NEUE (ノイエ Noie?) is a parallel universe to EDEN and the secondary universe to the series and is the primary setting for the 2nd trilogy. It is the first universe discovered with a surviving civilization while it was the 56th to be explored. It is the native universe to a majority of the characters in the 2nd trilogy and houses the universes' capital planet of Seldar and the Seldar Aliance which consisted of the planets Pico, Magiic, and the outlying planet of Azeat. It was also the home of the Arms Alliance, the triumvirate of the planets of Cudgel, Pike, and Hatchet that were previously against Seldar but soon became an ally. While EDEN is the "basic" universe based on science fiction, NEUE is more akin to a "fantasy' with its usage of swords and magic.

NEUE came under distress during Verel's coup when he sought to take over the other universes from ABSOLUTE and later with the Three Marquis. Finally, NEUE was targeted by the Will throughout the events of EK.

Its Gate Keeper is Hamon Zerbec and the Chrono Gate is located near Seldar. While it had no native "Moons", the White Moon was pulled through the Infinite Corridor and remained in the NEUE universe.