Do you not understand that you're about to be crushed by an overwhelming force?

– Red-Eye

Red Eye (レッド・アイ), is a member of the Hell Hounds mercenary group led by Camus and employed by Eonia during the coup d'etat. He is the counterpart to Forte.

Appearance Edit

As his handle-name would suggest, Red Eye bears a single red eye while the other is colored purple. He has short, spiky red hair and wears a rather loose outfit. Red Eye has a noticeably full-body scar running down from his head and down his chest and presumably continues down his body.

Personality Edit

Unlike the rest of his eccentric teammates, Red Eye is a very quiet, stoic man who never raises his singular tone of speech. He is the only "serious" member of his team and speaks with a foreboding, bloodthirsty intent. For his combat hungry personality, he is matched up against Forte.

History Edit

Red Eye is met along with the rest of Hell Hounds team when they confront in the Elsior and the Moon Angel Wing after the former's resupply. He appears in every subsequent encounter the Elsior has with the Hell Hounds.

In the final battle near Transbaal, Red Eye along with the rest of the Hell Hounds would be defeated and request for repair from the Black Moon. At this point, Noa would take control of their fighters and merge their minds with the Dark Angels, bringing out its latent abilities at the cost of their humanity.


  • Red's name comes from the cocktail Red Eye.