Parfait (パルフェ Parufe?) was a member of the Will and its first member to appear in the series. He presented himself as an envoy to reach out to space-faring civilizations and bring them to his organization.

Appearance Edit

Parfait is a white haired, androgynous being that wears lightly colored cloaks that are adorned with reeds and gold ornaments. The most noticeable feature are Parfait's wings that led to the inhabitants of the White Moon and Shatoyarn herself to refer to him as an "angel".

Mugen Kairo no Kagi Edit

Parfait appeared as a glowing messenger with wings when he pulled the White Moon into the Infinite Corridor as a demonstration of the Will's powers as well as that of the Infinite Corridor. He told the White Moon's crew to pass on a message to the Luxiole when they reached NEUE. He then appeared as a hologram in front of the Luxiole crew when they entered the Infinite Corridor, and informed them that he was the arbiter of Will, and that they had passed their tests up to that point magnificently. He then administered two more tests unto the crew of the Luxiole, threatening them with planetary destruction should they refuse his challenge.

When the Luxiole passed them both, he personally appeared interfaced with his ship, the Astral Parfait. He then offered to them the Will's technology, under the condition that they would help spread their culture. Unfortunately, in spreading of this culture, all other cultures would be wiped out and replaced with theirs. As such, the crew declined to cooperate, leading to Parfait to classify them as irregulars, and attempted to eliminate them. He was defeated when Roselle Mateus rammed the Holy Blood into his ship using its Photon Diver and detonated the Chrono Strings, causing a huge explosion that disintegrated both Roselle and Parfait.

Personality Edit

Not much is known of Parfait's exact personality but he expressed a stern, yet relaxed tone of speech and was never out of tone. Even when the Three Marquis "failed" their tests, he did not give away a single hint of anger in his tone. In fact, his overall tone is congratulatory and inviting, befitting his purpose to seek out worthy vessels to join the Will's goals.