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The Will is an organization of extra-dimensional, humanoid beings possessing an extremely advanced level of technology. They are the oldest known entities in the universe and possess abilities that equate them to a level of divinity as told in legends. The few individuals who are revealed to be a part of Will follow the metaphysical intent of the concept known as the "Orb" that dictates their actions. The goal of the Will was apparently to bring more into their ranks and sought out worthy men and women to join them as ascended "gods" and "goddesses". While the Will sought to spread their culture and intent, this process involved the elimination of existing cultures.

Similar to the Val-Fasq, the Will possess the ability to interface with their machinery. However, their technology is far superior as individuals were able to directly integrate themselves with their ships and control vast fleets on a simple whim. Their technology also allowed for multidimensional travel using the Infinite Corridor, resurrection, transplanting human consciousness into machines, and many others. In EK, it was revealed that the Central Globe was created by them.

The Will make their presence known in the events of MK, where one of its envoys incited the Three Marquis of the Arms Alliance to make war upon the Seldar Alliance to earn its technology. When they failed against the Rune Angel Wing, the envoy invited them to join the Will's cause. The offer was denied but at the cost of one of the Angel Wing's members. By EK, the Will launch an invasion across all surviving universes where their ultimate goal to subdue their transgressors mysteriously led back to ABSOLUTE.