Peasants like you hardly deserve to be ruled by their betters, people like us.

– Riserva Chianti

Riserva Chianti (リセルヴァ・キアンティ), is a member of the Hell Hounds and a self-described, bitter noble who has allied herself with Eonia. She is the counterpart to Mint.

Appearance Edit

Riserva is a woman of average build with purple hair and matching purple eyes. She wears a similar white jacket with a purple fur trim while while wearing a black shirt underneath adorned with a red tie.

Personality Edit

Riserva acts as one of the more serious members of the Hell Hounds and possess a degree of an inferiority complex, especially to her counterpart, Mint. Riserva views herself in a higher light than her enemies and coming from a family of nobles, she speaks in a manner that reflects her high-class upbringing. While her grudge against Mint and her family's business is never completely disclosed, it can be assumed that her older line of nobility was declined in power compared to the business tycoon Mint's family has become.

History Edit

Riserva is introduced in Chapter 3 were the full Hell Hound squad is confronted in combat after the Elsior's resupply. She appears in every subsequent battle where the Hell Hounds make an appearance.

In the final battle near Transbaal, Riserva along with the rest of the Hell Hounds would be defeated and request for repair from the Black Moon. At this point, Noa would take control of their fighters and merge their minds with the Dark Angels, bringing out its latent abilities at the cost of their humanity.


  • Riserva's name is taken from the Italian red wine Chianti Reserva.
  • It is interesting to note that while Riserva is treated as female in the games, she is depicted as male in the manga.