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The Spell Caster is the green NEUE Emblem Frame piloted by Kahlua Marjoram, or (more frequently) her alter ego Tequila. The Spell Caster has a high defense stat and its Hyper Weapon is the Hexa-Cross Break, an attack which surrounds the enemy in a magic circle and attacks it thrice for each shape in the circle.


With it's rather slow speed but average offense, the Spell-Caster is a support ship and should best be used to help another team member take down important targets. It's decent range and defense will make it a versatile fighter but it unable to keep up its energy in check and will mostly require resupply from the Luxiole. While Kahlua's counterpart is Ranpha, the Spell Caster can be compared most to the Trick Master piloted by Mint Blancmanche . This is due to the three orbs that follow the Spell Caster much like the three drones are assist the Trick Master.

The Hexa-Cross Break in ZR would require the Spell Caster to get in range and remain stationary as Tequila finishes the spell. In the sequels, the HC-Break can act indepedently and be fired from a longer range. 

The Spell Caster can be piloted by Kahlua after the events of MKnK's Chapter 6 with no differences being shown in the Emblem Frame's stats.