We'll wipe you out before you can resupply or repair.

– Vermouth Matin

Vermouth Matin (ベルモット・マティン), is a member of the Hell Hounds mercenary group led by Camus and employed by Eonia during the coup d'etat. He is the counterpart to Vanilla.

Appearance Edit

Based on appearances, Vermouth is the youngest member of the Hell Hounds and primarily wears the color green. He wears dress-like, sleeveless outfit and has noticeably unkempt hair. His skin is tan compared to the other members of his team and he wears the "cokebottle glasses" that obscure his eyes. He also points out his "charming" headband.

Personality Edit

Being relatively young, Vermouth is a loudmouth and depicts the stereotypical "nerd" character in the Hell Hounds, complete with a nasally voice and glasses. He is understandably immature and much like his counterpart, Vanilla, acts as the support to his combat trained team.

History Edit

Vermouth is introduced in Chapter 3 were the full Hell Hound squad is confronted in combat after the Elsior's resupply. He was responsible for the Shapeshifting Probe that infiltrated the Elsior and masqueraded as Tact to confirm Shiva's status onboard the ship. He appears in every subsequent battle where the Hell Hounds make an appearance.

In the final battle near Transbaal, Vermouth along with the rest of the Hell Hounds would be defeated and request for repair from the Black Moon. At this point, Noa would take control of their fighters and merge their minds with the Dark Angels, bringing out its latent abilities at the cost of their humanity.


  • Vermouth's first name is from the liqueur Vermouth, and his last name is derived from the cocktail Martini.