The Sharp Shooter is Chitose Karasuma's EDEN Emblem Frame. Designed as a long-range sniper, the dark blue Sharp Shooter is equipped with both a High Performance Scope as well as an advanced radar system. It is capable of striking targets from ranges of up to 6000 km away, with its Hyper Weapon the Fatal Arrow taking advantage of Chitose's superb archery skill.


The Sharp Shooter is somewhat under-powered compared to the other EDEN Emblem Frames, failing to excel in speed, defense or firepower. The Fatal Arrow is able to target multiple foes, but unlike the Flier Dance Chitose must manually aim the Fatal Arrow at each target; moreover, the Sharp Shooter is immobile and thus vulnerable while using it. However, as a support unit, the Sharp Shooter excels, being able to back up another Angel without getting in her way. It also has the greatest weapons range of the Emblem Frames, making it effective as a raider as well as a sniper. It is recommended for it to assist in taking down the medium-range ships such as Assault Ships, Destroyers, and Cruisers instead of chasing after fast fighters or taking down the heavier Carriers.

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