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The Transbaal Empire is the ruling power in the EDEN universe, the "children" of the ancient EDEN civilization, and was centered on the planet Transbaal. While a thriving galactic community even before the Chrono Quake, the calamity crippled Transbaal's spaceflight and economy which stopped any progress for a few centuries. Hope and progress was restored when the Lost Technology of the EDEN civilization, the White Moon, drifted to the planet of Transbaal and its technology revived the industry and the empire set off into the stars to reclaim its lost territory. The royal family of Transbaal raised an empire and ruled from their throne and their dynasty was continued down to its 13th emperor, Gerald Transbaal. The royal line came under distress when the exiled prince Eonia returned with an immense fleet and murdered the royal family and razed the capital from orbit. When peace came to the empire, Shiva Transbaal, the only surviving member of the royal family and the daughter of Gerald and Shatoyarn succeeded the throne as empress. So far, the empire is made up of over 128 planets, as well as many colonies, planetary bases and space stations.

The empire quickly came into conflict against the Val-Fasq, an invasive race of humanoid aliens that had conquered many other civilizations before Transbaal, including the EDEN civilization. "Hero of the Empire" Tact Mayers and the legendary Moon Angel Wing defended and concluded the Val-Fasq threat while simultaneously freeing Eden from them.

Shiva continued to rule after the discovery of parallel universes and the empire, the people of Eden, and the Val-Fasq were identified through their native universe of EDEN and assisted NEUE and other universes in advancing their technology.


In the first game, the journey begins from the Criom region, southeast of Transbaal proper, southwest to Rhome. Then from Rhome, the Elsior returns to Transbaal to confront Eonia. In ML, the Elsior is sent out to the northwest corner of the empire's territory above the Lena region to scout out the raider fleet. Soon, it moves across the Zadha system where the Elsior then retreats to stop the main threat from reaching Transbaal itself. In EL, the Elsior is sent out to the farthest reaches of the southwest corner past Lena, Zadha, and Rhome where information that they are nearing the territory of the Eden Civilization is revealed.

  • Criom
  • Lanza
  • Spnie
  • Vart
  • Tormina
  • Olio
  • Gimson
  • Hadler
  • Rhome
  • Hepta
  • Inail
  • Rid
  • Teo
  • Lena
  • Mimoza
  • Zadha
  • Gaien
  • Bect
  • Bliss