We are the Hell Hounds. Today we only stopped by to say hello. But eventually...we shall escort you to Hell.

– Camus O. Laphroaig

Hell hounds

The Hell Hounds as they appear in GA Manga.

The Hell Hounds (ヘル・ハウンズ), are a band of mercenaries hired by Eonia Transbaal to assist him in his plight to solidify his rule in the Transbaal Empire. Their main duty was to pursue the Elsior and counter its Moon Angel Wing and thus were given high speed fighters to match them in combat.

Camus and Guinness are introduced first in Chapter 3 of Galaxy Angel where they distracted the Elsior's crew long enough in combat to infiltrate a drone inside the ship to confirm Shiva's presence on the ship. The rest of them would fully appear in Chapter 4. From Chapter 7 onward, the Hell Hounds appear in the Black Moon's version of the Emblem Frames, the Dark Angels and assisted Sherry in pursing the Elsior in its journey back to Transbaal.

In Chapter 10, the Hell Hounds lost against the Angel Wing in the final battle near Transbaal and they requested shelter back inside the Black Moon. Noa instead offered them a chance at power which the Hell Hounds readily accepted and the Dark Angels assimilated their bodies into the vehicle itself and merged their capabilities. With no other choice but to fight, the Angel Wing reluctantly ended their suffering.



  • In vol 5 in a 4kome the Hell Hounds are a family and each of them take part of a family spot. Sherry ?, Eonia ?, Vermouth the dog, Camus the husband?, Red eye a girl, Riserva a male student and is very angry about this (though he is female in the japanaese version so that is why he is angry), Guinness is the wife.