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Sprite is the mythical planet of fairies that was hidden deep within the nebulae of the Arms Alliance's territory. While many consider it a myth, the existence of the fairies Kelsie and Santa Rosa assisting the royal family of Seldar prove the case otherwise. Legends from both Seldar and the Arms Alliance suggest previous contact as two fairies live alongside the citizens of Seldar while the royal family of Izayoi possess a hereditary ability of creating barriers.

Harcourt is the elder of the fairies and she states that no humans have set foot on the planet for over 600 years. The planet is surrounded by a barrier that is similar to Natsume's and the surface has many diverse and vibrantly colored landscapes.

A rare tree exists on this planet, bearing fruits that carry a curse that flips the afflicted person's gender identity. Both Kazuya (on Natsume's route) and Anise (on her route) get hit by this curse, but Kazuya's is neutralized almost immediately to keep Kazuya's secret regarding the last time he had to act feminine hidden; Anise didn't get hers neutralized until a HALO system malfunction occurred.