The Happy Trigger is Forte Stollen's EDEN Emblem Frame. Designed as a heavy assault fighter, the purple Happy Trigger is filled to the brim with weaponry of all types, and possesses the greatest firepower of all the EDEN Emblem Frames. However, its extreme weapon loadout and heavy armor come at the expense of agility and speed, making Happy Trigger the slowest of the Emblem Frames. Its Hyper Weapon is the Strike Burst, where its entire payload is unleashed on a single victim.


The Happy Trigger is without a doubt the most heavily armed and armored of the Emblem Frames. Unfortunately, this also means that it is quite slow, only possessing marginally more speed to keep up with the Trick Master. The Happy Trigger is most effective against particularly hard shelled foes like carriers, cruisers, or assault satellites, since its lack of speed means that on many occasions by the time Forte arrives, most of the enemy have already been defeated. On the other hand, this makes the Happy Trigger very effective as a reinforcement unit, as it will often arrive just as the other Emblem Frames are low on energy or have suffered heavy damage. It is also useful as an escort unit, as its superior firepower can decimate an enemy ship long before it gets too close to the Elsior. The Strike Burst is most effective at mid-range. Too far or too close, there is very good chance that some of the ordinance will miss the intended target.

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