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The emblem of the Rune Angel Wing

The members of Runa Angel Wing.

The Rune Angel Troupe or Rune Angel Wing is the successor unit to the legendary Moon Angel Wing that was formed in the dawn of the new age with the discovery of the parallel universe of NEUE and its own Emblem Frames. They were under the command of Brigadier General and "The Legendary Hero of EDEN" Tact Mayers and stationed on the Luxiole.

While the original Moon Angel Wing was found with 5 members and later joined by the 6th, the Rune Angel Wing had an erratic timing for each member as the Elsior initially toured the NEUE universe to discover the Emblem Frames and find the individuals capable of piloting them. The technical "founding members" trained by Forte were Rico, Nano, and Lily before more joined their ranks in the following years.

After the events of Verel's insurrection, the Rune Angel Wing who were originally under the orders from Tact (aligned with EDEN) were reassigned to the UPW and acted independently from EDEN and NEUE. Tact still held the most authority as the UPW's Chief and he passed down the mantle of command to Coco to become the Luxiole's new commander. The Rune Angel Wing then saved NEUE once again from the Three Marquis and later acted as NEUE's primary fighting force against the Will invasion.

Lily acted as the team's captain but with her absence and with Kazuya's accomplishments preceding her return, he was given the title of leader with no objections from the former.

Members (Chronological Order) and Emblem Frames[]


  • Rico and Roselle are the only members of the Rune Angels to be from the EDEN universe.