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'Seldar' (セルダール Serudāru), alternatively, Seldor, is the capital planet of the NEUE universe. The planet is known for its anachronistic society that closely resembles a medieval kingdom with its architecture and culture revolving around the art of the sword. It is famed for its powerful military and the highly trained order of knights that make up the backbone of their army. Emperor Soldum is the planet's current ruler.

Long before NEUE was discovered by EDEN, Seldar appointed itself as the ruling power in NEUE after it defeated Magiic in a long war that ended in the latter's defeat. History accredited a circle of knights that mastered the technique of anti-magic that nullified Magiic's forces, and this skill is passed down to its most acclaimed knights to this day. During this time, Seldar made contact with the mythical planet of Sprite and brought back with them two emissaries that assisted the royal family and their inclusion influenced their victory against Magiic. At some point in time, a civil war broke out between the empire and a barbarian clan known as the Red Eyed Tribe. While the latter were immensely skilled in swordplay, the empire's sheer number in warriors conquered the tribe and fully consolidated the empire as its supreme authority. In another event, a number of nobles and dissidents to the empire were exiled into the frontier after an undisclosed issue and these exiled individuals formed their own society now known as the Arms Alliance.

Seldar was the first planet that made contact with the "outsiders" from EDEN with the planet being the closest to NEUE's Chrono Gate and it became the platform in which EDEN began to help the NEUE universe by sharing technology. Former Moon Angel Wing members Forte Stollen and Karasuma Chitose led the revitalization of modernizing the planet's standing army in the ways of space faring warfare. The Eagle Gazer was discovered on Seldar and the young captain of the royal guard, Lily C. Sherbet was chosen as its pilot. Seldar was the primary target of the belligerents in NEUE during the events of ZR and MK. After these events, Seldar formed an alliance with its neighboring planets to create the Seldar Alliance. During the events in MK, the White Moon was brought near its vicinity.