Val-Rundal is the Val-Fasq homeworld in the EDEN universe located in the Val-Vaross system. After being driven out of ABSOLUTE, the Val-Fasq settled on the planet where they began their invasive conquest across the EDEN universe where it crossed paths against the EDEN Civilization and later, the Transbaal Empire. For the longest time, it was ruled by Gern before his eventual fall and the Val-Fasq people soon integrated themselves into their new life once the surviving EDEN civilization and Transbaal Empire united with them to be the main force in the EDEN universe.

Val-Rundal is visited at the very end of EL where the Transbaal military along with the Elsior and its Moon Angel Wing confronted Gern to halt the detonation of the Chrono Quake Bomb. Since the peace brought by Gern's death, Val-Rundal was made into a demilitarized zone and was not mentioned or seen again until the final game. In EK, the Will invasion begins at Val-Rundal and the Luxiole with its Rune Angel Wing fight back against the invasion and were later joined by the Moon Angel Wing and the Elsior. Once the attack was driven off, Sorbet left an enormous singularity in his wake and the Elsior along with its Emblem Frames were sacrificed to cancel out the black hole's formation.

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