Kela Hazel (ケーラ・ヘーゼル Kēra Hēzeru?) is the Elsior's doctor, specializing in counseling and other general medical practices.

Appearance Edit

Being the resident doctor, Cera wears a trademark white labcoat while wearing a blue dress underneath. She has silver hair extends past her chest with an accompanied headmirror. Her full sprite was not seen until Eternal Lovers but she was revealed to wear stockings in her CG.

Personality Edit

Tact personally states that Cera's personality resembles that of a mother and sure enough, she takes care of everyone on-board and more notably, acts like a mother toward Vanilla H, who never had a family. That being said, she highly cares for Vanilla's wellbeing and makes sure Tact does his part to keep her in good shape. On one occasion, Tact learns how to sow for Vanilla's sake from Cera herself. As the "caretaker" of the crew and its only medical practitioner aside from Vanilla, Cera has the generous nature that is easy to get along with.

History Edit

Galaxy Angel Edit

Kela in EKnT

Kela in Galaxy Angel II Eigō Kaiki no Toki

Cera is introduced in Tact's tour through the Elsior with Milfie where her position was filled in by Vanilla in her short absence from the Infirmary.

Understandably, she makes the most amount of appearances in Vanilla's route as her frequent assistance in healing personnel has her act as an "assistant" in Cera's duties.

She mostly assists assuring Vanilla of her emotions while maintaining Tact does not ignore his part in keeping Vanilla happy.

Galaxy Angel II Edit

Along with the rest of the Elsior's crew that was brought together to celebrate the liberation of EDEN from the Val-Fasq, Cera was onboard the Luxiole during its commemorative flight.

This small vacation time would come to an end as the Elsior responded to the Infinite Corridor's signatures and arrived at Val-Rundal to assist the Luxiole repulse the Will fleet.

She boarded the Luxiole after the Elsior was sacrificed and is met in the Infirmary where she is found conversing with Mordent and later with Kahlua, Mint, Chitose, and Lily.

She also was Milfie's caretaker in the latter's mysteriously induced sleep inside the reconstructed Black Moon.

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  • Kela drinks an average of 13.7 cups of coffee per day.
  • She is voiced by Sayaka Ohara, who also voices Major Mary in the anime.
  • Her friend, who is also a doctor and a nanomachine user, was described as using a pair of maracas as his desired form for his nanomachines. This doctor was the doctor to Apricot.