Maria Steline (マリア・ステリーネ Maria Suterīne?) is the engineer of the Luxiole's Engine Room and the resident expert on Chrono String maintenance.

Appearance Edit

Steline wears an engineer's uniform with a mostly gray color scheme along with the usual Luxiole color trims, gold and black. Unlike the other engineers, she wears a pair of shorts instead of the regular jumpsuit-like pants and wears a pair of glasses. Steline has long, blue hair that she ties in a ponytail that reaches her back.

Personality Edit


Steline crying in the third chapter of Galaxy Angel II Zettai Ryōiki no Tobira.

Despite seemingly having a calm demeanor, Steline is extremely easy to anger as exemplified by the mere presence of Kazuya in the Engine Room angering her. This is from her obsession with maintaining the Chrono String cylinders and treats them as if they were people and her mania in keeping them pristine has her not trust anyone else that get close them. The usual victim of this is Kazuya who, by the end of the series, can predict in his head the exact wording Steline will yell at him when she finds him in the Engine Room. The only other person that seems to be allowed in the room is her old acquaintance, Lily who is the only person who she is able to interact with regularly.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Sometime before Kazuya was chosen to be the first member of the Angel Wing, Steline became acquainted with former leader of the Rune Angel Wing, Lily.

Service on the Luxiole Edit

Maria Steline in EKnT
Steline is almost always found in the Engine Room of the Luxiole, maintaining the numerous Chrono Strings that power the engines and the Chrono Drive capabilities. Whenever the Luxiole is put under duress from enemy fire and overexerts its power, Steline will be the first to notify the Bridge to request that they calm down and let the engines rest. She seems to be the only engineer that maintains the Engine Room as no other member of the engineering team is met down there.

She is referred to by her last name Steline instead of her first name. It is not until Eigou Kaiki no Toki where her first name is learned and interesting to note that she did not actually tell Kazuya her name. Instead, Kazuya found her name tag and returned it to her.


  • Steline's name comes from a type of pasta called stelline (aka Stelle).