The Lucky Star (ラッキースター?) is Milfeulle Sakuraba's EDEN Emblem Frame. Designed as an all-purpose fighter, the pink Lucky Star is the most well-rounded of the six EDEN Emblem Frames, and possesses the ability to fight in any situation. However, there are numerous power stability problems, and thus Milfeulle is the only one capable of piloting it due to her extreme luck. Its Hyper Weapon is the Hyper Cannon, a powerful beam weapon that can blast through entire ships.


The Lucky Star has no glaring strengths or weaknesses. Its speed is second only to the Kung-fu Fighter, thus making it able to function as interceptor, reinforcement or rearguard. The Hyper Cannon can blast through multiple targets, but only as long as they are in a straight line. Also, when fired at close range, there is a good chance that Milfie will drag the beam like a massive lightsaber, slicing apart anything in her path. As befitting her infamous luck, this can either be very good (as she'll also slice into other enemy ships otherwise not in her sights) or very bad (as she may only inflict a small fraction of the damage she would otherwise to her actual target).