The Kung-Fu Fighter is Ranpha Franboise's EDEN Emblem Frame. Designed as a close-combat fighter, the red Kung-fu Fighter possesses extraordinary close range combat abilities with high agility as well as electro-magnetic claws allowing it to grapple enemy ships at close range. However, it sacrifices armor for mobility. Its Hyper Weapon is the Anchor Claw, where the said two gigantic claws are launched at one target for massive damage. While normally only hitting one target at a time, if the claws destroy the target with one blow and other enemies are nearby, they will automatically attack them as well. Thus, it is usual for Ranpha to have the most kills per battle.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Kung-fu Fighter has the highest speed of all the EDEN Emblem Frames and a high firepower rating, but unfortunately also the lowest defense. This often results in Ranpha being outnumbered and in the greatest risk of being shot down because the Kung-fu Fighter's speed means she's often the first one to engage the enemy. On the other hand, her speed also allows her to retreat, receive repairs then return to battle faster than the others. Because of this, Ranpha is better suited for hunting down other fighters lest she get swatted down by larger carriers such as Zems.

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