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The Relic Raider is a wine red NEUE Emblem Frame piloted by Anise Azeat. The Relic Raider's Hyper Weapon is the Genocide Bomber which is a high-powered bomb that deals immense damage to its first target while moderately damaging everything in its blast radius. The bomb homes in to the Relic Raider and follows it wherever it goes, so Anise has to pilot the Relic Raider to a nearby enemy ship to possibly avoid collision with her own bomb.


The Relic Raider's feature skill is its immense speed and offensive power. However, this leaves it with little armor and range but it's speed will allow it to escape and get repaired. In later games, the Relic Raider's movement is increased allowing it to repeat attacks in close range. Another advantage it has its its low fuel consumption, allowing it to remain in the battlefield as long as its health is maintained. Matching the color, the Relic Raider acts like Ranpha Franboise's Kung-Fu Fighter with its speed, offense, and range. In ZR, the Genocide Bomber requires Anise to get in close to unleash. In the sequels, the Genocide Bomber can be fired from an immense range. ZR's Genocide Bomber only damaged a single target with immense damage. Starting from MK, the Genocider Bomber gained an AOE Effect. All enemies inside the blast radius will take damage, with damage increasing as it nears the center. In EK, the initial target will receive enormous damage while the area of the effect damage persists.