Rezom Mayzon (レゾム・メア・ゾム Rezomu Mea Zomu?) is an officer in Eonia's coup d'etat force who is encountered early in the first game while reappearing in the second game.

Appearance Edit

Rezom is noticeably older officer in Eonia's coup d'etat force recognizable by his bearded profile. He is only seen as a portrait in his first appearance but during his re-emergence as the "leader" of the raider fleet, Rezom began wearing a regal military uniform adorned with medals.

History Edit

Rezom is one of the few human officers under Eonia's army and is encountered at the very start of the game where he is the enemy leader for the first two chapters. He is eliminated in Chapter 2 by Milfie and is not seen again in the later phases of Eonia's coup.

6 months after the war, Rezom is encountered again as the man responsible for the raider fleets assaulting the empire's outer reaches. Rezom is accompanied by his mysterious 2nd in command, Nefuria who plays to his pride and advises him on their objectives. Rezom's fleets were amassing near a large structure and upon his defeat, Nefuria revealed her true intentions after using the intact Black Moon core. Rezom is delighted to see his 2nd in command's plan comes to fruition, but to his horror, he is disposed of after his ship is forced into a collision course to the Elsior. The latter is unharmed but Rezom perishes within the explosion.

Personality Edit

Rezom is the incompetent leader of a small contingent of Eonia's forces in the outer systems. Rezom is the quintessential "fool" of a character who uses underhanded tactics while calling others out if they employ an underhanded tactic on their end. He is a pompous and gullible man who accepted the help of a woman he just met in undertaking the scheme to raise the raider fleet terrorize the Transbaal Empire. His foolish behavior would lead to his end as Nefuria used his burning ship to collide with the Elsior.

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