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The light blue Trick Master is Mint Blancmanche's EDEN Emblem Frame. It possesses powerful sensor and communication equipment, allowing Mint to quickly analyze and provide information to the Moon Angel Troupe. Equipped with three Fliers, small laser-armed attack drones controlled by Mint via her telepathy, Trick Master is capable of both engaging multiple opponents at once as well as being able to attack from more than one direction. Its Hyper Weapon is the Flier Dance, where the Fliers zip all over an area, firing on all enemies from multiple directions.


The Trick Master is somewhat slower than the other Emblem Frames, but the Fliers allow Mint to engage enemies in any direction. The Flier Dance is very powerful, but causes less single-target damage the more targets are in the area of effect, as the Fliers are forced to spread out. Also, while the Trick Master is sturdier than the Kung-fu Fighter, it is also more sluggish and so may not be as effective at hit-and-run. The Trick Master is best used as support, weakening groups of enemy ships with the Flier Dance and finishing off the most badly damaged enemies of a mission.