Mordent Bagel (モルデン・ベーグル Moruden Bēguru?) is the sole doctor and mental health counselor serving on the Luxiole.

Appearance Edit

Mordent is an relatively young individual with bluish-grey hair that he keeps tied on one long end while the other is kept free. He wears a doctor's overcoat with a black suit accompanied by light blue pants and a bright blue tie. He is always seen with his glasses on and with his stethoscope by his neck.

History Edit

Service on the Luxiole Edit

Mordent is met by Kazuya during his tour through the Luxiole with Rico and Mordent takes instant interest seeing Rico has somehow befriended an uninjured male and decides to experiment by lightly pushes the two together to see if Rico has overcome her fear. This little event leads to Kazuya getting a light injury and Nano showcasing her healing abilities.

Being the doctor and counselor of the Luxiole, Mordent is the most prominent side character to be involved in most of the romantic conflicts and as well as the main plot as most conflicts involve some form of physical injury (mostly on Kazuya's part). In counseling matters he talks with Anise in Zettai Ryoiki no Tobira in helping her understand that her increased anxiety near Kazuya are signs of her affection toward him and not something fatal. He also understandably is visited by Kazuya during the times distress in nearly all routes.

Like most of the side characters, Mordent's full name is revealed in Eigou Kaiki no Toki.

Personality Edit

Being the single counselor on a ship full of people, Mordent is a very thoughtful and insightful individual who provides an ear for people to have a problem. He is careful with his words and his laid-back but experienced tone that assures others. As he is also a doctor, Mordent is highly knowledgeable but more importantly, he knows more of the past conditions of the other crewmembers due to his authority as their psychological adviser to look through their history. Beyond that, Mordent still remains a responsible and amiable person who most of the Luxiole's crew are comfortable with talking to.

Mordent shows an eccentric side to his fascination toward mental health. He was intrigued with Kazuya's presence with Rico as he presumably experienced what happens if Rico came into contact with a male. He also shows some insight into romance as he helped enthusiastically helped Anise come to realize her feelings for Kazuya. In Rico's Chapter in Eigou Kaiki no Toki, Mordent becomes intent on "curing" Rico's fears by recreating the events of her trauma in order for her to overcome it. Lastly, he shows immense surprise when comparing Tequila and Kahlua's breast sizes and asked Kazuya to assist him in knowing whose was larger.


  • His name is taken from the common pastry, bagel.
  • He is also apparently experienced in dentistry.