but he receives a slap across the face. Coco pleads for the Angel to calm down but Roselle stops her. The chosen Angel will say that he is not Roselle at all, and that he still remains as Herea and refuses to accept him as their new leader. Noa tries to stop the argument but Roselle says otherwise. He says that the Angel can call her anything she wants and do whatever she likes to him as he is at fault for everything. The chosen Angel calms down and apologizes for acting out of emotion. She apologizes to her superior officers, Roselle, and the rest of her team and asks to continue to meeting. Noa then briefs the team of the combined attack on the Central Globe and dismisses the Rune Angel Wing to prepare for combat. Noa consults Roselle and the chosen Angel before they leave and Roselle confirms that Kazuya's body is still able to be retrieved if they are able to defeat the Will here and take back the Master core.

Roselle commands the Angel Wing and a small contingent of the allied fleets in destroying the catalyst ships that are feeding energy to the barrier. Once the seals are undone, Coco orders for all troops to advance closer to the Central Globe, but only more catalyst ships are brought out to reengage the barrier. The Angel Wing are exhausted from the previous fight and the Luxiole's scans pick up an increase in energy from the Central Globe. Noa heart wrenchingly confirms that the Big Crunch is underway and sees that the end is nigh.


Inside the Master Core, Herea and Serena delight in the accumulated energy of the Master Core while the barriers outside detain the allied fleets. They happily announce the end of all things and a bright future for all things to begin anew and invoke the eternal recurrence of time. Suddenly, a voice echoes inside the room and from the EDEN Chrono Gate, a beam of light is emitted from the Black Moon and pierces through the shell of the Central Globe and enters the Master Core room. A projection of Milfeulle appears and states that she will not allow them to return things to one. She calls to the "others" and from the respective Moons of the other 5 universes, come the other 5 Gate Keepers. NEUE's Hamon, PHOS's Phel, RUIN's Rhonda, ALTE's Libra, and SKIA's Crum. They announce themselves as the Gate Keepers, the ones destined to protect and help flourish the concept of Life. Every moment and event that has past was to lead them all together for this moment. The war against the agents of Will, the war against Verel, the war against the Val-Fasq, and the war against the Black Moon. Everything occurred to arrive at this moment. Milfeulle states that Life itself has rejected the wishes of Herea and Serena and that fate will move accordingly. She then calls upon to the individual who she had personally chosen and Kazuya opens his eyes. Kazuya begins to feel a surge of emotion and energy, and delcares that he clearly hears the voices of all living beings. The voices all speak of the same wish, to continue living and a blinding light envelopes Kazuya as he is freed from his bindings. All of creation has begun to move in accordance to fate and fate has decreed that creation will be the one to stop the Will. Clutching the telepathic fur, Kazuya channels one last usage of its ability to broadcast his emotions to the Rune Angel Wing.

A vision of Kazuya appears in front of the 6 members and Kazuya's chosen Angel stares in disbelief. Kazuya's voice echoes to her and she asks if he is alive. Kazuya apologizes for making her worry and tells her that they have little time to act and asks her to hold his hand. The chosen Angel's Emblem Frame then sprouts wings and the Luxiole's crew is astounded to witness the rest of the Emblem Frames grow their wings. The Angel Wing feel an increased surge of ability as their maximum potentials are finally drawn out. Kazuya's voices echoes to all of them and instructs them to use their powers to meet him inside the Master Core. With newfound wings, the Angel Wing scrambles into action. Nano activates her headset and broadcasts a shout to "wake" her fellow nanomachine lifeforms. The life forms resembling Nano have a device removed from their tail and the dispersed cloud of nanomachines fly toward the Emblem Frames to equip all 6 with a device that mirrors the Braveheart. Lily disengages the Eagle Gazer's controls and exits her Emblem Frame after she sets up a small field of air surrounding her. Lily lets out a single powerful swing of her anti-magic technique that obliterates the seal protecting the Central Globe. Rico determines the area where the Holy Blood punctured through from the inside of the shell and she locates the area with the weakest armor. The Angel Wing break through the shell and Anise leads them in navigating through the pipeline maze of the Master Core's inner walls. They reach the central wall and blast their way through and see the platform with Kazuya waiting for them. Natsume then calls for everyone to gather around and invokes an enormous barrier to protect themselves. Kahlua and Tequila finish off and short circuits the inner Master Control room with a massive lightning spell.

The outer shell shows signs of power loss and an enormous crack surfaces on the Central Globe. The Luxiole picks up a large energy reading and Noa recognizes it to a similar pattern and forsees a Big Crunch. The radar picks up movement but instead of enemies, every Chrono Gate excluding the 6 with working civilizations rapidly encloses the Central Globe. An explosion occurs but the Chrono Gates are able to subdue it and move back to their original positions. The Luxiole Bridge crew find something shining at the center of where the Central Globe once stood and zooms in on its location. 

The screen picks up the Master Core's control platform with the 6 Emblem Frames docked and at the center, they see Kazuya alive and well. Coco is overcome with relief, Tapio starts crying after finally witnessing a miracle, and Noa sighs, saying that in whatever generation, the Angel Wing will always do something like this. Kazuya and his chosen Angel are reunited again and he is hugged to the floor. The rest of the team glance upon the couple and their reunion is cut short by Herea and Serena's voices echoing to them. They at last see that the rest of existence rejects their will and label all that exist as Irregulars and a massive fleet emerges from the Infinite Corridor. They announce that they will now act personally and the Luxiole picks up a contingent of ships that resemble the Divine Sorbet. However, another voice echoes back and from the 6 active Chrono Gates come the Moon Angel Wing in their own personal Ripsiors. Kazuya and the Rune Angel Wing board their Emblem Frames one last time to lead the charge against the Will flagship.


Tact gives Kazuya the command of the 12 Angel Wing members and says that the rest of the fleets will be commanded by Lester and himself. Kazuya and the Angel Wing then puncture through the enormous fleet to confront the Will's flagship, the Areruia Will. After sufficient damage is dealt, the flagship begins to glow red to prepare an enormous attack, Noa contacts that the only maneuver to destroy the Will once and for all will be the fully-powered Hyper Weapon of Kazuya and his chosen Angel. Whoever Kazuya chose, their respective Hyper Weapons pierce through the Areruia Will's shields and obliterates the ship. As the ship disintegrates, Herea and Serena say that someday, these same events will once again take place in an eternal cycle. Kazuya however replies that until that day comes, they will never know.   


Kazuya stares at the damaged state of the Braveheart and is met by Roselle inside the Hangar. Roselle offers to help in speeding up its repairs but Kazuya states that the extreme damage leaves nothing for them to help with. Roselle asks if the nanomachines from before can help them but Kazuya explains that like Nano, the rest of the nanomachine organisms have had their functions reworked, switching to the type of nanomachines to keep peace and heal others instead of the ones that repair machinery for warfare. Roselle apologizes to Kazuya for his actions but the latter tells him to stop and says that the real Roselle had no choice in the matter. Roselle is insistent on taking responsibility but Kazuya instead thanks him, for saving his loved one and thanks to him, everything that occurred before was possible. Kazuya reminds Roselle that the latter gained the rank of Provisional Commander of the Angel Wing and with Kazuya back, he orders for Roselle to forget about what happened. Roselle agrees, but not before noting that Kazuya has learned to speak a lot more than he was used to. The two share a laugh and Kazuya returns Roselle's pendant and Kazuya explains that everything has returned to peace and even the Gate Keepers have no idea on what the future holds. The duo are joined by Kazuya's chosen Angel and see that she has significantly changed her appearance.

  • Rico shows up with a significantly changed hairstyle, further mimicking her sister's appearance. She explains that she had lost her old hairpins during the conflict and her sister has given her new ones.
  • Lily appears with her bangs removed and the contact in her left eye removed, openly showcasing her half-blood lineage. 
  • Nano is seen holding Cookie along with a much more formal uniform than the ones she regularly wears. She also stops ending her sentences with "nano-da" and has taken on a much more mature appearance and speaking pattern to better fit the image of a mother.
  • Kahlua appears in the Hangar in the form that she briefly took when she merged back with Tequila in Magiic. Kazuya explains to Roselle of Kahlua's perfect union with Tequila and that this third form of her is the product of their combined personalities. This new personality is named Verita but actually only serves as a "third" personality for the duo to switch around with as Kahlua and Tequila are still around.
  • Anise shows up with a different outfit and she explains that she received this outfit from Kelvin and how it previously belonged to her mother. Kazuya and Roselle stare at Anise's new black, red, and gold outfit and notice that she cut her twintails off. Anise doesn't have a solid explanation as to why but felt like some changes were needed. Apparently she was also given her mother's hairpins again but decided to keep the ones Kazuya made for her, to which Roselle teases Kazuya for.
  • Natsume enters the Hangar wearing a casual attire and Kazuya is surprised that she would be fine with showing her skin as tradition had kept her wearing dresses that covered her entire body. Natsume apparently has decided to break free from that practice and now seems fine with wearing other clothing.

The trio will chat for a bit before the chosen Angel remembers what she came to tell them and explains that the rest of the ancient prophecy was uncovered. Kazuya reads the words outloud and ends with:

The clock hands of this endless story,

Spins by the light of the sun.

Now become engraved in the present.



Controlled Ships[]

Controlled ships come with very little changes from the previous games.

  • Braveheart: Depending on a given Angel's mood, the Braveheart can now immensely boost an Emblem Frame's parameters. These can be separated three categories that go from the Regular Stats, Boosted Stats, and the Maxed Stats when merged with the heroine of a particular playthrough.
  • Cross Caliber: The Hyper Blaster remains one of the two of the unchanged Hyper Weapons and requires a decent distance away from its target to be fired at. It still retains its slight area of effect around the first target it hits and will pass through once the first enemy is destroyed.
  • Eagle Gazer: Like the Cross Caliber, the Eagle Gazer is the second of the two Emblem Frames to not have significant changes. The Extreme Lancer requires a decent distance before being fired.
  • First Aider: The First Aider has very few changes to note but the Needle Flechette is essentially map-wide in terms of range and is near omni-directional.
  • Spell Caster: Similarly to the First Aider, the Spell Caster remains unchanged while its Hexa-Cross Break has received near mapwide/omni-directional properties as well.
  • Relic Raider: Whereas the previous versions of the Genocide Bomber dealt immense single target damage and moderate area of effect damage, the new version now incorporates both properties. The Genocide Bomber will now deal devastating single target damage at its primary target and will detonate and deal moderate damage over an enormous area.
  • Papillon Chaser: The Papillon Chaser has gone through little changes but like the most of the Emblem Frames, its Zephyrus Rampage, has been given an enormous range from where it can be fired from.
  • Holy Blood Kai: Kazuya receives his chance to do the fighting on his own when his chosen Angel is abducted by Will. The new Holy Blood can now interface with the Braveheart and Kazuya acts as his own independent unit that mirrors the stats of the regular Holy Blood but with significantly increased speed. It is only used in Chapter 10.
  • Luxiole (Both halves): The Luxiole remains the same with the only difference being in one instance in Chapter 8 where the Luxiole is separated to destroy Sorbet's enormous ship. The top half will be pursued by Sorbet himself while the smaller ships under him with go after Tapio.

Allied Ships[]

  • Moon Angel Wing Emblem Frames: All retain their regular stats and have their 'buffed" specials from the first trilogy of games.
  • Elsior: The Elsior remains the same from its previous iterations. It should only be used as a resupply point as its firepower is still insignificant to its turn speed.
  • Barmell Cruisers: The Transbaal military enters the war against the Will and the Cruisers return in their slow but extremely powerful weaponery. Their armor seems more durable compared to the previous iterations and they can hold their own more ships before going on. They appear in Chapter 2
  • Shuttle: The Luxiole's shuttle piloted by Brenda. This unit only appears in Chapter 4 and will make a beeline toward the Luxiole while it is prioritized by the enemy ships.
  • Apprentice Magi: Non-combat ships that require escorting to get to their objective location. They have rather low armor and health and the mission objective requires 6 of them to reach their destinations. This version of Magiic's fleet only shows up in Chapter 6.
  • Fairy Ark: Sprite ships that will automatically make for the side boundaries of the map to escape enemy fire. Only shows up in Chapter 8.
  • Anim Harcourt: Harcourt's flagship that appears alongside the Fairy Arks in Chapter 8. It is similar to the other Sprite ships only that its destruction will result in a game over.
  • Spard Destroyer: A familiar unit that makes its return from previous entries. The Destroyer seems to have upgraded in both its armor and its firepower and is a useful allied ship to use against the Will. Shows up in Chapter 11.
  • Zem Carrier: The most powerful allied ship and the strongest unit the Transbaal military offers. The Carrier acts as a more powerful cruiser with better stats across the board and immense destructive ability. Shows up in Chapter 11.
  • Gloria Sword: The first NEUE allied ships that shows up in Chapter 10. Soldum personally arrives with the Seldar fleet to assist the Luxiole against the Will forces. Statwise, the Seldar ships are understandably the strongest NEUE ships and have excellent offensive and defensive stats.
  • Arms Alliance Charger: With the Arms Alliance finally regaining its power, the Charger acts similar to that of its enemy counterpart that it makes up for its average stats with number. Unfortunately, only a few Chargers show up for the fight that they appear in and their proximity to the Angel Wing should allow the latter to assist them. Shows up in Chapter 11.
  • Ripsior: 6 powerful ships commanded by the ex-members of the Moon Angel Wing. They're the first and only allied ships that have a special meter of their own and can unleash a weaker but significantly damaging Chrono Break Cannon similar to a stronger Hyper Cannon at enemies. Their massive health allows them to plow through a wave of units with little difficulty. Shows up in the final battle.

Enemy Ships[]

  • Destroyer: The light class enemy ship that has no real significant differences from its predecessors. They will be the most common enemy in the game and the easiest to take out.
  • Fast Ship: The high-speed fighters that usually target key objectives on the allied side. Taking them out quickly will allow the Emblem Frames to focus on other, tougher (and slower) targets more easily.
  • Cruiser: The cruiser still retains its how damage output and should not be approached alone or when there are a large number of them in a small area.
  • Heavy Ship: The damage sponge ship that has relatively low damage output compared to cruisers but still annoying to face in large numbers due to their high healthpool.
  • Floating Battery: Femto's automated defense satellites that appear in Chapter 3. They remain immobile but stand in the way between the Luxiole and the Emblem Frame's starting positions and the enemy fleet. They have very low damage output and should be focused last.
  • Charger: Arms Alliance ships that first appear in Chapter 5. They are relatively weak in both offense and defense and should not prove too much a challenge to take down.
  • Carrier Ship: The toughest regular enemy that take an immense amount of firepower to take down. Thankfully, they are sluggish and not numerous in number so they can be focused down last.
  • Slave Unit: Individual, smaller guns from the Astral Sorbet that detached to engage the Luxiole with the Astral Sorbet's smaller form. They will exclusively target Tapio's half of the Luxiole. Only appears in Chapter 8.
  • Positioning Ship: The large catalysts that power the immense magic barrier that protect the reinforced Central Globe. These ships take heavy firepower to take down and number in 5 but the release of the nanomachines the Will brought will heal them over time and if destroyed, will eventually respawn. Destroying all 5 before a single one of them respawns is the objective.
  • Charge Ships: Weaker version of the Divine Sorbet that only appear in the final battle. These ships act similarly to the Divine Sorbet in that they have high health and also a special meter that will fire upon the Luxiole once it is charged.


  •   Divine Sorbet: The "flagship" of Sorbet after the destruction of the Astral Sorbet. It seems to be an extension of its main gun. The Divine Sorbet is the first enemy ship in the series to have a Special meter of its own and when charged, it will let loose it's main gun, the Celtic Murderer at the Luxiole.
  •   Areruia Will: The flagship of the Will leaders Herea and Selena. The enormous vessel stands behind an enormous fleet and is protected by a shield that can only be dispersed by heavy firepower. It also has a Special meter and once charged, it can unleash the Divine Cross, a mapwide attack that act like 4 Hyper Cannons fired in separate directions with the ship at its center. When it is low on health, the finishing blow can only be the done by the hyper weapon of Kazuya and his chosen Angel.

Theme Songs[]

Artist: Yui Sakakibara
Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu
Composition/Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima
Artist: Hiromi Satō
Lyrics/Composition: Noriyasu Agematsu
Arrangement: Kikuta Daisuke
Artist: Hiromi Satō
  • Ending Theme Chapter 2-7: "INTENTION" (Intention)
Artist: Hiromi Satō
  • Rune Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 2: "心とココロのプレゼント!" (Kokoro To Kokoro No Present!) by Apricot Sakuraba (Apricot's Main theme)
Artist: Yūna Inamura
  • Moon Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 2: "Precious Heart" (Precious Heart) by Milfeulle Sakuraba
Artist: Ryōko Shintani
  • Rune Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 3: "テ・ト・テ・ト" (Te To Te To) by Nano-Nano Pudding (Nano-Nano's Main theme)
Artist: Satomi Akesaka
  • Moon Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 3: "大切なもの forever" (Taisetsu Na Mono Forever) by Vanilla H
Artist: Mika Kanai
  • Rune Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 4: "ハニカミ・ハンター" (Hanikami Hunter) by Anise Azeat (Anise's Main theme)
Artist: Satomi Hanamura
  • Moon Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 4: "Good good good" (Good good good) by Mint Blancmanche
Artist: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Rune Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 5: "ロンリ―ハートでOKだ" (Lonely Heart de OK da) by Lily C. Sherbet (Lily's Main theme)
Artist: Erina Nakayama
  • Moon Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 5: "銃は Solitude" (Jū wa Solitude) by Forte Stollen
Artist: Mayumi Yamaguchi
  • Rune Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 6: "乙女ハーフトーン" (Otome Half Tone) by Kahlua/Tequila Marjoram (Kahlua/Tequila's Main theme)
Artist: Aya Hirano
  • Moon Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 6: "Soul in Love" (Soul in Love) by Ranpha Franboise
Artist: Yukari Tamura
  • Rune Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 7: "触れるならそっと" (Fureru Nara Sotto) by Natsume Izayoi (Natsume's Main theme)
Artist: Atsuko Enomoto
  • Moon Angel Heroine Ending Theme Chapter 7: "もうひとつの愛し方" (Mou Hitotsu No Aishikata) by Chitose Karasuma
Artist: Saori Gotō
Artist: Yui Sakakibara
Artist: Hiromi Satō
  • Ending Theme: "Wing of Destiny" Rune-Angel ver.
Artist: Rune Angel Troupe
Lyrics: Noriyasu Agematsu
Arrangement: Daisuke Kikuta
  • Complete Ending Theme: "Wing of Destiny"
Artist: Maho Tomita
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Noriyasu Agematsu


Standard Edition[]

EKnT-Package 02.jpg
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: CERO: B
Release Date: March 12, 2009
Price: 8,190円
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Pre-order Gifts:
  • "The Time to GAII" Disc
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Deluxe Edition[]

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Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: CERO: B
Release Date: March 12, 2009
Price: 9,975円
Pre-order Gifts:
  • "The Time to GAII" Disc
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Galaxy Angel II Complete Set[]

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Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: CERO: B
Release Date: March 12, 2009
Price: 13,440円
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