The hero will overcome his trials and defeat his eternal rival at the very end!!!

– Guinness Stout

Guinness Stout (ギネス・スタウト), is a member of the Hell Hounds employed by Eonia to counter the Elsior's Moon Angel Wing. He is the counterpart to Ranpha.

Appearance Edit

Without a doubt, Guinness is the sturdiest and the largest of the Hell Hounds and wears a brown jacket with distinctive pauldron-like guards on his shoulders. He wears a red shirt underneath and has parts of his arms in bandages. He possess short brown hair and a noticeable scar on his forehead.

Personality Edit

Observing his loyalty and willingness to listen to Camus, it is implied that the Guinness and Camus befriended each other or knew each other for quite some time before the Hell Hounds were founded.

Guinness is a simple man who seeks strong enemies to test his abilities against. He is the team's loudmouth and yells everything he says. His hot-blooded and confrontational attitude matches him against the equally hot-blooded but much more mindful Ranpha.

History Edit

Guinness and Camus are both met together in Chapter 2 where they distract the Elsior to allow Vermouth's stealth probes to infiltrate the ship. They make their presence known to the Elsior in the short skirmish while reappearing with their full team in Chapter 3. Guinness makes an appearance in every subsequent encounter with the Hell Hounds.

In the final battle near Transbaal, Guinness along with the rest of the Hell Hounds would be defeated and request for repair from the Black Moon. At this point, Noa would take control of their fighters and merge their minds with the Dark Angels, bringing out its latent abilities at the cost of their humanity.


  • Guinness's first name comes from the Irish beer company Guinness, whose eponymous drink is a type of stout- hence his surname.
  • Every line in his translated dialogue is followed by, at least, five exclamation points.