First Aider Pico

Pico (ピコ Pico?) is one of the primary planets in the NEUE universe and was notably advanced in its technology before EDEN's arrival. Apart from its mysterious technological advances, not much is known about Pico's culture or society other than its research in nanomachines that date back to before the Chrono Quake. However, it seems as though the planet has regressed in its technology as nanomachine technology was reintroduced through Vanilla's efforts.

Pico's defining feature came from its moon, Femto where its advanced, abandoned research facility housed nanomachine organisms. Around the time EDEN entered NEUE, the Elsior's tour around the universe stopped by Pico to investigate the facility. Former Moon Angel Wing member Vanilla H entered the facility alone where she stumbled upon the main room where she discovered the nanomachine organisms in stasis. Her presence resulted in the awakening of the organism now named Nano-Nano and she was adopted as Vanilla's daughter. The subsequent discovery of the First Aider and Nano's compatibility with it had her recruited into the Rune Angel Wing while Vanilla stayed behind on Pico to further research nanomachines and spread its use in NEUE.