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'''Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairō no Kagi''' (ギャラクシーエンジェルII 無限回廊の鍵 Gyarakushī Enjeru II Mugen Kairō no Kagi) is the second Galaxy Angel II game, and it is the sequel to Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira. Two new members join the Rune Angel Troupe, Natsume Izayoi and Roselle Mateus. Taking place 6 months after the events of Verel's Insurrection, the crew find themselves In the midst of a reassignment upheaval. The Luxiole now act under the authority of the UPW and come into conflict against the Arms Alliance, a union of three planets that are outside of the Seldar Alliance. The Three Marquis challenge the Luxiole to their "game" while a bigger threat looms over them.

The title translates to Galaxy Angel II: Key to the Infinite Corridor.

The sequel is Galaxy Angel II Eigō Kaiki no Toki.


Consult the Gameplay Guide for general controls. See the Mission Guide for the list of missions. The full CG Gallery can be found here.


Chapter 1: United Parallel Worlds (平行世界連合)[]

Kazuya receives a hug out of the blue from his chosen Angel.

The opening moments of Chapter 1 varies depending on the chosen Angel:

  1. Apricot : Kazuya walks into the cafeteria and sits across from Rico during the morning breakfast routine. Rico will thank Kazuya for his continued hard work in helping around the ship with her. His efforts in the training room also lead her to compliment his image as the leader of the Angel Wing as well. Kazuya shies away from the title as he considers himself not completely fit for the title just yet but Rico encourages him to be a bit more proud of himself not only as their leader but also as her "most important person". The two stare each other in silence for a while before it is interrupted by the irritated Lunti and Kazuya quickly leaves to order his food. Rico preemptively apologizes for choosing one of morning menu options Kazuya was wanting to eat but Kazuya reassures Rico that he doesn't really mind. Lunti breaks the atmosphere once again and personally delivers Kazuya's meal.
  2. Lily : Kazuya enters the convenience store to find Lily reading through some magazines where she was waiting for the breakfast to be served and ended up reading in the store to pass the time. When asked what she was reading, she explains that she's reading some magazines from EDEN about a movie she has gained some interest in. Fearing some spoilers, Lily however decides to stop reading and leave with Kazuya for the cafeteria. 
  3. Nano : Kazuya relaxes around the park's fountain when Nano shows up and surprises him. Kazuya explains that Lunti wouldn't serve him anything until meal time and Nano decides that she wants to eat breakfast in the park with him. She leaves for a bit and returns with food and Kazuya asks where she got a hold of all this food to which Nano replies that Lunti gave the food to her. As Kazuya thinks himself how Lunti completely changes his attitudes around girls, the two share breakfast together. 
  4. Kahlua : Kazuya runs into Kahlua in the cafe where Kahlua notes out how early of a visit Kazuya made to the cafe. As Lunti refuses to serve food until mealtime, Kazuya decided that he would spend some time drinking tea during the wait. Kahlua states that the Melba and the other staff members are having a meeting and she will be the one to take his order. Kazuya and Kahlua relax in the cafe and Kahlua wishes to switch to Tequila as she thinks hogging this relaxing moment would be rude of her to. Tequila and Kazuya talk for a bit more until Kazuya decides to help prepare breakfast with Lunti while Tequila decides to stay behind a bit more so Kahlua can finish her sweets.
  5. Anise : Kazuya meets Anise in the training room and he chastises her when she continues her tomboyish and unlady-like behavior. Anise's stomach growls immensely after the workout and she decides to run to the cafeteria to pick up food but Kazuya tells her that food won't be served for at least the next 15 minutes. Anise doesn't pay too much attention to Kazuya's words and criticizes him that he'll still need a bit more training keep up with her "active" lifestyle before leaving to take a shower.

In all cases, the girls will mention Kazuya's increased girth as he has begun exercising since the 3 months that have passed since the events of Zettai Ryoiki no Tobira. They will tease him for his change but wholeheartedly cheer their "captain" for his efforts.The "masculinity" of Kazuya and his duty as a leader being a central part of the romantic conflict down the road.

(In EK's Disc 2 portion where it portrays Natsume's Route (AKA: Kazuya's Route from ZR), the route starts in the middle of Chapter 2 where Natsume enters combat with the Luxiole and is brought aboard the ship and the route later skips again to the route conflict.)


The Rune Angel Wing are called to the Briefing room by Coco, who was given the role of acting commander since Tact's absence. Lily wonders why they're being briefed during peacetime and questions if something is going on that they haven't heard about. Coco enters the room and calms everyone down to explains their reassignment from being under the command of the EDEN armed forces to the authority of newly formed United Parallel Worlds (UPW). As such, they will be heading to ABSOLUTE through the Chrono Gate near Seldar for the formal reassignment.

Coco goes over the info that in the six-month period since the war caused by Verel, the armies of EDEN and NEUE have gained control of ABSOLUTE again, and the UPW was found after discovering other surviving worlds. The UPW operates within ABSOLUTE and is considered an independent entity separate from EDEN and NEUE with its main task being to help other universes similar to how EDEN advanced NEUE. Seeing as how NEUE is relatively advanced compared to the other worlds now, the UPW cuts off helping NEUE on good terms to prioritize helping the other universes. During the conversation on the status of NEUE, Anise and Lily mention the Arms Alliance, a group of planets opposed to Seldar's ruling authority in NEUE that might end up a problem. The Arms Alliance were previously part of Seldar but the exile of many individuals to the uncharted frontier led to the creation of its own nation. Coco receives a message from the Bridge that informs the crew that a new personnel will be joining them. With this announcement, the meeting is adjourned.

Back in his room, Kazuya goes over the function of the Telepathic Fur and decides to head out to meet with the other members. Depending on the girl chosen, Kazuya will immediately encounter the chosen heroine as he leaves his room. In all occasions, Kazuya's flustered reaction will cause the chosen heroine to wonder if he was thinking of some other girl before Kazuya quickly responds that she is only one he ever thinks about. Kazuya will be hugged out of the blue as the chosen Angel will express happiness over his dedication to her but also encourages him to think about the rest of the team as well. The couple will reminisce over the events of Verel's coup and how their bond was able to open the gate to ABSOLUTE before being separated when a fellow member shows up to break the couple up from their little moment.


Kazuya is called up to the Commander's Room to help Coco put up a wallscroll. Similar to Zettai Ryoiki no Tobira, Kazuya must choose one out of the six wallscrolls that determine who Tact ended up with.            

Chapter 2: The Shocking Reassignment (衝撃の人事異動)[]

Chief Operator and Lieutenant Colonel, Tapio Ca

During the time after Verel's insurrection, Kazuya had begun to train under Lily on swordplay while also being trained in general physical ability. After one of Lily's training sessions, Mimolette bursts into the training room and asks the two of them to help. Mimolette brings the two to the magic lab where Kahlua was experimenting with constructing barriers, after being inspired during the fiasco on Magiic, and got herself, rather Tequila, trapped and unable to break it from the inside. To make the situation worse, the barrier cancels sound so Kazuya follows Tequila's pointing and brings up tomes to try and see if there's any relevant spell to break the barrier. Lily decides to step in and showcase a technique that blasts a wave of energy from her sword to shatter the barrier. Tequila and Mimolette seem to have some knowledge on the technique Lily just used while Kazuya is completely unaware of what just occurred. Lily explains that the technique is an Anti-magic technique that dispels all types of magic and is taught onto the higher ranking knights on Seldar. Kazuya asks if he will eventually be able to learn the technique and Lily states that she has never heard of someone outside of the Seldar Knight circle to learn of it and even then, some knights don't bother to. The conversation is cut off when the Bridge announces that they will be exiting Chrono Drive and rendezvousing with the new personnel. The rest of the Rune Angel Wing arrive on the bridge and follow Coco to the Hangar to greet their new crewmember, with Anise and Nano hoping to throw another impromptu party.

Kazuya attempts to help Tequila out of the barrier.

The shuttle lands and the new member introduces himself as Tapio Ca, the new Chief Operator. Before Coco can properly introduce everyone, Tapio seems to have a good grasp on the situation at hand, knowing everyone's ranks and Coco's status as the acting commander. Tapio hands Coco a memopad with details of his arrival and assignment and Coco is surprised to learn that Tapio holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, outranking her own rank of Captain. Coco quickly apologizes but Tapio states that he has come aboard the vessel Tact Mayers commanded to learn firsthand the effects of his leadership is capable of. Citing the victory Tact's leadership earned at Juno agains the Val-Fasq, Tapio had not intended on emphasizing his superior rank over Coco but states that if she felt it necessary to return to standard military protocols, he would not hesitate to assume command. Tapio hopes for Coco to showcase the trust Tact placed onto her leadership in his absence and also brings up how Tact's judgment and lack of formalities had Kazuya, an ensign act as captain of the Angel Wing despite a lieutenant grade officer outranking him. Tapio requests to see the Bridge as he tells Coco that he hopes to see her lead with Tact's graces. He also addresses the Angel Wing before he leaves and while thanking them for coming to greet him, urges them to not waste too much time on pleasantries and be doing something more productive while on standby.

Already, Tapio has seen to have put on a harsh first impression and Anise and Nano express their concern on having someone like him on board. Lily points out that she noticed Anise and Nano's shifty movements as Tapio walked out and she feels relieved that she made them all salute instead of having the two using the party-poppers they brought. Anise states that Tapio must be from EDEN as she feels something off about him while Rico states that she doesn't feel that he's from EDEN. The crew question why someone like Tapio would be assigned here and Lily brings up the matter of their reassignments and the crew fear that Tapio might have been sent here to replace Coco as their commander and be assigned elsewhere.


Rico returns from the Bridge to report back to the crew on the status of the new command. Rico states that with Tapio around, the mood is more tense and that the calm, relaxed atmosphere has been completely replaced. She also notes that the radar and communications calibrations that Coco had done with the new bridge hands were reset and replaced by Tapio's own, more efficient calculations. The team is then called down to the Briefing Room for an update on their situation. Tapio states that once the resupply is finished on Seldar, they will be entering ABSOLUTE as planned to be formally reassigned as operatives of the UPW. Then the ship will be docked at the Central Globe for final checks before departing. Kazuya asks a question to which Tapio requests everyone to refrain from asking questions while he is talking but excuses Kazuya as everyone on board will need to adjust to him. Once the explanation ends, Rico asks if Tact will rejoin them once they arrive at the Central Globe. Tapio happens to be unaware of the situation with Tact and with no further questions, he announces that once the Luxiole nears the Central Globe, the Rune Angel Wing will have a mock-battle against the remnants of Verel's fleet to assess their skills. Coco interrupts saying that she wasn't informed about this to which Tapio mentions that he forgot to put the information in the memopad and apologizes for his carelessness. Even so, Coco protests that the Rune Angel Wing's assessments in their VR training are positive but Tapio states this was not his decision but of the UPW's higher ups.

As the Luxiole enters ABSOLUTE, Kazuya is called to the Hangar to assist in making the final calibrations to the Braveheart before sortieing. Coronet mentions that their new commanding officer is an exceptionally skilled person and recounts that during his small tour through the Hangar, he sensed something wrong with the engines in front of Steline just from listening to the engines. Tapio suggests that one of the Chrono String cylinders has been compromised and the angry Steline goes off to check, only to return in near tears in how she was unable to notice the engine problem. Even Croix mentions that Tapio is "something else" entirely.

In the Briefing Room, Tapio and Coco explain the mission parameters and details how this mock-battle will treat the Luxiole as being damaged and being unable to participate in combat properly.


The Rune Angel Wing finish their skirmish and begin to head back to the Luxiole until the radar picks up more enemies nearing them. Coco quickly scrambles the team back into action but as they leave to chase down their new targets, 3 enemy ships appear near the Luxiole. Coco hurriedly orders everyone back to protect the Luxiole and is lost on what to do. Seeing no other choice, Tapio contacts someone on his channel and the radars pick up an extremely fast ship with allied identification and the radar operators identifies it's size and speed as that of an Emblem Frame. The white Emblem Frame destroys the 3 enemy ships in a single attack run and the Luxiole picks up a transmission signaling the end of the mock battle. Tapio notes his disappointment with Coco's carelessness in the operation before excusing himself and tells everyone to save their questions until after they dock. 


The Luxiole approaches the Central Globe.

Kazuya stares in awe of the Central Globe being before snapped back into reality by Coco. He apologizes for the Rune Angel Wing's poor performance and that because of them, Coco was judged harshly by Tapio. Coco however apologizes in turn for her short-sighted orders. The Rune Angel Wing and Coco enter the Central Globe and await for further orders in its corridors. Once again, some of the Rune Angel Wing complain about Tapio's attitude but the tension is broken when Almo enters their room. Coco rejoices in seeing her best friend again and concludes that the Elsior must be in the Central Globe as well but Almo seems confused on why she thinks that. This gets Coco curious and then Lester steps in as well, to which everyone greets him and he asks that they stop calling him Colonel as he feels it will only confuse people about his new position. Coco asks of his new position and Almo concludes that Coco has not been told of some vital information. Almo and Lester blame their Chief's laziness in the matter but dismiss the accusation and clarify that they are no longer officers on the Elsior. Instead, they too have been made part of the UPW with Lester being the Secondary Chief of the UPW while Almo was assigned as his personal aide while also explaining that it would be ideal for UPW staff to be civilians instead of strictly military. Blaming the recent confusion on Tact, Lester grabs Almo and begins rushing off to hunt him down and she quickly says her goodbyes to Coco before being dragged off. Tact immediately enters the room from a different door and the crew greet their old commander. Tact questions Coco on how "surprised" she was with Tapio and she gives him a general response, saying that she found his knowledge on the situation a little surprising. Tact finds the answer strange as he states that he was "completely surprised" by Tapio and dismisses the subject, saying that she "hasn't figured out yet". Before Tact joins the Rune Angel Wing in answering their questions, he calls Lester and tricks him into thinking that he was in his office the entire time and has now just left to meet the Luxiole's crew. The crew make for the Tea Lounge as Tact complains that the Central Globe does not have any recreational facilities to it yet.

Tact sips on some tea before beginning to shed light on the entire situation. The crew already seem aware of his new position as Chief of the UPW and he explains that he will not return to the Luxiole and that a new commander has already been selected. The crew expresses some sadness that their lively commander won't be returning but also fear that Tapio will be taking over. Tact laughs at the prospect and clarifies that Tapio will continue as the Luxiole's Chief Operator and as the new vice commander. Then the crew fears that Coco will just be simply reassigned elsewhere and Tact decides to end all the mystery behind it. Tact stands up and addresses Coco to officially promote her three ranks up from Captain to Colonel and declares her as the new commander of the Luxiole. The entire room is stunned in the announcement and Tact believes that no one is more suitable to lead in his stead than she is. Having stuck with him through the three separate wars in EDEN and the more recent conflict in NEUE against Verel, he feels confident she will make a fine leader. He also personally commends her piloting skills through the spires of the Central Globe that saved their lives in the final battle against Verel as well while also noting that command had already planned to promote her anyway, but not to this extent. Kazuya guesses that Tact really had to push for this extra step. The crew congratulate Coco's promotion while Coco herself is still distraught on the situation. Tact then questions the crew on why some negative connotations are clinging to Tapio in such short notice and listens to the complaints by the Rune Angel Wing regarding him. Tact decides to add his own input on Tapio and states that while Tapio is a very strict, he is not a bad person. While he is not the considerate either, he isn't a person to necessarily hate just because of his militaristic style as he only believes in doing the most objective approach. Afterwards, Tact declares the rest of the Luxiole's crew are now members of the UPW and that they will be sent to patrol NEUE once the Luxiole is finished with its maintenance while also stating that NEUE will be receiving less support now that the universe has stabilized and began to assist the UPW in return. 

UPW Chief Tact Mayers and UPW Representative Noa

A familiar voice enters the conversation and Tact introduces everyone to Noa, the newly appointed Representative of the UPW. While she doesn't share the sentimental attitude Tact puts the UPW's goals on, she more or less agreed to this position. Kazuya takes this chance to apologize to Noa, as he was trained under her for a short time period during his recruitment. Anise steps in and asks who this "kid" is and why she speaks with so much authority. Tact calms Anise down and explains that it weren't for Noa, they wouldn't have survived the final fight with Verel as Noa was the one who created the Dual Chrono Break Cannon (as well as the Luxiole). Anise doesn't believe this and gets into an aggressive argument with her. During this bout, Noa gets a call from an operative named Roselle who reports that he has arrived back at headquarters. Noa orders for him to dock at the Luxiole and signals for the rest of the Rune Angel Wing to come with her down to the Hangar. They question why, and Noa complains at how Tact was still not able to explain everything, while Tact protests that she barged into the conversation as he was getting there. Noa leaves and Tact decides that seeing it for themselves will be better than explaining and the crew follows Noa to the Hangar. Coco requests that she return to the Commander's room to digest the information and Tact agrees, and will rely on Kazuya to deliver a detailed report to her later. Before he leaves, Tact hands Coco a small box as a promotion present but tells her not to open it just yet. He tells her that the time to open it will be very apparent to her when the time comes.

Tact arrives in the Hangar and seeing as how this "Roselle" hasn't arrived yet, decides to answer a few more questions from the team. Kazuya asks on how the Moon Angel Wing are doing and depending on the wall scroll chosen in Chapter 1 Act 4, Tact will have a "memory" scene with his chosen Angel before they leave to do their work while Tact remains in the Central Globe.

The Moon Angel Wing as of the later half of TCY 417

  • Milfie is continues her work as the sole Gate Keeper and Tact wishes that they will quickly find another Gate Keeper so that she may be relieved from her constant work. At the very least, working near her does put him at ease.
  • Ranpha has currently returned to her homeworld to attend her little brother's wedding while vowing to catch the wedding bouquet for herself.
  • Mint continues her work as the Executive for both branches of her business enterprise and Tact assumes she will soon spread her influence to the other worlds.
  • Forte is on her vacation after the fiasco with the charge of her takeover of Seldar has been cleared as she was put on exile from NEUE. She is currently at EDEN enjoying some time off but Tact surmises she'll get tired of relaxing.
  • Vanilla has returned to her native planet to pay respects to her caretaker's grave and to reflect on the events that had passed.
  • Chitose is the only person on active duty and she has also been made an officer of UPW. She was assigned as the commander of a small fleet and sent to the other parallel dimensions in hopes of finding more civilizations and if fortune allows, another Gate Keeper.

With the small talk over, the white Emblem Frame enters the Hangar and Noa introduces the Holy Blood, a prototype Emblem Frame of her own design. Anise notes the shape that is reminiscent of an EDEN Emblem Frames and Noa notes that the "monkey" has a sharp eye as the Holy Blood's design is primarily based on the EDEN Emblem Frame chasis while Noa had tried to implement the NEUE Frame's capability to merge with a booster but had to cut that portion out due to inefficiency. Noa explains that her concept idea behind its creation was that of an Emblem Frame that was able to piloted by anyone, provided that they were well trained. As even the booster ship would need a pilot, as per Kazuya's role on the team, Noa envisioned that a single pilot acting as the booster would be paired with an AI managing the H.A.L.O. system to unify the craft's handing.  

The pilot steps out of the Emblem Frame and Noa introduces second lieutenant Roselle Mateus. Lily however asks what Noa intends to do with mass-produced Emblem Frames and she decides to explain that it is mostly a proof of concept that her capabilities will secure the UPW's safety if a situation every occured that any of the new universes discovered were less than welcoming. For this reason, Noa entrusts that Kazuya gets along with Roselle now that he will be provisionally joining the Angel Wing to provide further data for Noa's use.

Roselle has seemingly done his research and showcases that he has already gotten everyone's names memorized. Noa and Tact are satisfied now that the Luxiole has two new, highly skilled members on board and confident that they will be more capable than ever before. Tact then decides to go back to the Tea Lounge before the Luxiole leaves for duty and the rest of the crew follow. Tact also accidentally touches Rico's shoulder and gets thrown again to which Noa becomes curious and analyzes on how such a small frame can generate that much power but dismisses the topic for now and joins everyone to the Tea Lounge.

Chapter 3: The Declaration of War (宣戦布告)[]

Pilot of the Holy Blood, 2nd Lieutenant Roselle Mateus

The Luxiole returns for their duty in NEUE and Kazuya enters the Bridge to deliver a report on the team's recent simulation data for Coco. Tapio interrupts the conversation and points out a few errors in Coco's own report and mentions he is also missing one of them from her. Coco tries to leave and get it from her office but Tapio cuts her off and says that her presence is still required on the Bridge and that there is a scheduled call they're expecting and it would reflect poorly of the UPW if she wasn't around for it. Tapio offers to take the data for the simulation and Kazuya escapes the tension of the Bridge and encounters his chosen angel in the Piroti.

Roselle enters the conversation and thanks Kazuya's Angel for helping him calibrate his Emblem Frame in the Hangar. Seeing as how Roselle is already getting along with the crew, Kazuya offers him to join them in the Tea Lounge but Roselle turns down the proposition, saying that he needs to take a break and rest in his room as per his scheduled regimen. Since the Holy Blood has the AI acting in place of the H.A.L.O System, he only needs to be in good condition to pilot while he doesn't need to worry about mood and the likes. Roselle is talked down by Kazuya and his angel about the benefits of relaxing and building up their bonds and he promises to make time in the future. Duties get in the way of Kazuya and his chosen angel and the latter says that they'll plan for something another time and leaves while Kazuya decides to make his rounds. 


Kazuya helps Croix try and maintain the Braveheart but Croix mentions the Braveheart has been getting tougher to maintain ever since it opened the Chrono Gate to ABSOLUTE. Croix however mentions that the Braveheart has began to have a preference and concludes that it can only be brought to peak efficiency if Kazuya is the one to pilot it. Roselle joins in to see what's wrong but they are interrupted by a loud noise and sounds of impact. The ship goes into Level 1 alert and the Rune Angel Wing are called to the Bridge. The crew see that they were engaged upon by a small fleet identified as the Arms Alliance, the group of planets against the rule of the Seldar Alliance lead by the royal house of Izayoi. Despite none of the ships being registered, Coco notes that they have not tried to hide themselves and declared themselves as belonging to the Arms Alliance, formally declaring war against the Seldar Alliance. One other planet had already been defeated, rather, disabled according to Tapio's observation. The Arms Alliance hand the Luxiole terms of surrender but Anise and Nano wish to respond to the Arms Alliance's attacks but Rico reminds them that they are part of the UPW now and have no authority to involve themselves in domestic affairs. Tapio offers his opinion, saying that while they do not have a lot of data on the Arms Alliance fleet, the Luxiole and the Emblem Frames should ensure them victory against the rabble-rousers. However, new data suggests the Arms Alliance have the superior technology and Tapio at least states that they can act in self-defense. Coco is at an impasse and is unable to decide how to respond to the attack and her indecisiveness costs them as the Arms Alliance ships begin firing at the Luxiole leaving no time for the ship to dodge them. 

Tapio unveils his Val-Fasq lineage.

Everyone braces for impact while noticing a bright flash of purple light. The Luxiole jerks into motion but not by impact of the enemy projectiles but by the ship's sudden movement. Coco is the first to realize while Roselle and Rico follow through and see that Tapio is actually a Val-Fasq, using his natural ability to move the ship manually. Tapio himself is surprised that the Luxiole has a V-Chip installed but he promptly abandons the thought and tells Coco that he will handle their safety and leaves her to deploy the Angel Wing. Coco hastily briefs the crew on the situation and the Rune Angel Wing leave for combat with orders to only damage the ships enough to render them unsuitable for combat. In this battle, Kazuya is unable to use his Braveheart's guns as they still need to repair his controls.

The first wave of ships are repulsed by the Angel Wing and on the other side of the conflict, young princess Natsume Izayoi decides to combat the "evil empire" of Seldar herself and boards her Emblem Frame, the Papillon Chaser, to engage the Rune Angel Wing. Natsume is however defeated along with the meager fleet she has brought with her who promptly abandon her and her Emblem Frame. Both are brought to the Hangar while she is transported by shuttle on board. Natsume's refusal to cooperate with the security team leads to Kazuya stepping in to try and talk things out to which she decides to comply. Kazuya shares a talk with his chosen angel about Roselle's incredibly piloting skills.


Coco goes over the information they got out of Natsume in the extremely brief interrogation, where Natsume states that she wished to liberate the planets of Magiic, Pico, and Azeat from Seldar's tyranny. She refuses to say anymore but says she will cooperate with Kazuya alone to hear her out. The crew discuss the fact that they now have the legitimate princess to the Izayoi family apparently just abandoned in their custody and are unsure how to proceed with the 11-year old, political timebomb on their hands. Rico clarifies for the team that the Arms Alliance consists of the unity of the 3 planets of Cudgel, Pike, and Hatchet in the "frontier" of Seldar's sphere of influence. The alliance is ruled by the Duke of Izayoi while three representatives of the planets operate under him and Natsume's status is akin to Seldar's king. Anise doesn't buy Natsume's identity being real at all as it would make no sense for someone of her stature to be abandoned like this but Coco reveals that after going over previous footage of Natsume in diplomatic visits and the likes, all credentials check out and there is no doubt that she is the real deal. Roselle brings up the fact that this will be up to Coco's judgement as commander but she is still indecisive on what to do as a third party in this situation. Kazuya asks where Tapio has gone and Coco explains that he has isolated himself in the barracks for acting against orders when he commandeered the ship. Roselle shares his thoughts that they should consult the UPW and Seldar but communications have been tampered with. After the meeting's dismissal, Roselle approaches Kazuya and asks his opinion on their commander. Kazuya is understandingly forgiving of Coco's performance while Roselle admits that he had high expectations for the woman who assisted Tact during Eonia's coup, the Second Val-Fasq War, and the recent insurgence lead by Verel but is currently left disappointed. He states that the Luxiole as of now is essentially leaderless as her indecisiveness almost got the ship destroyed if it weren't for Tapio's intervention and fears that if she continues to exhibit indecisiveness, she might be replaced and Tapio might be assigned to take command. He also notes his suspicion to Tapio as his Val-Fasq lineage makes him uneasy. Roselle recounts the Val-Fasq's plight for conquest for many centuries that warred against his people and hopes that Kazuya understands his worries. While many Val-Fasq had tried to assimilate themselves in peace-time after the 2nd war, Roselle surmises that Tapio is spiteful of Coco as she was directly responsible for his people's downfall and sees a violent end waiting the two. Roselle concludes that the two are completely incompatible to work with one another and their rising tensions will surely lead to their certain demise.

The heavy conversation is cut off when another warning signal is heard and the duo rush to the bridge. Instead of enemies, they pick up a signal carrying Seldar's signature and see a damaged shuttle enter their vicinity. Coco contacts the Infirmary to send Nano and Mordent to the Bridge and Kazuya and Roselle go to see as well. At the Hangar, the passenger of the shuttle turns out to be a member of the Seldar Knights and her exasperated state makes it hard for the team to ask why she is here. Lily steps in the Hangar after hearing the situation and the knight begins to cooperate upon seeing her. She reveals that the Seldar Alliance has been subdued by the forces of the Arms Alliance and to make matters worse, the Arms Alliance have damaged the Chrono Gate near Seldar leaving the Luxiole alone in hostile territory.

Princess of the royal house of the Arms Alliance, Natsume Izayoi

Chapter 4: The Strong Arm Shogun (豪腕の将軍)[]

Three men revel in their victory against the Seldar Alliance and a hoarse voice bellows at how exceedingly simple it was. Another notes how they're being too merciful and should destroy every last one of them just to be safe. Another voice however reminds the other of their "final goal" and mentions that their "race" has only just begun. The first voice agrees and asks if the others are ready to give up their positions of authority when the race formally starts. The other voices respond that they are fully prepared and with the Princess's capture, they are more than ready to make their move. While lamenting the fact that the Alliance's most prized Emblem Frame has been captured, the voices state that the technology they have now will more than make up for its loss. The first voice declares that he will act first and goads for the other two to watch as he will assure their victory. 

The crew recap the messenger's news that the Seldar Alliance have been taken over by the Arms Alliance and that communications with Seldar, Pico, Azeat, and Magiic have been unresponsive. Coco also notes the discrepancy of their meddling in the political affairs of NEUE as they are part of the UPW as it is not in their authority to choose the ruling power of NEUE which explains Coco's reasons for indecisiveness. Plus, the Arms Alliance declared war against the ruling power of NEUE instead of the UPW, leaving them in a state of neutrality and taking a side would break that position. At most, the UPW can only operate under damage control to make sure no lasting damage is made and only respond with force if the Arms Alliance makes a move beyond NEUE. Coco dismisses the team in order to wait out further responses from the Arms Alliance and also assigns Kazuya to be the spokesperson for them with Natsume for the time being to get any information out of her.

Kazuya pays a visit to Natsume in the guest room and has very little to work with to start a conversation. Natsume simply asks why it took him so long to visit as she remembers telling him she expressed curiosity towards him in their previous encounter. Kazuya apologizes but Natsume sees his formal apology as "boring" and asks if the Luxiole has received a transmission from Genievres yet. Kazuya asks who this is and Natsume explains that Genievres is the representative of Hatchet and her personal caretaker who oversees her duties until she is of age. She is confident that Genievres will rush to her rescue after he hears of her condition and tells Kazuya to prepare himself to face him. Natsume is clearly misinformed of the whole situation and Kazuya tries to explain that the Arms Alliance are the ones instigating violence on the relatively peaceful Seldar Empire. She dismisses the explanation and reassures Kazuya that he will eventually see things in her point of view once Seldar's tyranny is brought down. Natsume offers Kazuya in helping her as she was told that the Braveheart was capable of empowering other Emblem Frames and suggests that he join her cause. Kazuya's refusal to help her goals however causes her to get angry and she starts throwing small furniture at him which prompts Kazuya to take his leave. 

Natsume reacts violently to Kazuya's refusal to help her

Kazuya encounters Rico in the Piroti and she asks him if he has some free time to accompany her to the detention barracks to deliver Tapio a report, with the latter giving himself up for disregarding orders when he manually took over the ship. Kazuya agrees but before they leave, he asks her if she knows what a V-Chip is. Rico explains that the V-Chip acts as a neural receiver that allow the Val-Fasq to utilize their ability to exert control machines. Even she was surprised to find out that a V-Chip was installed on board and surmises that this was done when they were at the Central Globe by a higher-up. Kazuya asks to why Rico did not want to go alone and asks if it was because Tapio was a Val-Fasq but Rico expresses positivity as she knows that not all Val-Fasq are like the ones her sister fought. She hopes one day the people of EDEN will get along with them and vice-versa to which Kazuya agrees. Truthfully however, Rico admits that it is just Tapio himself as a person who intimidates her and Kazuya joins her. 

The two head to the barracks to hand Tapio a report and Tapio reviews the papers and notes no problems with them and thanks the two for their hard work. Tapio notes in their rather short conversation that if Coco's indecisiveness goes on, he might have no choice but to take over as provisional commander to return the ship to operational status, however, Tapio admits to not wanting to do that either. It is for this reason that he has isolated himself to lessen the chances of him acting out and despite Rico and Kazuya's insistence that he has saved the ship, Tapio insists that he remains until he is truly needed. Rico and Kazuya leave only to hear the warning signals blare and they head to the bridge. The Bridge receives a transmission from the familiar voices of Santa Rosa and Kelsie who also have Emperor Soldum with them. After sharing what they know, Soldum deduces that the technology the Arms Alliance are utilizing must have been from ABSOLUTE but if that were the case, Verel would have used something similar and EDEN assisting the Alliance is out of the question. Another party must be responsible for providing new technology to the alliance that has rendered his planet's forces and the rest of the systems' incapable of fighting. He further explains that he received a transmission from the Three Marquis that led the Arms Alliance to subdue the Seldar Alliance and left a cryptic message about the planets being spectators for the upcoming spectacle and they should not interfere. Rico clarifies to the team that the Three Marquis are the representatives of their respective planets in the Arms Alliance. Soldum acknowledges the political mess Coco and the Luxiole are in to not be able to respond to the situation properly but hopes that something will be done to solve this dilemma. Soldum assigns Lily the task of safeguarding Natsume as she is an important political figure that will need to be guarded for them to come out of this situation safely. 

The transmission is suddenly cut off and a new face enters the screen. The muscular man introduces himself as Calvados, shogun of the planet of Cudgel, and one of Three Marquis. He explains that the takeover of Seldar and its allied planets are just the starting stepping stone of their grand plan. He announces that the forces of the Arms Alliance challenge the Luxiole and its Rune Angel Wing to combat and threaten to destroy one of the planets in the Seldar Alliance if they do not comply to meet his challenge and face him without support. He reveals his current location near the planet of Azeat and cuts off the signal before they can formally answer. Coco is hesitant to act which prompts Kazuya and Roselle to propose that they hold a meeting in the next hour while Coco cools off and come to a decision. Kazuya visits the Infirmary to check on the wounded knight and Nano and Mordent give news that she is mentally exhausted and they could offer little help other than sedating her. Kazuya leaves the Infirmary and finds Anise waiting for him outside and she asks what Kazuya thinks of the situation while she gives her input that they need to act and fight back. Kazuya thinks that the Marquis contacted them because of Natsume and Anise initially thought that as well but convinced herself otherwise. If the Three Marquis truly did challenge them out of them recovering Natsume, they would have asked at least once in the transmission if she was safe, instead they did not even mention her. Seeing as how diplomacy will not work even with the princess aboard, Anise sees that fighting is the only choice they have, even though it will be them against an entire fleet. She then asks Kazuya if the Braveheart has finished repairs and when Kazuya answers that it was fixed while back, and Anise proposes that they should strike first by utilizing the asteroid field near the planet. Being a native, Anise states that she knows a way through the planet's asteroid field to assault Calvados' fleet from behind. The two present their ideas to Tapio and Coco in the Briefing Room and the former goes over the information with the rest of the Angel Wing and add it to the list of possible plans. Tapio announces that they will enter Chrono Drive shortly to confront Calvados at Azeat and he requests that they leave to Bridge to him while Coco has the final say as to what they will do once they get there. As the team leaves, Tapio trusts in Kazuya to bring everyone's mood up to maximize their chances.


Tact encourages Coco that his time on the Luxiole has past.

The Luxiole drives out of Chrono space and begins to approach Azeat. Coco remains inside the Commander's Room rethinking the promotion and how she is still unable to lead properly. She feels that Tapio is better off as the Commander, and thinks that Tact will feel the same if he saw her in this state. She suddenly remembers the gift Tact gave her and decides that now is the time to open the gift he got her. She finds a small device inside that has a similar design to a holograph picture but she is interrupted when Tact's image and voice comes through the machine. Coco thinks of it as a simple voice recording but the image of Tact gives a snappy response that he isn't. Coco is taken by surprise and the holographic image of Tact explains that the hologram was modified by Noa to contain a neuron matrix, a product of Noa's AI research, that essentially acts as an AI to a given target, in this case being Tact's. He explains that the machine will not function for long and tells her to quickly speak what's on her mind. Coco lets loose her honest feelings and admits that Tact has made a faulty choice and that she is not fit to lead. The room is silent and Coco breaks the silence to state that she wishes to give the commander's role to Tapio, but Tact suddenly asks her to undo her hair. While finding the request strange, she complies and Tact praises her looks. Teasing aside, Tact moves on to say that her hair ribbon symbolized his leadership, and her unfurled hair as the Luxiole. With him gone, the Luxiole will change and form a new identity under her command. As Tapio requests Coco's presence on the Bridge, Tact finishes the conversation and says that he believes in her judgment and encourages her to respect her decisions. Coco steels herself, knowing that it is not what Tact would have done in the situation but what she will do.

Coco enters the Bridge, fully adorned with cape, beret, and with her glasses gone, and she apologizes to everyone for her hesitance and vows to act stronger for their sake. Understandably, the Rune Angel Wing are overjoyed to see that Coco has become more confident but the most unexpected reaction is from Tapio who opens his eyes for a moment and exclaims that this moment is what he was waiting for. He quickly regains composure and requests that Coco now refer to him by name instead of rank. Coco confirms that their only course of action is to fight and approves of Anise and Kazuya's plan and Roselle announces that he volunteers to join them in their operation and Coco agrees to have him participate.


Kazuya, Anise, and Roselle make their way through the asteroids and Anise and Kazuya make smalltalk on Anise's memories of her homeworld. Anise explains that her father used to run an "organization" of treasure hunters back when he was alive and Kazuya is unsure of whether to call the organization of "treasure hunters" a gang or a group of pirates. Anise admits that some less than reputable people worked for her father but vouches that they were good people and Kazuya teases Anise of being sentimental and she ends up rocking the ship back in forth to get at him and this leads to Roselle calling the two to stop messing around. Then the friction passes on between Anise and Roselle who end up racing each other. The fun ends when the Emblem Frames are suddenly stopped and suspended by a beam of light. Roselle identifies that they are caught in a tractor beam and they are surprised to find Calvados's forces in the back area of the planet. However, Anise notices something familiar of this nature of capture. Minutes later, Kazuya comes to and finds himself tied up and in a room where he finds Anise and Roselle in the same position. One of the culprits behind the hijacking enters the room and the team try to convince that they are in the middle of something important but knowing that he won't listen,1Anise cuts the ropes with her knife and knocks him unconscious. 

The three escape to the Hangar where they are confronted by their pursuer but in the middle of initimidating him back with a threat to blow up the station using a makeshift explosion, a muscular thug enters the room and apprehends them. Anise however recognizes the voice as one of her father's acquaintances, Grog Metabuha who quickly lets her go, apologizing to her for his behavior to his old boss's daughter. Anise finds it strange on why Grog would be leading this bridgade of pirates but Roselle interrupts saying that they need to leave quickly. Anise asks Grog to help them sortie immediately to confront Calvados but Grog seems to have other intentions than just letting them go.

Calvados orders the fleet to engage the Luxiole as it enters their perimeter and on the Luxiole. He asks his subordinates if there were any signs of trouble in their flank and they report nothing of note which surprises Calvados as he had expected some surprise attack. Tapio reports that the enemy fleet is mostly automated and Coco is relieved to hear that they won't have to hold back. The Luxiole speeds forward to engage the ships in the front, moving past the bulk of their forces through Tapio's steering and prepare to deploy the Angel Wing as soon as Anise, Kazuya, and Roselle arrive. Calvados prepares his flagship's main gun but is interrupted when his ship hit from behind. The radar picks up two Emblem Frames and Kazuya contacts Coco that they were not only able to destroy the scouting fleet Calvados had prepared by the rear but also get past them undetected thanks to the asteroid base that Grog's crew had to get closer to the flagship before being seen. With that, the rest of the Angel Wing are deployed and deal with Calvados and the few ships he didn't send on the assault. 

With the his flagship heavily damaged, Calvados escapes from Angel Wing. Kazuya, Roselle, Anise congratulate each other for their successful operation and Kazuya leaves to report to Coco. As he enters the Bridge and before he announces his entry, Tapio shushes him. Kazuya sees the screen and catches a glimpse of a man stating that he has stated his conditions and will meet them at Pico. The transmission cuts off and Coco explains that the man on screen was the regent of the planet Pike, Benedictine of the Three Marquis. Coco speaks unfavorably of his demeanor with how particular he was about their new conditions and state that the Luxiole has been challenged once again to battle at Pico and have permission to resupply before they fight. Kazuya asks if they asked for any info on Natsume and Coco denies her being mentioned.       

Chapter 5: The Cunning Marquis (狡猾なる侯爵)[]

Roselle's little sister, Bianca Mateus

Calvados is angered at his loss and requests that he challenges the Luxiole again to his fellow Marquis. Benedictine however reminds him of the rules they must abide by and the final voice reassures Calvados that he will have his chance again after Benedictine and himself have their turn. Benedictine gloats to his comrades that he will be able to subdue the Luxiole with his fleet and goads at how he might not give the third Marquis, Genievres, or Calvados a chance again. He however notes that allowing the Luxiole to resupply works against them but the third voice assures his fellow Marquis that this was part of their game's rules as well. Benedictine leaves the conversation and Calvados is angered and prepares to mobilize to Pico himself and Genievres asks if he is that curious to know what will happen if the rules are broken. Intimidated, Calvados calms down and excuses himself from the call.

Coco briefs the crew on the Luxiole's acceptance of the next challenge from the Three Marquis. This time, it is from the regent Benedictine Pike who awaits them at Pico. Safeguarding his own position, Benedictine had made another rule to disallow sneak attacks while maintaining the same rules as Calvados has regarding the Luxiole and its Emblem Frames being the only combatants. With newfound confidence, Coco declares that they will not back down and risk the lives of the inhabitants of Pico and the rest of NEUE. Coco lets Tapio report some unsettling information he has found after analyzing the ships of the Arms Alliance after their recent battle. He explains that the fleet's technology is different from that of EDEN, NEUE, or ABSOLUTE's and it's advanced machinery is something that they have never encountered before. Furthermore, the forces that accompanied Natsume paled in comparison to the warships used by the Marquis which confirms the crew's suspicion that Natsume's capture was intentional. Seeing as how both Calvados and Benedictine have completely ignored on asking her whereabouts, her well-being, and their disregard of the Luxiole's destruction lead to the conclusion that it is the Three Marquis that are behind the galactic dispute, not the entirety of the Arms Alliance or the Izayoi household. More research on the Arms Alliance political system reveals to them that Natsume is only a figurehead while a group of nobles have more say in their government. The Three Marquis are acting of their own will, usurping Natsume's authority, and taking control over the Alliance with intent to wage war against the Seldar Alliance on their own. Coco decides to treat Natsume, as she has seemingly become a political exile, as a refugee should she agree and lowers Natsume's security level to allow her to walk freely on the Luxiole and ask the Angel Wing to help her through this situation. The Bridge messages Coco of their imminent Chrono Drive and Coco dismisses the meeting.

Kazuya decides to visit Natsume during their free time in Chrono Drive and bakes some cookies for her to make up for their last encounter. En route to Natsume's room, Kazuya runs into Lily who states that she is curious of how to approach the princess. Seeing as though she has been assigned by Soldum to protect her and learning of her unfortunate circumstance of being abandoned by the Three Marquis, Lily had previously tried to comfort her but was kicked out of her room. Lily was thinking of just cutting the door down but Kazuya convinces her otherwise. To Natsume, everyone onboard the Luxiole is seen as an enemy and Lily hopes that Kazuya will be able to bridge that misunderstanding. Kazuya uses the intercom to ask Natsume to open the door and she mistakes him for Lily and tells him to go away as she is not feeling the need to talk to anyone.

Natsume tastes "sweets" for the first time.

Kazuya corrects her saying that he has something for her and Natsume opens the door. Natsume questions to what the strange smell is and Kazuya presents to her the batch of cookies he made for her. Natsume at first thinks these confectioneries are tiny explosives but Kazuya corrects her saying that they are edible. Natsume is even more confused as she thought Kazuya was a pilot and not a chef and Kazuya clarifies her saying that he attended a culinary school before joining the military. Kazuya prompts her to try one while wondering if the Arms Alliance do not have sweets.

Before Natsume takes a bite, Kazuya jokingly asks if she thinks the food is poisoned and Natsume calmly remarks she was almost poisoned before and does not wish to have anyone take the poison if it was actually there. Kazuya is surprised to hear this but is more surprised at her good nature. Natsume take a small bite but starts to lightly cough and Kazuya brings her some water and thinks that the taste is too foreign for her too enjoy but Natsume eats another and questions what kind of taste she is experiencing. Kazuya answers with "sweet" (in this case, sweet in Japanese could also be mistaken for "naive") and Natsume in confused on why it would be called that. Natsume begins figuring out that this is a different type of "sweet" and that says that it is most delicious thing she has tasted. Natsume does figure out why she's never tasted sweets before as Kazuya tells her that sweets tend to damage teeth and her status as a public figure is likely the cause. Either way, Kazuya is flattered then asks if Natsume would join the rest of the crew for their meal-times after learning that Natsume has been personally requesting to take rations instead of eating food prepared by the "enemy". Natsume says she'll think about it and also tells Kazuya to drop formalities and to simply refer to her by name, saying that she considers him a friend. Kazuya is delighted to hear that she considers him as one and Natsume slips by saying that he is her first friend, to which she quickly corrects herself saying that Kazuya is the first friend she has made on the ship. Kazuya digresses and asks if Natsume would like to leave the room and walk around for a bit and meet the Angel Wing but Natsume turns the offer down, saying that she'd rather not deal with Lily's persistence again. Kazuya decides to head out to prepare for the coming battle and while Natsume is upset, she tells him to promise her that he'll come visit her again with more "sweets". Kazuya promises her that he'll bake her an entire cake and before Kazuya fully leaves the room, Natsume "thinks aloud" about Benedictine's wariness and Kazuya interprets this as Natsume willingly helping them and he relays this information to Coco.  


The Luxiole exits Chrono Drive and are immediately met by remote depth charges prepared by Benedictine and Tapio takes control of the Luxiole for emergency maneuvers. Coco contacts the Engine Room to see if they can enter Chrono Drive again and Steline responds that they will able to in a few minutes. Coco sets a target area for Tapio to lead them to while avoiding the explosives and as the homing devices close in, Tapio is able to bring the Luxiole into position and the crew are able to get away as they enter Chrono Drive. With a successful evasive maneuver, Coco contacts the Hangar and thanks Kazuya and the Rune Angel Wing for their patience in standby.

The team gather around to see the Princess.

She apologizes that they were not able to engage the fleet and teases Kazuya for being able to pry information out of girls. Coco then dismisses the Rune Angel Wing and requests that Kazuya thank Natsume for her cooperation. Elsewhere, Calvados calls Benedictine, furious about the latter's usage of traps. Benedictine defends himself, saying that he merely placed those traps in order to make sure no one else interfered and that the Luxiole's coincidental encounter with them was beyond his control. Calvados appeals to Genievres but the latter politely declines on intruding on Benedictine's turn. Benedictine is confident about his chances for victory, outfiting his fleet with proper armor to combat Emblem Frames and having his entire fleet with him instead of Calvados' hasty manuever of having them move foward of his flagship.

Kazuya is the first to enter the Piroti and surprisingly finds Natsume out in the open and delivers not only Coco's thanks but his as well for her assistance. The other members of the Angel Wing enter the Piroti and are excited to see the princess out of her room. The crew quickly gather around her and thank her for her help before introducing themselves. Natsume is particularly captivated by Mimolette and Kahlua and is surprised to see that the Angel Wing aren't treating her like an enemy. Kazuya assures that they're just glad to see her out with them and hopes that she'll becomes fast friends with them.


The Luxiole reaches Pico proper and the crew meet in the Briefing room to discuss their course of action. Once again, the odds are against them as Benedictine has amassed the rest of his forces to his location and a fair fight will be disadvantgeous for them. Sneak attacks are already out of the question but Coco and Tapio have come up with one plan that may prove to be crucial in their victory. Their scans show that Benedictine has gathered his forces in front of the planet and they identify the moon Femto just behind the fleet. Tapio and Coco remind the crew of the defense satellites that they destroyed during their visit with Vanilla to restore Nano and propose that they reactivate these satellites to scatter Benedictine's compacted fleets. While previously shut off by the survey corps. mission a few years back, a crew will need to access Femto's defense systems with Nano's presence in the facility. The plan is for Nano to reactivate these defense systems and have them intersect Femto's orbit and the defense system's ranges to Benedictine's fleet. Nano and Kazuya are required for this task and Roselle once again volunteers himself, stating that they will need to move stealthily past the fleet by utilizing minimal engine outputs and he will be able to help them in this endeavor. The rest of the team are put on standby and await for orders once the operation is a success.

As the trio enter the range of the fleet, Roselle tells them to reach top speedn and immediately power down the Chrono Strings and set up the autopilot mode to mimic the Holy Blood's movement. During this short moment of tranquility, Nano asks if Roselle had always wanted to be a pilot and Roselle explains that it was his dream to become one, and also as a promise for someone. Roselle drops the topic however, and begins maneuvering through the asteroids near Femto with the First Aider following. Kazuya describes Roselle's movement as that of a genius but Roselle responds that it took him four years of training to achieve his skills while he wanted to be as good as he is now in just one. While a bit apprehensive about his achievements, he is nonetheless glad that he can put them to use now. 

Nano accesses the facility's systems.

The trio land on Femto's nanomachine facility and Nano guides them to the laboratory. Roselle is surprised to see the large amount of test chambers and is even more surprised to hear that the beings inside them are Nano's "sisters". Nano explains that she was the only one to gain sentience and Roselle asks if Nano feels lonely that her sisters are not awakened. Nano thinks that while it would be fun if they were all awake, she is happy enough to have everyone on the Luxiole with her. Roselle strangely comments on how strong she is but once again regains his footing and the trio search around to find the main console. Once found, Nano "dives" into the system commands that responds to her signature, identifying her as Unit 031. Roselle drops something during the search and Kazuya goes to pick it up and finds a pendant with the holographic image of a girl. As Nano works into the system, Kazuya returns the pendant to Roselle and he sincerely thanks Kazuya for finding it as he would have never forgiven himself if he lost it. Kazuya ask who the girl in the hologram is and Roselle reveals the girl to be his little sister, Bianca. Kazuya understands why Roselle was so interested in Nano and her "sisters" and asks if Bianca if is EDEN. Roselle responds weakly saying that she is not in EDEN and Kazuya asks if she's in NEUE or ABSOLUTE. Before Roselle answers the question, Nano returns saying that the defense satellites are powering on but in doing that, she also activated the facility's defense systems as well and the trio quickly leave. 

Benedictine orders the fleet to move against the Luxiole but news reach to him that his fleet is being scattered by the defensive satellites around their perimeter. Due to their equipped anti-warship and emblem frame weaponry, their limited effectiveness in combating the automated sentries. Panicking, Benedictine orders the remaining ships around him to form a wall to block the Rune Angel Wing's advance. The trio return to the Luxiole and the full team is let out to face Benedictine's scattered forces. Benedictine's fleet is decimated and with his flagship damaged, he is forced to retreat. Back in the Luxiole's Hangar, the trio congratulate each other for another successful operation. Roselle in particular mentions that Bianca would be proud of their accomplishments. Nano asks who Bianca is and Roselle shows her his hologram pendant to which Nano notes how cute Bianca is but then senses that something is off with the hologram. Roselle smiles, and sees that Nano understands his predictament. Roselle clarifies that Bianca was a sickly girl since birth and because of her poor health, was not able to see the outside world too often. Her illness was something that not even nanomachines were able to cure. Bianca's dream was to fly through the sky and stars and Roselle decided to fly the stars for her sake and dedicated himself to become a skilled pilot but Bianca soon passed away before Roselle could take her on a scenic flight. Roselle apologizes for dragging everyone's triumphant mood down and tells the duo that their actions today would have made her very happy. Roselle and Nano leave the Hangar while Kazuya runs into Coco who states that she is here to meet someone. A representative of Pico exits the shuttle to thank Coco and the Luxiole's crew for freeing them from the Arms Alliance but the conversation is cut short as the Bridge contacts the Hangar stating they have received another transmission. The transmission simply states that the Luxiole will be allowed to resupply before they will be challenged again. Seeing as how the transmission was timed exactly after Benedictine's defeat, the Bridge crew conclude the sender must have been Genievres Hatchet, the last member of the Three Marquis. Kazuya asks if the transmission mentioned anything with Natsume, only for Tapio note that nothing was mentioned of her. Coco excuses herself to have a talk with Pico's representatives while the team is allowed to rest.

Chapter 6: The Abominable Regent (忌まわしき摂政)[]

Grandmaster of Magiic, Caraway.

Tapio sets up communications to ready for Genievres's transmission with Natsume present on the bridge. The transmission comes in and Genievres introduces himself to the Luxiole's crew. Coco exchanges short formalities and then gets to the point in asking him to stop the pointless conflict. If the Arms Alliance were to seek political dominacne through diplomatic means, then things would be different but endangering others by force and hostage-taking are taking steps too far. Natsume enters the conversation and agrees, and wishes for her old caretaker to end this fight. Genievres shows surprise at her safety and states that he has taken her words to heart. However, he responds by saying that he won't be taking orders from a "brat" anymore. Natsume is extremely startled by this response and Genievres goes to explain that her status as the Princess has no authority over the Three Marquis anymore, as not only has she been captured by the enemy, but she has become familiar with them enough to have audience on the Bridge. From what he has heard from Benedictine, his ambush being compromised could only be her doing. So not only as she allied herself with the enemy, she has become a full blown traitor to the Arms Alliance. For all the Alliance knows, Natsume has betrayed them where the princess they knew would have sooner died than assist the enemy. Genievres warns her to not speak to him lightly and taunts her as an imbecile. Kazuya speaks out of turn and demands Genievres take back his words but he silenced by Tapio and is told not to interefere. Coco still asks on what the Arms Alliance hopes to achieve and Genievres begins to taunts her as well. This time it's Tapio that raises his voice but Coco calms him down and Genievres decides not to fully answer Coco's question. With nothing more to say, Genievres sends his letter of challenge and determines their next battleground at Magiic and ends the transmission.

Natsume sits at the back of the bridge in silence and is approached by Coco who unfortunately tells her that Genievres is not completely wrong in terms of Natsume's accusation. Coco does however suggest that Natsume leaves them and remain in Pico as a refugee but Natsume decides that she wishes to see this fight through to the end and confront Genievres. Coco accepts her proposal and thanks Natsume's strong resolve in wanting to end this conflict. The Luxiole heads for Magic and Kazuya runs into Tequila and Mimolette in the training room. The "two" were practicing their magic and Tequila is able to pop all the test balloons in a simple incantation. She switches to Kahlua but she is unable to invoke any spells. The discouraged Kahlua wishes to stop the exercise but Kazuya and Mimolette remind her that she was the one who put up the barrier that saved their lives during Verel's coup and convince her that she can still use magic properly.

Tequila demonstrates simple magic for Kahlua for practice with.

Tequila is switched back to and wonders herself on why Kahlua is still so disturbed with using magic. Kazuya asks if she doesn't know at all and Tequila states that wouldn't be able to know if Kahlua herself doesn't. All she knows is that Kahlua is afraid of using magic and freezes up at the thought of it. Either way, Tequila decides that if Kahlua really doesn't want to train, she won't to force her and begins to pop the rest of the balloons. Natsume sees this and rushes inside the room in awe of what she witnessed. Natsume states that she has never seen this type of magic before and Kazuya asks if the Arms Alliance utilize any sort of magic. Natsume explains that the Arms Alliance had fought against another civilization that utilized magic and it was her family that destroyed them. Native magic users were persecuted and wiped out and this hatred against magic persists as taboo in their society. Natsume asks if Tequila is strong and Kazuya tells Natsume that Tequila happens to be one of the "12", the strongest mages of Magic. Kazuya goes as far to say that Tequila is probably the single most powerful person onboard and while Tequila appreciates the comment she mentions someone else is stronger and points them near the doorway. Lily is spotted spying on Natsume and Kazuya wonders what Lily has to do with this and Tequila teases Kazuya for not studying his history. Tequila mentions something to do with a war and that someone like Lily could defeat her. Kazuya is interested in hearing this but Tequila states it's too long a story for her to tell it and leaves the room. Natsume leaves as well and Kazuya decides to consult with Mordent on Kahlua's inability to use magic as proficiently as Tequila. Mordent decides to disclose some key information and tells Kazuya that this problem might have lasting implications for the future. Mordent states that the nature of this problem might endanger Tequila's whole existence and Kazuya is shocked to hear how deep this problem is rooted. Mordent asks if Kazuya knows why she has two personalities in the first place and Kazuya admits he knows nothing about the situation. Mordent explains that during the Luxiole crew's formation, he was given Kahlua's medical history and background check information and while this information should be private, Kazuya's position allows Mordent to make an exception for him. Mordent goes on to chronicle Kahlua's youth where she was enrolled in a prestigious magic academy at age 6 but by age 8, she lost her aptitude in magic. Kazuya remembers hearing Kahlua using magic to save the life of one of her friends but instead of being grateful, her friend became scared of her. Mordent goes on saying that the traumatic event caused the loss of willpower in Kahlua and the burden of expectations from her parents and peers as well as the fear of dropping out of her iinstitution caused her to create the personality of Tequila to where all the magical aptitude transferred to. Mordent however fears that in the worst case scenario, if Kahlua is able to overcome her mental block, the personality of Tequila might disappear as she would seve no purpose and advises Kazuya to be mindful of his wish to help Kahlua.

In the next free roam section, Kazuya has the choice to visit the Bridge where he discusses with Coco and Tapio who have been investigating Genivres and the ultimate goal of the Three Marquis. Tapio points out how Genievres motives seem to contradict each other. Coco goes on to say that the Three Marquis have access to powerful technology but they are not actively using it against anyone but the Luxiole and the Angel Wing. Tapio suggests that is not a matter of not being able to use their technology, but the marquis being unable to use them freely. These predetermined conditions and rules of engagement suggest that something else is at play as if the entire goal was to best the Luxiole, why are they fighting them separately? There is clearly some sort of competition in place where the three must prove which one of them is superior but for what purpose? The three already hold the most power within their government, especially in Genievres' case yet he agrees and abides by these rules himself.


The seal created by Genievres to subdue Magic

Coco and Tapio brief the Angel Wing of their current situation as they approach Magiic's area and are hard-pressed in terms of strategy as they have little terrain to work with compared to the last two times. Tequila asks if the Magic fleet was destroyed but like Pico and Azeat, their ships were disabled. 

Tequila finds something strange as the Magic fleet functions out of magic instead of fuel and the likes compared to the other planet's forces. Also, Tequila finds it hard to believe that Genievres's fleet alone were able to silence the other mages of Tequila's level so easily. Sensing something strange, she asks if she can perform some reconnaissance with Kazuya and Roselle joining in. During their short trip, Roselle questions Tequila on the nature between the two personalities existing in one body and Tequila clarifies for him that she was created to utilize magic in Kahlua's stead but as the two continued experiencing more things, Tequila's personality has become more distinct. This is thanks to the fact that the memories of Kahlua are shared with Tequila while the reverse is not the same, there are things only Tequila has experienced. The trio come to a stop when they see an extremely large magic circle in front of them. Tequila analyzes the seal and finds its nature something she has never encountered and soon begins to have headaches and switches back to Kahlua as the magic inhibition on her is less pronounced and Kahlua is better suited for conceptual magic. With the enemies gimmick figured out, they return to the Luxiole and on the other end, Genievres ignores the transmissions from Calvados and Benedictine as he laughs at how the game's "key" will be his. The magic seal not only prohibits Magiic's forces from mobilizing but also protects his own fleet from harm.


The Rune Angel Wing are deployed to destroy the seal while Genievres sees through their plans and pays them no mind and orders his fleets to close in on the Luxiole. The team's firepower is not enough for the seal to dissipate but not even Tequila seems to be able to counteract its effects. Tequila is forcibly reverted back to Kahlua once again while Genievres's ships close in on them. Seeing her friends being assailed by the enemy ships, Kahlua's once again is faced against her mental burden and her latent abilities are drawn out. While the entire process is a close call, she is able to obliterate the seal, rendering Genievres's fleet vulnerable to damage again. Coco contacts the team congratulating them but is surprised to hear Kahlua's voice answering back instead of Tequila. Genievres is shaken of his seal's dispersal but makes a charge toward the Luxiole.

Like his fellow Marquis before him, Genievres is defeated and is forced to make a retreat. Back on the Luxiole, everyone gathers around Kahlua and congratulates her for finally being able to pilot the Spell Caster without Tequila taking over. Kahlua thanks them and they all head to the Bridge to meet with Coco. The crew however note that Kahlua would be feeling more happiness in knowing her power has returned to her. A transmission comes from the representative of Magiic, Caraway who also happens to be Kahlua's former instructor. Caraway thanks the crew for driving away Genievres and explains that the seal used against them predates the Chrono Quake and were once utilized by a group of malicious magic users who once subjugated the planet. Even Seldar had trouble dealing with them but the war eventually exiled the magi to the frontiers. Caraway surmises that Genievres is a descendant of these mages and Natsume is aghast to hear that Genievres had decieved them for so long. She moves on to praises Kahlua for finally being able to overcome her fears and use magic again. Caraway delivers more goods news to Kahlua and Kazuya especially as she explains that Tequila and Kahlua's preconcieved notion about Tequila disappearing if she regained her magic capabilities was purely in her own head and that Caraway assures that no threat will come to the other's existence and that their shared existence is an immeasurable gift to her prowess as a mage. 

Chapter 7: The Anti-Magic Sword (退魔の剣)  []

The Three Marquis: Benedictine Pike, Genievres Hatchet, and Calvados Cudgel

The Three Marquis send their final letter of challenge as they await the Luxiole at Seldar to settle the score. Coco finds it strange that this time around, they will be allowed to bring reinforcements and are given ample time to resupply as they see fit. Tapio replays the transmission and note out Genievres's reluctant expression and his attitude. They wonder what has him so worried and they are reminded that the Three Marquis have been upholding some set of "rules" in each of their respective encounters and surmise that someone is behind their actions. However the crew fail to come up with who as Genievres stated that he and his fellow Marquis are the ruling power of the Arms Alliance now with Natsume and her family being disregarded.

In the conversation between the Three Marquis, Calvados declares that they should attack Seldar before the Luxiole arrives in fear of their defeat. Benedictine and Genievres object to the idea and threaten to end their partnership if Calvados dares to break the rules of the game. The two state that they have no qualms with Calvados would act foolish enough to get himself disqualified but if he should endanger the other two's chances, he would be met with force. Genievres states that they have not yet lost completely and hope for the best in their coming battle. The three end the transmission and while Genievres bids the two farewell with a smile, his expression becomes grim as the transmissions end. He speaks to himself that before the final fight, he would like to see "her" face again.

Kazuya walks into the Bridge and finds Natsume conversing with Genievres on the screen. Natsume is saddened to hear that Genievres does not plan to back after being defeated once. While she doesn't exactly forgive him for insulting her in their previous conversation, she has no choice but to accept the reality of his actions. Natsume asks if he remembers one event 5 years ago when she had nearly consumed poison and Genievres took it in her stead, suffering from excruciating pain for 3 days. Ever since that incident, Natsume has had no one else test food for her. Genievres is silent but says he does not remember that ever happening and she asks him if he forgot the times he has played with her and the times he was the only person who would approach her when she was crying. Genievres is silent once again and still replies that he does not remember much and if he did comfort her, he states that he did it out of duty and not out of personal interest. Genievres becomes entertained at how naive (甘い) Natsume has become during her stay on the Luxiole and lectures her that if one is too naive, they will not last too long in life. Natsume replies that Genievres is mistaken, stating that naivety (甘い) is "sweet", something that makes people happy and comfortable but she knows that Genievres will not understand what that means. Natsume asks what Genievres aims to do and exclaims that his response to "take over NEUE" is a lie and demands an answer, invoking her royalty and Genievres reminds she that her title means nothing to him.

Natsume in an argument with Kazuya

Genievres, seemingly content with this short conversation, cuts off the transmission and Natsume is surprised to see Kazuya in the Bridge listening in. Coco explains that she called him over to make sure that Natsume's mentality is in check as she has approved Natsume to fight alongside the Rune Angel Wing. Kazuya is surprised to hear this and says it would be too dangerous for her but Natsume yells at him to not treat her like a child and explains she is fully capable of combat with her recently restored Emblem Frame. Natsume's logic behind her joining the team being that if they are to lose, the Luxiole would be destroyed anyway so it would make sense for them to have her help instead of being on the ship. Besides, as Kazuya has just heard, Natsume holds no political power anymore after being branded a traitor. Natsume is placed under Kazuya's command and Coco instructs the two to head down to the Hangar to fine tune the Papillon Chaser's H.A.L.O System.

On their way to the Hangar, Kazuya is completely silent and Natsume asks if he is troubled with her joining the team. While Kazuya denies it at first, he admits that he thinks Natsume does not have enough resolve to fight with them. Natsume exclaims that she does have enough resolve to join combat and Kazuya tests her and asks what her idea of resolve means. Natsume simply states that resolve is to simply win and Kazuya notes that her mentality is exactly why she is not ready. He explains that absolutes in combat do not exist, it is no mystery that anyone could die and that anything could go wrong. Blind resolution to fight and die is not resolve, but the will to live not only for oneself but to those waiting for them to return. Kazuya explains that the team had Natsume to come back to as well but Kazuya notices Natsume has tears in her eyes. Natsume reponds and calls Kazuya a fool, saying that she fully understands what Kazuya means even after Kazuya's insistence that she doesn't. She tells him to think of how she felt seeing her "friends" take off to certain doom while she had to sit back and watch. Kazuya realizes that he didn't think of that and apologizes for not thinking through. With Natsume's mentality being "resolved" Kazuya extends his hand to fully welcome her to the team. He then leaves her at the Hangar to make sure Natsume gets to know how things work with the engineers and how to calibrate her Emblem Frame.


Kazuya finds Anise and Tequila outside the training room and he asks what they're doing. Both explain that they wanted to get their bodies in shape for the upcoming fight but are unable to use the room. Kazuya wonders why this is and he is told to look inside. Peering through the door, he finds Lily in vigorous training and Tequila understands Lily would be exactly the kind of person who would want to get herself worked up for the fight ahead. During this, Tequila mentions her as the "genius" in swordsmanship that could defeat a mage.

Lily in the heat of training.

Anise is curious if that is true and Kazuya is reminded that Tequila mentioned something similar to the topic of the sword overcoming magic. Tequila is surprised at how even Anise is unaware of this and is convinced by the two to explain what she meant, but only if she gets treated to some food. The trio enter the Tea Lounge and Tequila asks the two why Seldar is the capital planet of NEUE instead of Magiic. Anise simply answers by saying that Seldar is simply stronger but realizes that it wouldn't make sense for a planet of knights to defeat a planet of mages. Tequila explains that Seldar and Magic had previously been at war but Magiic failed in their invasion and lost to Seldar thanks to a group of knights that utilized anti-magic techniques. Tequila makes Kazuya recall the anti-magic blade Lily used to break her barrier and explains that techniques like those defeated Magiic and put Seldar as the ruling power of NEUE. Tequila states that all of this was from her textbooks she read in her youth and is disturbed at how both of them are unaware. Either way, Tequila explains that the anti-magic skills are attained by the most skillful of knights and Lily is the most talented among the talented. With the brief history lesson over, Tequila takes her leave and Anise follows suit.


The Luxiole and the allied Magic fleet approach Seldar space with the Three Marquis and their numerically superior fleets entering their vision. Coco notes that as with the rest of their battles, the Three Marquis will prioritize the Luxiole as their main target and requests for Caraway lead the Magiic fleet in fighting the Arms Alliance's outer perimeter while the Luxiole will rush forward to swiftly deal with the Three Marquis flagships before their superior numbers overwhelm them. Kazuya and the team plan to do the same to the Three Marquis and their objective will be to destroy the flagships. Natsume is now able to join the fight and she requests that Kazuya merge the Braveheart with her Emblem Frame to end the conflict once and for all. With the battle begun, Calvados announces that he will make a beeline toward the Luxiole's demise and while Benedictine and Genievres try to stop him, they decide to do the same in order to make sure they get their prize.

The Three Marquis and their fleets at Seldar

The Three Marquis are once again bested and the Rune Angel Wing head to the Bridge to see the the rest of the battle play out. Instead of retreating however, the three flagships merge with a large space station in the back of the fleet's formation. An energy signature is detected and Tapio reports the station is generating an incredible level of power that trumps the Luxiole's firepower by a large margin. Genievres orders for the cannon to be prepared while his compatriots loudly protest this blatant violation of their rules but Genievres assures them that he is not aiming at the Luxiole but instead at Seldar itself. Genievres understands that the Emblem Frames' power are based on mental stability and is confident that if they destroy Seldar in front of them, their hopes and resolves will be crushed and they will have the chance to make a comeback. Calvados and Benedictine quickly change their minds and approve of Genievres's plan and divert their ship's energy to his control as he declares his vengeance against his lineage towards Seldar. On the Luxiole, Kahlua confirms that the forbidden magics they fought against on Magiic is being used on the station both as a defense and offense but it is further bolstered by the station's technology. The Luxiole fires off a salvo to try and interrupt the process but the enemy's shields shrug it off instantly. As the crew watch in terror, the Luxiole's radar picks up a faint trace of a fuel-powered rocket barreling towards space. While the Three Marquis laugh at the pathetic attempt by Seldar to fight back, Coco realizes something and has the Luxiole move to intercept the missle and stand in the space station's trajectory and Seldar.

Lily and Kazuya rush to the Hangar to see the missle they picked up and they end up encountering Santa Rosa and Kelsie inside the pod and they hand Lily an ornate blade and quickly explain Soldum's plan. On the surface of Seldar, Soldum speaks from his palace's balcony using his actual voice, breaking the planet's royal traditions. He announces that for the love of his homeland and for his people, he will break tradition in order to save their planet and explains that the royal emissaries have boarded the Luxiole and it is now up to themselves to power their weapon. The knights raise their blades into the air and their willpower is transferred to a single point on the Luxiole's hangar.

Emperor Soldum breaks the planet's tradition and addresses his people.

The Hangar doors open to reveal Lily and the two fairies using their abilities to link the willpower of the knights of Seldar to the blade. Lily's blade surges from this power and Lily unleashes a single powerful swing that sends a bolt of energy that clashes with the destructive magic force fired at the planet. Lily's power coupled with that of the entirety of Seldar's people beats back the magic energy and dissipates it along with the barrier surrounding the station. The Luxiole then fires its main guns at the station and the Three Marquis are forced to disengage. Genievres becomes livid that his plans have failed and decides that if he's going to die here, he'll take as many of the Seldar "pigs" as he can and prepares the main guns. The Luxiole is unable to attack in time to stop Genievres's flagship but from the other side of the planet, the Elsior's main guns shoot down the engines of Genievres's ship. Tact chimes in the call and the crew are overjoyed to see him while they question how the Elsior entered NEUE. Tact promises to explain it in detail at a later time but before the two ships can engage the Three Marquis, an energy signature is detected from behind the Three Marquis' location. A hole is torn through the space behind the Three Marquis and the three flagships are pulled into its void before closing off.

The Three Marquis find themselves inside an unknown location and while Calvados panics, Genievres realizes that the Will have come to retrieve them. Calvados is confused as they have not yet defeated the Luxiole and that there wouldn't be any point of retrieving them if the "Key" is not to be given to them. However, Genievres and Benedictine realize that with their fleets gone, there's only one reason why there were pulled here. Back on the Luxiole's Bridge, Tact decides to have a full debrief on the situation and instructs everyone to dock at Seldar. With the disappearance of the Three Marquis, the conflict with the Arms Alliance comes to a close.

Chapter 8[]

Rune Angel Wing

The Rune Angel Wing reunite with Tact and they are shortly joined by Caraway and Soldum in the palace halls. Tact goes over how there was trouble on EDEN's end as well and he had every intent on checking up with NEUE to ask the Angel Wing for assistance but decides to hear from Soldum first before going on with his request. Lily asks first of how he managed to enter NEUE with the damaged Chrono Gate and Tact quickly explains that the UPW has repaired the Chrono Gate inside ABSOLUTE that led to NEUE and goes on to say that the gates can actually function off one per universe. The gate from ABSOLUTE leading to NEUE and the gate from NEUE leading to ABSOLUTE are one and the same. So as long as one link is made in one universe to ABSOLUTE, dimensional travel is still possible.

Soldum speaks personally and thanks the Luxiole, the UPW, and Magiic for saving his planet and all of NEUE once again. Tact informs of the mysterious opening in space that they have witnessed is something he has never seen before but reveals that he has heard accounts of it very recently in EDEN where the White Moon was pulled in through the rift in space. The only conclusion to be made from these two pieces of information is that the two are inexorably linked and that a single party is behind both events. The council is silent on what their next course of action is and decide that they must wait until this third party reveals themselves. In case of another conflict, Soldum states that he will prepare his forces and Coco assists by keeping the Luxiole on Seldar for the time being as well. Soldum asks Tact if the Moon Angel Wing are available and Tact denies the idea, explaining that EDEN is also in disarray and the Angel Wing there are scattered in trying to help the situation. Soldum excuses himself first as he has other matters to attend to and prays that they find a conclusive explanation to the event. Coco instructs that Kazuya and the rest of the team can leave and tells Kazuya to relay information to Tapio to put the ship on low level alert while Coco stays on Seldar to discuss more matters. Lily decides to remain as Natsume's guard and return the blade to the fairies and while Natsume wishes to leave as well, she is asked to remain as the only representative of the Arms Alliance. Outside of the halls, Kazuya runs into Mint who apparently was on Seldar during the entire debacle. Kazuya ponders if he should tell Mint on what happened to the White Moon but being as though Mint is telepathic, she learns about it whether he likes it or not. She in fact reveals that her company had approached the Arms Alliance on one occasion but her offer was emphatically refused and she surmises that the Alliance's grudge against the Seldar Alliance and its benefactors were their enemies. Clearly whoever was involved that provided them their advanced technology used these attitudes to stir them into action. Mint declares that she'll be having a sales campaign throughout her company to alleviate some stress and asks where Tact is and Kazuya points her to the war-room as he returns back to the Luxiole.

In an unknown location, a mysterious voice announces that the Three Marquis have failed in their tests. The voice however assures them as they will be gifted a consolation prize of sorts in return for their efforts. The contents of the gift they will receive should they be able to leave their current location.

Coco, Natsume, and Lily enter the Briefing Room after the meeting concludes on Seldar and Kazuya has already relayed news to the rest of the team about the White Moon. Coco explains that they are unable to act at this moment to either apprehend and interrogate the Three Marquis or reclaim the White Moon given its current state. With the administrative powers being unable to act, Coco decides to give everyone a leave. Everyone is overjoyed for their time to rest while Natsume and Roselle are surprised to hear that they will be getting time off in this tense situation. 


Finally with some free time on his hands, Kazuya decides to go see what his chosen Angel is doing.

Apricot: The Perfect Date (完全無欠なデート)[]

Apricot Sakuraba: The Perfect Date.

With the unexpected break taking place, Kazuya and Rico find that they don't have anything in particular that they wanted to do together in their free time and decide to visit Mint's department ship as it approaches Seldar. Nano comes running and asks Kazuya for help with Roselle and the duo follow Nano to the Hangar and he is informed that Roselle has been calibrating his Emblem Frame for around 8 hours and showing no signs of stopping. Kazuya asks him to stop and rest but Roselle answers back saying that he's completely fine. Rico then asks him to stop, saying that he'll make errors in his settings if he's straining himself this much. Roselle denies this but Rico finds two mistakes in his handiwork which finally convinces him to take a break. Croix urges Roselle to lighten up and take breaks once in a while and allows him to return if he wishes to check upon his Emblem Frame that badly later on, but only if he is accompanied by Rico so he'll moderate himself. Croix asks Rico if she would help Roselle and while she doesn't seem to keen on it after making plans with Kazuya, Kazuya urges her as well to help Roselle since it would be bad if something went wrong with the Holy Blood.

A day passes, and Kazuya recounts this to Lunti and the latter scolds him for leaving Rico alone with Roselle. Kazuya is confused as to why Lunti would be angry and Lunti explains further for Kazuya to think about what Rico must have felt for him to just give her up to help another guy out when they had plans already made. Lunti refuses to tell Kazuya anymore and tells him to keep RIco's thoughts in mind. Anise enters the cafeteria and asks Kazuya if he's free to train with her and with nothing better to do, he accepts. The two find Roselle in the training room doing bench presses and Anise runs over to challenge him to see who can do more. Roselle however is called down to the Engine Room where Rico and Steline are waiting for him and he turns down the match. On the way out, Roselle bumps into Kazuya and the latter tells him to take care of Rico, to which Roselle says that he definitely will. Lunti's words ring in Kazuya's mind and he decides to take his leave and says he'll train with Anise next time, much to the latter's confusion. Kazuya heads down to the Engine Room to see Roselle and Rico help Steline in managing the Chrono String Engines and Kazuya decides to help out. When he is unable to help Rico in one occasion, Roselle assists in fixing his problem. Roselle also notes out the parameters Rico had applied was more efficient than the one Steline had been running.

Later on, Rico, Lily, and Roselle are tasked to program their findings into the database in the Simulation Room. Kazuya requests that he joins them to help out but has difficulties in programming the new codes and is helped out by the others. Coco thanks Roselle and Rico for their work but Rico continues to vouch for Kazuya's efforts. Rico approaches Kazuya in the hallway and asks if he could assist in her work in the Storage Room. Kazuya is reluctant but is convinced by Rico's insistence but he has trouble keeping up with her until Roselle steps in to upstage him yet again. Kazuya decides to leave the room and let the two get done with their work with Rico attempting to convince him otherwise. Kazuya remains outside of the Storage Room and Roselle steps out of to confront Kazuya about a hypothetical question. Roselle states that he finds the relationship between Rico and Kazuya as an inferior combination to what he and Rico have accomplished in the past few days. Kazuya is shocked at Roselle's words while Roselle calms him down and states that it's just hypothetical. Roselle leaves Kazuya with the thought that who would be more worthy of making Rico happy before he leaves. Kazuya takes these words to heart and attempts to convince Coronet and Croix to teach him to be as proficient as Roselle is at technicalities and Coronet gets the idea of what Kazuya is trying to do. The two however convince that Kazuya should have more pride in what he can do instead of trying to learn something out the blue to impress someone. Coronet adds that oppertunities to charm Rico are more plentiful than he might think and tells Kazuya that he should completely win her heart in a date. 

Roselle asks Rico to have a small walk with him in the park with him and reveals his feelings for her. He feels empowered when she is near him and that the only thing that could describe it would be love. Rico is unable to complete her thoughts and Roselle states that he knows what she feels for Kazuya is genuine but tells her he is not expecting an answer from her immediately. He only requests that Rico consider that there might be someone more suitable for her and that he will patiently wait for her decision. Rico calls Kazuya to speak to him but Kazuya lies that he is busy with something. While feeling bad for refusing Rico's request after the call, Kazuya steels himself to win Rico's heart in one fell swoop in their date when the department ship arrives.


Rico sits alone in her room thinking of how three whole days have passed since she has talked to Kazuya and she finally receives a call from him, saying that he wanted to see her. Kazuya asks Rico out on a date on the department ship which she had forgotten over what Roselle told her and she apologizes for not preparing. Kazuya calms her down and says that he can wait and will come to her room. 10 minutes later, Kazuya knocks on Rico's door and she finds Kazuya in radically different outfit. Kazuya notes her surprise and explains that he wore this just for the occasion to take her out. Rico immediately responds to this by telling him to wait just a bit longer for her to change into some nicer clothes as well. Rico returns with a dress and her hair untied and Kazuya almost loses his footing at how cute she is but keeps up his act and the two head to the department while Kazuya continues his dramatic style of speech. Kazuya goes around acting cool in front of her and ends up buying her something absurdly expensive and holds off on something he would normally buy in order to prioritize in charming her. Anise and Nano see this spectacle but decide to not interfere. The two then arrive at the amusement park section of the department ship and decide to try a few rides. Kazuya seems to have pulled some strings as he and Rico are able to cut through lines of people to get on the rides they want. Rico starts feeling bad when she overhears some people's annoyance at how they were able get on earlier. Lastly, Kazuya and Rico dine at an extremely fancy restaurant and when Rico exhibits slight interest in one of the foods, Kazuya takes this chance with his extensive knowledge of the culinary world and begins to explain of the particular dish's origins. Kazuya however takes this too far as by the end of it, Rico loses interest and after the dinner, Rico says that she would like to go back. She calls Kazuya as "Shiranami-san" and says she would like to leave and runs off. Roselle shows up to help her carry her bags while Kazuya is at a loss of what to do.


Coronet runs to Kazuya and asks what happened as she just saw Rico and Roselle walking past the Hangar but finds something wrong as Kazuya creepily laughs to himself while being unresponsive to her questions. Natsume encounters the forlorn Kazuya and his despondence creeps her away as well. Kahlua runs into Kazuya in front of his room and notes that Rico had a very sad expression on her face while Kazuya yells that he has done everything he could to be "cool" for her. Realizing what he did, he apologizes for raising his voice and then enters his room where switches back to his uniform and enters the Cafeteria where Lunti runs to him and angrily demands to know if it is true that he had a date with Rico. Kazuya confirms that he did while he starts to tear up in front of Lunti how the date was a disaster. Lunti calms Kazuya down and asks what happened while he brings over some food and listens to the tale and after hearing it all, laughs before approaching Kazuya and punches him. Kazuya gets angry as to why he deserved that and Lunti yells at him that he approached the situation in the completely wrong angle and the only thing Kazuya has accomplished was just boosting his ego instead of doing anything meaningful with his relationship. Kazuya leaves after Lunti tells him to leave his sight and goes to get some treatment for his light injury and visits the Infirmary. With Nano currently out, Mordent insists that Kazuya explain what happened after his light injury is checked. Mordent listens to the story and jokes that Kazuya has played himself as a fool and begins to explain the entire situation back to him for Kazuya to realize that he focused too much in making himself look cool instead of just enjoying his time with Rico. Mordent's explanation helps Kazuya understand how stupidly he approached the situation out of his insecurity and he decides to make amends. Kazuya runs into Natsume again in the hallway and he asks her if she has seen Rico to which Natsume replies that she saw her and Roselle enter the Park. 

Kazuya yells out Rico's name and the irritated Roselle states that they're in the middle of something but Kazuya tells him that he has something to say to her as well and pleads for some time alone with her. Roselle tries to keep Kazuya out of their conversation but Kazuya grabs Rico and says that he is still her boyfriend and demands for some time alone. Roselle asks if Kazuya's request is an order as his superior, but Kazuya corrects him that it is simply his feelings. Rico states that she wishes to hear what Kazuya has to say and promises to listen to Roselle afterward. Roselle begrudgingly leaves and says that he'll give them 5 minutes. The two are silent for a while before both Kazuya and Rico apologize to each other. Rico goes first, saying that she wanted to bring up what Roselle had said to her but did not want to ruin their fun time. She was thinking of the gentlest way to turn Roselle down but it was that moment Kazuya had entered the Park. She still wishes to apologize and tell him her decision and Kazuya decides to help her in the regard. Rico apologizes again, saying that she was inconsiderate of her to work so extensively with Roselle. Kazuya assures that Rico has done nothing wrong and the one who should be apologizing should be himself. It was his own insecurity that led him to be inconsiderate of her feelings as he was fearful that he would lose her. Rico tearfully calls him an idiot at how he would ever think she would choose anyone else over him and he asks if she's really okay with someone like him and Rico fondly replies that Kazuya is her one and only. The two share a kiss before stepping out of the Park together with an annoyed Roselle waiting for them. Before the two can say anything, Roselle holds up his hand and says that he doesn't need to hear anything after he saw the two holding hands while they entered. Roselle half-jokingly calls Kazuya a harsh person and he leaves the two to their business. Kazuya tries to say something and Roselle refers to him as "commander" and explains that he will need to be in top condition for their next ordeal and that apologizing won't mean anything, but he only asks that Kazuya keeps Rico happy.

Lily: Knight's Oath (騎士の誓い)[]

Lily C. Sherbet: Knight's Oath

Kazuya hears loud noises coming from Lily's room and decides to investigate and Lily lets him in and explains that she was rewatching a movie and she just got a bit excited from watching. Lily invites Kazuya to watch with her the tale of Adelheid, a personally revered female knight of Seldar's history on the big-screen but she gets called to the Commander's Room and the two decide to meet up later. Later that day, Kazuya bakes tarts for Natsume, Tequila, and Rico in the Tea Lounge and Tequila teases him if Lily will be okay with him spending his time with other girls. Kazuya explains that she is simply busy and he already has a batch for her prepared but Lily enters the room in a despondent mood about her. Kazuya invites her to eat with them but Lily asks Kazuya if they could talk in private at the Park and she exits first with Kazuya excusing himself and following afterwards. Tequila and Natsume become curious to what might this involve and Tequila calls for Mimolette to eavesdrop on the conversation. Rico speaks against this but succumbs to her curiosity and decides to hear too after Tequila's insistence. Kazuya opens the door to the park and something extremely quick passes by him but he pays no mind to it and approaches Lily by the fountain. In the cafeteria, Tequila, Natsume, and Rico gather around a pendant to hear what Mimolette is hearing and Mimo informs them that the stone acts similar to a telephone and warns them not to say anything too loud on their end as it will be transmitted through him. 

Lily asks in what way Kazuya loves her to which he simply replies that he loves everything about her. The eavesdroppign trio fear that this sounds incredibly close to a start of a break-up. He iinquires why Lily is asking something like this and she explains that she received a message from her father during her small trip to the commander's room. Her recent showcasing of the anti-magic blade that saved Seldar has made her an extremely hot topic amongst the planet's denizens. With her status skyrocketing her family's name, Lily's father requested for her return home and leave the Angel Wing so that he can permanently entrench the family's prestige with her. While her initial reasons for joining the Angel Wing were under the orders of Soldum, she remains part of the team under the UPW and so that reason alone becomes invalid as to her remaining on the team. Lily also informs that her father has plans to marry her off to other prominent noble families in light of these events if she returns home. She states that her current answer was to remain aboard during this time of crisis but is still at odds with what she desires afterwards. Returning home would mean serving under her king once again, a sign of her loyalty but leaving would mean separating from the Angel Wing and Kazuya. The latter being the most prevalent case, she decided to inform him of this news first. Kazuya finds that Lily's answer should be obvious but she is torn between her emotions and her duty to her family and planet. Mimolette sneezes and quickly escapes while the trio back in the cafeteria heard everything they needed to hear. Tequila comes up with a plan to solve this problem and orders Rico to bring the rest of the team down to the Tea Lounge.

Rico performs role-call and Nano, Anise, and Roselle present themselves in the Tea Lounge. While Roselle asks why he must be a part of this as well, he becomes quickly convinced to help a friend in need. Tequila announces their grand plan to make Lily realize just how important Kazuya is to her and assigns everyone their roles.


Kazuya thinks to himself of the hard-pressed situation Lily is in and Anise approaches him to ask if he wants to relieve some stress through some games. Kazuya turns down her offer but Anise drags him anyway to the recreation room. Lily wallows to herself on the same topic in the cafeteria until she overhears Rico and Mimolette talk about something "unbelievable" about Kazuya. Interested, Lily walks over to see what the fuss is about and the two try to cover up what they just discussed. Mimolette slips out that something has happened between Natsume and Kazuya and dashes away with Rico following soon after. In the recreation room, Anise easily wins a match against the unmotivated Kazuya in ping-pong and she urges him to stay and play a few more. Lily becomes curious to know what has occurred between Natsume and Kazuya and the former enters the cafeteria looking for her. Natsume explains that she'll be replacing Lily's services as an escort with Kazuya and Lily demands to know why she would do such a thing. Natsume explains that she has heard from Kazuya that Lily will be leaving the team so she assumed this was the right thing to do so Lily would not have any regrets. Lily responds that she has currently not made her decision but Natsume dismisses her complaints and leaves. Lily chases her outside but finds no one else in the hallway and Nano shows up and asks what has Lily so disturbed and she asks if Nano has seen Natsume. To Lily's horror, Nano says that she hasn't seen Natsume but predicts that she's probably with Kazuya like the day before. Back in the recreation room, Anise wins her 30th match in a row while Kazuya groans over his desire to leave. Natsume enters to Anise's delight and asks Kazuya to walk with her a bit and the unwilling Kazuya is dragged off.

Anise calls Roselle to take his position as Nano leaves Lily and Roselle enters the hallway. Roselle mentions that he overheard the two talking about Kazuya and Natsume and tells Lily that he just saw the two in the Piroti. Lily thanks Roselle and prepares to leave for the Piroti while Roselle says that it would be rude to interrupt them. Lily asks why and Roselle explains that the two are a couple and Natsume confessed to Kazuya yesterday. Roselle recounts that Kazuya was in tears over something and Natsume comforted him during that time. He questions why Lily seems so upset when she has already decided to leave the team. Lily pieces all the information together and the somewhat understandable reasons for Kazuya's actions along with her indecisiveness causes her to a mad dash to the Piroti. Kazuya asks why Natsume has brought him here but his question becomes irrelevant as Lily bursts into the room and swings her sword down, separating Kazuya and Natsume. Lily raises her voice against Natsume, declaring that Kazuya is hers and that she'll never allow anyone else to have him. To prove it, Lily kisses Kazuya who is still knocked down on the floor and Natsume's eyes are shielded from this sight by Roselle. Lily and Kazuya are finally told of the ruse and Lily thanks everyone for making her realize what is important to her. Natsume complains over how she thought Lilly was seriously trying to kill her while Nano groans over her time transformed as Natsume in the Cafeteria. Coco hears the news about Lily's decision and while she is happy, Lily's father had already sent a message that details Lily's potential fiance will be visiting the Luxiole. Lily identifies him as one of the more prolific members of Seldar's nobility and their family's power among their domestic affairs but Lily makes it clear that she will everything in her power to stop this.

Coco allows the team to make use of the Briefing Room and goes over Rodiak Candel, the third head of his family and a prestigious knight who had served as a commanding officer. Anise asks why Lily doesn't rebuke the offer immediately and Lily wishes to retain her family's name despite disagreeing with her father. The plan becomes one where they must have the other party be the ones to call off the engagement.

Lily knocks Rico down.


A shuttle arrives in the Hangar and Rodiak Candel steps out with his personal retinue. Coco welcomes him aboard while the other crew members note how old he is. Lily presents herself and Rodiak is instantly smitten by her looks and Coco suggests that she tours him around the ship. Lily requests that Rodiak leave his guards behind and while reluctant, he obeys when Lily suggests that it would leave them more time alone. Coco directs the guards to relax and she contacts Kazuya with the first phase of the plan underway. Kazuya sends Rico to do her part and Tapio walks in demanding to know what sort of horseplay everyone is doing in the Briefing Room. Roselle steps up and explains that with Lily being a crucial member to the team, losing her would be something that would decrease their overall performance in combat. Roselle states that what they're doing is to avoid exactly that and Tapio becomes thoroughly convinced. Lily brings Rodiak to the Infirmary where Mordent asks of her infected eye and Lily asks for a few minutes of patience from Rodiak as she gets it checked. The female knight from Seldar who recovered from her injuries warns Rodiak of Lily's "other side" with a foreboding and fearful voice. When Lily comes up behind her and asks what they're talking about, the female knight retreats to the back of the room in terror. Rodiak and Lily exit and walk down the hallway where Lily bumps into Rico around the corner. Rico screams for forgiveness as Lily demands for Rico to redo her reports while reminding her of her superiority in rank. Lily apologizes for showing such behavior to Rodiak, who notes that Lily sounded a bit harsh but the latter simply states that proper respect must be shown. She advises Rico to watch herself before continuing Rodiak's tour and with Rico's work done, Anise is sent down for her part. Lily and Rodiak enter the Magic Lab where Kahlua hands Lily her "usual" medicine and Rodiak becomes curious of its color and of its composition to which a disturbing choking noises comes from the back of the room. Kahlua explains that these are the ingredients yet to be processed and Rodiak tries to stop Lily from drinking the glass while she swallows it down. The two next enter the Engine Room where Rodiak beholds Steline baby-talking to the engines and Roselle asks if Steline was told of the plan to which Kazuya notes that everyone was informed with the sole exception of Steline, making use of her natural dismissive attitude towards others. Rodiak and Lily enter the training room and she decides to show off her abilities while they're here and goes to change. Anise approaches Rodiak and asks if he is seriously intending to marry Lily and notes that she becomes something completely different when fighting. Rodiak pays it no mind, stating that once she is wed, she'll be confined to the estate and not fight again. Anise relays this intent to Lily who comes up with an idea and she requests a sparring match. Anise feigns sickness and Rodiak is made to be her opponent and while her attacks are fierce, Lily fakes a loss and states that she needs more training. She exaggerates the severity of how she exercises and mutters how after being wed, she'll have more time than ever to train, scaring Rodiak of what she might do.

Lily displays her skills.

Kazuya preps himself up for the final stage of the plan with Roselle assuring him that they will be successful. Rodiak seems to be unsettled by the entire situation and the two enter the convenience store. Natsume and Nano discuss snacks and Lily approaches them to advise a proper diet to the military lifestyle and once again tells Rodiak that she must educate her "underlings". Finally, the two enter Tea Lounge where Lily orders for Rodiak instead of letting him choose something he wanted to try from EDEN. Lily states that she had prepared some food for the occasion and calls Kazuya to bring the food down. Kazuya enters a few minutes later with a plate of natto (fermented beans) with fruit and Lily requests that as a wife-to-be, Rodiak should try her food. Rodiak is obviously disgusted with the plate in front of him and is reluctant to do so. Kazuya then asks if he could eat it and cuts off his sentence and apologizes for mentioning in front of him. Seeing a way out, Rodiak asks Kazuya to continue and Kazuya confesses his love for Lily and even her cooking will be nothing short of being delicious to him. Rodiak thinks to himself for a moment and then asks Kazuya to prove his love and asks him to eat the entire plate in front of him. Kazuya does so and Rodiak sheepishly commends him for his bravery and begins apologizing to Lily and says he himself is not deserving of her compared to Kazuya's devotion. After giving his blessings, Rodiak quickly runs off and Kazuya recounts in another scene that Lily's father sent a message regarding the marriage's cancellation and while slightly disappointed, he agreed to have Lily stay aboard the Luxiole.

Lily and Kazuya swear their lives to each other

Later that night, the telepathic fur guides Kazuya to find Lily in the park where she thanks him for his crucial part of their plan. She explains that while her duty as a knight loyal to the King was and still is a large part of her life, she still wished to pursue an independent lifestyle a little longer. Like the movie character she admired, Lily discovered that she had misinterpreted the character and found that Adelheid's actions and beliefs were merely intertwined with acts of loyalty to her king. While they were similar, Adelheid pursued a way of life that suited her and like her, Lily wishes to pursue her own path in life. The two reaffirm their feelings for each other and Lily thinks for a while before she requests that Kazuya makes an oath with her. One of the traditions that go among the Seldar knights have two significant others exchange a lifelong oath and Lily expresses her intention of sharing one with him. Despite it being an outdated tradition, Kazuya asks if he is even allowed to partake in this as he is not even a knight or native of her planet. Lily however reminds him that it was him who got her out of the troubling arranged marriage and that he protected her honor from something she wasn't able to do herself. She wholeheartedly acknowledges him as a man and Kazuya accepts and Lily asks him to kneel while she places her blade on his shoulder. After reciting a few words, Lily concludes the ritual and declares their eternal companionship.

Nano-Nano: The Promise (約束)[]

Nano-Nano Pudding: The Promise

Kazuya joins Nano in the cafeteria and while ordering his food, runs into Roselle. Both Lunti and Kazuya note the rarity of the occasion when Roselle comes to dine with them with his constant need to maintain his Emblem Frame taking up most of his time. Kazuya leaves to pick up their order and Nano notices that Roselle seems rather off. As they dine, Roselle offers Nano his portion of food and Kazuya begins to notice Roselle's rather low spirits. Kazuya and Nano suggest seeing Mordent if anything is wrong and Roselle says that he knows exactly what's bringing him down and excuses himself and explains that it's up to him to level with his problems.

Kazuya finishes the Braveheart's maintenance late in the night when all the engineers have retired to bed. Kazuya finds Roselle maintaining the Holy Blood and overhears him getting angry at the errors he made and strikes the hull. Kazuya approaches him and offers him help, much to Roselle's surprise, who didn't expect anyone to be up. Roselle strangely becomes a more emotional and calls Kazuya a kind person, to which Kazuya say that he thinks himself as more naive. Roselle laughs at Kazuya's poor self-image and notes off Kazuya's characteristics that do add up to a naive image. However, Roselle concludes that even with all this, Kazuya manages to lead effectively and put people at ease and calls him a great leader. Kazuya is taken aback by the praise and Roselle claims that Kazuya's naivety is perhaps the Angel Wing's greatest weapon. Roselle decides to tell Kazuya what has been bothering him and takes out the locket containing the image of sister, Bianca. Roselle explains his memories of when he devoted himself to be a pilot for her sake and was able to gain admission from Noa to test out her prototype devices. But when he arrived in the hospital room to share the news of his entry, Bianca had already passed away. Roselle remembers that he was absolutely devastated at her loss and for a few days, he was unable to eat, move, or even think about anything else. This went so far as to having him lose 40kg during his inactivity which took him a while to regain the physical requirement needed to become a pilot again. Roselle apologizes for sharing his sob story but Kazuya reassures him that if he needed to talk about it again, he would be available since he couldn't give tips on anything Roselle could already do. Roselle thanks Kazuya for listening but reminds him that this meant for Kazuya as his commander to know what was wrong. Either way, Roselle appreciates Kazuya's help and decides to finish up adjusting the Holy Blood. Kazuya jokingly gives orders for Roselle to stop with work and rest and issues for him to take a day off tomorrow and states he'll finish up the rest to which Roselle agrees and leaves the Hangar.

Kazuya begins to hear a girl crying and is terrified to think that something else is here. The girl crying turns out to be Nano who heard the entire story and couldn't help but cry over Roselle's experiences. Nano apparently planned to surprise Kazuya after he finished work but ended up hearing the tragic tale instead. Nano says that she wants to cheer Roselle up but her idea will require Roselle's permission and Kazuya listens to Nano's intentions to see what she had in mind. The next day, Kazuya drags the unwilling Roselle to the park and the latter complains that he just finished adjusting his schedule and the one who told him to relax was Kazuya himself. Kazuya notes how great the weather is and Roselle complains that its always like this in the park and then realizes that Kazuya brought him here for a picnic. Roselle has apparently learned of the infamous tendency of the Angel Wing to have a picnic during situations of great emergency. Nano invites the two of them near their picnic spot and Roselle begrudgingly follows. Nano then asks Kazuya to request Roselle's pendant and Roselle brings it out with slight annoyance of the given situation. Nano then goes through the entire digital album and Roselle tells her to slow down if she wanted to see anything. Nano finishes looking through the pictures and asks what Bianca would usually refer to him as and Roselle answers that she simply called him "big brother". Nano then runs off and Roselle is confused at why she would leave and Kazuya hands him a drink and tries to convince him to stay for a bit longer. Roselle gives up on his schedule and finally submits to Kazuya's offer and the two laugh. Kazuya then becomes silent and apologizes in advance in what Nano and he is about to do and hopes that Roselle will understand that their actions had the purest intentions of cheering him up. Roselle is confused and Kazuya tells him to turn around.

Nano transforms herself into Bianca

Roselle listens and sees Bianca as she calls out to him from the pillars around the fountain. Roselle is stunned but immediately gets up and runs to her. Roselle hugs Bianca and calls her name repeatedly before starting to cry uncontrollably. A few minutes later, Kazuya hands Roselle a handkerchief and he calms down and thanks Nano and sees what the two had in store for him. Kazuya asks if Roselle is mad at them and Roselle says that he's extremely grateful. He mentions he heard of Nano's transformation ability but never knew it could copy something to this extent. Roselle's attitude completely changes and thanks the two of them again before they eat. The trio spend the whole day in the Park and Roselle thanks the two of them again for fulfilling a dream that he never thought would be answered. Nano is silent for a while and Kazuya snaps her back to reality and for Roselle's sake, Nano says that she wants to stay in Bianca's form until the day ends. Roselle says that he will show them how much this means to do him and will dedicate his remainder of break to train himself to the fullest. 

A few days later Kazuya helps Roselle with some data and the former leaves for the simulation room. Roselle bumps into Coco who notes at how Roselle's face has lightened up recently and she moves out of the way for him to leave. She approaches Kazuya and asks how he is spending his break and teases him about Nano before Kazuya changes the subject on how her work is going instead. Coco notes her busy schedule but has left the brunt of the work to Tapio as the latter does not seem to disturbed by the work he was given as he relates this to how Tact would run the ship and how the subcommander did the most work. Coco asks Kazuya if he has heard the recent rumors of a mysterious light seen in the halls and Kazuya says he hasn't heard anything about it. Coco teases Kazuya on is apparent fear of ghosts and soon leaves to handle other business. Rico approaches Kazuya to inform him of her worries for Nano as she was acting strangely during breakfast yesterday and was not eating her usual amount of food. Lily and Natsume show up as well and note that Nano was strangely silent and unresponsive to them in their brief encounter a few days back. Kazuya decides to take her to Infirmary after she wakes up from her long sleep and knocks on her door. Nano answers after a few knocks and requests that she sleep for a while longer as she feels particularly tired today.


Kazuya catches sight of Nano running around the halls at night and follows her to the park. Inside, he finds Roselle with Nano in the form of Bianca speaking to each other. Roselle describes the memories he experienced with her and after telling her about his memories of her 11th birthday, he apologizes to Nano, who has apparently been transforming into Bianca every night to hear his stories. Nano says that it's fine and says that she wants to hear more memories of Roselle's time with Bianca but he states that it is late and he needs to sleep. Roselle exits the park where Kazuya hid himself and begins to understand why Nano has been feeling tired the past few days and goes to help her. However, Nano doesn't respond to Kazuya's call and instead identifies him as a person that "isn't Roselle". Kazuya tries to help Nano regain her senses and when she does, she is unable to remember why she came to the park. Nano then falls unconscious and Kazuya rushes to bring her to the Infirmary. Mordent begins to examine Nano's condition as Coco enters the Infirmary as well. Later, Mordent concludes that Nano's constant transformations to Bianca and the replicated personality has become separate from the real Nano's own personality and seems to become dominant. Kazuya protests that Nano couldn't have let this happen freely and Mordent explains that indeed, Nano had no active part in wanting this to happen. When Nano first transformed to Bianca, the personality was hollow but to cheer Roselle up more, the memories he told her had begun to occupy and replace Nano's memories. At this point, Nano is not a simple copy of Bianca, but the Bianca formed out of Roselle's memories. Nano wakes up and fails to recognize Kazuya and the room becomes silent as Kazuya realize that Mordent's words ring painfully true. Kazuya asks if there's anything he can do and Mordent presumes that because the personality was created to make Roselle happy, Roselle could possibly solve this problem.

Roselle is called down and is confronted with the issue and tries to convince Nano that she is not his sister. Bianca's personality however seems too overbearing and her sorrow of Roselle not remembering her produces immense pain from Roselle who is unable to give a proper response. Kahlua is consulted as multiple identities is something she might have some knowledge on. Roselle calls everyone to follow him outside and immediately apologizes to everyone but focuses his regret to Kazuya and says he never intended for this happen. Kazuya calms him down and assures him that he understands and Coco asks if there's anything else they can do to revert this process. Mordent however sees that in their current situation, not many options come to mind. It would take a while for Vanilla to make a visit from EDEN and the stalemate with their unknown enemy leaves them in a bad position to get anything long-term to be done. Kahlua asks Roselle that even though she is not his real sister, he should try and calm her down back inside the Infirmary instead of being out here with them. Kahlua notes that she does have one idea in mind and it will require Kazuya to take part in and proposes that by using magic, they can link Kazuya and Nano's minds where Kazuya can personally bring back Nano's memories through whatever means. Kahlua notes that she does not know if both can be properly return but Kazuya declares his full intentions in bringing Nano back. 


Tequila links Kazuya and Nano's memories.

Mordent explains that Nano has been put under the effects of a sedative and Tequila has prepared the spell for their plan. Tequila fully prepared while Kazuya is the one she is worried about as he is the one taking the risk. Kazuya prepares himself and Tequila instructs him to relax and Kazuya soon falls unconscious. Kazuya wakes up inside what appears to be the Infirmary and encounters Bianca and confirms that he is inside Nano's thoughts from the familiar setting. Bianca asks Kazuya to "leave" and Kazuya refuses to do so and Bianca disappears. Kazuya steps out of the Infirmary and finds himself in the halls of the Luxiole, reconstructed through Nano's memories. Whichever room Kazuya chooses to begin his search, he will find himself in the Park and see the mental reconstructions of Roselle and Bianca playing in the distance. Kazuya recognizes the conversation the two are having and recognizes it as the conversation he had with Nano previously when Nano gave her life to bring back his. Kazuya remembers this scene where he and Nano promised to each other not to do something so risky again. Kazuya realizes that Nano's memories are not being forgotten, but are being rewritten and the words Bianca says to Roselle afterwards are different in Kazuya's memory.

Kazuya tries to stop the two and they disappear from him and Kazuya gives chase to the next room. Once again, the room Kazuya chooses to investigate will not matter as he will enter the memories of the trip on Hokkori during the events of ZR only with Bianca and Roselle in them. Kazuya tries to stop the two from replacing any of the old memories and the two fade away before Kazuya can do anything. Kazuya will arrive in the memories of one of his visits to Nano's room. Kazuya waits to see until a divergence in events starts and when Bianca seems to have different memories Kazuya steps in. Kazuya tries to explain this memory to Bianca and how he visited Nano's room but Bianca notices that this isn't her room but the room she used to be in the hospital. Kazuya will be forced out of the room and when he tries to reenter, he finds himself in the Hangar. The next room leads to an empty Training room and Kazuya continues his search and ends up in the Storage room. Another memory plays out and Kazuya decides to interfere before the memory diverges from what he remembers. Once again, Bianca and Roselle disappear and Kazuya gives chase. He visits the Simulator room with no one inside and then enters the Piroti to find Bianca again. This time, Kazuya in unable to move his body or say what he wants to say and Bianca's attitude leads Kazuya to believe this memory is of their first meeting. Roselle comes in to lead Bianca away. Finally, Bianca turns around and tells Kazuya to give up as the next occurrence will be as if Nano never existed at all. 

Nano's first memories are replaced.

Kazuya finds himself in the dark and after remembering what Bianca told him before, he realizes that this is before Nano met him so there are no memories for him to interact with. Bianca says that he is correct and the memories shift into place and Kazuya finds himself in the Nanomachine lab in Femto with Nano asleep inside one of the chambers. Bianca declares that Nano's first memory will become her last and goads Kazuya to watch what will happen next as she disappears. Nano begins to call out for her mother and Vanilla appears and asks if Nano is referring to her. Kazuya remembers hearing that it was Vanilla who gave Nano her name but in this memory, instead of naming her Nano, Vanilla names her Bianca. The memories are then replaced with Roselle and Bianca respectively and Roselle tells Kazuya to stop trying. Kazuya tries to reason with the image of Roselle at how all of this is an insult to his memory of his little sister. He tries to convince Roselle that the real Bianca will never come back and if Roselle would dare abandon the real Bianca who waited for him to fulfill his promise. Bianca shows up to tell Kazuya that Nano's memories will soon disappear but Kazuya denies any of this will be real as he intends to keep his promise to Nano. The trio hear Nano's voice and Kazuya seems to understand that Nano is indeed not within this memory as her own but he knows one place Nano does exist and his right arm begins to glow. Kazuya tells the two something that they haven't heard, of how Nano gave her life to give his life back and how she restored his severed right arm. Bianca falls unconscious and the image of Roselle fades away as Kazuya approaches Bianca.

Nano awakens with her memories intact.

Kazuya wakes up in the Infirmary and immediately asks if Nano is alright and Tequila and Mordent finally share some good news as Nano has returned to her usual form. Nano reawakens and Kazuya runs to her and the two share a hug as Roselle is visibly relieved and leaves the room. Coco asks what's wrong and Roselle does not wish to show his face to the reunited duo as his guilt still troubles him . Coco comforts him that while his actions did leave them in a perilous position, he has helped the two grow even closer.

Kahlua/Tequila: Simulation of Love (愛のシミュレーション)[]

Kahlua/Tequila Marjoram: Simulation of Love

Kazuya and Tequila encounter Roselle in the training room where the two see his physical prowess at work on one of the treadmills. Tequila asks if Roselle could coach for the two of them and he accepts and begins their training with a 5 kilometer run. Tequila is able to finish her run while Kazuya takes a bit in finishing. Roselle unintentionally ramps up the speed on Kazuya's treadmill and Tequila is forced to move Kazuya away with magic, breaking the machine. Roselle apologizes and say that'll report the damages and take responsbility but Tequila talks him out of it and tells him to report what really happened and she'll take part of the blame as well.

Later, Kazuya bakes some sweets for Natsume, Kahlua, and Rico in the Tea Lounge where Natsume is overjoyed to be introduced to even more confectionery. Roselle walks in and says he wanted to talk to Tequila for a bit and soon leaves after he doesn't want to be a bother by making Kahlua switch. Kazuya asks Roselle to stay and eat with them but the latter states that sweets aren't too healthy for his diet. Roselle leaves as Melba brings everyone some coffee and wonders where Roselle went. Kazuya explains Roselle's reasoning while Melba notes that Roselle actually loves sweets and ate a large amount of them the last time he came in the Tea Lounge. Later that day, Kazuya and Kahlua chat in the Piroti where she asks exactly what happened with him and Tequila yesterday and Kazuya clarifies that Tequila saved him from an accident in the Training Room. Kahlua is thankful for Tequila's assistance and her appreciation toward her other half is noted by Kazuya who learns that Kahlua and Tequila have been "together" for 10 years, with Mimo as well. Kazuya sees how close the three of them must be but Kahlua begins teasing Kazuya at how he's the one she loves most out of everyone. In the middle of this, Roselle walks in on this and quickly leaves before the duo decide to call it a night. Kahlua reminds Kazuya that Tequila will be taking over for tomorrow and bids him farewell until the following day.  

Before Kazuya reaches his room, Roselle stops him and says that he wanted to talk for a bit. The two enter Kazuya's room and Roselle cuts to the point of his curiosity between Kazuya's relationship with Kahlua and Tequila. He asks which one of them he loves more and Kazuya says that he loves both equally. Roselle expresses genuine surprise with a little bit of disgust as he accuses Kazuya of being a "playboy" despite his meek looks. Kazuya is puzzled why Roselle would think this as Kazuya has dealt with this issue previously but Roselle thinks that Kazuya is in love with Kahlua and vice versa while Tequila is merely keeping Kahlua happy and is feigning her affection. Roselle asks Kazuya to consider the possibility that Tequila isn't in love with him and Roselle recalls hearing that it was Kahlua and Kazuya that opened the door to ABSOLUTE instead of Tequila and Kazuya. Roselle then announces that he'll be on the offensive as he is in love with Tequila exclusively and leaves before Kazuya can say anything else.


Kazuya spies on Roselle and Tequila.

Kazuya thinks over what Roselle said and decides to talk the matter with Tequila personally but finds her room empty. Nano directs Kazuya to the park where he sees Tequila and Roselle talking over something on the park benches. Kazuya decides to stick around to listen to their conversation to which Roselle states how admirable Tequila's assertive personality how much he would appreciate if she would accompany him for a small date to which Tequila agrees to. While this is going on, Kazuya hides himself and wonders what Tequila is up to in accepting that proposal. The next day, Kahlua feels light headed as Tequila had apparently eaten a lot the other day, something Kazuya was unaware of. Kahlua sees that Tequila wasn't with Kazuya yesterday and wonders what happened and Kazuya passes it off as something Roselle and Tequila planned ahead of time and tells her not to worry. Kahlua calls Mimolette for info on this but Kazuya takes Mimo and whispers if any of the candle that inhibits Kahlua's transformation is available, to which Mimo says that they do not have any. Kahlua answers similarly as well and Kazuya panics as because if Kahlua heard this, Tequila will know as well. Kazuya assures that everything is under control and Mimo leaves as Roselle enters the cafeteria. Roselle asks Kahlua if she can relay a message to Tequila if she is free tomorrow to go out with him at the department ship. Kazuya tells Roselle to leave that topic for tomorrow and Roselle's insistence on telling Tequila makes him ask if Kahlua can switch. Lunti of all people forces himself into the conversation by knocking Roselle aside while delivering them some food. Roselle is sarcastically told off by Lunti to which he gets the idea and leaves. Lunti turns to Kazuya and asks how could he allow Roselle to go out with Tequila and have it done right in front of him. Lunti states as Kazuya's best friend that he couldn't keep still and demands Kazuya make up for his incompetence by paying extra for his meal.

The next day, Kazuya tries to approach Tequila about the day before but she already seems to prepared to go out with Roselle. Kazuya tries to call her out but she ignores him and walks away with Roselle following. Rico and Mimolette show up and the latter asks Kazuya to sort things out with Kahlua as Tequila's actions are hurting the former. The trio head to Rico's room and Mimo begins to recount what exactly happened this morning. Apparently, Tequila wasn't being her usual self and asks what would Mimo do if Tequila couldn't turn back to Kahlua, and she also questions if Kazuya would forgive her if that did happen. Mimo is sure that what Kazuya asked him the other day was the reason behind this but also states that Kazuya is the only one that can repair this relationship. Rico adds that Kazuya's understanding of both Kahlua and Tequila's feeling is something only he accomplished and it was the unity of both Kahlua and Tequila's emotions that opened the gate to ABSOLUTE. Kazuya promises he'll do something about it but when he confronts Tequila and Roselle later that day, Tequila says that they have nothing to talk about. The trio once again decide to discuss things over, this time in the Tea Lounge. They decide that as long as Roselle is around, talking to Tequila would be a fruitless effort so they need to have Tequila be confronted alone. Since Tequila is unavailable at the moment, Kahlua will be the one to be confronted tomorrow. Rico proposes that Kazuya's room would be the most fitting place as they'll be undisturbed but the only question is how they can invoke a transformation. Mimo tells them not to worry as he has prepared something that will transform Kahlua to Tequila while inhibiting Tequila from changing back for a short time period. Mimo mentions however that the item that will cause this contains plum which Kahlua hates so they will have to do something special in order for Kahlua to consume it. Rico starts blushing and says that she has an idea and whispers it to both Kazuya and Mimo. Mimo highly approves of the plan while Kazuya falls out of his chair.


Kazuya mentally prepares himself as he calls Kahlua to his room early the next morning. Roselle runs into Kahlua and thanks her for yesterday but then remembers that Kahlua doesn't share memories with Tequila and apologizes. He realizes that today is Kahlua's day to be free so he leaves her while thinking of what Kazuya intends to do calling her to his room. Kahlua enters Kazuya's room and Kazuya presents to her the sweetened plum that will forcibly transform her. Kazuya starts chewing on it before bringing Kahlua close and kissing her. Kahlua is then transformed to Tequila, who stays silent for a bit before walking up to Kazuya and instead of being mad, she simply utters "Not bad". Kazuya begins first and apologizes for being an annoyance to her free time during the past few days and how he has treated Kahlua better than he had treated her. Kazuya explains he only did what he did, thinking that Tequila was honestly being nice to him for Kahlua's sake and that Roselle might have been right in his statement. Tequila gets angry when she hears this as she vocally explains that she is not in love with Roselle at all and that Kazuya is still the person she loves. Tequila calls him the worst for doubting her but thinks the term applies to her as well for not responding to him honestly. Tequila was only angry at the fact that Kazuya sounded like he didn't want to see her after she overheard what he asked Mimo two days ago and Kazuya apologizes for that once again before saying he'll never doubt the two again. Tequila says that she won't either but the two are interrupted by Roselle who asks Kazuya if he could talk for a bit. Kazuya is at loss on what to do and Tequila tells him to let Roselle in to settle this dispute. Roselle is surprised at Tequila's presence but states he expected something like this to happen. Tequila however makes it clear that even with Roselle's qualities, she will choose Kazuya over him. Roselle is however convinced that Tequila is still saying this on Kahlua's behalf but Tequila's words are genuine. Roselle decides that they should settle this matter with the simplest way of testing whose feelings are stronger.

In the Hangar, Nano asks what exactly is going on and Anise admits to having no idea either other than it involves Roselle and Kazuya fighting over Tequila. Lily thinks that this is pointless as Kahlua and Tequila are already in a relationship with Kazuya to which Natsume explains that there was a dispute in that relationship involving Roselle. Kazuya and Roselle each calibrate their settings in the merged Spell Caster and decide to settle this dispute in a mock battle between the two. The data taken from the Spell Caster with Kazuya and Tequila against the data from the one with Tequila and Roselle will be used for the two to fight it out in a simulated battle. Coronet and Croix finish adding the data to the simulation's parameters and explains the rules and Kazuya and Roselle enter their simulation pods as the Rune Angel Wing cheer for him. Natsume sees this and decides to root for Roselle just to make it fair that Roselle has someone cheering for him.

Roselle's superior piloting skills prove a problem for Kazuya to land proper hits on him but Kazuya is able to charge the Hexa-Cross Break faster and is able to claim victory. Tequila runs up to Kazuya to congratulate him on his victory as Roselle sighs and admits defeat, seeing as he only loved half of the identity of Tequila paled in comparison to Kazuya's love for the two identities in their entirety. Roselle excuses himself out of the room and Kazuya tries to say something to lighten the mood. Roselle states that the Holy Blood demands that its pilot needs to be in peak conditions as always and that he does not need any consolation. However as Roselle is about to leave, the door opens with the other members of the Luxiole's crew falling through the open doorway. Mordent, Lunti, Melba, the shop owner, and even Coco was curious of this "lover's quarrel" and couldn't resist coming down to see. Lunti in a fit of jealousy drags the unwilling Roselle with him to vent each other's anger on Kazuya. Rico is worried about Kahlua's state of confusion since she wouldn't know what's going on and Tequila decides to fix the problem along with another proof of her love for Kazuya and kisses him whilst changing back to Kahlua. While Kahlua has no clue what is going on, she feels a warm sensation in her chest that must mean everything has gone right.

Anise: The Ten Battles of Love (恋の十番勝負)[]

Anise Azeat: The Ten Battles of Love

Anise and Kazuya spend time together talking in Tea Lounge when the rest of the Angel Wing sans Roselle enter to relax with them. Anise groans at how bored she is with nothing exciting to do on their break and wishes to go hunting for some loot. Natsume asks what kind of treasure Anise usually "hunts" for and Anise thinks for a moment before Nano exclaims that Anise's treasure is Kazuya. Kazuya jumps at the answer and Anise is ultimately unable to deny that claim and asks everyone else what their treasures are to move away the topic from her. Lily has her blade bestowed by her king, Rico has her hairpins given to her by Milfie, Nano has her headset from Vanilla, and Kahlua has Mimolette. Anise asks what Natsume has and the latter responds that she has something more spiritual that involves the love of her home planet's citizens. Lily asks what exactly drives "Treasure Hunters" and Anise explains that the treasure and money itself are meaningless and that the thrill of discovery and hunting are what makes the experience worthwhile. Kazuya thinks for a moment if that logic applies to him as "Anise's treasure" then it would mean he's not really worth anything to her. Kazuya dismisses the thought as it simply isn't the case.

Kazuya however tries to bring this point up with Anise in their walk in the hallway until they encounter Roselle. Roselle has been wondering what he should do in his extended free time as well other than his regular training regimen and mentions that he is a bit hungry. Anise asks what Roselle usually prefers and when he mentions that he likes spicy food, Anise eyes light up and say that she's hungry too and says that the two of them should have a competition. Roselle asks what exactly she means and Anise begins to drag him to the cafeteria with an intimidated Roselle asking Kazuya what exactly he's in for. In the cafeteria, Kazuya apologizes to Lunti in advance and requests for two servings of curry with the usual amount of spice Anise demands. While Lunti expresses disgust in cooking something that blemishes taste he sees that there's no way around Anise's stubbornness and begrudgingly enters the kitchen to fill out the order.

Roselle struggles to keep up.

A few minutes later, Lunti returns with two dishes of visibly red curry and Roselle is stunned even further to see Anise begin pouring even more hot sauce on it. Not wanting to back down, Roselle begins to do the same. Anise is able to win as she has had much more oppertunities to hone her resistance to spice and Roselle is surprisingly able to finish his plate as well. With a swollen tongue, Roselle admits defeat while Anise is more surprised at how he kept up and says that winning and losing doesn't matter to her compared to the experience itself. Anise claims victory and tells Roselle that it is his turn to choose his game for them to compete in. Roselle takes this up and the two make for the Hangar. Kazuya is delayed a bit after paying for the two's meal and sees them ready to compete in working some technical competition in the Hangar's systems. Kazuya is met by Coronet and Croix who note the two's enthusiasm while also noting Roselle's continued visits in the Hangar, even during vacation time. Coronet forewarns Kazuya to be careful as Roselle and Anise seem awfully friendly. 


Kazuya is concerned with how much time Anise spent the entirety of the day before with Roselle and attempts to talk to her in her room. Anise thanks Kazuya for showing up as it was apparently the time she was supposed to meet Roselle in the training room for yet another match. Kazuya tags along to see the two compete in a mini-triathlon while Lily and Natsume stare in awe at the two's fervor. Natsume asks what Kazuya is doing here as she sees only those two competing everywhere with Kazuya sitting out behind all of this. Seeing as though Kazuya has nothing to do, Natsume asks if he would accompany her somewhere. Kazuya tries to tell Anise that he'll be back but she is too distracted to listen and Kazuya follows Natsume and Lily to the Bridge. Apparently, Natsume wished to visit the department ship as it has piqued her curiosity. Natsume, Lily, and Kazuya walk around the department ship and Natsume stumbles upon an entrance to an empty stage that reads "event hall" and she questions why no one is using this large space. When the proprietor states that the Arms Alliance conflicts are behind the lacking performances, Natsume goes quiet but the trio quickly move on to other things. Lily spots a theater where they it is currently showing the movie she has been wanting to see while Natsume questions what a movie is. Kazuya explains the nature of films while Lily is solely fixated on the theater and Natsume eventually gives an order for Lily to do whatever she pleases for the time being and Lily rushes to the theater while entrusting Natsume to Kazuya. Their conversation however diverges to talking about Anise and how Kazuya would like to think that he's something special to her. Natsume notes that if that pattern of thought were true, Anise would be a bit more considerate in keeping Kazuya relevant to her interests, rather than being with Roselle the entire time. Kazuya ponders about this as Lily comes running back as the movie is too ahead of what she knows of the story thus far and feared getting spoiled. Lily and Natsume continue their mall tour while Kazuya excuses himself to confirm if Natsume's statements ring true.

Kazuya returns to the Luxiole and encounters Coronet who seems angry at how Kazuya left the Luxiole while Anise and Roselle were still being active with each other. Kazuya runs to the training room where he is directed by Rico that she saw the two last in the tea lounge. Melba then notes that she has no idea where the two went but tells Kazuya that Anise and Roselle have been pretty friendly with each other. Kazuya runs into Nano and Kahlua where they tell him that Anise and Roselle went to the recreation room. Kazuya interrupts a game of ping pong to ask Anise a question to which Anise asks why Kazuya sounds so angry. Natsume and Lily walk in and while Natsume is still puzzled by the nature of the relationship between Anise and Kazuya, she asks Anise what Kazuya means to her. Anise responds the same way as before, Kazuya is her personal treasure to which Kazuya takes it the way he pieced together beforehand. Kazuya storms out of the room while Anise remains completely confused as to why Kazuya was angry and Natsume advises that Anise should make the meaning behind her words a bit more clear. Anise chases after Kazuya with Roselle following. Anise's words are unable to stop him and Roselle is forced to step in and calm him down.

Roselle declares his intention to "steal" Anise's heart

Roselle provides a sound argument that Kazuya's attitude is unfitting of the captain of the Rune Angel Wing and that he's doing a poor job in maintaining everyone's mental health, including his own. Lily agrees but Roselle's next statement catches everyone off guard as he declares he'll be the one to take Anise's heart. Seeing as though Kazuya and Anise has had a visible falling out, he finds it right that Anise is free to be taken and expresses that he has never met anyone with the vitality and drive she has. If not a "treasure" like Kazuya is to Anise, Roselle states that he'll be her "partner".

Lily becomes angered at how Kazuya is silent to Roselle's bold claim and demands that Kazuya say something about this. Anise asks why Kazuya is being silent as well and Kazuya seems to finally understand that Anise still honestly cares. Anise makes it clear to Roselle that she has no intention of being anything more than good friends with him and Kazuya declares that he'll not give Anise to him. Roselle understands the sentiment but counters back, saying that Kazuya is unfit for Anise's lifestyle. Kazuya might be her boyfriend but that doesn't change that Kazuya is nowhere near as capable as he is and proposes that they settle this in a match. Coco intercedes the quarrel and stops the debacle and is clarified of Roselle's intentions. Roselle apologizes for causing chaos within the Rune Angel Wing's mentality but states that if he were to be Anise's partner, their potential power would increase. Coco sees some logic in his words and while she is told by both Lily and Anise of how they find the match between Kazuya and Roselle would be pointless, Coco decides to judge this for herself and decides on their competition.


Coco has arranged for Kazuya and Roselle to compete for Anise in the department ship's event stage. The Rune Angel Wing meet with Coco and their overall attitude on the situation are low as it is plain as day how Roselle is more athletic than Kazuya is. While Coco understands that as well, she states that the person who will suffer the most from this will be Roselle in the end. Mint herself attends this event and seems to understand what Coco has in mind and describes it as "bullying" and the team asks what Coco is planning and the latter responds that they'll learn eventually. The show goes underway and the stage host introduces today's event as a contest between lovers and introduces both Kazuya and Roselle to the crowd while Anise is reluctant to get on stage because of the outfit she was asked to wear. Anise is the event's "princess" whose hand will be competed for between Roselle and Kazuya who will be pitted against in 10 competitions to see who is more worthy of her. The two compete in baseball, tennis, soccer, basketball, shogi, firearm accuracy, spice tolerance, drawing, memory, and punching strength. Of course, Kazuya loses every single one and Roselle is declared the winner. Kazuya begins to walk off stage and Anise tries to stop him while Roselle walks toward her. Anise quickly tries to think of something that wll make Kazuya turn back to her but the only thing she can muster up is to yell out Kazuya as a thief who just stole something. The crowd begin to panic and starts chasing Kazuya off the stage and out into the open. The crew is stunned at what just happened and Coco decides to go with it and contacts Tapio to inform the Luxiole's crew to apprehend Kazuya. Kazuya escapes the angry mob and enters the Hangar where he runs away from Croix and Coronet. He avoids Mordent and Lunti until he is knocked out by Melba who reports that Kazuya has been caught. 

Kazuya regains consciousness in the infirmary where he finds Anise sitting next to his bed. She apologizes for the entire situation while Kazuya offers his apology for losing to Roselle. Anise however pays it no mind to it but is angry at how Kazuya walked away in defeat and didn't say anything. Anise explains that anyone who took her affection and just taking off with it would be nothing but a thief to which Kazuya apologizes for again. The two are silent and both bring up a question to which Kazuya lets Anise go first.


Anise states that she was just extremely bored during the break that she only craved some excitement. Her repeated activity with Roselle was meant to be nothing more to actively kill time and she had no strong emotions toward Roselle whatsoever and she apologizes for leaving Kazuya out of everything. Kazuya makes the final statement in apologizing for his misunderstanding that led to this as well. Anise complains that a man shouldn't be apologizing so much and the two become silent again. Kazuya teases Anise about the dress she's still wearing and Anise explains that she had to talk with Mint for a bit before rushing over. Kazuya asks about Roselle and Anise explains that he is with Coco in the commander's room. The two are silent again before Kazuya says he loves her to which Anise responds that she feels the same for him. Anise asks exactly how much he loves her and Kazuya quickly steals a kiss from Anise before he asks if she wants him to show her again. The two share another as the scene switches to Roselle and Coco where the former explains that during the fight against the Marquis's, memories of his sister clouded his thoughts and competing with Anise relieved him of his pain. He found her enthusiasm very admirable and found Kazuya an unfitting partner for her and he felt strongly enough for her to take her from him. Coco explains that the results would have been the same no matter what happened and that the competition was set up to teach him that Anise would have chosen Kazuya either way. This entire debacle was his punishment for creating a mess within the crew and Roselle has already suffered through the truth that Anise was unreachable for him. Coco also notes that she had other plans as well as the competition where Roselle laughingly notes how surprisingly frightening her foresight is.

Natsume: Princess of Decadence (暴落の姫君)[]

(Natsume's Chapter extends to a small part of Chapter 9 and coincides with a few events)

Natsume Izayoi: Princess of Decadence

When Natsume, Lily, and Coco return to the Briefing Room, Natsume informs everyone that to repair relations with the Seldar Alliance, she is to have an arranged marriage with Soldum. Everyone is shocked at the announcement and Kazuya protests that as Genievres has stated before, Natsume does not hold the valid title of Princess of the Arms Alliance anymore. However, with the Three Marquis acting out of their own interests and not of the Arms Alliance itself, Natsume still holds political leverage where it counts. Roselle finds this political marriage as a sound course of action and while it may not please them, it will be for the greater good for the future. Soldum has agreed to this for the better of both alliances and Natsume has agreed to it herself. The rest of the team asks if she is serious about the marriage and Natsume silences them and says she has no problems with it and returns to her room.


Kazuya is deeply troubled by Natsume's decision and believes that no one will be able to perform properly in combat if they have this mental burden on their minds. He decides to talk more about the situation with Coco but runs into Roselle in the Piroti. Kazuya runs off saying that he's going to have a talk with Coco and Roselle guesses that Kazuya is going there to speak about Natsume's circumstances and urges not to interfere. Kazuya questions why Roselle would stand back and Roselle states that Coco and Natsume have made their decisions and that the UPW has done enough in NEUE and should not interfere with its politics more than they should. Kazuya protests that Natsume should marry someone she loves and Roselle agrees with Kazuya's intentions but persists that they cannot do anything about it. Kazuya raises his voice asking if Roselle does not pity her and Roselle does the same and says that if he could save her, he would. Unfortunately, they simple can't and Roselle ends their conversation. Kazuya then decides to talk to Natsume directly about this and enters her room where he asks her how she really feels about the political marriage and she responds to having no qualms about sacrificing her freedom for the good of her people. Kazuya sees Natsume's maturity in the matter but wishes she would show a degree of selfishness for herself and for her to not base her life around others. Natsume stays silent and calls Kazuya a caring person but wishes to not continue this topic as she does not want to feel more anguish at the situation. Kazuya calls her out on how she truly feels and Natsume admits that she does not like what she must do but to make amends with what the Three Marquis have done to the rest of the planets in the Seldar Alliance, this course of action is the only option left to her. Natsume reveals that her responsibilities of Princess will be passed on to her younger sister Yuzu after the wedding is to be held and that Natsume truly has no way around this. Kazuya begins tearing as he apologizes at how he is unable to do anything for her. Natsume wishes to be alone for a bit and asks if Kazuya would honor her wishes. 


Soldum and a retinue of nobles arrive in the Luxiole's hangar as the wedding has been planned to take place in the Luxiole's Bridge. The rest of the Angel Wing are worried for Natsume while Coco is made the spokesperson and leads the wedding's events. Rico notes how Natsume's hands are trembling and after holding his piece, Kazuya shouts for the marriage to stop. Kazuya steps up in front of everyone and declares that this wedding is invalid as it has ignored Natsume's feelings for the sake of easing tensions that could remedied by other means. Kazuya is however dragged off by security but yells that Natsume shouldn't sacrifice herself to make others happy. Kazuya is dragged away while the Seldar noble is angered by the interference and prompts Coco to finish the procession. Soldum however sees that Natsume's condition is not looking well and decides to resume this event tomorrow. Kazuya regains consciousness in the barracks and sees Coco near him and she asks why Kazuya spoke out in such a manner. Kazuya explains his actions and Coco lists the amount of transgressions he has made against the military order but asks he if has no regrets. Kazuya denies any remorse and takes fully responsibility for his actions to which Coco advises him to "trust in his friends" as she leaves. Coco returns to the waiting Rune Angel Wing outside and confirm that Kazuya is safe but states that she herself cannot do anything. The team protests sans Roselle, who feels Kazuya is getting what he asked for to which Anise gets angered at him. Coco calms everyone down as "they" could possibly do something. Coco more or less implants the idea of how Kazuya and Natsume could "hide" at Hokkori that is nearby and the team pieces the rest together.


Genievres comforts the young Natsume

Natsume wakes up in her dreams and sees her younger self crying in the halls of a palace. Genievres approaches her and asks her what is wrong and the younger Natsume protests that she will quit being a Princess and Genievres calms her down and assures her that he will always be on Natsume's side and asks why she would want that. Natsume cries that everyone sees her as only the Princess and not as herself and wishes that people would acknowledge her identity as something other than the Princess. Genievres assures her that he knows exactly how she feels as he has had some questions concerning his own identity. The Natsume viewing this realizes that she is inside her own memories and speaks out against Genievres who she realizes has been fooling her for a while. Genievres responds by saying that there are two types of people in the world: Those who are happy with their lives and those who are unable to feel happiness due to the burden of their circumstances. Genievres taunts Natsume how she will not find happiness as her lineage shall not allow her independence and Natsume yells at him to be quiet.  

Natsume then awakes and finds Lily at her door and Lily apologizes before knocking Natsume unconscious. Kazuya has small-talk with the security guard who falls asleep and Kahlua, Nano, and Anise show up to break him out of his holding room. They explain that Natsume is inside the shuttle they have prepared and Rico leaves to open the Hangar's doors. Kahlua's sleep spell wears off and Coronet and Croix wake up. Lily and Anise go to subdue them as the shuttle takes off. Natsume wakes up to find Kazuya in the shuttle's pilot seat and orders him to return and warns him that an even greater punishment will await him and reminds him that he's abandoning his teammates to which Kazuya declares that he doesn't care. Since he has already given up everything for Natsume's sake, he doesn't fear what comes after and he tells Natsume to sit down. Back in the Hangar, the team watches the shuttle leave and Lily contacts Nano who was posing as Kazuya that their plan has worked. Roselle had watched the entire scene unfold from the upper catwalk of the Hangar and looks at the Braveheart, telling it how its master has left everyone. In the Luxiole's Hangar, Coco deliberately allows the shuttle to escape and Soldum seems to understand what exactly is going on. 

Kazuya and Natsume admit their feelings for each other.

Kazuya and Natsume arrive on Hokkori in its unsettled regions and he brings out the supplies Rico had gathered for them. Kazuya spends the day setting up camp as Natsume curiously observes the wilderness they're in. Natsume now seems content with the idea on hiding out with Kazuya and when night comes, Kazuya makes dinner inside their tent. Kazuya asks if Natsume is okay with his actions and Natsume replies that she is strangely happy as no one has sacrificed this much for her. The next day, Natsume and Kazuya see the ocean and Natsume notes how she has never seen something like this back on her home planet. While spending time near the shores, Natsume and Kazuya see the sun dim out as they witness the White Moon emerge out of the rift that absorbed the flagships of the Marquis. Their attention is diverted elsewhere as rain starts to fall and the two hurry back to their tent. That night, Natsume dreams again and sees her younger self in tears with Genievres gone. Natsume calms her younger self, saying that in the future, she will meet someone who will sacrifice everything he has for her sake. Natsume wakes up to find Kazuya sick from the weather and she is instructed to find an encyclopedia to identify his illness. Natsume learns that what Kazuya has contracted seems to be something severe and Natsume proposes that they return to the Luxiole while he protests and assures her that he's fine and that he is willing to suffer for her safety. Natsume responds and says that her freedom with Kazuya with her would be meaningless and the two express their feelings to eachother. Kazuya and Natsume share a kiss before Kazuya passes out and Natsume contacts for help.

Roselle arrives piloting a shuttle and Natsume and Roselle share a few words during the short trip. Roselle somewhat finds it fitting that Kazuya was naturally reprimanded for acting out of line and Natsume argues that Kazuya knows more about sacrifice than anyone to which Roselle sees some sense in what Natsume means. Kazuya wakes up in the Infirmary and is greeted by Mordent, Natsume, and Roselle. Mordent calls his current health fortunate, as if Kazuya was to treated any later than he was, it would have costed him his life. Kazuya thanks Roselle for shuttling them back and Roselle tells him to thank the rest of the Angel Wing for breaking him out as they were placed in the detention barracks. Kazuya feels bad but Roselle notes that they were enjoying themselves in the downtime. Roselle informs that the team are currently at the White Moon and he remained after hearing the distress call. Soon, the rest of the Rune Angel Wing arrive and welcome Natsume and Kazuya back. Coco shows up as well and everyone announces that the marriage was called off with the appearance of the White Moon. with this re-emergence, focus was shifted to the mysterious entity and the Arms Alliance was forgiven as the Three Marquis themselves were branded responsible. The crew begin to tease Kazuya and Natsume in their short time all alone but Coco tells them to save that talk for later and brings Kazuya, Natsume, and Roselle up to speed to what Moon Goddess Shatoyarn informed of the White Moon's time in the mysterious rift. (The explanation is done regularly in Chapter 9, read below). Answering the call of the mysterious Will, the crew prepare to enter the rift with Natsume agreeing to join them as well.

Chapter 9: The Infinite Corridor (無限回廊)[]

The space without bounds, the Infinite Corridor.

The White Moon emerges in NEUE from the mysterious rift and the Rune Angel Wing are called to the bridge. Rico and Roselle visually confirm that White Moon has actually entered NEUE while Kazuya asks if the other side of the strange rift leads to EDEN. From the looks of it, Coco denies the claim and Tapio notes that the interdimensional travel without ABSOLUTE should be impossible. Coco notes that whoever is behind this has access to technology they have no knowledge of and is advanced enough to move effortlessly between NEUE and EDEN. Coco decides to leave the Angel Wing to rest while telling them to prepare themselves for orders.

Later that night, Kazuya prepares to leave for bed until he hears noise coming from the Hangar. Kazuya sees Roselle busy at work with calibrating his Emblem Frame and Kazuya approaches him. The conversation here varies from each route as Roselle will apologize for his behavior towards Kazuya and the respective Angel. Regardless of which route is taken, Roselle will credit his recent change in behavior in thanks to the Angel Wing. Roselle explains that during his training, he never viewed any of his fellow pilots as "friends" and only viewed them as rivals to succeed against. His focus to become an excellent pilot for the sake of his sister clouded his emotions and stunned his relationships. Ever since he arrived on the Luxiole, he has learnt the value of camaraderie, love, and the making of bonds with others. For this, Roselle praises Kazuya as a great leader and thanks him for showing him something he would have not realized on his own. Roselle then promises that once this debacle is concluded, he would like to bring everyone to visit where Bianca rests.

Before the Luxiole docks inside the White Moon, Natsume hears that people of the Arms Alliance have been discovered near the rift and were sent to Seldar for treatment. Coco and Lily confirm that they were the personnel onboard the flagships of the Three Marquis with the only people missing being the Marquis themselves. Inside the White Moon,

The White Moon is contacted by an emissary.

Coco is reunited with Shatoyarn, the administrator of the White Moon. The Rune Angel Wing introduce themselves while Noa, who was sent on behalf of the UPW, reminds them that they have more important matters to address than greeting each other. Shatoyarn agrees and switches focus to share the White Moon's time inside the rift. The space had no stars and only storms raged across its expanse. The White Moon was unable to do anything but was then approached by a shining figure to which Shatoyarn described as an "Angel." The figure introduced itself as Parfait, an emissary from a society known as "Will". Parfait explains that it was he who pulled the White Moon into this space and calls it the "Infinite Corridor". He did this in order to provide a "demonstration" of the technological capabilities of the Will to all civilizations throughout all of space. Parfait also left Shatoyarn a message to deliver and it states that Parfait requests the Luxiole and the Rune Angel Wing to enter the Infinite Corridor within 2 days and for each day they do not comply past the time limit, a planet will be drawn into the Infinite Corridor. Kazuya breaks the silence and wishes to accept the message to which the rest of the team follows through. Noa states that she will be joining the Luxiole in their excursion to the Infinite Corridor as well as she is personally insulted by the notion that the Will's technology is superior to her own designs.


With only a two days to spare, Coco leaves to handle the administrative matters and leaves Kazuya to maintain the mental health of the Angel Wing for whatever lies ahead of them. Two particular events can be seen in the final free roam section: The Bridge can be visited where Tapio will explain the history of the Val-Fasq while Kahlua can be visited to organize a small party for the Angel Wing crew before they enter the Infinite Corridor. 

In the case Kazuya enters the Bridge, he finds that Coco is absent and Tapio greets him and advises him to prepare the Angel Wing as the Bridge is currently busy. Noa enters the conversation and asks tapio, who was apparently a high-ranking officer in the Val Fasq, if they knew anything of the Infinite Corridor to which Tapio explains that he does not and the only technologies the Val-Fasq know in terms of interdimensional travel consists of the Chrono Gates and ABSOLUTE. Noa is audibly entertained at the thought of how the Infinite Corridor is something no one has ever witnessed before. She then brings up her knowledge of the Val-Fasq's relationship with the previous inhabitants of ABSOLUTE and Tapio confirms that the Val-Fasq used to work with the administrant race that maintained ABSOLUTE. The Val-Fasq's innate ability along with its V-Chips were able to produce optimal performances with machinery which made them crucial to operate the Central Globe. Noa then furthers the conversation when she mentions the Val-Fasq's attempted take-over of ABSOLUTE and Tapio explains further: Seeing as though all of the Central Globe's machinery had V-chips installed, the Val-Fasq sought to take over the power of interdimensional travel against the administrant race. The V-Chip however did not function as intended in this occasion as Verel, the administrator of the Shadow Moon, had most likely foreseen this event and had prepared a countermeasure to nullify the Val-Fasq's abilities which lead to their defeat. Thus the Val-Fasq were hurled into the dimension now known as EDEN, a dimension serving as ABSOLUTE's penal system, and Tapio states that this history is something only a few Val-Fasq are permitted to know and that most would rather forget. Noa notes of the Chrono Quake Bomb that the Val-Fasq detonated 600 years ago and questions if the bomb's purpose was to conquer EDEN or was revenge against the administrants' in ABSOLUTE. Tapio explains that he does not know of the bomb's true purpose as he was not born at the time but Noa sarcastically notes the bomb's success in both fields as the administrant race was forced to abandon ABSOLUTE, with Verel mysteriously being left behind, and EDEN itself was devastated by the effects of the bomb. Noa's words sting with hints of disgust as she still feels contempt for the Val-Fasq's actions, something that if this information was disclosed to the public, EDEN might once again come to see the Val-Fasq with more contempt as their civilization's downfall was merely a side effect to far larger grudge. However, even after what the Val-Fasq did, Noa asks him on why would a V-Chip be installed onboard the Luxiole for a Val-Fasq to utilize. Tapio is curious to know and Noa credits a certain fool who believed in the Val-Fasq and the hope that they would not return to their previous way and it was because of him that Tapio stands on the Bridge of the Luxiole as a commanding officer and Noa hopes that Tapio will not let his hopes down in the present and the future. Noa then ends their conversation on a lighter note while Tapio hopes that Kazuya will not share what he just heard lightly and sends him off.  

If Kazuya visits Kahlua in the Tea Lounge, the two will order the new menu item to which Melba is saddened to hear that she can't serve them as they've run out of strawberries.

A moment of tranquility.

 Kahlua proposes that she can help accelerate their growth in the park's garden and since she can make many of them at a time she tells Kazuya to bring everyone to the Tea Lounge for a small party before they take off. Kazuya can spend the next Free Roam informing everyone of the party but when the party does occur, the strawberries taste completely different than normal and causes a riot.


The Luxiole approaches the Infinite Corridor and the Bridge receives one last transmission from Soldum and Tact. Soldum apologizes for not being able to help them with his fleet and wishes the crew good fortune inside the Infinite Corridor. Tact has a few things to say as well and expresses his apologies for not being able to join them as he must command the home fleets if by the off-chance the Luxiole doesn't return. He states how proud he is of Coco and expects Tapio to assist her in whatever may come their way. He expects Noa as well to be of great help with her unrivaled expertise in technology and logistics but also states that he's risking his position greatly by sending EDEN's top tech expert and UPW representative on a potential one-way trip. He lastly addresses Kazuya to trust in everyone and to lead them to overcome whatever is thrown at them. Kazuya himself expresses his intent to lead his team and also hopes that Tact will remain safe as with the Luxiole's absence will mean the UPW will be lacking in defenses. Tact assures him as he has already recalled the Moon Angel Wing in the case of an emergency. Coco addresses the rest of the crew one final time before the Luxiole forays into the Infinite Corridor as the rift closes behind them. The bridge hands instantly notify that all communication signals have been cut off and an ear-piercing noise is heard across the ship as the crew look in front of them to see an angelic figure floating the distance. A transmission signal is picked up and the crew confirm the figure as Parfait, the one who moved the White Moon between dimensions and the emissary of the Will. Parfait welcomes the Luxiole to the Infinite Corridor and congratulates them for their joining him. Coco asks exactly what they have done to earn Parfait's congratulatory praise and Parfait notes that the Luxiole has succeeded in all their tests so far, their victory against the Three Marquis separately and together as well as their bravery in entering the Infinite Corridor.

Parfait reveals that the Three Marquis had their own test as well and the set of rules they acted under were administered by him. Parfait informs the Luxiole that a two more tests await them and Noa asks what exactly does passing the test mean for them. Parfait however answers that anything that they wish to learn of this will take place at the end of their ordeal. Parfait announces that running away is obviously not allowed but if the Luxiole dares to attempt a retreat, all their known planets and stars will be assumed by the Infinite Corridor. Parfait announces the beginning of their next test, hopes that they will not betray his expectations, and promptly ends the transmission but not before giving the Luxiole some coordinates to reach. Tapio is at a loss on what to do as nothing in any military procedure details anything of this sort and Coco fearlessly states that test or no, they have no choice in participating in and surviving whatever Parfait wishes for them. Later, Kazuya lies in his room awaiting orders until he feels the ship come to a stop and he meets Rico outside the Piroti. The two head toward the Bridge and see the Luxiole caught between what seems to be a warp in space. Tapio identifies them as micro-blackholes and Coco orders for him to manually control the ship to move them to safety. Coco identifies this as the first of the two remaining tests and Tapio navigates through the blackholes with noticeable difficulty. While Kazuya and Rico cheer him on,

Tapio eventually falls to his knees as navigating between the black holes proves too much a burden on his body and his mind is still rattled at the idea that these unprecedented events are unfolding. He is unable to keep up and hopes for another way for them to complete this test. Coco however does not let Tapio wallow in defeat and asks him to recall to himself the reason why he joined the Luxiole's crew. She reminds him that he entered military service to personally witness the power that defeated the Val-Fasq by the Angel Wing, the will to never give in and the strong emotions that created miracles. Coco demands him to stand as she felt the despair of powerlessness before and that if she could escape from it, so could he. Coco concludes that she believes in him as well and Tapio stands up again and continues the struggle. Even with newfound motivation, Tapio is still working alone against the currently overwhelming odds and the Luxiole's systems are unable to process the amount of necessary data to precisely calculate their safest coordinates forward. Noa decides to step in to assist in navigation by reducing precision to keep up with outputs but even she sees the impossible odds against them as she begins to make errors in locating safe areas in the storm of gravity wells. During this, Rico notices the small mistakes Noa makes and Tapio requests for more orders. Noa is troubled but decides to take Rico's previous correction to heart and ask her how Rico noticed her mistakes. Rico is unable to fully understand how and why she's able to discern such things but Noa gets an idea drags her to the Hangar while Coco orders Kazuya to follow. Tapio is ordered to hold positon for as long as possible while Rico is ordered to board the Cross Caliber and Noa explains that she will be linking the Emblem Frame's H.A.L.O system to be used as a motion sensor for Rico to act as a sensor, have her intuition figure out the optimal course path and accurately relay them to Tapio while he cuts off control to the ship to allow the Luxiole's helmsmen to fly the ship. Tapio is ordered to cut and reestablish his V-Chip and Rico is ordered to activate her Emblem Frame's H.A.L.O. in a jury-rigged connection to each other. While Tapio is able to clearly guide the Luxiole through the blackhole field, Coco asks Noa for an explanation on what exactly she did. Noa realizes that Rico has an uncanny ability of detecting "balance" that is linked to her body's reflex that is entirely subconscious and instinctual. Rico's superhuman strength when it comes to her fear of males is only a physical byproduct of this process, as someone of her frame could never be able to perform such feats unless specific parts of her muscles activated in unison to exert the necessary force to have her do them. This "balance detection" is obviously tough to apply in conventional matters but Rico's abilities are able to be used in this occasion.

Kazuya assists Rico during the final charge to safety.

The explanation is cut off when the last stretch of blackholes assail the Luxiole and Noa amplifies the mental filtering on Rico's H.A.L.O. for her to concetrate. Tapio is able to guide the Luxiole to safety while Rico is put into a trance where the filters are making her focus only on avoiding the gravity wells and her consciousness begins to dim. If Kazuya has romanced Rico, he will go her side and provide support for her to hang on for just a bit longer. 


Coco asks for a status report and the Bridge hands report that the engines have cooled off and that they are currently safe. Noa, Rico, and Kazuya enter the Bridge again and Noa is humbled by the experience and says that she still has ways to go against the Will's capabilities. The rest of the Angel Wing arrive demanding an expalanation for the tumultuous ride before and Kazuya explains Rico's contribution and everyone is surprised to hear of Rico's abilities other than just throwing men across the room. Roselle relates Rico's ability has the potential to match Milfie's luck but the celebration ends when the radars pick up the signatures of the Three Marquis's flagships. Parfait sends a message to the Luxiole detailing the rules of the final test: The first condition demands the destruction of the three flagships and second, he will not allow the Braveheart to take to the field and finally, the Luxiole will not be able to utilize its Dual Chrono Break Cannons.

With no choice but to comply, Kazuya prepares the team for sortie but Kahlua senses something from the flagships and identifies magical interference from one of the ships. Kahlua sees that Genievres is unable to regularly contact the Luxiole through regular transmission and she utilizes an incantation that makes her relay Genivres's voice. Genievres's voice comes from Kahlua's lips and he expresses relief in knowing someone on the Luxiole was able to respond to his signal. He greets Natsume and says that he would have liked it if their last meeting didn't involve him in this circumstance and explains that his fellow Marquis and himself are not able to leave and their only choice is to fight with the Luxiole as Parfait demands. While he does not know why the final test must involve mutual destruction, he has no choice in the matter and wishes to go out with a bang in this final confrontation. Coco suggests that the Three Marquis turn themselves in and while she cannot completely clear them of their crimes, she promises to do everything in the UPW's power to judge them fairly. Genievres dismisses the hopeful nature of the conversation and calmly states that they will fight against the Luxiole for their safe passage back home while the Luxiole and the Rune Angel wing should feel the same against them. Natsume then pleads for Genievres and the others to flee their ships and Genievres asks Natsume why he isn't communicating through the transmission and explains that he and his fellow Marquis's have been robbed of their bodies and only their consciousness remain alive and that they couldn't leave if they wanted to. Noa observes that this was the penalty for their failures and Genievres seems rather calm about losing his body and even expresses some interest as he is able to freely control his flagship to his whims. He gives them a final warning that their ships are more capable since their fight on Seldar and tells them not to hold back before ending his connection. Natsume is saddended but joins everyone in boarding their Emblem Frames to begin their final test.  

The Rune Angel Wing claim victory against the Three Marquis for the final time and Kazuya congratulates the team as they return to the Bridge. Natsume is saddened by what Genievres has done and the latter's voice is transmitted through Kahlua once more as he laughs and ironically congratulates them in their actions as he states that he cannot even move anymore. Genievres beseeches Coco to hear one last request and warns them to simply accept what Parfait will offer them and stay in his good graces. The operators pick up an energy reading targeted toward Genievres's position and Genievres says one last goodbye to Natsume before his flagship is disintegrated by an enormous beam of light. Parfait reveals itself integrated to the top of an enormous space station and congratulates the team for their victory and the completion of their tests. Parfait wishes to bestow the "Key" the Three Marquis were after and explains that the "Key" is a piece of their technology that will allow them to access and utilize the Infinite Corridor to their liking. Noa asks why would Parfait give them such a gift and Parfait begins to explain that he and the Will are remnants of a civilization that existed long before them and they seek other civilizations to uplfit with their technology and then assimilate into their own. Parfait states that the UPW's goals and the Will's are perhaps one in the same, only that the Will holds technology far superior to anything the UPW can use. However, they will not offer this technology to anyone and only offer it to those who share similar ideals but most importantly, a willingness to become part of the Will.

Coco holds the decision and Tapio states that he feels something very off about Parfait in general and Roselle whispers to Kazuya that he somewhat feels that they should agree to this as it would mean universal-wide advancement, an enormous gain that may hold more benefits than downsides. Coco then asks what will happen if they do agree and Parfait explains the concepts of Will's culture based around the personas of a God and a Goddess. Two candidates will be taken to become a God and Goddess that represent the ideals of the Will to guide others to their cause, while they themselves will be gifted with immense knowledge. Tapio asks if this transformation will replace their memories and Parfaits assures him that no such memory warping will take place. All that needs to be done is for the candidates to make contact with the "Orb" a device that holds the knolwedge to all things. Parfait intends to take two out of the Luxiole's crew to assume the God and Goddess roles while the others would be allowed to become their emissaries to eventually bring all cultures to be become of the Will's own. Coco asks what would happen if the cultures refuse the Will and Parfait casually remarks that the loss of an inferior race who doesn't wish to become one of them would be wiped out.

Coco makes her decision and without even saying, the rest of the crew agrees. Before formally rejecting the offer, Roselle requests permission to ask Parfait a question and Coco agrees. Roselle asks what it takes to be chosen as a God and Parfait notes the requirements of charisma, leadership, and strength and it identifies the worthy candidates among the crew as being Kazuya and Roselle himself. If they so choose to join Will, they will be promised eternity and will be made the leaders of a new age along with their respective goddess candidates. Roselle begins to laugh at the prospect with which the crew is disturbed by but Roselle calms them down as he only wished to sate his curiosity and gives Coco the floor again. Coco changes her mind in giving the final answer and gives Kazuya the final word which he declines the opportunity of becoming a god and recalls Tact's ideal of the UPW's ultimate goals to share the cultures of many different worlds and refuses to aid Parfait and the Will. Parfait is silent and ultimately identifies the Luxiole and its crew as irregulars and an interference to the "Orb's" prerogative and mobilizes his fleet to wipe them out. Coco leads everyone into the Briefing Room and sets their objective to protect the Luxiole while it gets within range to fire the Chrono Break Cannon at Parfait's vessel. Tapio continues saying that it will not be as simple as a beeline to get in range as they have witnessed the power of Parfait's primary cannon. Tapio gives another objective of moving out of the way of the cannon's trajectory as it cannot turn while charging. Kazuya and his chosen Angel declares that they will bring about a miracle again and the team ready themselves.

The team safely guides the Luxiole in range of the Astral Parfait and the Dual Chrono Break Cannons fire. The Astral Parfait's shields lie broken and the Luxiole prepares to fire again while the Rune Angel Wing warn Parfait to stand down. Parfait refuses and calmly states that he still plans on fighting and begins analyzing the power of the Emblem Frames. Seeing that they run on the H.A.L.O System, Parfait sends out a pulse of energy from the Astral Parfait and the 6 Emblem Frames out of the 8 are powered down with their respective pilots knocked unconscious. 

The Astral Parfait with its shields shattered.

Coco contacts who she can and Roselle reports in that only he and Kazuya were the ones unaffected by the energy pulse. Parfait explains that he simply reversed the power of the H.A.L.O system and had the systems backfire against their pilots. Parfait begins firing towards the Emblem Frames and Kazuya is forced to disengage from his chosen Angel's Emblem Frame before the Braveheart is severely damaged. Roselle contacts Coco to fire the Dual Chrono Break cannon again but the charging is still in progress. With the majority of the Angel Wing unable to move and the Luxiole unable to counterattack, Roselle sees that they have been completely outmatched. Parfait then requests them to be silent and to not move as he will mercifuly finish them off in a single blow. Kazuya begs Roselle to save the rest of team but Roselle is unable to match Kazuya's hopeful actions. However, he sees only one course of action left, something only he can accomplish. Roselle tells Kazuya to protect his chosen Angel before he maxes out the speed on the Holy Blood and charges toward the Astral Parfait. Parfait lets loose a payload of missiles and Roselle evades all of them and utilizes the Photon Diver in attempt to dismantle upper portion of the ship. Instead of going through, the Holy Blood's collision is stopped and lightly pierces the hull of the Astral Parfait. Parfait laughs at what Roselle attempted to do and the Holy Blood's crash leaves Roselle immensely injured. However, this seems to be Roselle's intention all along as he activates the control panel above his head and releases the Chrono String Engines and detonates the Holy Blood. The explosion completely disintegrates the Astral Parfait and Parfait himself and the battle concludes.


Epilogue []

Kazuya explains that with Roselle's sacrifice, the Luxiole and its crew were saved. The rest of the Angels were treated by Mordent and no lasting injuries were had. The Luxiole retraced its steps back to the rift they entered from and they were able to safely return to NEUE with the fleets of Seldar, Magic, and the Arms Alliance waiting for them. To make full repairs and resupply, the Luxiole was brought to the Central Globe and the incident with the Infinite Corridor remained a frightening but hopeful memory. Roselle's sacrifice was not in vain and his actions was memorialized by both EDEN and NEUE as a hero and he was posthumously awarded the rank of Captain. Kazuya's ending scene will differ with each angel.

Rico cries over Roselle's sacrifice.

  1. Apricot: In the Hangar, Kazuya is able to properly calibrate and optimize the Braveheart on his own and is called by Rico who asks if he is busy. Kazuya invites her down and Rico brings a tea set for the two of them to share. The two decide to relax in the Hangar and talk about how the rest of the crew have been enjoying themselves as wel in the downtime. Kazuya however feels that something is missing and he apologizes for reminding themselves of Roselle. Rico says that its fine and the two converse on how Roselle saved the Luxiole in ABSOLUTE in their mock battle. Rico remembers how Roselle taught her how to program more efficiently and how many memories Roselle has filled the Hangar with. Kazuya asks Rico if she would accompany him to EDEN once repairs are done and she asks what business they have on EDEN. Kazuya explains that before the final battle, Roselle had wanted to take everyone to visit his sister's grave and he believes that Roselle has returned to her side and Rico agrees to go with him before breaking down in tears. Kazuya holds Rico close until she settles down. 
  2. Lily:

    Lily in front of the Eagle Gazer

    Kazuya finds Lily in the Hangar in front of the docked Eagle Gazer in silent contemplation. Lily is angered at how she was powerless to do anything during their final confrontation with Parfait and saddened by Roselle's last words to Kazuya. His words suggested he held something for Lily but they will never truly know with his passing. Lily is conflicted about how she should be feeling as Roselle sacrificed himself for everyone's sake and to continue mourning him wouldn't be what he would have wanted. Kazuya plainly hears the trembling in Lily's voice and the tears in her eyes and tells her not to hold back. Lily however does not wish to cry and notes how she didn't shed a tear when Roselle was given post-humous decorations. Kazuya notes how odd it is for her not to cry and the two begin to laugh. Laughing soon becomes crying as Lily asks if Kazuya really thinks if it is alright to cry and he holds her and her wails resounds through the Hangar.
  3. Nano:

    Nano removes her memories of Bianca

    Kazuya and Nano are unable to enjoy themselves in their small outing in the Park. Kazuya seems to have forgotten some ingredients in their meal but the two seem more concerned over something else. Nano states that she remembers some of Bianca's memory whenever she remembers Roselle and she wishes to transform into Bianca one last time to say her final parting words to him. Since the real Bianca is surely in a better place, Nano wishes to ease the memories of Bianca within her and asks if Kazuya if that will be alright with him. Kazuya agrees and Nano shapeshifts into Bianca with her personality still intact. Nano holds Kazuya's hands as she thanks Roselle for everyone's safety and hopes for his happiness in the afterlife. Nano emits a small wave of nanomachines and she turns back to her original body and explains that those nanomachines held her fragmented memories of Bianca. As they float away, she asks Kazuya if they will reach to the heavens above and Kazuya assures her that the memories already have. Nano then agrees to Kazuya's request to go visit Bianca's grave with him after their downtime. 
  4. Kahlua:

    Kahlua and Tequila's mutual feelings

    Kazuya and Tequila sit silently in the Tea Lounge as their absent mindedness leave them with burns from their drinks. Tequila feels something odd in her when she considers that Roselle was the first person ever to exclusively fall in love with her personality. Kazuya asks of himself and she corrects him that he's the first person to love both personalities of her. Tequila teases Kazuya a bit more on the subject by saying how she really felt something going when she was the one being targeted for a relationship but dismisses it, joking on how Kazuya is too fun to tease when he becomes jealous. Kazuya notes how comforting it is to see Tequila smiling and laughing again. Tequila finds comfort as well, realizing it has been a while since they have relaxed together. Tequila changes to Kahlua and Kazuya brings her up to speed on their conversation about Roselle and she is happy to hear their topic as she has felt something warm in her heart and realizes that Tequila feels the same. Kazuya sees how in-tune the two identities are and jokes at how the two would make a perfect couple if they were separate. Kahlua begins teasing Kazuya at how that prospect would be invalid as the two of them would love Kazuya either way.
  5. Anise:

    Anise thinking of the memories Roselle has left

    Kazuya finds Anise in the training room with her not knowing what to do with herself. She remembers too much of Roselle inside the training room and notes that their competition had the score of 175 to 168 marking her loss against him. Anise knows in her heart that their "match" is over but cannot shake the feeling of her wanting to finish it. Kazuya then goads Anise into having a competition against him and the two go at it, only to have Kazuya end up blacking out against Anise's barrage of training challenges and comes to and finds Anise next to him. She apologizes for overworking him and Kazuya pays it no mind, as he primiarly wanted to cheer her up. Anise shares her feelings of how she felt off with Roselle not being with them and how she began to forget the sadness as Kazuya joined her during their training. Anise wonders if forgetting those thoughts were wrong to which Kazuya replies that Anise is doing the right thing as Roselle would have wanted Anise to be her usual self.  
  6. Natsume:

    Natsume whispers to Kazuya that she expects him to stay with her.

    Natsume is given a small tour through the UPW headquarters in the Central Globe by Kazuya who guides her through the facility. Natsume is excited to see something she has only heard of but she feels sad at how Roselle is not here with them as she had some more things to talk with him. She wished to conclude their talk that started on their shuttle ride about Kazuya and their talk on "sacrifice" and feels sorry for calling Roselle out on his previous actions and Kazuya believes that Roselle would understand. Natsume then asks Kazuya to bring his ear closer to her and she hopes that he will stay with her for a long time and teach her more things, to which he reciprocates her feelings as well. Tact comes in to greet them and announces the same news in the regular endings. Only this time, Almo drags him away to work while Natsume receives a message from Coco that Natsume's sister, Yuzu has contacted them. Natsume and Kazuya hurry to the Bridge where Yuzu shows up on the screen and greets the Luxiole's crew. Yuzu sees Natsume and the former begins crying at how she has feared the worst when contact with her was cut off. Yuzu informs that Natsume is still viewed as a traitor to the majority of the Arms Alliance while she herself has not lost faith in her and would like her to return and see her family but understands she cannot for the time being. Natsume states that she is being properly taken care of here and requests Yuzu to act in her stead. While Yuzu finds herself unworthy of taking up Natsume's position, she agrees as to honor her wishes. Natsume bids farewell and tells Yuzu to take care of herself and assures her that she is happy here as she has found friends who care of her, allies that trust her, and someone who loves her and tells her sister not to worry. 

Tact enters the Hangar to greet Kazuya and his partner and the two ask him of his work so far to which Tact sincerely thanks Lester in advance for his hard work. Joking aside, Tact says that he has some news to announce but first thanks them sincerely for returning safely. He had feared the worst when he sent the Luxiole into the Infinite Corridor alone but thanks to the Rune Angel Wing, not all was lost. Kazuya however feels that the conflict is not yet over and Tact agrees, noting of the mysterious nature of their true enemy. However Tact dismisses the foreboding mood and notes how Noa has new study material to make use of for future conflicts. Tact then joyfully proclaims the discovery of a new Gatekeeper in thanks to Chitose's expedition fleet, and how Milfie will be free to leave her work. With this, the surrounding crew members are notified and Kazuya is asked once again put in charge of making food for a celebration.

In some far-off location, two mysterious converse at Parfait's failure and how the latter had overstepped the bounds of his position without their consent.   

Controlled Ships[]

  • Old Ships: All 5 Emblem Frames and the Luxiole return with slight changes. The individual Emblem Frame stats have been

    The Rune Angel Wing's Stats (sans the Holy Blood)

    further differentiated from each other. Also, all the special attacks have been given new effects with varying levels of change.
    • The Braveheart's merged Emblem Frame can now accelerate itself to close the distance between the enemy and itself.
    • The Cross Caliber's Hyper Blaster now has a piercing effect that makes the laser stop at the first enemy and then continue firing if the target is destroyed. The laser still has a small area of effect provided that multiple ships are extremely close to the first target.
    • TheEagle Gazer's Extreme Lancer has received a longer range in which it can fire.
    • The First Aider's Needle Flechette has received a longer range in which it can fire
    • The Spell Caster's Hexa-Cross Break now acts independently from the Spell Caster and does not impair it's movement once fired. Also received a range upgrade. The Spell Caster can be piloted by Kahlua after the events of Chapter 6 while it does not change the stats of the Emblem Frame.
    • The Relic Raider's Genocide Bomber now detonates for massive damage at its primary target will damaging all enemy ships in its blast radius, with the damage going higher as the target gets closer to the center. It has also received a range upgrade.
    • The Luxiole has received no significant changes but now has Coco has its Commander while the ship is manually piloted by Chief Operator and Vice Commander Tapio Ca.

Two new members join the Rune Angel Wing and two new Emblem Frames are under Kazuya's command

  • Holy Blood: The experimental, mass produced Emblem Frame piloted by Roselle Mateus. The Holy Blood is the result of the merged technologies of both EDEN and NEUE and shares similar physical traits of both universe's Emblem Frames. The Holy Blood as average speed but its offensive capabilities and defense are high. It's special is the Photon Diver where the Holy Blood accelerates itself while tucking its upper portion to form something akin to a bullet and pierce through the enemy target. This special gurantees a one hit KO to most targets. Roselle joins the Rune Angel Wing starting from Chapter 2.
  • Papillon Chaser: The Arms Alliance Emblem Frame belonging to Natsume Izayoi who first uses it against the Rune Angel Wing. It becomes badly damaged after the skirmish and is restored to full power by the battle at Seldar. The Papillon Chaser is the slowest Emblem Frame but makes up for it with devastating high offensive power with its large amounts of explosives. It's special is the Zephyrus Rampage where the Emblem Frame lets loose an enormous amount of butterfly looking explosives that all latch on to a single enemy before detonating. Natsume joins the fight against the Three Marquis in Chapter 7. 

Enemy Ships[]

Regular Enemies[]

  • Destroyer: The most numerous enemy type in the game with similar stats from ZR. They are not as quick as the high-speed ships and have average firepower.
  • Fast Ship: Along with the Destroyer, the fast ships are heavily utilized by the Arms Alliance and the Will. With many of the enemies' objectives being the destructin of the Luxiole, their destruction is crucial.
  • Cruiser: While not as numerous in numbers, the cruisers remain the heavy damage sponges in the missions they appear in.
  • Carrier Ship: Appearing once again, the Carrier ships act as body guard ships to the Three Marquis's flagships.
  • Heavy Ship: While they do not appear as much in MK, the heavy ships appear in the fights against the Three Marquis and in the final fight where they will pursue the Luxiole exclusively.


  • Papillon Chaser: Initially fought as an enemy in Chapter 3, Natsume personally takes to the field to engage the Luxiole and the Rune Angel Wing. While it's armor is as durable as any allied Emblem Frame, it's offensive capabilities are the highest of any NEUE Emblem Frame and such, it should be focused first.
  • Spell Caster: Only fought on Kahlua's route where Kazuya and Roselle have a simulation duel to see who is more compatible with Kahula/Tequila. While Roselle may have a higher piloting aptitude, Kazuya will have his special meter charge faster.
  • Aymur Cudgel: Marquis Calvados Cudgel's flagship confronted at Azeat, Seldar, and finally inside the Infinite Corridor. It is the fastest flagship among the Three Marquis and attempts to chase down the Luxiole
  • Gracaeser Pike: Marquis Benedictine Pike's flagship fought at Pico, Seldar, and inside the Infinite Corridor. It appears to have the highest amount of hitpoints of the Three Marquis's ships. In his fight, Benedictine is the more defensive fighter, ordering his larger ships to defend his flagship.
  • Labyreath Hatchet: Marquis Genievres Hatchet's flagship fought at Magiic, Seldar, and within the Infinite Corridor. Like Benedictine, Genievres focuses on the more defensive aspect during his fight.
  • Astral Parfait (Final): While considered the final boss, the Astral Parfait cannot be targeted and the goal of the final missions is to guide the Luxiole in its range to fire the Dual Chrono Break Cannon. Similarly to how Nefuria and the O-Gaub was defeated by bringing the Elsior close enough to deploy Unit 07, the Rune Angel Wing must guide the Luxiole to the other end of the map. However, unlike the O-Gaub that was part of the background, the Astral Parfait has two attacks to stop the Luxiole's advance. It frequently fires off a large wave of missiles but the largest threat the Astral Parfait has is the Celestial Cannon. The cannon visibly glows when charging and the Luxiole must be maneuvered to get out of its trajectory.

Theme Songs[]

Artist: Maho Tomita
Lyrics/Composition: Noriyasu Agematsu
Arrangement: Hitoshi Fujima
  • Opening Theme Ver.R: Eternal Love 2007
Artist: Ryōko Shintani
Lyrics: Yuki Mori
Composition/Arrangement: Yūsuke Sakamoto
Artist: Ryōko Shintani
  • Ending Theme Chapter 2: we wish...
Artist: Saori Gotō
  • Ending Theme Chapter 3: Gray Zone wo Uchinuite
Artist: Mayumi Yamaguchi
  • Ending Theme Chapter 4: Setsunasa wo Koete
Artist: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Ending Theme Chapter 5: Lime Light
Artist: Mika Kanai
  • Ending Theme Chapter 6: Magic☆paradise
Artist: Yukari Tamura
Artist: Atsuko Enomoto
Artist: Yūna Inamura
Artist: Erina Nakayama
Artist: Satomi Akesaka
Artist: Aya Hirano
Artist: Satomi Hanamura
Artist: JAM Project featuring Rica Matsumoto & Masami Okui


Standard Edition[]

ギャラクシーエンジェルII 無限回廊の鍵

GAIIMKnK-Package normal.jpg
Platform: Playstation 2
Media: 2 DVD-ROMs
Rating: CERO: B
Release Date: October 18, 2007
Price: 8,190円
  • None
Pre-order Gifts:
  • "The Key to GAII" Disc
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Radio "Pyapapupīpenpepūn" Digest Edition

Deluxe Pack[]

ギャラクシーエンジェルII 無限回廊の鍵 DXパック

GAIIMKnK-Package dx.jpg
Platform: Playstation 2
Media: 2 DVD-ROMs
Rating: CERO: B
Release Date: October 18, 2007
Price: 9,975円
Pre-order Gifts:
  • "The Key to GAII" Disc
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Radio "Pyapapupīpenpepūn" Digest Edition

Galaxy Angel Zettai Mugen no Ishizue Set[]

ギャラクシーエンジェルII 絶対無限の礎セット

GAIIMKnK-Package set.jpg
Platform: Playstation 2
Media: 2 DVD-ROMs
Rating: CERO: B
Release Date: October 18, 2007
Price: 13,440円
Pre-order Gifts:
  • "The Key to GAII" Disc
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Radio "Pyapapupīpenpepūn" Digest Edition

Broccoli Best Quality Edition[]

Package ga22.jpg
Platform: Playstation 2
Rating: CERO: B
Release Date: December 10, 2008
Price: 2,940円

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