The Harvester is Vanilla H's EDEN Emblem Frame. Designed as a support fighter, the green Harvester carries a nanomachine colony, allowing it to repair the Emblem Frames while in battle. However, the Harvester cannot repair itself, Elsior, or regular ships like allied ships. Its Repair Wave is nothing offensive, it only heals all EDEN Emblem Frames and also Harvester itself.

Gameplay Edit

The Harvester possesses relatively weak weapon systems, but also the highest defensive abilities of the Emblem Frames - but mainly due to its high evasion similar to the Lucky Star. The Harvester is quite possibly the most invaluable of the EDEN Emblem Frames. While having the highest defense of all of them, it is also generally fast enough to reach a beleaguered comrade in time to repair damage before it is too late. The Repair Wave will heal all Emblem Frames instantly, no matter where they are on the map. This can often make the difference between victory and defeat. Its primary weakness is its rather weak weapons. On the other hand, during the later battles Vanilla will likely find herself busier repairing her friends than actually fighting.

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