Mimolette (ミモレット) is the cat-like familiar belonging to Kahlua/Tequila Marjoram.

Appearance Edit

Mimolette is a small, floating creature that has no limbs and its face serves as its only body. It is identified as a "black cat" familiar and naturally, has catlike ears, whiskers, and shaded eyes. It also has a red gem that presumably connects itself to Kahlua with. According to Nano, Mimolette is shown to be extremely flexible.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Mimolette was chosen as Kahlua/Tequila Marjoram's familiar sometime after her traumatic memory of saving her friend from a burning building. With her friend Mimolette Portoran deathly afraid of her, Kahlua named her familiar Mimolette to ease her pain and has been with her ever since.

On the Luxiole Edit

Mimolette is introduced being chased around by Nano during the initial meeting with Rico, Nano, and Kahlua. Mimolette, in Rico's words, is the cat familiar for Kahlua. Kahlua is almost always accompanied by Mimolette but as the series goes on, she becomes more independent of Mimo and it is presumed that Mimo remains in their room. On most occasions, Mimo helps out the team during route conflicts and most notably is used for remote scouting with Mimo acting as microphone to allow easier eavesdropping.

Personality Edit

Having been around Kahlua for all of its life, Mimolette is very protective and concerned of its master and usually has many things to say on her behalf regarding explanations of magic and the likes. As for treating other people, Mimolette is polite but will always side with its master if given the chance. This happens more often with Kahlua while Tequila usually speaks for herself. Mimo is also essential for Kahlua as it is usually the one to get Kahlua up to speed on the situation if Tequila was previously active. Mimo speaks with a cat-like lisp and ends its sentences with a "nye".


  • Mimolette's name comes from the cheese mimolette.
  • Mimo is the only "person" that ever questions how Kazuya is able to tell where everyone is during his Free Roam segments.
  • Mimolette is apparently very well-versed in sword-play and was able to keep up with Lily.
  • In terms of the anime, Mimo is the "new" Normad as he is constantly abused by the crew for comedic effect.