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Magiic is the second most influential planet in the NEUE universe following Seldar. Its society and culture was based on the concept of sorcery and magic that served as both the planet's main "resource" and its primary tool in war. It has its own sizable fleet that is second only to Seldar's and is one of the few advanced planets in NEUE. Aside from warfare, Magiic houses numerous schools and institutions that train its citizens in the planet-wide arcane practices. The planet is mainly represented by Caraway, the planet's most skilled practitioner in magic and the leader of the Twelve, the gathering of the 12 most powerful mages on the planet.

Long before EDEN entered NEUE, Magiic was embroiled in a long conflict against the planet of Seldar. While the difference in combat favored Magiic's sorcerers, Seldar's knights eventually learned anti-magic abilities that led to their downfall and established Seldar as the NEUE's capital.

In modern times, Magiic still remains a powerful planet on its own and the only planet other than Seldar with its own military. Because of this, Tact and the Luxiole made it their priority to charter a fleet from Magiic to assist in fighting back the coup forces on Seldar during the events of ZR. Former Moon Angel Wing member Ranpha Franboise acted as EDEN's ambassador and her position was able to help Tact in gaining the planet's help. The Spell Caster was discovered on the planet and Kahlua Marjoram, another member of the Twelve, was chosen as its pilot.