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The 'Holy Blood' (ホーリーブラッド Hoorī Buraddo) is the Emblem Frame of Roselle Mateus. It was developed and designed by Noa who wished to create an Emblem Frame that could be piloted by anyone. It's Hyper Weapon is the Photon Diver where the Holy Blood tucks its wings and forms a compact "bullet" and accelerates at high speeds to pierce through the enemy armor.


Gameplay wise, the Holy Blood is essentially another Cross Caliber in that its stats, while not officially shown, are equal to that of the all-purpose fighter. It's defenses are rather high and its offensive capability is fair, making it a useful Emblem Frame to either chase down targets to help out in destroying larger ones. The Photon Diver allows it eliminate a single enemy that isn't a boss type ship, making it one of the most powerful, guaranteed KO's in the game.


It is introduced as the prototype for the mass-production Emblem Frames designed by Noa with the concept of it being an Emblem Frame that anyone, even non-Angels could pilot. Its basic architecture was primarily based off of the EDEN-type Emblem Frames, onto which some features of the NEUE-type Emblem Frames were added. Specifically, they attempted to add both the combining and transforming ability to it. Due to it's impracticality however, the actual ability to combine was not implemented. Instead, it had a permanently attached inertial control unit, the design of which was based off of Brave Heart. This gave the frame mobility very close to that of the NEUE-type Emblem Frames in their combined configuration. In order to allow anyone to be able to pilot the Emblem Frame, the function of the H.A.L.O. System, as well as the Angel that would be required to use it, were replaced with an A.I. system.

Holy Blood Kai[]

Near the finale of EK, Noa presents Kazuya with an updated model of the Holy Blood known as the Holy Blood Kai, where she implemented the merging feature she previously did not include in the first working version of the Holy Blood. Kazuya briefly utilized the Holy Blood Kai when his chosen Angel is taken away and acts similarly to the original Holy Blood only with boosted capabilities, notably its upgraded speed.


  • The original Holy Blood was destroyed when Roselle triggered a Chrono String detonation to defeat Parfait, sacrificing himself in the process.
    • It is one of two NEUE Emblem Frames to be destroyed in combat, alongside the pseudo-Frame Brave Heart. Both Emblem Frame destructions happen regardless of Kazuya's chosen Angel.