I'll have you know, that I'm the most suitable one to stand by Lord Eonia's side...!

– Lulu Garden


Lulu as she appears in the GA manga.

Lulu Garden (ルル, Ruru) is a young girl working for the Legitimate Transbaal Empire Armed Forces who was assigned the task of capturing Shiva Transbaal. Nonetheless, she is not "officially" a part of Eonia's forces although she does give orders to Rezon Mayzon.


Despite the brash, vengeful personality she displays, she is actually pretty fragile and seems to have approached the Legitimate Transbaal Empire Armed Forces simply because of her infatuation with Eonia Transbaal; even expressing her desire to take Sherry Bristol's place at his side. On the other hand, Lulu is also a very cunning person.


Lulu's first appearance is during chapter eleven of the second volume of the manga where she used a wrecked ship and a distress signal to bait the Elle Ciel and kidnap Milfeulle Sakuraba and Ranpha Franboise when the two went to investigate. Then, she contacted Takuto Meyers and offered to exchange them for Shiva.

Having seemingly agreed, Takuto boarded her ship accompained by Shiva. Nonetheless, Lulu soon discovered Shiva was in reality Vanilla H, who disguised herself by using her nanomachines, and incarcerated both of them with the other Angels.

Lulu would later release Takuto and have a word with him in order to see if she could discover why Eonia was interested in capturing Shiva alive. It is at this point that Takuto reveals he is in possesion of a bomb, which he had concealed in his mouth, powerful enough to destroy the entire ship. Playing with Lulu's insecurities, Takuto managed to release the Angels and take her hostage. However, Lulu made one last attempt after Rezon stopped the elevator they were taking; she managed to take the bomb from Takuto's mouth only for Milfeulle to accidentally swallow it and leaving Lulu with no choice other than let them go.

Lulu's last appearance was on chapter fourteen of that same volume. She apologized to Sherry and swore to to get back at Takuto and the Angels only for Sherry to tell her that "there was no need for her to take the trouble to do that", implicitly dispelling her from the rebellion.


  • Lulu is a character exclusive to the manga.
  • There is a joke in the vol 5 4koma that Lulu is still around and making fun of Sherry who is dead now and has an afro hair and tells her she is going after Eonia now. Sherry gets angry and chasese after Lulu.